Pizza Solves Most Problems

August 19 2014: Some people meet up in Little Italy and discover that pizza, while mighty, doesn't solve everything.

Little Italy

The scent of fresh pizza and street food wafts up the byways of this quaint little area of New York



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Down below, along the city streets, a live band performs. There is not vocalist, but they are serenading the patrons who dine al fresco. Higher up, one might see your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man swinging from a web, "when my shooters make a line, like a big Spider web, that's amazing. When the world seems to shine, like I've fought too much crime, that's amazing." He's got a personal pizza in one hand, which he's carefully switching from one hand to the other as he moves above the streets of Little Italy, "Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling and you'll sing, "Vita bella!" Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay like a gay tarantella." He doesn't know he has an audience, but he adds, "I wonder when gay stopped meaning happy, and started to mean the other thing? Not that there's anything wrong with that, just, funny how word meaning evolves over time. Someone should look into that. Inquiring minds might want to know. Besides, it'd be better than another one of those Spider-Man is evil stories the Bugle publishes."


Bobby has been practicing his ice ramp thing. He's actually gotten pretty good at it. And at not falling off. That's important. Key even. Now he's at the point where he can get himself pretty darn high up. Okay. He can do this. Good lord it's windy up here. Time to come down a bit. Just ease down toward the street…. that's a pretzel stand down there and he could use something to eat and/or drink. Sounds like a plan.


At that very same pretzel stand that the cool one was angling down towards, there stood a young woman. Green of eyes and grim of demeanor, she had a little frown tugging down the corners of her lips. "…five dollars for this?" she asks, holding an oversized pretzel in her hand, Laura Kinney looking rather dubious about the whole thing. Although - sensitive ears might pick up the sound of Spider-Man's murmurings, her eyes snapping up to him - staring at him with a level look.


Normally Spider-Man would take his personal pizza home. Or at least find a nice ledge to eat it on. But today, he saw a massive ice bridge. It's not every day one sees that in the summer, and even rarer to see it in New York. Already there are people outside chipping away at it, collecting it to put in their fridges or just cool off in the evening heat. Spider-Man turns in mid flight, and heads along the path of the ice, following it a pretzel stand.


For the last little bit of it, he drops with the webbing, hey, web cartridges don't come cheap, and just follows along the ice, looking like a snowboarder as he manages to keep his balance on the slippery sloping sculpture. As he reaches towards the end, he leaps up into the air, keeping his personal pizza level at all times, and lands on the street, to calmly open his box, pull his mask up enough, and take bite out of a slice.

He doesn't recognize Laura, but Iceman seems straight forward enough. "Woah there, Torch, did Mister Fantastic find a reverse setting for your powers?"


Bobby laughs. He had been coated in ice to reduce the chance of catastrophic eating it. Now he pulls the cold back in and lets it all just fall off him in chunks. "One with cheese spread please. And a coke."

Handing over the money Bobby gives Laura a polite smile and then looks up to the webslinger. "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, isn't it? Or are you just a really devoted fan of his?"


Needless to say, Spider-Man plus an ice bridge was probably drawing a lot of attention from the pedestrians in the area. It most certainly was drawing the attention of Laura Kinney. There was an intensity to her green eyes as she stares first at one hero, and then the other. There was a tension in her shoulders and form - as if she were a spring starting to coil up more and more.

But when Spider-man looks her over and passes on, and Bobby likewise doesn't seem to recognize her, Laura might see an opportunity of sorts.

The tension leaves her, and her features seems to melt with a friendliness that doesn't quite reach her eyes - Laura flirting with the idea of acting 'normal', acting like a fan, perhaps. She kinda meets halfway. Letting that smile spark a little brighter, she steps up towards the cart, "Can I buy you both a pretzel?" she asks, looking up at them. "…I haven't had a chance to treat a superhero before," she says.

Technically that was the truth.


Spider-Man swallows another bite of his pizza, grips the box with both hands, and looks around, "Spider-Man? Where, oh, I hope he'll sign an autograph for me. I just love that guy." But then Laura offers to buy him a pretzel. "Moi, a pretzel, why, sure, why not. Who doesn't like a good pretzel?"

Returning her kindness, he holds open the pizza box, where there are still two slices, "would either of you like a slice? Trust me, I'm reasonably certain I didn't get webbing on either of them, like, 95% sure."


"I… well you don't have to. But I won't say no if you insist." Bobby's not at all used to getting attention of that kind. His power can be kind of flashy, but he's not used it for anything super public yet. Other than, you know, not getting lynched when he was nineteen. "I'm Bobby, by the way. Nice to meet you both."


"Five percent can be a lot," says Laura, her tone of voice sharpening a degree or two in a moment. Turning her eyes back towards the pretzel guy, who gives her an exasperated look, she hands over a bill and receives two pretzels, Laura having stuffed the remainder of hers into her mouth to chew on so she could have both hands free.

Even as she keeps that intense stare on the men, eyes lingering on Bobby's own eyes for a moment, as if trying to take in every aspect of his appearance. For future reference. Normally, she'd try to catch a bit of the scent of both men, but her senses were filled with pretzel.

Chew chew.

Holding out the pretzels to both, she would wait until she could swallow before she flicks her eyes to the pizza. "Oh, thank you," she says, "But I just ate - I hope you don't mind me saying no?" she adds. "I'm…" A pause then. "…Laura," she says, a bit reluctantly. "…how are you both doing?"


Spider-Man munches on the pretzel that Laura bought for him, and they can both see that he has fair complexion, probably of European descent, no facial hair, good teeth, not that it'll mean much to them. The mask is still firmly over most of his face. They can't even tell his hair colour with what's been revealed. Oh, and he smells of David Beckham cologne, a recent present from his Aunt May. She found it in a TJ Maxx.

"Yeah, you're right, statistically speaking five percent can be a lot, but I'd focus on the other ninety-five percent if I were you. We've kind of gone to a strange place, but it's completely edible. Still, four out of five dentists would not recommend eating spider webs. And I have no idea what the fifth one's thinking."

"Bobby, huh? So, you're what, the Amazing Ice-Man, Jack Frost, the Snowblower, you've got to have a codename, right? Probably best not to mention your real name in future, if that is your real name. I mean, some people go for that, but my name is last name Man, first name Spider, with a hyphen in the middle."

"Nice to meet you Laura, and thanks for the pretzel." He'll munch on it, still holding the pizza box open to them in case she changes her mind. Bobby seems more interested, but hasn't taken his slice yet. When he finally does take a slice, Spider-Man flips the box into the air, his fingers go into a certain position, and a web line shoots up, sticking the pizza box to the side of a building for later.

He puts a hand on Bobby's back, "So, Laura, what's it like to meet a real live hero like the Human Icicle, here?"


"Eh, I'll probably need one at some point. Bobby's gotten me along just fine so far."

The ice nerd takes a slice of pizza and noms. Mmm. Pizza and pretzel. Spiderman's attempt to deflect gets him an amused stare before he turns back to Laura.

"You know this is actually the first time anyone's called me a 'hero'. I just keep things cold most of the time. Been practicing though. Recently got together with some friends and decided that maybe the world needed some folks to do more than just work in physics labs. May I ask what brings you guys out?"


As Laura swallows the pretzel, and the salty scent of baked goods clears her senses. Well. She picks up that whiff of TJ Maxx cologne - and, well. Laura crinkles her nose. The unnatural scents just smelled… unnatural to her, more often than not. And a bit unpleasant. But regardless of her opinion on the matter, Laura turns her attention from Spider-Man to Bobby.

This whole… acting that she was doing - acting /normal/, it felt false to her, and something she didn't particularly want to do. Mind flashes back to acting like a disabled child, and getting closer and closer to an unsuspecting target… Her heart twisted in her chest, even as she keeps that smile on her lips.

"Well, B-Bobby," she stutters with a faux goodnatured tone, noting that she should probably file that name in the back of her mind, but finding it difficult to focus. "It's not often that you see ice people flying through the streets, right?" she says then. "So it's… really nice to meet a real superhero," she says, her eyes telling the truth as she levels them on Bobby proper.

"Although weren't you attacking children and other things, Spider-Man? I thought I read about that in that… paper," she says.


Spider-Man says, "I just went out for a quiet night's webslinging and was attacked by a two-ton gorilla that was trying to steal some electronics. I guess he finally got tired of watching animal planet at the zoo. I know if I had to watch that all the time, day in, day out, I'd think about stealing a Blu-Ray player too."

"Have you thought about Ice-Man, has a nice ring to it, rolls off the tongue," which reminds him to pull his mask back down, "and it's probably not trademarked by anyone yet. Originally, I wanted to be Spiderman, all one word, but it didn't clear legal, so Spider-Man with the hyphen was born."

"Attacking children? Me, well, I never!" he says in mock insult, "nah, it's the Bugle. J. Jonah Jameson's got a bee under his bonnet for me. I saved some kids, but he likes to turn the facts against me. Thought I was kidnapping them or something. I never read the articles anymore, but it is always nice to see my picture in the paper. In fact, I bet that pesky reporter is out there somewhere," and he looks up at the rooftops, trying to see if he can spot Peter Parker.


"Ice Man. Huh. I kind of like that. Thanks, I'll keep it in mind," The sandy haired young man has an easy smile and no problems using it.

"Well it's nice to meet you too. Glad to know that not everyone's gonna scream and run if I ever have to do that for real." Bobby's still not clear on how he qualifies as an actual superhero but… there you go. And it really is nice to be complimented. His last big experience with 'normals' involved a lynch mob when he as 19.


Laura was mostly just complimenting to throw the man off of his guard. Although it was Spider-Man that draws Laura's attention first. "Oh, that's good!" Laura says, "But why would he lie about you, then?" she adds. "Doesn't every story out there…" Laura begins, letting her voice draw a little lower. "…have a kernel of truth?"

There was an aggressive tone to her statement that just didn't jive with the rest of her demeanor. Almost like she was looking for an excuse to… something.

"I like the name Captain Cold better," says Laura to Bobby, taking a handful of moments to look at him. "…or Frost Commander. Iceman sounds too generic," she adds.

Another pause, and Laura takes a step away from both, tucking her hands into the pocket of the jacket she wears.


Bobby has super powers. He doesn't seem like the villainous type. That kind of makes him a hero by default. If he's willing to help people, he's a hero. "I've been doing the hero thing for years, and I still get bad press," said Spider-Man. "You've got to learn to roll with the punches. I mean, I could go down to the Bugle and give that Jameson a piece of my mind, but he's probably not such a bad guy, just misunderstood. He probably feels completely justified by his irrational multi-year campaign against me. Personally, I'm hoping that someday they make a movie about it. Then I'll finally see him in a sympathetic light. They could even get that J.K. Simmons to play him."

"There's a lot more than a kernel of truth. I was on 43rd street, I did have some kids in my arms, and the building was on fire. The difference is I didn't put them there, I got them out of there. Grammatically, it's a small thing, but fundamentally, it's huge. Jameson sees me with, what's the opposite of rose coloured glasses? He sees me with that."


Bobby isn't sure what the opposite of rose colored glasses is. Maybe puce colored glasses? "Mmmmm. Captain Cold… Frost Commander. I guess I will have to think about this some more." He's picked up on Laura's tension but not the cause.

"Everything okay there miss?" She seems…. ready to explode. If only Bobby knew.


Laura was hoping that Spider-Man would give Laura an excuse to harm him, but the man, well… the web-slinger did not quite do that. So she takes another step away from him, breathing out a little bit. In the pockets of her coat, her hands twist into fists, and she feels the need for that satisfying snap of pain that accompanies the claws springing out of her.

A lot of what Spider-Man says goes unnoticed, although she nods at what she hopes were the appropriate points.

Turning on a heel, Bobby's question to her is answered with a withering sort of look, Laura nonetheless not saying anything else. Without a further word, she begins to walk away, shoulders hunching, her mood apparently having taken a one-eighty as malice just drips from her.

She was heading towards a nearby alleyway.


Spider-Man isn't big on escalation, not physical anyway. Oh, he'll give you a verbal tongue lashing if he thinks you deserve it, but no, he's strictly a hit second kind of guy, preferably after dodging or blocking the first one. He does notice her nodding at strange intervals. Some are right, others seem off. What's going on. The girl seems to have been getting angrier and angrier throughout the discussion.

And then she leaves, heading towards a nearby alley? "What got into her?" Spider-Man decides to investigate, shooting off a web line, running along the side of a building, and landing on a nearby tree branch, which he dangles from upside down, "Do you need someone to talk to, Laura? I'm not just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but I also have two shoulders to cry on, and two ears. The mask hides them, but trust me, they're both there, and in the right places."


Bobby frowns and walks after Laura. Did they say something? He lets Spider-Man do the talking though since, he's already ahead and seems pretty good at it. Somehing about the way she was addressing them seemed a bit off too. Too cheerful? Nah.


Head slightly lowered, the breeze picking up the strands of her hair and casting it around her head like a shroud, Laura was uncaring of the locks of hair that fall into her eyes, obscuring her vision. She didn't need her vision entirely to detect what was going on around her anyways.

One imagines that Spider-Man had a light step however, so she might not detect his presence until the rustle of the tree branch snaps her green eyes up. There were no false smiles on her lips anymore. Her gaze levels on his own, green eyes staring, expression grim.

After a moment, she just kinda steps around him a bit, hoping to pass him. "What do you actually want?" she says, her tone of voice as sharp as her eyes.


The funny thing about New York is that often you meet people you never thought you would while just walking on the street. In a city of millions, is more likely to see the people you would never expect. This just happens to be one of those times. Kitty Pryde went on an errand to find the best pizza she could to bring back to share with Lockheed and instead found herself wandering around the streets taking in the sights and reveling in the city. The poor hungry dragon may have some time to wait as she stops to partake in the sight before her.

The greasy white box is held in front of her as she stops to observe, eyes glancing from Laura to Spider-Man and then to Bobby. Well, this is a strange collection of people, isn't it just? While pizza may somehow be the answer to all their problems, she is not quite sure that is the case. Especially as it seems that one of the members is being cornered. With a step forward, she says with a steady voice, "Everything okay here?"


Spider-Man's spider-sense is tingling, that little buzzing in the back of his head. Regular humans don't usually set it off, they can, but it's pretty rare. Maybe she's got a gun on her. This is New York after all. He rolls his tongue around his mouth, pulling the mask this way and that way, as if he's contemplating how best to handle this. He's genuinely perplexed.

So, he falls back on comedy. It's worked for him in the past. "What do I want? I want to wake up in the morning and not see some headline about how bad I am. I want to be able to websling through this city and not find any crime. I want to find a steady girlfriend who can live with a guy who spends his nights patrolling the city. I want to graduate. I want world peace, and an end to world hunger. Those are always great answers on the Miss America pageants. Um, comfortable life would be nice, maybe a new car, um, how many wishes do I get? Is this like a genie thing where I get only three?"

"So, I guess, if I had to pick three, I want to help you with whatever's bothering you, to not get blamed for it, and uh, another slice of pizza would be great." He knows Kitty is there, and Bobby too, but Laura's setting off his Spider-Sense, so she's got his full attention right now.


Bobby slows down as he approaches the entry to the alleyway. Mostly, he doesn't want Laura to feel like she's being blocked in. Really if she chooses to go he's not gonna get in her way. He's just a bit concerned because, honestly, she's not acting normal and he wants ot know if he needs to, say, call 911.


Laura could sense Kitty coming in - she didn't know her, know her scent, really. So she gets a brief flash of her gaze beforehand. And while Bobby might not be trying to block her in, and he wasn't - she didn't really seem concerned about that, at least - she did feel like people were converging on her.

The jokes were falling on deaf ears, too. It wasn't that they weren't funny - in fact, they were pretty amusing overall - it was just she wasn't really in the mindset to deal with it. There was a man who was trying to help her with her anger, and it was his influence that she went this long without stabbing someone.

Even if Spider-Man was dangling there.

'I'll handle it.' 'I'm fine.' 'Thank you for your concern, I had an appointment I just remembered'. Those options kinda flash in the back of her mind. But those words are not given voice except in the form of a snarl.

Laura was very, very fast, but she still often counted on the element of surprise to help her out. One imagined that Spider-Man was faster, /and/ had that warning. So he might catch the lifting fist as she aims it at the superhero's throat, hoping just to… jab him there.


Immediately recognizing that she is an outsider in these proceedings, Kitty glances between the participants. However, the last thing she wants it to see it devolve into fighting. "Woah, hey!" Speaking of pizza… "There's pizza. I have pizza. If that helps." She glances at Spider-Man, adding, "So, perhaps we should not block people for leaving if they want to. And if anyone wants a slice, I'm sure I can oblige."

From her position, Kitty certainly doesn't attempt to get in the way of Laura's exit. Coming into a situation without any information makes her less likely take sides.


Spider-Man has a lot of abilities, but the one that's usually the most useful is his spider-sense. That little tingling in the back of his head, it started tingling a lot more forcefully. Before the fist even began moving towards his throat, he already began pulling away, swinging backwards on the branch he was dangling from, and coming to stop when he crouched on top of it. "Hey there, missy, you're going to punch out someone's Adam's apple if you keep that up."


Leaping off the branch, to cling to a wall, he turns to face her, feet sticking to the wall, butt pressed against it, and arms outstretched, "Laura, Laura, Laura, first of all, thanks for the pretzel. I know mine was good. I bet Bobby's was too. Secondly, I was only trying to help. Third," he looks to Kitty, "pizza would be great. It is after all the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems, am I right? Except that Chicago style stuff. That's not pizza, that's like a pie."


"Woah!" Bobby doesn't really want anyone to get hurt either so he reaches his hands out and coats all the ground in the alley with ice. Maybe lack of traction will keep people from throwing punches. "Thanks for the pretzel and all. What's wrong, really? Please don't punch the spidey-guy?" Kitty… gets a look. Who is this now? And why is she offering pizza to solve a fight? Not that… this isn't a good idea.


Fist clenches tightly, and Laura leaps up as Spider-Man swings up to sit atop the branch and quip. It was good he was already leaping from the branch. Laura kicks the thing, and it breaks, knocked - purely by accident, mind you - towards Kitty.

And by the time that her boots find the ground again, well, the ground beneath her was ice. Laura manages to slip there, falling - avoiding damage to her head by curling some, and lying flat on her back.

"Just… leave me alone. And don't…" Laura says, kinda raising herself up to a kneel, her boot skittering across the ice. Laura stays kneeling for now - a little more stable of a position, overall. "…follow me, okay? Any of you," she says, her eyes snapping from Spider-Man to Bobby and then Kitty proper.


"I don't even know who you are," Kitty tells Laura as cheerfully as she can manage when she ducks away from the debris kicked toward her. The pizza in its box most likely shifts from the quick movement: the cheese and toppings now messily a part of crust and cardboard. Luckily, Lockheed will eat just about anything with some convincing. "So, I can't follow someone I don't know."

This is, not, strictly true. She could hug to the shadows and most likely follow Laura should she wish it, but that is not the case for now. "Just, you're okay, right?" That's the main point that she stopped for. She looks to Bobby. Though she doesn't know the man, she knows he was here before her and may have a better idea of what is going on. Then, she focuses her attention on Laura again. "If you need help, we might be able to."


The ice on the ground isn't going to cause Spider-Man much trouble, not with his agility, reflexes, and coordination, plus, it's not like he actually has to touch the ground to fight, which of course he really doesn't want to do. This girl bought him a pretzel like 15 minutes ago, not she wants to rip out his throat. There's got to be a joke about women in there, but that would be sexist, and that isn't Spider-Man's… bag… baby.

The branch gets a kick from Laura, breaking it, and as it sails dangerously towards Kitty, Spider-Man fires off two weblines, trying to drag it back and bring it under control. Kitty ducked anyway, but the movement probably dislodged her pizza toppings, "hey, come on, what did that branch ever do to you? Trees have feelings too. Mythbusters told me so. And what you did to that pizza, that's gotta be against the law in this town. You just… you don't mess with a New Yorker's pizza."

He manages to pull the branch in, looks at it, and gives it a good toss, up into the air, so that it can land on top of the roof. At least nobody will use it as a club that way. "Laura, I promise you, I won't follow you and I'm sure these nice folks won't either. But, we care about you, and hope you're okay."


Then, to Kitty, he says, "Are you all right?" Bobby, having powers, and so far having stayed out of most of the commotion, is probably okay. "What about you Bob, you good? Oh, where are my manners. I'm Spider-Man, the guy with the instant ice rink is Bobby, the girl who kicked the branch at you was Laura, and I'm Spider-Man."


Laura's demeanour had changed quite a bit. And as people weren't quite rushing her, she just kinda… rises up to a stand then, feet sliding a little bit, but arms held out to the sides for balance. Laura didn't have magic feet and hands. She starts 'skating' to the edge of the ice, until she reaches solid ground.

Casting her eyes amongst the remaining three, Laura just begins to run.

Maybe their words would have an effect, when she had time to sit and think about them. But for now - she seemed mostly concerned with getting out of there.


As Kitty slips a bit on the sheet of ice, her agility is tested as she attempts to duck and weave against branches and a fleeing Laura. Luckily, she does not fall. Despite the distraction, her eyes follow the dark haired woman as she flees. She does not even attempt to follow. Instead, she watches as she moves off down the avenue. Her hands keep a firm grip on her box as she now is careful about her step.

Had any debris actually reached her, it would have passed through. However, there is only a small blip where it looks like Kitty may be a bit of a ghost before she is solid again. Only close study would notice her becoming slightly transparent. "Yes, I know who you are," she tells Spider-Man with a raised eyebrow. "I hear you're a friendly neighborhood spider." There's a pause. "Yes. I'm fine, thank you. Why was she so eager to get away from you?" Her chin gestures toward the fleeing Laura.


"Beats me," Spider-Man says with a shrug, "and that's not an invitation to beat me. I don't like that. And I really hate it when someone hits me with a rolled up newspaper. It doesn't hurt, but it's really annoying." Leaping down to join Kitty and Bobby on the ice, he says, "she's obviously got some kind of issue. I don't know what they were. A few minutes ago she bought Bobby and I a pretzel each. I offered them pizza, which," he looks up, seeing the pizza box affixed to the building. "excuse me," he leaps up, crawling, grabbing the box, and returning, "I have one slice left." His slice isn't stuck to the roof, and is from the same place as Kitty's, "Great minds think alike, huh?"


"I wouldn't dream of it," Kitty tells Spider-Man about beating him. "Unless, I guess, you truly deserved it." However, her normally easy demeanor is tempered by the uneasiness she feels in seeing someone so desperate to leave someone else's company. "You seem a bit big for a rolled up newspaper, anyway." She frowns as her eyes follow down the street toward where Laura disappeared and then back at the costumed man bounding from dangling on a tree branch to picking up boxes from the side of walls. "I guess they do. I was just on my way back to deliver this to" her hands hold up the pizza box, but saying she's delivering the pizza to a hungry dragon may be a bit much even for a anthropomorphized spider "a friend."


Spider-Man says, "That's good. It's always nice to meet someone who wouldn't dream of beating me, or hitting me with a rolled up newspaper, unless of course I truly deserved it." He's curious about Laura too, but she seemed pretty insistent on not being followed. And he's not one to poke his nose where it's not wanted. "Pizza delivery? Is it close? It can be murder trying to get across this city. Do you need a lift? Webslinging is still the fastest way to travel, safest too, and since no supervillains are attacking, I seem to have a couple of minutes free."


Kitty raises an eyebrow at the offer. "I wasn't aware that supposed criminals were offering themselves up as pizza delivery. Is it true that crime doesn't pay?" Due to the lightness of her tone, it may be that she does not truly believe Spider-Man to be a criminal, despite the papers. However, if the newspapers say that a man is a criminal, well…

She glances at Bobby as she quips, her hands keeping a firm grip on her food. "And, no offense, but my toppings might have already shifted enough in this encounter. Being flung from one rooftop to another might not have the best effect." And still, she says nothing about how far or close her destination is.


Bobby comes back to the conversation with a little smile. Laura's long gone of course but didn't seem to be murder inclined. "Hey there, Miss." He doesn't seem to have any trouble at all walking on what's left of the ice.

"It seemed the best way to prevent more actual fighting. Most can't when they're slip-sliding all over the place."


"All right, all right, you coaxed it out of me. I confess. I stole the Lindbergh baby." Spider-Man offers his wrists to Kitty, "take me away, lock me, oh, woe is me." It's over the top and comedic, but it does deflect some of the attention away from his alleged crimes." He seems to move on the ice almost as easily as Bobby, "and for the record, the contents of my pizzas never shift. It took me a lot of pizzas to get it right, but now that I have, it's like riding a bike, if it were thirty stories up."


"Hi," Kitty grins at Bobby. Perhaps a more normal citizen would be more weirded out by the fact that he just made ice appear out of nowhere, but she is no normal citizen. "Looks like it worked. Commendable." There is no sarcasm there, but she does give him something of a smirk. Then, she looks to Spider-Man. "Unfortunately, I left my handcuffs in my other pizza box. I'll have to give a rain check on that arrest. I'd expect to hear a full confession on the Lindbergh baby. And perhaps your other less sensational crimes." Hyper aware that she is holding food that is rapidly cooling, she carefully starts to move her way down the street away from Bobby and Spider-Man. "Luckily, I don't have to ride a bike thirty stories up to get my pizza home. But, thank you. Have a good night, you two."


"You deliver pizza in that?" That has to be one of the most ingenious delivery methods he'd ever heard off. Pity it has to arrive hot. Iceing around would result in cold pizza. Not that it's that tempting. Cryolab jobs are quite comfy for Bobby.

"Night Miss…. uh, don't think I caught your name actually." He calls after the departing Shadowcat.


"You did?" Spider-Man replies to the crack about the hand cuffs, "well, that's all right. They chafe around my wrists anyway." She's going to expect a full confession on the Lindbergh baby and his other less sensational crimes. "All right, but only if I get a name?"

He's not sure if he'll get it, but looking at Bobby, he nods, "have done before. Mostly to my own place, but once or twice I delivered them for someone in need." And then calling out to the mystery woman, "offer's still on the table if you want that pizza delivered piping hot, or Bobby could make sure it's frozen. You know, sometimes I even prefer cold pizza."


Down the street the pizza wielding woman goes. "Kitty," she tells both Bobby and Spider-Man at their question without turning her head around. Instead, she prefers to call out toward the sky and hope that those curious can hear her. If not, it's their loss. "My name's Kitty." No need to tell criminals and strangers her last name. And, then, she turns a corner and is out of sight.

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