The Process of Baiting the Trap

August 22, 2014: Kate goes out to pick up pizza for the fugitive Hawkeye and runs into some new friends in the process.

Zhazha's Pizza

Where delicious pizza can be carried out for ailing heroes.



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Zhazha's Pizzha is not the normal Italian pizza place. It is the abnormal Italian pizza place. The owner is half-Romani, which is to say in Gadjo speak, "Gypsy", and he's otherwise a big, but not fat, Italian looking guy, wearing a face and head hairnet, and doing the Pizza Levitation Trick. He has a couple hirelings lurking around, but Zhjaz is the one who deals with customers on the nights he's here.

The pizza is made with an olive-oil crust from hard winter wheat, so it's got a heft to it, and gets crisp but not hard and boot-like. He'll put anything you want on it, for a price, and Ted's willing to pay the price for Anchovies, bay shrimp, and italian sausage. And, if necessary, onions and black olives, sliced thin. But no whole tomatoes. And this one doesn't work well with the basil.


"I have to admit, everything on the menu sounds absolutely divine." Keith examines the menu, realizing how hungry he's been all day. "How did you find out about this place?"

He looks around, smirking a little.

"You know, my dad was Romani…"

He's sitting on his side of the booth, reading the menu and resting his chin on his hand.


Kate Bishop has had…an interesting couple of days, thanks to Clint Barton. There's a lot of explaining when it comes to the details. There might be even more explanation needed soon, though. When she walks in the door, she doesn't look like the Hawkeye from the park, or the Kate Bishop from the coffee shop. She looks like…Well, like she walked out of Pretty Woman, really. Her hair is teased up and curled, she's wearing an obscene amount of smoky, sparkly eyeshadow, and ridiculously shiny lip gloss. Which is just the topper to the silver spandex number that consists mostly of a halter top connected to a mini-skirt by a ring of rhinestones in front and back. The combat boots and the cropped leather jacket add an interesting counterpoint as she makes her way to the counter.

"Hey, do you guys do carryout?" she asks, at least sounding like herself.


"Fifty cents a box extra," Zhjaz says, "but we don't deliver, gotta carry it yourself." He sounds just like any other New Yorker with a random mix of accents, primarily something sort of Italian-like.

"Place was in the papers, had to drop by, loved it," Ted says, taking the straw out of his drink so it will last longer, because straws were in fact invented to keep people moving back when Soda Bars were a thing. He freezes, when he hears that voice, and glances casually at the newcomer. That is … the wrong costume. Good lord. But he recognizes the way she stands, the way her body hangs on its bones, and yeah, the voice. That's Hawkeye v2.0 there. Under cover, apparently. He slams back his cola, and waits for her to place her order, muttering, "I have to talk to this one," to Keith.


"Well, you've got very good taste- I think I'm going to have…" Keith's voice drop off when Kate enters the room and Teddy says something.

"I thought you had given up dating girls," he quips quietly.


"Great," Kate sighs with relief at the answer, flashing a smile at Zhjaz and taking a look at a menu on the counter. After a moment, she sets it back down, right on top of the stack again.

"Can I get a meat lovers to go, please?" No doubt all the hookers on this side of town are just as polite. She doesn't seem to have noticed Teddy yet…but then again, he also doesn't look like the Teddy from the park or the one from the coffee shop.


Teddy stands, and walks up to the counter. He drops another two bucks, and says, "Can I get a Moxie this time," in the voice that he used as Mr. Hipster. He rubs at his ear, absently, which might bring Kate's attention to the unique ear jewelry he wears - four separate cuff-style piercings, and a small diamond stud. He pointed that out as the way to recognize him, last time, the only thing he keeps the same for his friends and teammates. When the Moxie is handed to him, he says, "Thanks man," in that same hipstery voice and winks at Kate, because what guy isn't going to try to flirt with the girl who looks that easy?

He saunters back to his chair and sits, and grins at the girl. Man what a letch.


Keith blinks a little.

"I think I just walked in the middle of a whole different movie," he mutters quietly.

As soon as they had gotten into the pizzeria, Keith had excused himself to go to the restroom— and he used the mirror in there to switch back to his human self so he didn't need to keep up the illusion.


Kate looks up when Teddy walks over, brows rising slightly when he speaks. Once she gets an estimate on how long that pizza's going to take, she steps away from the counter and saunters over toward the table he and Keith are at.

"You know, it's funny," she drawls, pulling over a chair and dropping into it. "I really was just thinking about you."


Teddy's voice is pitched low so as not to be easily overheard, but audible to the table.

"Hey, Hawkette," he says, "so, inconspicuous and blending, I see." He nods to Keith. "This is my friend, but I'll let him introduce himself. I just found out that the place I was going to show you is, uhm. Very out of order. Real parking lot."

He takes a swig off the bottle of Moxie. Man. They need to stock this in the Tower, once it gets rebuilt.


Keith looks at Teddy for a few seconds, and then looks at Kate. "… seeing him go Lothario like that was weird enough, heh. Hello— I'm Keith. I'm with the team. I usually look much, much weirder, right, blue eyes?" he quips to Teddy.


"Seriously, not the name," Kate mutters at Teddy when he goes with 'Hawkette,' leveling a Look on him despite the ridiculous getup.

"Kate," she introduces herself to Keith, leaning forward to offer a hand with a flicker of a smile. "Hawkeye. And it's all good, Teddy. I've been kind of busy the last couple days. Turns out someone managed to pick up a few new enemies he doesn't entirely know about, and they've got deep pockets. And determination. So."

She looks down at herself, making a face.

"For the record, this," a gesture at the outfit, "Was not my idea."


"Purple and stripey is not a look I would choose for myself," Teddy says to Keith, "But you pull it off pretty well."

He also grins at the reaction to 'hawkette' but hearing that there's someone after her mentor has him concerned.

"Costume is costume, it's all surface," he says dismissively. So. You guys need any help? Anything I can do? I mean, I have school at the moment but I can make room for it if it's important."


The redhead grins at Teddy, "Why, thank you, and I haven't even done the swimsuit part of the competition yet," he commends with a lighthearted air, but then focuses on Kate.

"Enemy with deep pockets. Gee, that sounds 'exactly' like something I've gone through."

It sounds like everybody had an Amanda Waller in their lives.

"I'm with tall blond and handsome here, H. If you need help, the Titans will be more than happy to help. And as it happens recent event have left me with the desire to smack bullies around."


Kate tilts her head at the offer, considering for a moment.

"You know, we just might," she says slowly. "I'll have to talk it out once he's had a chance to rest up some and eat," she points a thumb toward the pizza counter.

"But it wouldn't hurt to have some backup. Or a chance to take the fight to them."

A slow smile grows at the last as she considers Teddy.

"How do you feel about being bait?"

She doesn't even apologize for asking. Just goes right for it.


Teddy shrugs. "I'm not too proud to be a worm on a hook," he says. "Just so long as I get to bite back eventually."

He grins at Keith's ferocity. This could be fun, and it might get the Titans some more help with things if Hawkeye-the-first's employers feel grateful. At least, some help stepping on that Waller person.


"And I can create illusions to enhance the bait," Keith adds. "And a whole set of other things to boot. I'm a little box of surprises," he winks.


Kate Bishop grins at the pair, leaning back in her chair.

"Great," she declares. "You guys need to run things through some sort of team leader or something, or can I call you when it's time to give things a go? I mean."

She pauses, sobering. Slightly.

"Look, I'm not gonna lie. Whoever these guys are, they're definitely bad news. The big guy isn't exactly easy pickings, you know? And he looks like he got the short end of the stick, whatever happened. But I figure…Well, you know. They've probably got plans for all the big names. Files. Tactics. People like us? We're a little bit harder to pin down."


"I dunno. Do we need to run this past anyone, Keith?" Teddy looks to the guy who's been with the Titans longer than himself.


"I'm a Cheshire cat, I'm very hard to pin down. Don't worry… I've already got bad news with Waller. What's one more?" Keith looks over at Teddy.

"Actually… we haven't elected a team leader yet. So I guess we just tell everybody what's up and whomever volunteers is what we've got." He looks at Kate. "But with Sir Galahad over here and me, you've already got a good combination of powers. If we get Raven on board… well, she'll glare at them and make their souls shrivel from sheer disapproval."

He laughs.


"Cheshire cat?" Kate echoes Keith, smile crooked. "Like, we're all mad here, and all?" She even holds both hands out to either side of her face and rocks her head from side to side. Reverent, Kate is not.


"He is, actually," Teddy says. "And Wiccan can do just about anything if he manages to focus on it. And Flash… oh yeah. Don't forget to have your taser out when Flash is around, he's kind of touchy and feely."

He takes another swig off his Moxie Cola.

"I'm not sure what the others can do," Teddy says. "I haven't met them all."


"Flash's problem is that his suit is way too tight." Keith smirks. "But yes, I am that. Blue eyes has seen me in full mode. Raven's a mystic- and she's sort of scary, in an emotionless sort of way. We've also got a time traveler from the future who manipulates gravity and dresses like a Chippendale dancer."


Kate's brows rise at the descriptions.

"Because sure, why wear a shirt when you can manipulate gravity and time travel?"

Despite the flippant words, though, there's something sharper behind her eyes, a tactical assessment of the opportunities presented by that combination of powers. Kate may not have superpowers, but that doesn't even seem to factor into her calculations.

"They picked a fight with the wrong guy," she declares after a moment, that slow grin returning.


"Nobody said Chippendale," Teddy says, faintly betrayed. "I would have found a way to get back here." The chance to ogle, denied.

"So. You have my number, right? Keith's phone is gone but I got his work number on the way here, that'll do for now. You work out the best time. I'll be at most a half hour from Grand Central."

GOT to love the new high-speed bullet train even if it does go past Gotham.


Keith gives Teddy a look. "Fine. Fine. I'll get the thong," he smirks, "It'll make up for missing out." Keith rests his chin on his hand, giving Teddy a shameless smirk and then turning to Kate.

"This could be a good chance to work together. Who knows? Maybe you'll like the team enough to join us. Archers are always in great demand. And it would be nice to have a lady friend on the team who does not hate my guts because I smile. You can count on my help anytime. It'd be a pleasure to help you and your mentor."


"I highly encourage smiling," Kate assures with a grin for Keith.

"And I just might be interested, too," she adds, looking between the pair. "Before Hawkeye's cop friend gets another bright idea and gets me conscripted into SHIELD or something. Seriously, have you seen the dress code there? It's suits. And black. If I wanted to wear a uniform, I could've stayed in school."

Of course, she also might not be wearing silver spandex, so there's that.

"But I've got your number," she nods to Teddy. "I'll give you a call once there's a plan, give you a chance to relay it during the commute?"


"Excellent. And… our dinner is here. Which means yours is soon. Do you want a slice? It's shrimp, anchovies, and italian sausage," Teddy offers. He's willing to give her some of his section - he was planning to leave most of it for Vorpal.


"Oh, you don't want to work for SHIELD. Never trust an agency whose main priority is finding a convoluted name that works as a thematic acronym." The redhead nods sagely. "And there's nothing wrong with spandex at all. Unless you're the kind who attracts bullets. Then you might want to consider a spandex/kevlar combination. I hear it's the latest craze in Gotham."

Keith looks at the pizza, "My god.. that looks more tempting than.. than.. I'm at a loss for words, that's how good it looks and smells."


"That is…an interesting combination," Kate replies diplomatically to Teddy, smirking when Keith waxes poetic.

"No, I'm good. I've got to eat some of that pie I'm bringing back so the big guy doesn't get himself sick trying to eat all of it."

Sure, that's how it works.

"Thanks, guys," she says as she stands, producing a compact and lip gloss from…god only knows where and taking a moment to freshen up her lip gloss.

"I'll be in touch, yeah?"

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