Coffee, People Watching and Missiles

August 19 2014: Jericho, Illyana and Alexander meet for coffee


Starbucks, the chain coffee store champion of the french roast



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Coffee and people watching. When you're like Jericho and sometimes the things you do require a whole lot of waiting, even if they are terribly urgent. Some things just can't be rushed.

That being the case, Jericho learned long ago in one of the many countries whose names ends in -stan that fretting about it only makes you tired and sick. So instead, coffee. And people watching. In a Starbucks because no one cares if you hog a table so long as you buy a drink every now and then.


It doesn't matter what Jericho's up to, or where he is, Illyana feels no compunctions whatsoever about just barging on in. The fact that he's somewhere that has coffeE? Well. That's just a perk.

At least for a change Illyana doesn't just appear next to him. That would draw too many eyes. Instead she comes up behind him and joins his table with a drink in-hand. "They'll have the pumpkin spice lattes pretty soon." She tells him, like this is Very Important Information.

Today she's in worn jeans and AC/DC T-shirt with her favorite boots. "I have someone dropping by, by the way." She must be in a good mood. She's not just having it sprung on him.


Illyana gets that 'nice to see you' smile that she always does when she pops in. Or walks up as the case may be. "It is getting to be that time of year," Jericho notes with a chuckle as he sips at his drink, turning his attention from the window nearby to his companion.

"Mmmm dropping by? Friend of yours I've met, or someone else?" Not that he minds either way, really. Any friend of Illyana's…


Illyana mmms softly as she sips at her drink. "Not anyone that you've met. Not around me at least." She gives him as smirk, because the boy does tend to get around! "And I'm not sure if we're 'friends' yet…" For Illyana that tends to hold a certain amount of emotional attachment, and that's hard to come by. It's not a word she uses as casually as most. "Ally, definitely." So someone she trusts, and she'd stand up for. Relationships. So complicated.


The address wasn't hard to find, and the meet synced with a few other matters, so it is perhaps to Alexander's credit that he's rather precisely on time. At least as he perceives it. It was just a quick text to Illyana asking for a meet and a discussion at a location of her choosing. Of course it was a coffee shop it's often a coffee shop with these mortals…

No, that's a bad attitude to take after everything. Especially after she helped not so long ago.

That's the moment in his stride when Alexander reaches the door to the coffee shop and it's unmistakable that this person is most likely the one Illyana was referring to. He's the one that walks into the room with the door's bell jangling behind him. The one that looks like a curious mirror universe version of Illyana save male. The black clothes, jeans, t-shirt, and the pale countenance… then the metallic blonde hair all come together to create that amazing classical beauty of the young man. Yet he's a young man with a cloud hanging over him, glowing red eyes gleaming with malevolence and wisps of shadowy tendrils reaching from the corners of his silhouette, difficult tendrils to see when looked at directly but seen at the edge of one's gaze.

He crosses the room, walking towards Illyana and Jericho, pulls out a chair… and sets an ornate ancient katana upon the coffee table as he says. "Thanks, not thirsty."


The hacker smiles and nods. "Allies are good." He understands the somewhat complex relational scheme Illyana uses largely because he uses a very similar one. True friends are few and far between. He's got three. Allies and contacts come afterward. People who can be counted on to one degree or another, and for whom you'd make a stand but… not the same as a friend.

Alexander's entrance doesn't go unnoticed, nor does the odd feeling about him or the red eyes. It may be surprising to him (or perhaps not) that the only reaction he elicits as a half grin and a raised eyebrow to Illyana.

"Thought you said your brother was taller." He's teasing of course. He's got a fairly good idea what Piotr looks like.

"Hey there. I'm Jericho."


Jericho gets a slow blink from Illyana, and she looks over to Alexander with a measure of confusion. Only then does she catalogue the similarities before giving Jericho an amused look. "He's way prettier than I am." For all of Illyana's angelic apperance, she doesn't hold a candle to the God of Fear.

The sword laid upon the table gets a glance and then she's looking back to Alexander. "You're going to draw attention." She chides. Not that she figures he cares. Gods. Go figure. She tilts a head towards him as she looks to Jericho. "This is Alexander." Whom her Googlefreak may have already tagged as the Titan known as Phobos. How funny is that, a Greek God claiming to be a Titan? She nods over to Alexander. "What's up? Please no more treasure hunts."


A raw and rough half-smirk is given to Illyana, then he offers a nod in turn towards Jericho as he looks across the way at the other man. One hand lifts in some semblance of a wave. Looking between them he pauses for a moment before murmuring, "It's true, I'm so much prettier."

A solemn nod is given then he leans forward upon the table, resting his hands upon each other atop the table. "A few days ago some of your inter-dimensional friends made their latest pass at me. Five of them, one was a general or another named something horrible and long. Wielded a scythe of plagues? Anyways, myself and a few people fought them off, so the matter of claims they want me to release any right to… that's addressed for the next six and a half years. Supposedly."


There's some key infromation missing there, but interdimensional friends sounds an awful lot like… "Rebels?"

Jericho looks over at Illyana, canting his head slightly. This… Phobos person appears to be a quite legitimate badass, but that still doesn't stop him from silently asking Illyana if this is something she wants his help with.

"Claim to what, may I ask? Or is that… something you deliberately avoided mentioning?" He's all to aware that some secrets are not for Starbucks.


One thing you can count on modern people for. Their ability to be self-absorbed. If by 'self' you include their phones or tablets. "Belasco's followers." Illyana answers Jericho. Not quite the same as rebels. More dangerous. Her answer also clues Alexander in that Jericho knows the oddity of her life.

The question about the 'claim' gets a grimace, the scowl lingering. "Remember that 'other' Kurt that showed up?" She hates calling that twisted thing by Kurt's name, but there's no need to be blatant with the funky names. "Alex was there when he showed up." The next bit comes with some reluctance. "To chase them off when I was down he claimed I was his." Which to most people wouldn't be a big deal. But to someone who understands her like Jericho…


Looking across the way towards Jericho, Alexander augments Illyana's explanation by telling him, "I laid claim to her, and the island. Though after the danger was passed I relinquished my claim. However I am still on their radar for some reason. Perhaps revenge, perhaps to keep me from making such a claim in the future." A small wave of one hand is given as he brushes it to the side as if pushing past the words and details.

"In any case," He looks back to Illyana, "The matter's handled for the foreseeable future. However, afterwards, I was at the Titan tower. We were approached by a woman who wished to speak with me. She tried to control the situation. My comrades did not care for that. The situation escalated. And the tower blew up."


The look Jericho gives Alexander says quite clearly that he's surprised that Alex qualifies for ally status after that. "Ai ya…" He rubs his temples, knowing exactly why that might raise Illyana's hackles. One does not alpha the alpha.

"Well that or perhaps they've not yet heard." Pause. Towers blowing up? "Titan Tower… down by the bay yes? I'd heard there was an incident. I hadn't heard it involved a bomb."


"Well, they obviously didn't hear the relinquishing part." Illyana says dryly. And even then, by making the original claim it does sort of put him 'in the game' of demon power plays.

Not one to pay much attention to the news herself she hadn't heard. "Fun. Guess the 'T' stood for 'target'." She doesn't ask, she just waits to see what Alexander might be asking of her. And if he's asking for a favor, or feels he's calling one in.


Rolling his eyes somewhat, Alexander looks terribly annoyed at the whole situation. He shakes his head and then murmurs, "It was some sort of attack. This woman wanted my attention. We rebelled in essence and denied her authority, she had missiles fired and it destroyed the tower. I think perhaps the dimensional ruckus might have drawn her attention in the first place."

Alexander looks across the table towards Jeri, and it's curious that he doesn't seem to care that Jericho is hearing this, perhaps curious that he doesn't care anyone else in the coffee shop can hear this. He just continues, "Her name was Amanda Waller. I intend to find out what I can about her and get what information I can. One of my compatriots feels this transgression is severe enough he would declare vendetta. So I am honorbound to aid him."

Looking back towards Illyana, "If my hypothesis is true and she polices extra-dimensional matters… then I thought perhaps you may have had dealings with her in the past."


Waller… Mmmm. Jericho opens a few windows and starts to dig as he listens. He forgoes the usual google search. Anyone who can call in a domestic missile strike is high up in government or in the intelligence community so he won't be looking for files so much as breadcrumbs. Someone has to have heard about this woman.


Illyana hmmms thoughtfully and shakes her head. "Not a name that I'm familiar with…" But she looks over to Jericho, because she happens to know that someone is very good at finding out information that people prefer to keep hidden. A glance back to Alexander. "Someone was really attached to your big T, hmm?" She shakes her head. "I didn't think you guys had even finished with the thing. Someone's got a temper." Which makes her smirk, because well. She has a temper and she's saying it.


Cocking an eyebrow at Illyana, Alexander looks at her and says levelly. "I think you're just intimidated at the size of our T. It frightened you with its immensity." A small nod is given as he smirks and then he shakes his head, "Nobody was hurt in its collapse. Thing is, this woman used operatives that she eliminated herself. We'd disarmed some and when she made her evac they all suffered cranial explosions."

At that some people nearby actually look over towards him. Again, Alex doesn't seem to care. "In any case, I'm just putting feelers out, and once again taking advantage of our passing acquaintancehood like a true asshole." Oh yes he is bound by oath not to thank her for a prior service, but there's no oath preventing him from insulting himself for having foregone any thanks for her.


Jericho looks over at Illyana. Casual search has turned up nothing on Waller but he didn't particularly expect it to do so. "I might be able to turn something up with a bit of time. Sounds like someone who should be investigated. Mmmm. If it's not butting in, at any rate." He glances between the sorceress and the Titan. Yes. That's still funny.


Cranial explosions? That gets Illyana's brows to rise. "Look at you making friends and influencing people." But her tone is grim. She's not a fan of sacrificing people. Hell, she just told Hill she wouldn't sacrifice her demons. Maybe it's that idea of noble obligisse. When you have those that serve you, you owe them some measure of loyalty in return.


While she smirks at his self deprecation she also nods. "If I happen to hear the name come up again, I'll give you a shout." That arrangement doesn't put either of them in a state of indebetedness. He's not asking, she's not going out of her way. Well. Not significantly. The question as to butting in? Illyana's glance lobs that question back to Alexander.


Turning his eyes back upon Jericho, Alexander gauges the measure of the man with that casual glance. It's not just the normal look of one fellow sizing up another. It's the way a paragon of fear subtly takes in the scent of another being's anxieties and fears. It lets him get faint small insights into another at times, but usually… it's just eerie.

"If there is any information you can acquire which would allow progress on this front then I would be indebted to you, which is no small matter." He lifts a hand, fingers splayed as he murmurs, "Though you should perhaps be wary of the risk."


Jericho is afraid of a lot of things but he's very good at not letting fear rule him. He's afraid, most, of being unable to protect his friends, or of inadvertantly doing some harm to Illyana in particular. He's got rather remarkable control though. There's also the lingering scent of old fears and nightmares about him. Alex is probably familiar with it. It's common for those with PTSD.

"I'll take that under advisement though I'm not entirely sure it can be any riskier than my usual line of work."


Jericho's comment gets a huff of amusement from Illyana as she goes back to sipping her drink. "I'm not a big fan of folks that can blow up structures." Illyana admits. "And with some of my friends and I about to paint some targets of our own… Well, sounds like it might be in all of our best interest to… clear things up." Illyana is a bit more mindful of their public setting that the godling.


Giving them each a nod, Alexander gestures with a wide opening of his hands as he creaks a small smile into existence. "Well, with business concluded, let us move on to the social amenities." That smile shifts into a smirk. "Such weather we are having, yes? Much weather indeed. How are your familial and social type connections? If they exist."

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