Vaccines and Reunions

08/20/2014: Beast and Kitty meet again at the Xavier Mansion. They awkwardly talk about what has happened in the past few months as well as the Virus.

Xavier's Mansion



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It's a rainy evening in Westchester as Kitty enters the Mansion through the front door. A messenger bag is tossed over her shoulder and she is wearing a pair of bright yellow galoshes to combat against puddles. Backing into the vestibule, she shakes out her rainbow colored umbrella outside and then quickly tucks it past the door and downward, angling all the dripping onto the plush mat used for just that purpose. Shoving the soaked thing into the umbrella stand, she unbuttons her rain jacket, but does not yet take it off. With a grateful sigh to be out of the rain, she moves toward one of the sitting rooms.

The Institute is getting ready for the return of students in just another week or so, and that involves Hank McCoy moving about and trying to catch any teachers or students who might be returning to innoculate them against the mutant viruses. He's still doing this. It's all about safety, of course. As it is, he moves through the hallways, some of the necessary equipment in hand. Catching sight of a figure out of his periphery and not really seeing who it is as he begins to move past the doorway to the sitting room that Kitty has chosen, he calls out, "If I haven't already stuck you with a needle, get out here…"

At the familiar voice, Kitty stops her advance and turns. Though her eyes widen a bit, she can't help but laugh at the greeting. "Hiya Hank." With something of a nervous gesture, she crosses her arms in front of her. "I don't normally let just anyone get away with threatening me with a needle jabbing." Despite her rain protection, her hair still clings to her head with moisture. She tilts her head slightly to the left, taking in the inoculation equipment and the man carrying it.

"Hey," is offered but then Hank stops and actually peers into the room. "Kitty?" It's probably a good thing that he can't really blush anymore. "I'm sorry…I didn't see…I mean, welcome back! But I really should innoculate you before too long…there are viruses going around that can kill mutants from the inside…it's not pretty. But how are you? Where did you go? I mean, I knew you up and left, but I guess…I'm sorry that I didn't know the details."

Good for Hank, however, Kitty certainly can still blush and being caught out, the young woman does just that. At his good-natured questions, she looks down, suddenly quite embarrassed. Oh, look, there's mud on her galoshes. "Oh, uh, you know. I had some things I had to take care of. Some personal stuff." She rakes a hand through her damp hair and gives a sheepish smile to the floor. "Thanks, it's good to be back." There's an awkward pause. She opens her mouth to say something, stops herself and then shakes her head. With extreme inner fortitude she looks up to the furry blue scientist. "Viruses, huh? I guess we better get this over with, then. But, you should know, I hate shots."

Beast gestures for Kitty to take a seat…any seat in the room as he pulls out the alcohol swab and hypodermic needle, "It'll be fast, I promise. I managed to get Talia and she's pretty terrified of needles. Have you met Talia?" He doesn't remember if she was around when Talia showed up. "Sometimes it helps to not look at the needle."

"Talia?" The name doesn't ring a bell for Kitty. But, she attempts to mull it over as she peels herself out of her rain jacket and carefully drapes it on a table where its dampness will not ruin anything. Picking one of the overstuffed couches, she drops onto it. As she's already wearing a tank top, there's no need to roll up her sleeves. Taking his advice, she offers her arm while looking away. "No. I don't think I met Talia. And I wouldn't say I'm terrified…" Though, the anticipation is enough to make her squirm. Her free hand curls into a fist as she waits for the prick.

Beast looks at the raincoat for a moment before looking back at Kitty. Oh, right. The shot. He moves over and takes a seat on the edge of the couch closest to her. First, before the prick, is the alcohol swab on her arm. "Ah. Well then, I'll give you the basic explanation. She's Kurt's daughter but from another dimension so she's probably about your age…" and Kurt is close to his. Not enough time to have a kid. "They also have Mini-me's…named Larry, Moe, and Curly. Just…so you won't be too surprised when you run across them." At some point in the explanation, after the arm is cleaned off, he gives the shot. No warning given.

"Mini-mes?" Out of everything that Beast has said, that is what catches Kitty's attention. "So, I should look out for tiny identical Kurts?" The idea is actually an adorable and amusing one. However, that is quickly belayed when the shot is given. "I'll be sure to be—ow!" She starts, head quickly snapping to her arm and the needle. There is almost a pout, despite the fact that she agreed to this. After a pause, she frowns and continues, "…on the look out for them. So, what is this virus that eats mutants from the inside out?"

"They sort of look like large smurfs…if large smurfs looked like Kurt," Hank explains. "And they have their own odd language that has no syntax…just a single word. I'm assuming it's some sort of gesture and expression language as well. They usually hang around Talia and Kurt, but…keep your doors locked and hide any valuables." He winces as she flinches, "Sorry…sorry. Yes, well…apparently the virus destroys the x-gene and then sort of melts them from the inside out. This should prevent that from happening."

"That's actually…that sounds really cute." Kitty can't help but chuckle. A hand rubs absently at the injection site, eyes focusing on that rather than Hank. "Though, I certainly don't want my things stolen. I take it they have little sticky fingers?" At the apology, she shakes her head. "It's fine, really. You're keeping me from melting. I think a little pinch is worth that." For a moment, she rests her chin on her shoulder. "So, how have you been? Since…since I've been gone?"

"Don't touch it…it might be itchy for a couple of days," Hank points out. "I think they're more curious than anything, but not terribly careful or concerned with consequences." The used needle is put away to be tossed in the biohazard box later, "Well, I certainly wouldn't want you to melt. That wouldn't make me a very good friend, would it?" He looks at how close he's sitting for a moment, "Been? Uh. All right…busy, I suppose. Things…happened, but I'm sort of hoping that it's settling down now. How was your…trip?" Since she didn't say where she went.

"Oh!" Kitty quickly pulls her hand away from her arm, but then doesn't know what to do with it. For lack of anything better to do, she folds her hands and places them in her lap. "Sorry. I won't, then." Despite the fact that she was never one of those children who had the willpower to not scratch at mosquito bites or chicken pox even when told it was bad for her. There's a smirk. "No, I guess it wouldn't. Though, really, I couldn't blame you. I haven't really been a good friend lately. Maybe not meltworthy, but still. I'm glad you're doing well." Her voice tapers off softly. "It was…fine. A friend needed my help. Or, I guess, I needed his. So, I had to leave town for awhile." She pauses and glances up. "Things happened?"

There's no immediate response as Hank listens and watches the other give her still-vague explanation, but he won't press any further. "I hope that you and your friend were of mutual help to each other." As for the 'things', Hank merely shakes his head, "The place is still standing, so it's not like horrendous things happened. Just…we're moving on. We're all moving on and that's a good thing."

"I hope so, too. I think it was helpful. However, who knows these days." Kitty sighs and nods. "So it is. It would have been quite a shock to return to find the mansion in shambles." More than a shock, it would have been devastating to her. From that sober place, she simply launches forward, attempting to not let herself think before speaking. If she does, she won't say anything and that's unacceptable. "Look…Hank…" She takes a deep breath. "I'm really sorry. I know I just left town without telling anyone." And despite the fact that they had plans.

Well, they sort of had plans. They spoke of making plans, really, nothing more. "It's all right," Hank offers with a hint of a smile, "You're a grown-up, but we were worried. I'm glad that you're all right though…I'm sure we all are. But, apology accepted. I'm sorry that we weren't able to help more."

"No, it's fine. I just…" Kitty frowns, attempting to figure out how to say what she means without sounding petulant. "I know you guys know I'm grown-up, but sometimes I feel like I have to do things on my own to show that I'm not a kid any more. You know? And I'm sure that sounds pretty childish, which is defeating my purpose but…" She sighs and then pulls on the ends of her hair in a nervous sort of gesture. "Thanks. For worrying. I'm…fine. I'll be fine."

Beast thinks a moment before commenting, "Well, testing one's limits and mettle isn't childish. However, what if you had gotten hurt or in trouble? I don't mean to sound patronizing, but…sometimes, part of being an adult is knowing when you might need some help. On that note, is there anything I can do to help you to be fine?"

"I had someone with me," Kitty tells Hank with a smile. "So, it's not like I decided to Lone Ranger it. It just wasn't someone from Xavier's. If I had been hurt or in trouble, I would hope that he could help. Or get help." At the question, she thinks that over. "Well, you've already ensured that I won't melt into ooze. What more could a girl want?"

He? Hank's eyebrows lift and he moves from the edge of the couch. "Well, I'm glad you weren't entirely alone then. I'm glad that you didn't get hurt or in trouble though." There's another pause before, "Is…your friend going to join you here?"

"Join me? Here?" Kitty's shakes her head, finding the idea of the gruff and crude Logan attempting to fit in with Xavier and the people here an amusing one. "No. Logan's not much of a team player. I think he barely accepts me trying to help him, sometimes. I knew him while I was in Tokyo. He was the one that helped me train. Even if he came here, I don't think I'd have anything to do with that." Blue eyes follow Hanks' movements and she stands when he does.

"Train…in Tokyo?" Hank is trying to piece things together some as details come out. "That must have been incredible." He stays standing, but doesn't really move much yet. "Some folks here aren't much of team players…even those we tried to instruct…" it's said a little quietly but golden eyes look back to Kitty. He just watches her for a moment before he gives a little shake, "Do you need a place to sleep? I'm sure we can get a room for you…the kids aren't back yet…"

"Yes. It was…yes, I guess it was incredible. Difficult, impossible, sometimes horrible." Kitty gives a soft laugh. "Yes, that's true. We are used to making it on our own, being outcasts. It's hard to recalibrate into being team players." As for those that were instructed at Xavier's, she recognizes herself as one of those people. Once again, her galoshes hold a lot of interest. The squeak of her boots sound loud in her ears as she goes to retrieve her jacket. "I'll be honest, I was hoping a room would be open."

"I take it Tokyo wasn't a vacation sort of trip then. Shame…I mean, not a shame that you went there, but that you weren't able to enjoy it, it sounds like." Hank looks at the walls for a moment before Kitty admits to her hope. Then, he can't help but grin some, showing sharp teeth, "Come on. Let's get you settled. I can tell you where the students are going to be so you can find a room far from them. Unless you're here for longer and want to be a sort of Den Mother."

Kitty's expression is much more serious when the talk turns to Toykyo. "Yes. I did enjoy Tokyo for what it was. But, no, it was not a vacation." However, the mood breaks when she snorts. "What a Den Mother I would make. I think Lockheed may be a better candidate." The purple dragon is often a hit with the kids. "I, honestly, haven't thought as to where I'd hang my hat yet. But…Xavier's has always been home."

Beast takes up his innoculation supplies and holds onto that even as he moves towards the doorway to lead Kitty towards the open rooms, "You know you're always welcome here…as Den Mother or even just as a resident. The kids would probably enjoy having you looking out for them, but it is, of course, your choice. You always have a home with us."

Easily, Kitty follows after Hank and his inoculation supplies. "Thanks, Hank. I appreciate it." Draping her damp jacket over her arm, she gives the scientist a warm smile. "Honestly, it'd be hard to leave. It's always good to come home after a long absence."

"The good thing about not being a student," Hank points out, "Is that you can come and go as you please. Although, if you decide to traipse off again, it would be nice to know how to reach you in case of trouble. But really, that's all up to you. As you said earlier, you're a grown-up."
"I will assure you that there was very little 'traipsing' in my leaving. A lot more hiding and cursing and fighting." Kitty gives Hank a grin, somewhat back on more neutral and comfortable territory. "But, at the very least, you should have my phone number so you can call me should you worry. Grown ups can call each other when they haven't heard from each other in a little while. Or, so I'm told."

Beast tries not to read too much into the phone number offer. He pulls out a phone even as they walk to the stairs, "All right…it would make me feel a little bit better in case you ever do go missing suddenly." Not that she'd be able to answer her phone in certain cases, but it's a start. That, and he can track the number. Ahem.

There are many things that geniuses can do with phone numbers, but Kitty doesn't seem to have an qualms as she recites it for Hank to input it into his phone. "There. Now, if I disappear again, you'll have a way to get in touch with me." She gives the man a reassuring smile.

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