Flushing Meadow Housewarming

August 23, 2014: Zachary Zatara and Fenris both investigate Rain's newly acquired house.

Moontree Manor

Moontree Manor is a modest-sized, imposing manor built in Gothic style, complete with foreboding paint job. The roof and spire on the right are done in a dark blue paint that offsets the white. It's like someone went a little wild with the colors. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and the lawn grows wild, with various herbs and flowers taking over. Ivy and vines crawl up the walls, hopeful for sun. The building seems to be in good repair despite this.

Inside, the atrium and living room are luxurious. Greeting guests is a large statue of Anubis, his hand outstretched and acting as an incense burner. The atrium is painted black, with flecks, indicating stars. It's a very afterlife-esque journey inside. The floors are a beautiful, black marble that lead one inward. There's stairs to so many rooms, it feels almost intimidating.



  • David the Golem
  • House Staff

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There's a couple of people taking pictures. The man grilling looks to Zachary as he lands on the lawn. An eyebrow lifts. Rain looks over, too. "Pardon m—" Pause. Deep breath. Well, he doesn't seem to be a cop, selling anything or desperately trying to get into the manor. The violet eyed woman gathering the firewood looks a bit pale and tired. Considering the excitement generated by the manor, it might not be surprising. The two stare evenly at Zach. At least the big man doesn't seem to be moving towards the magician.

Actually, they seem just sort of surprised. He's really magic. Well then.

"Hi. You're on our lawn," Rain offers quietly. Those who are just arriving might notice the police tape on the manor's fence, that Zachary just flew/jumped over the fence and tape. There's a couple of people stopping to take pictures now and then. An immense, linebacker-esque man is grilling while a slender, violet eyed woman is helping gather up some firewood. Things got a bit scattered when the place landed. "And it belonged to my aunt. Are you- I - uh. Who might you be, sir…?" She looks to Zach.


Fenris ordinarily follows up on magical disturbances of the public kind in New York fairly quickly. This time though he doesn’t even need to ask who it is. He can sense Rain's signature miles off. She's at that house. Someone else was but the feel of them sort of vanished. He's not entirely certain why but Rain seems a reasonable enough witch, so he's not overly worried.

All the same, a house call (heh) is in order. So it should not be surprising at all when a portal opens on Rain's front lawn and out steps the tall, lean, predatory man who has in the past identified himself as 'Jeremiah Wolfson.'

"Rain…" He nods in greeting peering at the house and the staff and the odd young man on the lawn. "What have we here?"


Zachary blinks sort of confused and then shakes his head. "Oh, this is your house. I was not aware anyone even lived here. Forgive my manners." He starts, still up in the air. He slowly drops to the ground and bows while also taking off his top hat. "Zatara. Zachary Zatara. And who might you be?" He smiles a charming smile and turns around to look at Fenris and his portal. He just studies the man for long moment.


It's a pretty large event. The first was the appearance and landing of the house. A witch magnitudes more powerful than Rain. Than the loss and release of the magic, its owner crushed. Rumor has it, the woman was drunk and pantsless before the house landed. While Rain is not the most powerful witch on the block, she holds her own. She even survived a MechaHitler. That counts for *something*. Those near the house might feel the magic from the man grilling. He is a golem, cloaking himself to look more human. He seems to have human hobbies, at the least. There are other souls in the house, some demonic - but oddly? None malevolent. There is something strange inside the house, but it's hard to tell what.

Rain smiles over to Fenris. his predatory aura makes her cautious (Hey, some people are sheep. Rain knows she's a lot lower in the magical food chain than she'd like to be), but she seems to be coming to trust the man a bit. She will set down her firewood. She smiles politely to Zachary. She looks tired, a bit pale. Well, more pale than usual. "Yes. It's alright. You might want to be careful just entering magical houses though. We've already had one detective turned into a newt for a day. I'm still finding new things," She admits. "It was my aunt's house before … it landed on her," She winces. "I go by Rain. My real name, I'll uh." She prefers not to. There must be something awful about it.

"Hey! Shoo!" To those taking pictures. "Gods, so many of them keep coming." A deep, tired sigh. She looks to the two. "May I get you anything to eat or drink? I bet you have like, tons of questions for me." And she still hasn't even checked out the booze cellar!


Fenris turns to the looky-loos and glowers. As he does his predatory aura flares, making him seem very, very frightening indeed. There's a pressure at the back of most people's minds that tells them they're dealing with a superior predator… and they've just gotten his attention. Usually sends most people scurrying in a hurry.

"There. So you inherited this place then? Any idea why your Aunt called it down somwhere so… obvious?"

Zachary gets a curious look-over. He's worth paying attention to, certainly. His magical talent is fairly significant…


Zachary peers over at the house sensing magic inside it, yet he doesn't seem frightened. "Hmm…" He says to himself and then he looks between Fenris and Rain noting the magical ability in both of them. He them turns to look at the the people taking pictures. "Flying over the police tape likely didn't help." He shakes his head and looks over at Rain. "Why did your aunt call it down here in the first place if you do not mind me asking?"

Looking up to the sky Zach seems even more confused. "Where was it that she would have to call it 'down' anyway?"


Rain's eyes widen a bit. The mortal looky-loos definitely scamper off. They have no urge to rile up the immense man. Or his immense golem counter part, who seems to be calm and doing his thing. Golems don't worry about predators as much as others. Who wants to gnaw on a metal man, after all? Rain listens for a moment, her violet eyes on Fenris first. "Technically. I was homeless," She starts. "And she was drunk. I'd gotten a drunk text and arrived just in time to find a house had already…" She waves her hand. "I suspect her drinking problem caught up to her. It's- I - she's one of the few of my family who still bothers to talk to me," She admits. Apparently, most of her clan don't think much of her. But Rain doesn't dwell on that.

"Either way, drunk witch calling down that much magic and her house. Ended badly. That's the long and thick of it. I'm her closest living relative, so there you go. Most of the family didn't bother with her either, once her problems got too bad. They're a bit - clannish." She offers.

A look to Zachary. "That's alright. You're a lot nicer than most. I hope this makes sense so far?"


"Ah…" Fenris nods. "Sorry for your loss then." He peers at the house curiously for a long moment before adding. "I'm going to guess you're not likely to be moving it any time soon. Is the place warded? Or do you need some privacy spells?" Rain is a witch after all, so she may have covered that already.

"I'm Jeremiah Wolfson, by the way." The Old Wolf says to Zachary. "And you are?"


Zachary frowns slightly and nods. "I should be able to keep up. It is unfortunate that she died that way. You're handling this very well, I must say." The young man runs a hand through his black hair and puts his top hat back on. "A pleasure to meet you, Jeremiah. My name is Zachary Zatara."


Rain nods. "Thank you. You're welcome to eat or drink here. I think that's normal offering for a host, yeah?" She smiles weakly. "And I don't think so. My aunt was centuries old. I don't have the oomph or experience she did," Rain admits. She's not even sure how long she's going to live by comparison. "I suspect I should ward it. My concern over this past evening is making sure the police and I can move around without being newted or something," She remarks. "I also didn't want to risk upsetting anyone if say, a journalist got dropped into Hell or a labyrinth or something. Still…" Chinrub. "Probably a good idea."

She smiles as Zachary introduces himself. "… You're seeing me a day or two after," She remarks quietly. "I think I'm just tired. I didn't have time, since the cops got here pretty fast," She admits. "Among other people. Do you wish to come inside? We were just gathering firewood and keeping an eye out for people coming around. I've disarmed most of the spells. haven't gone into her cellar yet. All that drink." Sigh. Poor Rain. Not really even time to mourn and she has to sort things out.


Fenris nods. Looking inside the house will at the very least help him figure out what is to be done about it. "Does the house usually come with bound demons?" Yes he'd noticed. He's not horribly bothered yet because after all, they're not trying to eat anyone.

"So if you've inherited the house have you also inherited the… staff?" The subtext of this is of course 'can you control them?'


"Ah, I see." Zachary says with a nod before turning to look at the house. "I am not opposed to going inside the house." He sort of half turns to start heading inside, but then Fenris's question catches his attention and he looks over at where the golem is at. "Do you have many of those things around the house?"


The tall, immense man sighs, "I am not a thing, young sir. I am older than you, and while my soul is bound in its way…" He shakes his head. The golem at the grill flips a burger. "And I find many mortal arts quite entertaining." He seems classy for a golem. "My name is David, if you so wish."

Rain nods. "Yeah. I don't have the heart to banish them. Most of them seem to just want to exist here," She shrugs. "I mean Roslynn keeps getting angry at the internet, but-" Well, a feminist succubus on the internet. That was trouble waiting to happen, really. "They are very much bound to my aunt. I suspect we'll co-exist just fine. We're all kind of in shock though. I mean, I can pull the metaphorical hammer down if I have to. So um, yes. The denizens and the house are tied closely together." But so far? It seems a very cooperative environment. This witch is very laid back. Or she knows her limits and prefers not to make enemies.

Rain will open the door for them. "Please, come in. There's a fire going in the living room." Pause. "In the fire place. My people have a slight aversion to being burned." Dark humor, that.


"Everyone gets angry at the internet." Fenris murmurs. "I'm convinced that's what it was invented for." It's a bit of joke. The other line he uses is that it's the place humanity banished all the bridge dwellers. "Yes, I imagine you would. And hello David." Old as he is, the god-wolf has seen a few golems before. They're always a bit curious. No two ever alike.

Walking inside Fenris examines the living room. It seems cozy enough. All the same he waits for the hostess of thi flying mansion. She's not gotten many visitors that weren't PD or reporters, probably. Mmmmm. Yes this place needs warded. Sadly that would take quite a bit of time and a willingness on Rain's part to have runes scratched into her walls.

"So what brought you by, Zachary?"


Zachary pauses for a moment just looking at the large human-looking man. "Well, Hi David." He is aware that the man is a magical creature and so isn't sure what to think of him. Nevertheless he enters the living room where Fenris is located. "Well, I was performing a show in the city and heard about a house that apparently fell from the sky. Wanted to check it out. What of you?"


"Seems so," Rain agrees quietly, with a wry smile. She does seem tired, beneath it all. But things must carry on. David grunts softly. He looks to Fenris, and lifts a hand in respect. "Hello, Jeremiah. And Zachary," He listens. He seems a bit flat in tone and expression. But as golems go, he's blending in pretty well. And from the smell of it, there'll be grilled meat at hand.

"Please, feel free to make yourselves comfortable. Or look around. I'm still exploring it. The cellar remains untouched. But there's a lot of old, good booze in there if that's your thing," She considers. At least the traps have been taken care of. Captain is curled up in a ball in front of the fireplace. Yes, the cat has made himself at home already. And the other visitors? Occultists, curious bystanders and their ilk. For now, Rain's probably mostly been dealing with law people and not getting herself newted.

"Apparently a house from the sky is a big deal." Rain has a sense of humor about it at least. "But I'm glad there's at least a strong enough community that people come see." There's a middle-aged succubus on the couch, with a bowl of popcorn in the room next to the one with the fireplace. She's watching what appears to be a movie. Munchmunch. The man next to her is a goat headed demon. "I tell you, Charlie Chaplain was a /great/." They're two demons arguing over movie eras. Good times. "I probably should ward this place, now that I'm not bone tired." She rubs the back of her head. "Wards aren't my strong point, to be honest. We'll see. Would you like to sit or explore?"


"I don't know about explore…" Fenris murmurs, looking at the two shockingly mundanely behaving demons. "However if you're up to giving a tour, I wouldn't mind. Or we could enjoy the sitting room. Mostly this is a social call for me. I'm not concerned that you'll be summoning elder demons. I simply wanted to know why you were where a house landed recently."


"I'm not sure how much I'd like to explore to be honest." Zach says eyeing the two strange demons argue. "Yes, warding this place is probably a good next step." After one last look at the demons, Zachary turns to look at Rain. Well, I don't really mind a tour either."


Remember: Rain's aunt was centuries old. The demons have probably had time to be wild and wooly. Nowadays, they probably explore mundane stuff. Besides, the succubus looks middle-aged. She's probably been there, done that. "Whatever is good by you," She smiles. "I suspect we can sit awhile. I have no interest in summoning in general. I'm just not good at it," A shrug. "It feels a bit rude, anyway," She admits. "And that's fine. It's - really kind of weird when I sit and think about it. I am glad you came by. It's good to see you." She seems pretty alright with Fenris. Even if Rain's 'OMG PREDATOR!' instinct sometimes gets set off.

But then, she's a certain someone's apprentice. She gets used to it. She looks to Zach and nods. "I can hit the high points soon. If I'm slow, I apologize."

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