A Long Flight Home

August 20, 2014: Kate Bishop and Evelyn have managed to fish Hawkeye and Domino out of the ocean but it's still a long way back home. (Language.)

Quinjet over open waters outside of Madripoor

One of SHIELD's VTOL aircraft.



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Domino is not a happy merc. Or mutant. Or living creature. Getting kicked in the face didn't help matters even a tiny bit. When she comes to her vision is blurry and she's got an absolutely monstrous headache. Her eyes are still red. She's bled from her nose from being kicked. There's a thin, dark, and very angry looking line going around most of her neck, now mostly bandaged. Her armor, and the body beneath it, look like they've had a close encounter with a wood chipper, though here too there's fresh bandages aplenty.

She's on a makeshift bed, similar to Barton's condition not far away. She's also been completely disarmed. Naturally.

With a low groan in the back of her throat she gingerly picks herself up off of the floor and shuffles toward the cockpit, hands held out to brace herself every step of the way. Not from turbulence, mind. More from vertigo. Kate must still be on board but she's not sitting up front, so Dom simply helps herself into the co-pilot's seat with a disgruntled cringe of remarkable proportions.

"Enjoy your underbody flush back there?" she asks in a hoarse tone, referring to when the robot girl plunged into the ocean.


Evelyn's sitting in the pilot's seat. It's only been a few hours and at this speed it will take a few hours more. A lot of fuel was burned to get to Domino and Hawkeye's location as fast as possible, and now the flight is everything for using as little fuel as possible. The VTOL engines have been disengaged and it's almost entirely just jet function at this point. Her bodysuit's been all but stripped off, and what remains is her wrapped in just a couple blankets. She's even sitting indian style on the pilot's seat, kind of like she has a little nest she's made. It is a long flight, though.

When Domino enters the copilot seat, she looks over, then back at the sky infront of them. They're at 55,000 ft altitude, according to the equipment. "Not really. I'm cold, and I can't stop shivering." It's true, there's a bit of a tremor on her. In addition to that, she's thirsty and hungry. Her entire digestive and respiratory system purged itself back there. Not a pleasant feeling.


Unexpected. The robot -shivers.- There's now only one person on this entire jet that doesn't look like hell and she's already asleep. Though, Domino could certainly help with both of those points. A swift fist to the face would cure the girl of both right quick.

No, the problem right now isn't Kate. Evelyn's by herself in flying all of them back, round-trip. Maybe she's got better endurance than a human but that's still asking a fair bit of someone. Dom may still feel like reheated puke but if she offers to help then that gives her a little more control over her current situation, and stubborn she can be.

"I can cover if you need a break." She actually does know how to fly, too!

There's still no 'thank you,' though.


Another milestone reached, the nav system pings and Evelyn reorients to the new coordinates to account for weather changes. She's a good pilot, though most of it is done by the computer at this point. She's pretty much been in this seat for over 7 hours straight now, though. Even after diving into the water where she might've not come back. Ballsy. Kate doesn't know how to fly, though. When Domino offers, Eve looks over with an expression that prety much reads 'What?'

Her gaze softens after a tick, and she realizes Domino probably knows how to fly, too. Looking back out of the window, they're still surrounded by water. Not that much is visible through the cloud layer. After another pause, she reaches forward and hits a couple switches. She turns a dial a few notches to -5, and adjusts a bit so that she can let go of the controls without the plane diving or ascending. It just stays perfectly level and remains at speed. The controls are locked, too, so jostling them isn't a risk.

"Okay. Just for a little bit. When we hit land, I need to take back over. Ready to swap seats?" Evelyn says softly. When Domino gets up, she'll slip out of her cocoon to take place at the passenger seat. She's almost completely naked, just a pair of panties and a bra. The suit has to be removed, that material just retains water so well. Reaching over, she starts pulling blankets to her side. There's also a large black coil of burnt skin around her right shin. Oof.


Oof, this requires getting up, moving, then sitting again. "Can't just pass the controls to this seat?" Dom asks. Maybe not with Kate having spent time here on the flight out, she could just picture that gal kicking her feet up on the console. More movement, more flinching, but she pulls herself upright. More or less. "Don't want you getting in trouble with your XO."

That, and by the time this jet reaches the mainland she's got some plans of her own.

"You're just one giant disaster to yourself waiting to happen, aren't you. You didn't even see live fire back there yet you're comin' back all banged up to high Hell." (Ouch.) "This thing got a heater or something? If you drop the altitude by ..a lot.. it won't be quite so cold."

With the switch made she eases back in the -other- seat and checks over the various gauges. (Welcome to Albino Air, where at least one person is guaranteed to walk away from the landing.)


Evelyn pulls over other blankets and cocoons herself. It's not really all that cool in the cockpit area. Basic reheating and atmospheric life support systems are active, especially for them to fly at this altitude, they kinda have to be. She points up at the nozzles, "Compressed air." That's it. No other personal heating systems for the pilot, but that makes sense. This is a military bird, not a commercial flight.

That said, it's not cold in here. It's a little chilly but nothing compared to what it'd be without ambient heating. Once wrapped up again, she resumes shivering. "Didn't used to be.. Not really telling anyone anymore. I can deal with the damage."


Beauty sleep: All the girls are doing it. Granted, most of the New York society set isn't getting their beauty sleep in a hammock hung in the bay of a quinjet where they can hear if the medical equipment hooked up to their mentor starts to sound an alarm, but Kate never was one to follow along with everyone else's hobbies. She climbed in for a rest about an hour and a half ago, and when she wakes up to find things beeping along as they should be, she carefully pulls herself out, boots hitting the deck with a muffled thud. Quietly, she checks in on Clint, making sure nothing is leaking excessively before moving toward the cockpit.

"Oh, hey. You're awake." She stifles a yawn as she looks to Domino, then Evelyn. "How's the…everything?"


"Yeah yeah, 'you are strong like bull,'" Dom replies in a fake Russian accent. "Well look at you, growing up to be the next evolution of the meat shield. Did you short out your pain receptors back there or something?"

And then there's three. As soon as she hears Kate's voice Dom once more pulls herself out of the seat, though this time when she turns around she is staring pure, undiluted -death- at Kate.

"I may look like Hell but I can still kick your ass, kid. Don't hit me again."

Right then, she's got that out of her system.

"Aside from nearly having my -nose- broken and a secondary concussion I'm just peachy." (I'm also piloting this fancy piece of SHIELD aircraft, so don't tick me off.)

Despite the projected and verbal threats she sits right the heck back down, before she can get plowed over by either of the two other women. That, and vertigo's a real pain. "Looks like fuel's holding. Still got some distance to burn before we hit the friendly coast. Anything beyond that, talk to her," she says while thumbing toward the thoroughly chilled Evelyn.


"Only on my leg." Evelyn replies, probably in reference to the burn site. When Kate speaks up, she turns a bit to look at her, and then the standing Domino. Sit back down and pilot the aircraft! … Then she does, and all is well. Sometimes a good threat is all anyone needs to go back to doing that thing that's important. "Things are pretty okay, Kate. How is Hawkeye?"


Kate shrugs to Domino's threat. "Don't look so untrustworthy," she counters, folding her arms over the back of Evelyn's seat as she looks over the screens. "He's okay. As okay as he ever is, I guess," she answers Evelyn. "But there's nothing coming out that shouldn't be, and the machines are beeping away at a regular pace, so he should hold out until we can reach some real medical."


Eh, Dom would argue that a jet like this could practically fly itself. In fact, if she could find the right controls she's willing to put money down that it -could- fly itself all the way back home, complete with landing. They'll be fine! As will Ev's leg, no doubt. "How the hell did you burn yourself, anyway? You fell into the damn ocean."

"It just comes so naturally for me," she responds to Kate. Hearing about Clint's condition brings a somewhat grim expression to her battered face, though she dips her head forward when all's said and done as though acknowledging the situation then writing it off.

For now it's a game of 'the fewer questions directed her way, the better.' So, she takes some initiative and asks something of Kate. Directly, of course. Regardless if it's any of her business. "Are you related to Barton? I've never heard of you before but he gave me your number first."

There's some obvious similarities between the two, also. Assumptions could be made over a number of different points, though she has a feeling many of them would be wrong.


"It's an old injury from like a week ago, so I didn't, technically. And also shut up." Evelyn wraps the blankets around her a bit tighter, she's still shivering, but the conversation helps distract her. The glow from the screens indicate everything seems to be fine and stable with the aircraft. "What were you doing out there with him, anyways?"


"You've never heard of me because I'm also Hawkeye," Kate shrugs to Domino. "We are Spartacus, and all that." She shifts to lean one hip against Evelyn's seat, making herself comfortable and crossing her arms loosely over her chest. "Which is why he gave you my number. I am also interested in what the two of you were doing out there," she agrees with Evelyn, smirking faintly. "Might've believed you if you hadn't objected to the whole date thing."


Black lips hook into a smirk when Domino's told to shut up. Yeah, because -that- ever works. To Evelyn's question, she offers "I was saving his sorry ass."

That's probably not the complete story. She -never- shares the entire story. But, as far as highlights of her week go…

The whole date thing..?! The merc quickly turns to shoot a glare back at Kate though it starts out as wince as her tortured joints fail to keep up with the sudden shift of posture. "Like I'd tell you about my personal life? In case it wsn't abundantly obvious, he was getting the shit beat out of him. I pulled him out." Because she's such a big damn hero.


Evelyn shifts in her seat, with the intention of not flashing anyone her underwear as she reorients ontop her seat. Bringing up her feet, she curls up into an upright fetal position with her head laying against the back of the seat. Her eyes close, but Domino gets the last glance. Blankets are pulled up and she's in her nest. "Focus on flying the airplane, Domino." Evelyn says amidst a yawn. The plane could fly itself, what she really means is 'calm your tits'. Of course, even like this she's still shivering.


"He definitely didn't have 'get the shit beat out of you in Madripoor' in his daytimer," Kate observes, dry. "And while his decorating taste is questionable, it rarely includes brains on the wall or bullet holes." She pauses. "Rarely. There was one time, but we're not supposed to talk about it."


Dom's about to respond to Kate again when she does a sort of double-take, peering at the other archer for a good long moment. 'Not supposed to talk about it…'

Oh, she is SO leaning on Barton about that topic sometime.

"Look, he wound up in Madripoor, I got tipped off as to where I could find him, I came to find him. I don't know why he wound up there." Really, she doesn't! That gets much further into the contract on the guy than she's ever going to get. It's another matter she's hoping to discuss with him, one of these days.

"I didn't stop to ask the people that were shooting at me what it was all about, either." Nor did she ask the people that were -supposed to have paid her for taking the damn job.-


Evelyn doesn't make a witty or gritty remark at Domino. In fact, she doesn't appear to be doing anything at all. Just breathing silently and laying, curled up, in her chair. Is she asleep?


"Uh huh." Kate sounds totally convinced. Or not. But since the pilot who picked her up is sleeping, Barton's actually alive in the back, and Domino is currently flying the plane, now really isn't the time to get into it. Right? "You need anything else from the medical kit?" she asks instead.


Since the medical kit in question probably doesn't have any prescription-strengh pain killers or drinkable alcohol, "I'm good," Domino replies.

She'll be good for another hour or so of flying, too. Up until they reach the mainland.

"You're up, Little Evvie," she tells the dozing droid beside her. A few quick adjustments to the controls then the albino gets up, just to stretch her legs.

Yeah. Right.

While Ev is coming back to, the merc's going to wander toward the back of the jet. To where that parachute is that she had spotted earlier. Then to the ramp controls. Twenty thousand feet should be plenty of time to strap herself in on her way to terminal velocity. With Evelyn dozing off she's had a chance to drop some altitude along the way.


As things go quiet, Kate has retreated to her hammock again to wait for a sign that they're almost home. So when Domino comes toward the back of the plane, she sits up a little further, quirking a brow. "Bathroom's that way," she points toward the center of the jet.

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