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August 23, 2014: Vorpal is given intel about Amanda Waller from Alexander Aaron.

Vorpal's work

Courtyard of Vorpal's workplace near the parking lot.



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It has been a rather exhausting night. Teddy was kind enough to treat him to lunch, which at least meant he had enough energy to burn for his shift at the warehouse that night.

Ever since Waller had blown up the tower, it was a little hard to get in touch with Keith due to the fact that his cell phone had been in the inferno that his room became. His team-mates now knew to leave him messages at his work — carefully coded, of course. That early evening, when Keith arrived at work, he received Alexander's message with grim anticipation.

It is now 3:00 AM and Keith is standing in the yard, under one of the lamp posts. Intensive labor has his fair skin glistening with sweat and his tank top clinging to his body- but at least it is still summer and the air is not chill. Breathing slowly, he leans against the post and waits for Alexander, trying to control his impatience. He had something, he must have found something, if he wanted to talk.


It was true, word had been sent to the other Titans that he would like to meet with them. By the very nature that he almost never communicates via phone with almost anyone it might stand out as something worth paying attention to. So he responded to the message that Vorpal sent in return. The address was gained, the time of meet, it was sufficient considering the aspects of their current situation. Waller can feasibly track them somehow, but what precautions they can… they take.

It says something for him, perhaps, that Alexander is not late for the requested time. The clock strikes three and he's walking through the gate that leads into the yard, heading towards the halo of light provided by one of those lamp posts. At first, from a distance, he's just a dark silhouette. Then as he draws closer Keith will recognize him.

The classically featured angelic young man strolls into that haze of light and looks towards Keith with those faintly glowing red eyes. He lifts his chin,


There's a moment where he gauges the other young man, tilting his head the other way contemplatively as if measuring something. Then he adds,

"Shall we speak here, or shall we walk?"


"Here's fine," Keith says quietly. "I know the area, plus everybody's gone home. If anyone snoops on us, I'll notice it."

The level of precaution taken immediately gives Keith a red flag, so he asks, "Let me guess… government, as you thought?"


Alexander lifts a hand and waves it to the side as if telling Vorpal that that is not the half of it. He then adds quietly, "More so, worse. I can give you the details I have, but I believe that might in part endanger you more, or serve to escalate the situation."

He looks around slowly, those glowing eyes dimmed for a moment. Easing down into a crouch, the young man in black with the sword blade slung over his shoulder, he runs his fingertips over the ground and leaves a faint trail in the dirt and grime. Slowly he rises up, dusting off his hands and then adds, "I will if you wish, but it might be best for you to think what your goal is currently."

He looks back at Keith, "How far are you wishing to take this, how strong an insult you've been given, and what lengths are too far."


"There is a woman who obviously has enough power, given to her by I do not know whom, to walk into superhero headquarters and blow them up with impunity."

Keith narrows his green eyes.

"Endanger me? I don't give a flying rat's ass about that. Otherwise I wouldn't wear the spandex. Tell me what you know- I will act in accordance with my best judgment."


Scritching a fingertip over the curve of his chin, Alexander looks upon Keith and gives a small nod.

"There was a record of her several years ago being in the CIA, a spook with a lot of influence and access to a lot of black projects. Of late the most recent things she has connection to are two operations known as Checkmate and Stormwatch. They're both supposedly for handling the Superhuman issue. She has no known haunts nor whereabouts, is supposedly legally untouchable, and heads up a suicide operation of metahumans to deal with black ops."

He stops there, letting Keith absorb the intelligence, then he says levelly, "The only way you will be able to make a dent in this situation without it turning into something you may not be able to handle is if you kill her. And even then you will become a target after that point. Not that I advocate bending the knee."


Keith absorbs this for a few seconds. And then smirks.

"So… let me get this straight: The U.S. Government has a branch that is dedicated to dealing with 'The Superhuman Issue'. In other words- they've whole teams and operations trained to kill us."

He rubs his chin.

"Sounds like this is something that needs to be spread to every single hero group and community out there. Immediately. What else do you have?"


Opening his hands, Alexander shows them to Keith as if he had naught else to give, and in truth he doesn't. Though he does offer a few words,

"I had a name of a fixer, that panned out into a dead end. Literally as he was found dead a few days ago. I recommend you tell whomever you wish what you can, though we have little to go on save word of mouth and a few data files provided to me by a friendly contact."

Alexander rests his hands on his hips and tilts his head to the side.

"My plan, as it currently stands, is to make contact with her and see what it is she wishes. If nothing else I figure I can perhaps get her to focus her efforts on myself or on a terrorist organization that she is apparently after."

There's a small shrug.

"That is what I have."


"… you are not making a deal with that she-devil!" Keith snarls. "That would put you down— US down— to HER level!"


"Want me to kill her, then?" Alexander looks levelly at Keith, unperturbed as he rests his hands on his hips. "These are high stakes, and this is something more than a bunch of us children playing catch the bank robber."


"You are correct. This is about corruption running deep in the government that is supposed to protect us and all other innocents. This is -exactly- the sort of thing we fight, far more important than petty robbery."

The redhead crosses his arms.

"She is untouchable? Bullshit. Nobody is untouchable. She's only untouchable as long as she is useful to whomever is giving her free rein… so we will have to make sure that she oversteps the reach of her leash. Woman's a monster, make no mistake of that. We just need to expose her in such a way that she can never crawl back into the shadows again. And we do that by biding our time and gathering information, draw her out and force her to make mistakes, force her to show her hand."

Keith smirks.

"And we do that by being crazier and more unpredictable than she can count on. People like her? They like to predict people. They think they've got everybody figured out because of their espionage and their information. So then we play it like Bismarck."

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