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August 23 2014: Nancy comes by Jericho's place to catch up. Illyana drops in not long after.

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A nice apartment with 3 bedrooms and a terrace with a view of the Hudson.



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Jericho has been in Syria and honestly he'll have to be getting back soon, but he had to come back to verify some of the intel he picked up and get a second opinion from a black market technician on the nature of the dispersal device he'd picked up… and where the components for it might have come from. While he was at it, he figured that he'd change his clothes since the hacking attempt on his mind had left him with some burnt out fatigues.


Nancy doesn't get to drive her Charger much any more. Nope. She gets to drive the pick-up now, going into town almost daily to pick up things for the Nest. Feeding 30+ people takes a lot of groceries. Lucky warehouse shopping and case lot sales are her new best friend.

She stops by Aspect's apartment, heading up the stairs to visit him. Yes, she takes the stairs. Nancy has been living healthier and has been living rather low tech these days, and so forgoes the elevator.


Jericho is a bit distracted, to be honest, between mild burns and heavy thoughts. He doesn't hear Nancy until she knocks and - still quite distracted, doesn't put a shirt on when he goes to open the door.

And so, what greets Nancy at the door is a shirtless Brother Wolf with a bite mark on his shoulder, an oddly shaped bruise on his chest and several claw marks.

"Oh, hey Nan! Sorry, I didn't hear you come up. Come on in." The hacker steps back from the door with a small smile.


Arching a brow when she sees what opens the door for her, Nan stands there with her hands on her hips. She walks on in and closes the door behind her. "Okay, what happened to you this time. And if it's rough sex with Illy, just tell me it's none of my business," she says, pointing to the various wounds on Jericho's body.


Jericho looks down. And blinks. Right. Shirt. The shirt, in fact, in his hand. He pulls it on. "Well you know," he chuckles sheepishly. "Sorry. Normally I shirt before I door, I'm just a bit distracted with stuff." Because that absolutely explains everything and is not open to interpretation in the least. Possible that Jericho has his mind on something else.

Also possible that K'nert is perched atop the 'fridge looking smug.


Since Jericho doesn't answer the question, Nancy assumes that's his way of telling her it's none of her business. Best friend and brother. Being all… Nancy shakes her head, not wanting to think about it. She walks over to the fridge instead, gives K'nert a scritch on his head and gets out the ice cream. A bowl for her and a bowl for her favorite furry demon. She used to hate this little guy. Odd that. He's adorable, in his own furless, half-cat half-lizard way. Maybe it's the time she spends in Limbo. She's seeing so many of these guys that it's rubbing off on her.


Once inside there's a few other things that may be in evidence. One is that one of the rooms that isn't Jericho's looks a bit… lived in. The other is that there are, low to the ground along the exterior walls, magical symbols painted in… it's either dried blood or red paint. Probably the former, really. Mostly they're concealed by furniture, but you can see them here and there near the entry way and in the bedrooms.

"Nice to see you. What brings you by? Care for a drink or something?"


"Mostly, I just wanted to visit. Think things and do things that aren't associated with the farm. I am soooo looking forward to school starting up again in a couple of weeks. Though we're going to have a talk at the Nest to see who is considered able enough to start doing the shopping so I don't have to do it every day."

She holds the second bowl out to K'nert and then puts it on top of the fridge with him. "What have you been up to?"


"Bouncing back and forth between here and the Mideast." Jericho sighs as he opens the 'fridge and pours himself a drink. Vodka, of course.

"And before that… mmm, not much. Helping Illyana move in though it's not like she needed a whole lot of help. Portals and all. That's what's taken up most of my time recently. Sorry I've not been by."

Jericho moves over to the table and flops down in a chair with a tired smile. "Friends, Hydra, Work, the usual, you know?" He watches as Nancy feeds K'nert. "I thought you didn't like him."

Of note is the fact that Jeri's eyes are mostly amber now. It makes him look kind of like a dog.


Frowning as Jericho says where he's been, Nancy looks up from scritching and petting K'nert like a cat as he eats the ice cream, accompanied to some kind of noise that is something between a purr, a growl, and a snarl. "Careful there. Did you hear about what happened in Syria? And then there is that whole ISIS thing going on there. Just… be careful, okay?"

When asked about her relationship with K'nert, Nancy shrugs. "I guess the little bugger is growing on me." As she is hissed at, she sticks her tongue out at the small demon. "Don't you take that tone with me. You're little and you bug people. I'm sure you have less flattering things to say about me, so you can just get off your high horse."


Jericho regards the two of them with an amused smirk. K'nert takes the bowl and concentrates on it more. Stupid humans. That he isn't allowed to hurt. At least the one is behing helpful. Humph…

"I was there for what happened, Nan." The soldier says quietly. "Well, the aftermath. I got there too late to stop it." Still bugs him a bit. "But I'll be careful. You be too, okay?" He stretches a bit slowly and smiles. "How have things been otherwise? Illyana dropped by the nest?"


Nancy and K'nert seem to be growing on each other, he doesn't attack her and lets her pet him, she gives him ice cream and … well, that's all he cares about. Nancy looks to Jericho as he talks about Syria. "You were there? Oh hell… What happened? Was it gas? Are you alright?"

She shakes her head when asked about Illyana. "Nah. I think she's worried about freaking people out over there."


"Makes sense. People get antsy with her about. Pity too…" Clearly Jericho has some opinions on that.

"It was a virus, Nancy. A mutant targeting virus. I thought, initially, it was made by the same people who made you, but no, it's not. It's another head on the snake. That was a test of some kind. I've got to try and find them before they use it again." And someone just sicced a super hacker on me who tried to cook me from the inside out… yeah. He doesn't mention that. Instead he just smiles thinly.

"But, on the upside, the house is less lonely." That's a joke. Well, half a joke.


Nan snorts. "Illy is awesome, once you get to know her. You just gotta get passed the scary as shit part. Once you are passed that, yer golden. Just like this guy? Aint dat right, muffin?" She continues to scritch K'nert behind his ears.

"The virus we've been inoculated for?" She frowns, thinking about how HYDRA would be willing to let seven thousand people die for a test. "What is there plan? This doesn't make any sense!"

K'nert whips his head about, snipping at the scritching fingers and barely missing. On accident. Yeah. That's it.


While the open door to Illyana's room showed the room empty a few moments ago, now the blonde comes through it dressed in a pristine white skirt suit, stepping out of her heels along the way and shrugging out of the blazer. "Ugh. This stuff is so uncomfortable. Why do people wear it? Hey Nancy! Oh, ice cream."


"I'm sure it does to them…" Jericho sighs. "I'm thinking were looking at some 'social engineering' in progress but until I can get a line on their files, I'm just not going to know for certain…"

There's a long pause as he takes another sip of vodka and then…

"Oh hey there Illyana." It's possible that Nancy has been over enough to see the one picture, the one of Jericho with his unit, smiling in a way that no one's ever seen him do since. The smile that Illyana gets isn't that. Not even close. It's smaller and more subdued. But it's closer than anything Nan's probably ever seen.

"Back from your meeting with Hill, I take it? Or is Roberto instituting a dress code?" That last comes with a wink.


Nancy pulls her hand away and then points at K'nert. "Hey! Is that what you do to the person that gives you ice cream? You don't have opposable thumbs, buddy, so if you want the ice cream to keep flowing so freely when I'm here, I'd watch it."

Nancy smiles when she sees her best friend. She's not buying the separate room baloney, but let the two of them play that game. Whatevs. "Hey! You had to wear a monkey suit too? Who were you talking to?" She starts making another bowl of ice cream for Illy.

Noticing the smile on Brother Wolf's face when he looks at her best friend, she sighs softly. Okay, she makes him happy. And … well, it could be worse.


Illyana wrinkles her nose at Jericho's question, tossing the blazer over the back of the couch. "If 'Berto was running the dress code it would be all bikinis all the time." She says dryly. She slides into a spot at the counter and waits for the offerings due a queen.

"I was getting 'Berto in to see SHIELD. I think it went pretty well. He's giving our dossiers over today, got a promise that they'll destroy the stuff that they come across." Illyana rolls her shoulders and relaxes with a sigh.


"Ah. How'd that go?" Jericho settles in and refills the tumbler of vodka, sliding it over across the table to Illyana.

"The X-Men, well, some of them, were going to liaise with SHIELD over this virus thing. It's a good idea but I'd been nervous about it… and well, there ya go." Nervous because, really, he knows spies. The secrets come with a lack of trust. It doesn't mean you can't work with them but it does make it harder for people like Jericho.

"Nan and I were just catching up a little."


Nancy snorts at Illy's comment about dress code. "Sans the bikinis," she counters with a smirk. Her lips purse over to the side as she hears that Illy went over to SHIELD.

"About the virus?" She starts walking over to bring her friend the bowl of ice cream. "All of the Nesters are inoculated, but how can I help?" She frowns mildly at the mention of the X-Men. Once bitten, twice shy.


Illyana nods over to Nancy, over the comments or the ice cream it's hard to tell. "Yeah. There was some discussion about trying to handle it ourselves but we figured given the potential scope…" She shrugs and takes a bite of ice cream. Mmmmm.

As to what Nancy can do? Illyana looks thoughtful, and then looks over to Jericho for suggestions from him. "I think it's mostly in the hands of the info-gurus right now."


"For now?" Jericho runs his hand through his hair. "I'm trying to trace back the place that these things are being built and made while SHIELD and the X-Men work respectively on locating and neutralizing anywhere else this has been deployed. I'm honestly not sure. Right now we need to just find stuff. Gotta say we could use some lucky breaks…" He pauses, brow furrowing. "Well… Nan you have a communicator from Starfire right? Maybe you can talk to her. She might be real helpful in some of this stuff and you've already got a pretty good idea what Hydra operations look like… Mmm. It's a thought anyway."

Glance back to Illyana, he nods, as if asking what she thinks of the matter.


Nancy flops onto the couch, ignoring K'nert for now since he's gonna be a snot. "You wanna see if maybe Beth wants to hang out with you? Maybe some of her good luck will rub off." She looks off into the distance, thoughtful.

"Starfire. Yeah… Well, they have a space ship. So technology should be easy enough to find, right? I could try to talk to her. I only met her the once, but she liked me enough to give me a communicator."


Illyana looks thoughtful as they mention someone with a spaceship and technology. "Well, maybe we could have her coordinate with the guy that's developed some sweeper technology? If she's inclined to help and if it can do that." Of course, if this starship can scan like the Enterprise from TNG, it might be pretty scary. "I know folks are looking." She tells Nancy. "Just need to be ready to respond when there's a breakthrough."


"Starfire might help there too," Jericho nods. "Since you can't be in more than one place at once." Jericho's been having Illyana help him get around, but if she has to help the X-er's too, then it might be an issue.

"Anyway, that's where we are right now. All we can do is our best." Something he and Illy had talked about last night. He sighs and takes a chance to tug his boots off. Good lord he's been walking around in these things all day. Comfortable as they can be, he gets tired of them after a while.


Nancy leans forward and starts to pour herself a glass of vodka. Now that she has learned that out drinking, or even trying to match, a Russian is next to impossible and only produces much pain in the morning, Nancy is going to take it easy. "I'll talk to her. Wanna get somewhere private before I do. The place we're putting the orchard might work best. Out of the way, lots of space for them to beam me up." The goth girl who seems to have gone all country, what with her jeans, t-shirt and work boots, nods to Illyana. "You know you can count on me. Just tell me what you need me to do and I'm there."


Illyana gives Nancy a nod. "Of course." She gives Nancy a small smile, stirring her ice cream with her spoon. "One of the things you learn, being involved in this kinda stuff… sometimes you just gotta wait. You're not always the best tool for the job and sometimes, you're just in the way." The slight shrug she gives along with her body language says that's a lesson she's learned herself, and not just a suggestion she's giving Nancy. "And you learn to trust the team to get the job done."

She picks up her spoon and liiicks the ice cream away. "And in case you're feeling fragile, I mean that beyond the 'Red Team' we're developing." She gives Nancy a Look, to drive home that she's talking about the larger 'team'.


Jericho just smiles, leaning back. Ice cream is less on his mind than the clear liquid in his tumbler. "Team's all of us, mmm? You, me, Illyana, Partisan…" They're all on the same side, ultimately. Even if some of them take some convincing of that.

K'nert is eyeing Jericho and Nancy alternately. That human girl is scary buuuut… hrm. She's starting to seem a bit more demonic too isn't she?

After another long pull at the tumbler Jeri leans back on the couch and sighs. "Soon as there's something for you to do, I'll let you know. Until then, take care of your people. How's that going, by the way?"


Nancy smiles over to her friend, grateful to her for her words. Okay, she wasn't cut out for the X-Men. But she has a lot of friends that are and she will help each and every one of them to the best of her ability. Don't need to be on any sort of super team to do that. "Well, I'll see if the orange haired, orange skinned space lady has anything she can do to help. Other then that, I'll plant trees till you tell me you need me."

Nancy laughs over to Jericho. "We're a team, huh? What do we call ourselves? The Assembly of Awesome!" She strikes a heroic pose. "The Nesters are doing good. Jason is still an ass, but I don't think that has anything to do with HYDRA and all to do with the fact that he has a power that lets him talk anyone into doing what he wants


Illyana mms. "Those are rough." Illyana says of this Jason. "Have you made him your special friend?" Since her power would cancel his out. The silly pose gets an amused huff. "Don't worry. One day you'll be gardening away and suddenly I'm gonna yoink you off with a Stepping Disk and set you down on some crazed mutant's head that's kicking our asses to kill their power."


"Ah the things Illyana does for those she cares about," Jericho winks. He and Nancy both have some small experience with yoinking. To be fair, it's not all bad. The last time it happened to him he got to meet most of her old friends, most of whom seem like really nice people.

"Oh, Jason. Yeah. Still feel bad about what I said to him." Jason had tried to charm Jericho out of his car. Jericho isn't quite sure why he snapped back so angrily. Then again, Jericho doesn't really know about 'Limbo corruption'. The mention of gardening gives Jeri an 'oh right' look on his face. There are a few things he needs to see to. Just because he's got some urgent projects here doesn't mean he's going to let that one slide. Especially since time can be so very helpful there.


That gets a laugh out of Nancy. "That would be totally awesome. Landing on someone's head like that. Just make sure it's not when Bobby and I are… sleeping, okay?" Yeah. Sleep. That's what she meant.

"Jason spends a lot of time with me, but more with Becky. She sorta has like a lesser version of my power. She's just immune to stuff. She doesn't turn it off, it just doesn't work on her. So, she hangs out with him and smacks him when he's bein' an ass. And I think he likes her. She's more of a "challenge"." She says complete with the air quotes.


"He chooses to be around folks that his power doesn't work on? Huh. Interesting." Illyana notes looking thoughtful as she nibbles on her spoon. "Might be he's looking for something he feels is real, over any kind of 'challenge'. But. That's just me being Psych 101 or something."

Illyana's phone chirps and she pulls it out to look at it. She gives a soft grunt. "Looks like I gotta boogie." She points at the pair of them, waggling her finger between them. "You two be good." Then, no goodbyes or hugs or kisses or anything like that and she stepping disks out.


"Aaaand there she goes." Jericho chuckles. "Alright. Come on Nan. I'm gonna order some Pizza before I go back and we can chat about things that aren't viruses. What do you like?" The hacker make a note to get something without pineapple because apparently his housemate doesn't like them. "Also, what was that look for when Illyana came out of her room?"


"If it has pepperoni and mushrooms on it, I'm a happy girl. But I'll eat just about anything. You learn not to be picky when you are living like Mom and I did." She gets up and goes to make another bowl of ice cream for K'nert. "Still mad at me?" she asks, trying to pet him again. He's ugly. He's mean. She treats him like a housecat! But she gives him ice cream.

"The look? Oh! The look." Nancy snerks softly and rolls her eyes. "You know, you two don't have to do this act around me. I see the way you look at her. And the scratch marks. The whole separate bedroom thing? Leave that for the in-laws."


Jericho nods as he calls in the order. Well, mentally. It's weird to see him just start talking without a phone. Nancy might well imagine what it was like when he was texting her. Speaking of. "Didn't you once try to do the 'I can't hear you' thing with me when you thought 'going out for ice cream' was a euphemism for something?" His tone is teasing as he kills the connection. One large pepperoni, one large pep and mushrooms and one large cheese. More than they need for the two of them but 1) Illyana might come back and 2) Leftover pizza is good.

"She does sleep in that room Nan. When she sleeps. And yes we've… gone other places with that." Jericho's attempting to be delicate. It's Nancy. Why he's doing so is something of a mystery. "But we're still… kind of feeling one another out. There are other things at play. And I don't think either of us think we need to 'fool' you." He doesn't mention exactly how he got the claw marks. Those weren't made by regular nails.

K'nert rolls his eyes and submits to being pet again. Something about Nancy…


Nancy sighs, looking to Jericho as she pets K'nert. "She makes you smile. It's good to see you smile. So… if she makes you happy, then who cares what I think. And if she feels comfortable sleeping here… it's cause your nice to be around. A hell of a lot nicer then it is in Limbo. How is the garden coming along, by the way?"


Jericho chuckles a touch wryly. "I've been getting some attention from the locals. Nothing I can't handle so far. I need to keep at it. Fortunately time flows a little slowly there and I can get away, do my thing and get back without losing too much time. Usually. It's making progress though. I'd take you to see it but…"

He frowns slightly and glances to K'nert. "But I'm not sure how safe it'd be. You're not marked the way I am, so the demons might see you as a snack or a toy." Not that they don't see him that way, they just have to be bit more circumspect about it.

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