August 24, 2014: Wiccan undoes the destruction of Titans Tower … almost.

Titans Tower - New York City

The Titans Tower was here once, but the island where it stood is now clearly only the home of a heap of rubble and debris, thanks to the good offices of one Amanda Waller. One wonders whether there is such a thing as a warrant to blow up a building.



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After hearing about the Tower (that he never actually visited) being destroyed, Wiccan tried to do a little research in how to possibly get it back. The problem is, one of his mentors doesn't seem to want him working much magic at all and the other isn't really a mentor but has given him a few insights. Just no real training. So, he's going in with some ideas of what he could do, but nothing actually tried and true. Yet.

Getting ready and starting school did take some time, but he did finally get to the location where the Tower -was-. Looking over the rubble, he walks around it for a moment before taking a few steps back and raising his arms. His ragged cloak flutters in a nonexistant breeze as he closes his eyes and pulls on the energy around him.

"TheAttackNeverHappened" seems to be his chosen chant. It begins, quietly and earnestly, as he pours magical energy and intent into those four words…over and over. He tries to replace what he takes, but he's not yet practiced in that sort of magic-working quite yet.


That weird sucking sound that comes from a straw when you're finished, but there's still little nubs of broken ice and whatever melts intermittently — yeah, that's the sound that the Flash makes as he chucks the empty drink into the garbage of the park just outside of where Billy is doing his thing. He looks over at another Titan.

"You don't really think this is gonna work, do you?" He's hopeful, but realistic.


This is the part of seeing Wiccan work that Teddy never gets tired of, but also never quite gets … it's like he's undoing something, but will that make it really not have happened? He's just going to watch and see what happens. Or unhappens.


Lying down upon one of the pieces of debris that rolled down the drive way, Alexander Aaron seems terribly at ease as the people gather to witness the weaving of such magic. He holds a hand up towards the sky, blocking out the moon with one hand and scrunching up one glowing red eye as if trying to gauge to celestial distance. To the side he murmurs, "I wish him well, but I too am dubious."


Rain is not really meant to be here. Actually, it all kind of started with cleaning the bathroom and inspecting the strange dimensional conduit in the basement. Which ends with her in the sea in a bath tub. This bath tub has been enchanted so she doesn't sink. The violet eyed witch and her trenchcoat wearing cat cling to the tub, both looking startled.

"Wha. Oh gods, why?!"


"It might work…I hope it works…" Wiccan murmurs between chants. He opens his eyes briefly to look at his audience, but that just sort of sets his jaw and his stance.


As his voice rises in volume and intent, something begins to happen.

The rocks begin to shudder and shift before they start putting themselves back together.

The stars in the sky seem to shift around oddly with the shimmer of magic all about the island as the magic rewrites history.


The Flash goes wide eyed as things start to shudder and move. "Holy crap, it's working!" He looks to Big Al, incredulous. "Whoa!"

Titans Tower - New York City

The Titans Tower, as it will someday be called, is very clearly under construction. While some rooms are finished in an all white hue, with comfortable lounge chairs, or massive computer banks, other rooms are plain drywall or need to be floored properly.

Some of the areas are off limits to outsiders such as the meeting room, medbay, or the sleeping areas-these were the first to be done. The common areas, however, are often home to the sounds of tile saws, hammer thwaps, and the like.

It is very much a work in progress.

There's another sort of 'WHOOSH' and 'POP' as well as a bright flash of sparkly magic before the Titans Tower stands there, in perfect condition — or rather, in the condition it was in before it was attacked. Wiccan blinks at the Tower before he just falls to his knees in exhaustion, "Whoa…" is echoed as he just sort of kneels there. That took a lot out of him.

Things, however, are a little different. It's as if Reality shifted a couple tics to the left. Or the Right.

Reality Shift post on Public
The Titans Tower was blown up last week, but somehow it's been rebuilt in the fastest reconstruction imaginable…or other forces are involved! Forces like…Magic.

All Magic Comes With A Price, Dearie.

There are a few blocks around the Tower that seems a bit…off. For those who enter said radius, either in the Tower or a couple blocks in from the shore, things are suddenly different — as if Reality shifted a tick to the left. Once one exits the radius, things are back to 'usual'. Odd, that.

(OOC Note: There is some Reality warping at play in a few blocks' radius around the restored Titans Tower. This Reality warping is not mandatory for those who enter the area of the Tower or a couple blocks in from the shore— it's entirely optional. Maybe, in the warped reality your character was born a different gender…or has different powers…or is older…or…have fun with it! Please, however, keep to the game rules of no furries and no age-regression younger than 18. If you have any questions, feel free to page or @mail Billy Kaplan/Wiccan (wic).


"That's … awesome," Teddy murmurs as the change happens. "Keep it up!"

He moves to help Wiccan when he falls.


The Flash zips over to catch Billy as he falls, but his eyes are up towards the tower.

"You did it, Billy. Holy crap you did it!"

Wally's elated for a few reasons. First, he's got his tower back. Second, that'll totally stick it to that Waller lady. And third, holy crap they have a powerful ally in Billy!


Rolling off the debris that had been his lounge, Alexander gets quickly to his feet and wisely retreats a handful of steps as he looks upwards to the rising tower. He blinks a few times then looks over at Wally.

"Where'd you find this guy?"


Rain and her improvised 'ship' are floating just a little off the shoreline, staring as the tower reappears. The woman and her cat shiver a little at all of that power.

"Huh…" The two manage to resist reality shifting, although they don't like the odd tingling.

"This is a lot like the conduit," she remarks to the cat.

Captain answers in a deep, Gotham accented Baritone.

"No… it's not. But it is pretty impressive," he remarks. Cats. "Now, how are we going to get home?" Pause. "I refuse to teleport. It always ends in nudity, england or being covered in chocolate." Sigh.


Billy Kaplan looks at his hands even as he's supported by The Flash, "I did?"

Then up to the Tower, "I did!"

He may be exhausted, but he did it! He grins at Alex too before there's a brief tickle in the back of his mind. His grin falters and he then looks a little pensive, "I need to replace that energy with something."


"Don't blow it up again, ok?"


"I suggest a lot of chocolate moon pies," Hulkling says. The Chocolate Moon Pie is almost an orgasmic thing for the Green Martian, and he only wishes his boyfriend found them to be as amazingly delightful as he did. NOTE: Reality shifted, Titans Tower only


"… what on earth?"

The voice came from behind them. A rather startled… okay, totally floored Cheshire Cat is standing there, looking at something that clearly shouldn't be there. "… did I just travel back in time? Oh shit, that means you shouldn't see me! I'm not here! I'm not here!" Vorpal says, waving.


"Brooklyn," The Flash says, responding to Al. "Who knew, right?"


Still looking upwards, Alexander shakes his head and then lets a wry laugh slide from him. He turns and walks along the driveway towards Wiccan and lightly claps the man on the shoulder.

"Were tales still be told, I would record your deeds with sufficient due."

Another laugh and another pat, then Alexander starts walking towards the tower with the intent to explore it.


Billy Kaplan somehow gets his feet under him, even though he still looks a little shaky. He's definitely going to feel that later.

"No…no, you didn't. I mean, not really. I just made the attack not happen. It's still…uhh…" he looks at his watch, "Still Sunday."

Isn't it? His watch thinks it is. He'd pull out his phone, but he might topple over. In fact, as Alexander claps him on the shoulder, he nearly does.

"Thank you…I think?" Wait, the guy laughs? He didn't seem like the laughing sort much before. Dark eyes blink and look about before he cants his head, "There's a bathtub in the water…with someone in it. And a cat. Uh. Did I do that?"


Teddy smiles. "I think you made some kind of a patch… I can't hear the thoughts outside the island. Not too shabby, Magic Guy."

He looks at the Cat and Witch Tub-Boat.

"Those are not something you did, directly anyway. They're a witch and his familiar." Yes, Teddy says Captain is the witch. He's clearly the more organized mind of the two of them.


Vorpal frowns and walks over to the group. "What do you mean… made the attack not happen? Does this mean that Amanda Waller didn't bomb us and that now I have no reason to want her under a bulldozer?"


To be fair, most humans are owned by their cats. It's just the natural order of things. The boat is kept afloat by Rain's magic, and she seems to look completely spaced out and serene. Which might give the impression she's a space case and the cat, is in fact, the head of the duo. But then again, cat-person relationship. Rain'll just go with that. The duo seem surprised if they can see the group looking at them. A careful, slow wave from Rain and an intense stare from Captain.

"Uhm. Hi."



Billy Kaplan looks over at Teddy, confusion obvious on his face, "Hear thoughts? And you know them?"

The cat is the Captain? Of a bathtub?

"I thought cats hated the water."

He looks over at Vorpal, "I…well…yes? I think? The Tower's intact…I figured it would be easier to just make it so that the attack didn't happen rather than do something to rebuild it. It seemed like a good idea…" he waves back the woman in the tub.


"Well yes, of course," Teddy says, "Always have, I told you about this, right?"

He waves at the woman in the tub too, everyone's doing it.


Vorpal frowns, "But wait. .. How can it not have happened?, If I remember it?"

He waves at the woman, all the cool kids are doing by it.


The woman smiles politely, and calls out, "Sorry. We should be out of your hair. We're more from the house that fell out of the sky."

Captain is quiet for now.

"We're - going to be on our way. All apologies."


"No…" and Wiccan's brows begin to furrow. However, one thing is currently more important, "I'm still mad at you…" so a hand is raised and he turns away. Instead, he calls out to the two in the tub, "Are you all right? Do you need to be brought to shore?"

He then grins wearily at Vorpal, "Magic." But then he calls back at Rain, "Like Dorothy?"


Teddy says, "Yes, I know. And it's not my fault that someone chose to murder someone in the apartment complex where my teacher lives. I'm sorry you were uncomfortable."

The up-side of being a Green Martian, he can hear someone's thoughts yelling. Down-side? It goes away when he leaves the Tower.


Billy Kaplan just sighs back at Teddy, "You have no idea, do you? And apparently you don't even care."

He rolls his eyes, glances over at Vorpal, and then calls back to the woman in the bathtub, "Guys suck! Just so you know!"

And with that, he rises into the air. With the last bit of magic, he just sort of 'pops out', teleporting back…somewhere. Hopefully somewhere with a bed.


Aw. Rain blinks at the guys on the island. "… I wouldn't know." Rain is the Admiral of the SS Dateless Wonder. She looks a bit baffled. Either way, she looks sympathetic to the group and will let herself steer towards home.

"And yes, like Dorothy. But my aunt."


Hulkling sighs.

"I give up. Apparently I'm supposed to probe his mind, because he won't talk. I have to fucking GUESS… Never mind. Not worth it. I guess it isn't just high school cheerleaders who play that game…"

He sits there for a minute, before going intangible and floating off toward the tower.

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