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August 22, 2014: Vorpal comes to see Tony for advice. Tony isn't looking too good.

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Here we are, we're the masters of the universe. We have no rival, no many can be our equal.

Tony has spent the better part of the last few weeks down in his workshop. While it has been a carefully guarded secret, and likely will remain as such, Tony has an arc reactor producing a highly focused specialized electromagnet keeping him from dying. Has had one for several years. Over the last few weeks? It has been failing.

Tony Stark is dying.

To combat that he's created two additions to his workshop. One is a powerful electromagnet that, while not nearly as effective as the focused arc reactor, prevents him needing to wear it while working and two… a partical accelerator.

The wires for the massive device run from the wall to power it and it still isn't enough. Tubes to house the electromagnetic pulse necessary to generate the focused laser snake around his workshop, just ready to be given the charge necessary to turn one molecule into a completely different molecule.

While he waits on a very important call that will decide whether he's wasted all this time… Tony works on the new housing unit for what, he hopes, will be the Arc Reactor MK III. Sitting on a rolling stool with the unit held up in a vice, he's wearing a pair of dark goggles so the bright flash of his saudering wand doesn't burn out his retina as he attaches another wire unit through the bracketing base plate.

'Jenny says' By Cowboy Mouth plays fairly loud in the workspace.

"If you wouldn't mind," Vorpal says to the receptionist, the poor receptionist, "I would like to see Mr. Stark. If he's available, that is."
Vorpal always forgets to make appointments. It's not lack of consideration, it is simply that when he's Vorpal it doesn't really occur to him. Cats just show up, you know?

"Tell him it's Vorpal." He adds. Not that he needs to, as Becca has had to deal with him before. To ingratiate himself, he gives her a grin.

Rebecca has just sort of accepted that Tony has a whole new set of ''friends'' after everything that's happened. Then, she does work for Tony Stark, so strange and unusual is par for the course. With a receptionist smile, practiced and pleasant, she contacts JARVIS via text to inform him there is someone here to see the Tony. The message is then transmitted vocally into the lab, lowering the volume enough that he can be heard, "Sir, Vorpal is here to see you. He does not have an appointment."

Tony, focused on the precise welding necessary to bracket the containment lens on the reactor housing, glances up at the terminal of his desktop monitor and taps a finger against one of the camera views to draw it to front. It's camera feed from the lobby. With a sigh he puts his tools down and removes the goggles, "Alright, access to the penthouse."

The music stops and he clicks his chest reactor into place with a hum of energy when the leads connect to the built in plates of the housing unit in his pectoral cavity. Then he's climbing the stairs into the apartment at the top floor of Stark Tower.

Becca receives the text reply on her screen, "Mr. Stark will see you. The elevators will take you to the top floor." Smiling pleasantly and pointing towards the express elevator.

"Thank you!" Vorpal makes his way over to the elevator and very soon he is on his way up. This would be the second time up in the penthouse for him. It's a nice place, he remembers, with carpets and —-

Oh, right. The feline looks at himself in the reflecting wall of the elevator. Perhaps it wouldn't do to shed all over those nice floors.

"I guess one must do…" taking a quick breath, he looks into the surface and says:
"Don't go among mad people."

When the elevator doors open, it isn't Vorpal who steps out, but Keith O'Neil.

Alright, he admits it— he did it out of consideration, but also out of mischief, since he hasn't revealed his identity to Tony before.

That might well be a tricky trickery, if JARVIS weren't constantly linked into the camera feed of every square inch of Stark Tower. Very little happens inside the Tower that Tony isn't easily informed about, even the quick change in an elevator doesn't escape the notice of the all seeing eye.

Not to mention that nothing is getting to this floor without JARVIS giving the okay on it, so even if some magical happenings happened and it DID escape his notice… the second it became aware, the entire building would go into a very impressive security lockdown.

The moral of this story is, Tony isn't surprised when a man walks out and not a cat.

He's standing at the little island counter between the main penthouse and the kitchen, watching with a grin as Keith steps out. "So there is a person beneath all that fur… does it have a zipper?" The blender produces a sludgy green mixture about the consistancy of motor oil and probably every bit as tasty. "Do a little spin for us, huh?"

Keith smirks and does the catwalk twirl, putting his hands in his pockets. "I thought it'd be better if I didn't shed purple all over your floor. Someone less charitable might think you're having an affair with Barney the Dinosaur. That and I'm slowly coming to realize I don't have much of an incentive to have a secret identity, since I technically have no life." Stepping down towards the kitchen, he frowns at the mixture. "…oh god, are you eating Slimer or something like that?"

Tony forces a smile at the explanation and hoists his drink in a mock toast, "To having no life. You should do something about that." Then takes a drink. Despite the obvious unpleasant appearance, he seems amiable to actually putting it down, so maybe it isn't that bad?

"This?" Turning it slightly to regard the mixture, " meso-two, three-dimercaptosuccinic acid, and kiwi." He takes another long drink and sets the glass aside, "For flavor… gotta have that flavor." Now that he's explained his drink, both hands slip into the pockets of his sweat pants and he leans easily back against the corner of the island wall. "I'm guessing you're not here to get my opinion on potential fashions for men who turn into cats… or dietary suppliments. If so, testosteroine.. Lots of it. After twenty five, drops dramatically." Pause, "Not a realtor either. So….?"

Keith stares blankly as Tony downs the liquid, and shudders. "No, I literally have no life, I'm technically dead— but yes, I leave the fashion thing to Flash. Well, the reason I'm here is.. you probably heard what happened to the Titans Tower a few days ago."

"Only what the news said. Missile attack or something? I've been busy." Tony indicates with a nod towards his workshop, then one towards his bedroom. "Nurses. Two of them… twins.." His face quirks a little, more of his drink consumed. "I didn't do it, if that's what you're asking. Only thing I've blown up in the last couple days was an E! interview."

"I wasn't implying it was you. So I guess the news didn't go into detail." He muses. He couldn't know- he has no television. Not anymore. "We had a visit fro a woman. Goes by the name of Amanda Waller… I don't know who she is, but she has power." He remembers something Alexander mentioned. "Probably government power. No warrant, she tried to blow up our doors without any notice, orderer her men to shoot to kill, and when we started kicking their asses she basically ordered a missile strike on the tower." Keith crosses his arms.

"Sounds like a real battleaxe." Tony leans against the wall, balancing his cup against the curve of his left forearm. "Aren't the Titans government funded? Sweden or something?" Glancing over to one of the physical monitors, then speaking to the ever present AI, "JARVIS, bring up everything on Amanda Waller."

Another drink finishes the goopy mess and Tony sets the glass aside, "I don't know alot about her, never met her anyways. I'm sure JARVIS has some files, at least whatever might be public… and maybe a little extra." Considering, "Did you collect any data on their weaponry? I'd be able to tell you a lot more if I could get a look at their armaments." Even if he's calculating a few options given she was able to call down a missile strike.

"Not much- the site was reduced to rubble as it was. The woman is ruthless. But information on her isn't the important thing right now— someone has a… somewhat shady contact doing the digging on her. What worries me is that the moment we erect another headquarters somewhere, the bitch is going to come back. So the thing is— what exactly can we do to keep this from happening again? The king of Sweden footed the bill for the first tower… I'm not sure if he will for a second. But it will be for naught if Waller tears it down again." He leans against the counter. "Maybe his majesty wouldn't mind investing on some Stark security measures, do you think?"

"He'll have to talk to the marketing department, but I don't see why not? We're sort of in the 'energy' business right now, though." Tony shrugs a shoulder and pulls up a file which contains precious little on Amanda Waller. A few public records, but nothing that wouldn't be readily available on a usual search by a highly connected super AI. The deeper stuff will, of course, take time.

"Are you in a position to negociate the rebuilding of the Tower?" Asked honestly, surprisingly very little cockiness to his tone. He looks a lot worse than the last time Keith saw him. What could have easily been confused with a hangover before is certainly something a lot worse now. "She wants to make it personal, maybe you should make it something else."

Mike Drakos heads out to West Side.

Tony's appearance definitely makes Keith wonder what is going on. He expected the man to be drinking vodka, not… well, something that sounded like a transformer with kiwi. "What do you mean, something else? I'm not sure she is one for limits. I mean, the tower was basically built by the government of Sweden… she clearly doesn't care about incidents— Sweden's been an ally of the U.S. since the treaty of Paris and it's one of the countries with the strongest economic relations with the US. If she works for the government… or with the government, she must know where several million bodies are buried."

"That's more or less why I'm saying she isn't all that swift as she must think she is." Tony points out and shrugs, arms crossing over his chest while watching Vorpal. "What I'm saying is, if she's unafraid of an incident, maybe you should force the issue. Attacking an independant team of heroes 'funded' by an allied country isn't the same as attacking an allied team with direct ties to that country. I build tons of technology… I send grant money yearly to Gotham and Metropolis University. MIT.. I practically have an entire wing of the technology department named after me at MIT. But if someone blows the school up? I mean… the hit to the world of technology would be substantial, research would be set by decades, but would it be enough of a threat to me 'personally' to get involved?"

His head bobs from side to side, "That's a crude, and unlikely, situation… I would most certainly get involved, but I'm just one man and Sweden is an entire country. You're not a Swedish holding, you were funded by them.. that's vastly different. You want to keep her at bay? Find a way to force her into a much bigger fight by messing with you."

"That's just one option. Not the ''only'' option."

"I see what you're saying," Keith mutters, looking down at the floor which is his 'default' whenever he's thinking. "We don't really have a team leader at this point, either. Probably should get to electing one before too long. But I see what you're saying. There's someone trying to find out who she works for and who is funding her. If we know who is pulling her strings… or whose strings -she- is pulling, we might be able to force her hand." He scratches his chin. "I was thinking of stopping by the Planet an see if anyone there was interested in that bit of the 'scoop' that everybody else seems to have dropped. Get the public on our side."

"Historically speaking, the public is always on the side that the government isn't on." Tony smirks and shrugs once more. His fingers slide back into his hair, loosing it out then pushing it back down into a smooth comb back. "Welp, I hope I've helped. If the King of Sweden decides he's interest in Stark Industries building their power structures and security suite… let Pepper know." His finger taps the screen and her office number ala a digital business card is pushed over towards Keith. "Not to say I've got more important things to be doing than helping you press the flash… but I do. So if that's everything?"

"Press the Flash… that sounds almost pornographic," Keith says with a raised eyebrow, but then he frowns. "Right, I should get going. Er—- Mr. Stark?" He asks "… is everything ok? Just, you know. Checking."

Because the man does look a little like Lucien Freud painted him. Just a little.

"Word porn." Tony nods, bunching his chin out with a smirk, "Not terribly inaccurate." The glass is left right where he set it, not even bothering to drop it in the sink. Certainly he has some sort of tech for that.

Though he pauses in leaving to glance over at Keith, "Yeah, perfectly. I mean, I've been working out. New personal trainer. You know how it is, right? Have to break them in." Smirking, skirting the question with a bit of customary Tony disreputable speak. It's like its own language.

"- actually, I wouldn't know," Keith answers, absent-mindedly. "Right then, thank you for your time, I'll let you get back to- stuff and all." He says, making his way towards the elevator.
Well, he says he's fine. He still looks like hell, but-

"See you in the funny papers, Mr. Stark."

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