Outsiders Like Us

August 24, 2014: A discussion is had about forming a group with Starfire. You're going to need more than coffee.

Random Metropolis Diner

Coffee and food. That's all that's necessary.



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After the recent Metropolis… clash, Roy was particularly looking forward to the next 'coffee date' with Kori, if only to see where things stood post-rescue. That the little group they had seemed to be bonding was something Kori was dealing with, and the little he'd managed to hear over the phone… well, this one -had- to be done somewhere.

Oh, he'd tried to see if they could do a coffee date aboard the -ship-, but a gentle reminder, and Roy acquiesced. Yeah, there was something endearing about wanting to go to the usual coffee store, especially as by now they were regular enough customers that the same coffee and desserts were ready and present at their table almost instantly.

Sipping his coffee, Roy leans back with a drawl. "So, how's it going, sweetheart?" he asks. "Lian's fine, just having a playdate with a friend, before you ask."

Having settled into the booth Starfire leans back and immediately digs in for the snacks, not yet speaking until she at least has a biscotti and some other pastries down, chasing it with the hot coffee like it was cold water, only pausing when she glances up and seems to remember Roy is there and she isn't being lady-like. Eh.

Sucking some of the frosting off the tip of her thumb she thumps back against the booth and gestures for the waiter to bring more… "Of everything." Big smile! Then Roy becomes her focus as thumb and index pinch the bridge of her nose and she breathes deeply. "Since we have had visitors, Orn is very insistent on trying more 'Earth' cooking. I have yet haven't eaten id days, if you get my drift."

Lian is always missed, the little girl reminds her of…a lot, but none the less the company before her is just as welcomed, and here, there is no chaos, even better.

Roy wasn't about to waggle a finger at Kori for being unlady-like. Mostly because it amused him, and truth be told, made him feel a bit good that the princess could let her hair down, so to speak, with him.

"You're not getting anything to eat because Orn's taking it all?" Roy replies with an arched eyebrow, as Kori proceeds to motion for more food to be brought. "Whew. You should've called, I could've taken you out to dinner. With or without the fancy dresses."

His eyes shift to study Kori's plate. "Any trouble with the big guys? Things seemed to be getting a bit chummy there, I noticed."

"No, Orn is trying to cook. It's…. not good, so you have plenty of opportunity to take me out to dinner." Starfire's nose wrinkles then and she reaches up through the long locks of red hair to ensure her comm is off, exhaling and looking across at Roy with a light smile playing at one corner of her lips.

Of course she feels at ease, he is the longest running friend on this planet so far, and has done nothing but make her feel at home as best he can.

"Trouble? What kind of trouble? They're both brutes, doing what men are born to do… Be barbaric." Saying as much Kori smiles, but it widens at the plate of more cafe snacks and coffee.

"Wait, someone who's never cooked earth food is trying to -cook-?" Wincing, Roy shakes his head. "You need to give me a call and I'll give it a try. I'd bet _Lian_, at least, knows how to make grilled cheese sandwiches, at the least. What is he trying to cook?"

Canting his head, Roy laughs, as he reaches to take a piece of coffee cake. "Hey, I'm totally barbaric. Just let me knock you over the head with a club and I'll drag you back and… okay, okay. So what, did they grunt at each other, beat their chests, and eat raw meat?"

"The one with the dog changed into a littler guy. I hit him, it broke him.." Starfire makes a pinching gesture. "Just a little. And I brought him on my ship to have him mended. The big green one has no interest in the little man, but still seems to think they will have their war when the big one's back. I guess at least he is fair?" She shrugs and is now taking her time with her snacks and coffee, tapping a finger on the side of the mug all the while staring at Roy across the table with a omnipresent grin. "You are both welcome to come help Orn, and Lian has made me a PB & J before, she's a great cook, but I don't think she'd appreciate you clubbing me over the head."


"Lian definitely wouldn't appreciate it. I don't think you'd appreciate it either," Roy grins, as he picks up a pastry and offers it to Kori, holding it up. "I saw them. Should just have Lunair shoot them with her guns if they get out of hand. You're being pretty nice with them. And they did come together pretty well handling the Skaar fellow. Think there's the makings of an interesting group there, Kori?"

Leaning forward as Roy offers her the pastry, Starfire plucks it from his fingers but remains half leaned over the table, propping her elbows on it as she pulls it apart and seems to think a bit at Roy's inquiry as well as the whole of it. "They all seem rather like me. New here, unknowing, somewhat lost. I had people accept me before, take me in. Everyone deserves a shot." Pausing she debates that 'group' question, peeling flakes of that baklava like pastry apart to eat it bit by bit.

"I think it could work, as long as they are aware that this is home and needs protected. They have what it takes. We all do as strangers in a strange land." Saying as much those pupilless emerald eyes lock on Roy and she smiles again, pulling from the acute thoughtfulness. "You don't have to club me to drag me off, you got me in a dress again, and its been ages…" memories seem to be trickling in, opening up and Kori pauses a moment only to shrug lightly to herself.

"You want to /group/ with us?"

"It's not the easiest thing to do, keeping up with a couple of groups, but I'd give it a go if you want me to," Roy grins, as he pats Kori's hand. "And if it helps, you looked great in the dress. Next time we'll just get you a dress a little more comfortable so you can fight dinosaurs in one if there's ever another emergency."

"I don't even really think I have to ask, Roy. Nor would you." Starfire states rather simply. They have helped each other out multiple times, just a call away and there was no group needed then, there would not be now, but the temptation is planted and there taking root, and if she trusted and knew anyone that was there… It is Roy.

"Let's go get dinner now, or lunch…. Cooked food.. That doesn't make me ill." It has been a while, and Kori is enjoying the relaxation with him, taking liberties now and sliding up from the booth and heading for the door.

Standing up, Roy flashes a grin. "Well if that's the case, I need to pick up Lian, and she'll be thrilled to have you eat dinner with us. But please, don't let her pick pizza again, a little bit of something -green- would be good. I know I don't like vegetables either, but I've got to get -her- to eat hers."

Sliding an arm into Kori's, Roy grins. "And then we can talk some more about these outsiders…"

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