Meeting the Maiden of Moontree Manor

August 24, 2014: Jim Reha visits the new house in Flushing Meadows Park, and chats with the theoretical owner, Rain.

Moontree Manor

Moontree Manor is a modest-sized, imposing manor built in Gothic style,
complete with foreboding paint job. The roof and spire on the right are done
in a dark blue paint that offsets the white. It's like someone went a little
wild with the colors. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and the
lawn grows wild, with various herbs and flowers taking over. Ivy and vines
crawl up the walls, hopeful for sun. The building seems to be in good repair
despite this.

Inside, the atrium and living room are luxurious. Greeting guests is a large
statue of Anubis, his hand outstretched and acting as an incense burner. The
atrium is painted black, with flecks, indicating stars. It's a very
afterlife-esque journey inside. The floors are a beautiful, black marble that
lead one inward. There's stairs to so many rooms, it feels almost



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Captain (Rain's Familiar, emitted by Rain)

Mood Music:

Compromise! It's evening, the line between night and day. When the sun falls, letting itself land into the soft, velveteen cloak of the night and the moon slinks out, smiling, cool and sultry. The air is fresh and clean after an afternoon's rain, the plants along the sidewalks and lawns and growing wild glistening joyously as they are adorned with beads of crystal. It's a beautiful sight, in its own way.

The newly landed manor seems peaceful, aside from the police tape strewn across gate and fence. Periodically, a confused officer passes by, looks at it. Looks at his note. Looks to the snacks in his car, sighs and gives up. Looky-loos and various occultists pass through, some with headbands - one even with the candles on the sides of her head and wailing. An immense man, who is built like two NFL line backers taped together emerges from the house with a bucket of water comes out and douses her with a bucket of water. The bewildered channeler blinks, and wanders off. Weird. Really, really weird. If he can sense magic, he might realize the man's appearance is an illusion. The tall fellow is *golem*.


Jim has had one freakin' heck of a day. It started off with a demon hunting him. Then he was inadvertently dragooned into a significant international incident prevention. It's getting on towards dark as a The Lovin' Spoonful song 'Summer in the City' starts doing its ear worm thing to him. He has NO idea where it came from, but he's afraid to push it too much even as he gets a brief flash before his eyes like he had this morning and suddenly he really feels a weight in his brain that he didn't know he was missing, along with SUDDEN INFORMATION!

That apparently only he is privy to.



CorvNet is pleased to introduce Patch 667.1: DEATH TO THE DEMON POSSESSING SCUM!

Features of Patch 667.1 include, but are not limited to:

Increased crash resilience — Unit Corvinus can now withstand crashes at speed. Modeling indicates an increased durability — Up to 75 percent, was 50 percent.

Increased maneuverability — Unit Corvinus should now move like a Cessna. Previous flight modeling on the Boeing B-17 design had too wide of a turning arc for urban use. 45 degrees per second, up from 22 degrees per second at top speed.

Increased resistance to Elder/demonic tampering — Unit Corvinus should now be 99 percent resistant to outside control against previously encountered entities, was 50 percent resistant

Talon strength increase — Unit Corvinus should now be able to use talons for braking action without dislocating appendages.

CorvNet apologizes for the extended downtime of twelve Terran Hours (43200 seconds)

For further information on this patch, or any other patch, feel free to look up the patch notes on CorvNet. We hope you had an Enlightening and Educational Light-Cycle. Stay tuned to CorvNet for future performance upgrades.


The fellow approaches the Manor respectfully. He'd seen reports about it in the news and it piqued Jim's interest. Definitely occult-ish. Definitely surreal. Definitely well above his spiritual pay-grade but if the partner was going to dump SUDDEN INFORMATION on him like that, well, payback is a female dog!

"Hail the house! Respectfully request permission to enter and visit!"

Okay, the guy's probably being a bit too formal, but it NEVER hurts to be formal and careful on these sorts of things!

Fortunately or not, he's not blessed with MagicVision, so the illusion holds quite and well against his mortal eyes.


What nice patch notes! Crashes are really the worst, but then server down time is also a pain in the badonk. Especially if you just wanna level up and the servers are down on your day off! Boo!

Fortunately, the man took his time walking back up and stops. He turns neatly on his heel. The man's mannerisms are oddly stiff. He blinks at the man hailing them. There's a long moment. "One moment. I will contact the temporary potentially permanent head of the house." He heads into the door once more, and emerges a moment later lead by a tall, slender woman with intensely violet eyes. She waves to Jim and moves to open the gate for him.

Following her and the golem is a large orange tabby house cat. He's jowly, with an intense gaze and a tan trench coat. That's Captain. "Hello there," Rain offers. "One sec." And she'll open the gate for him. "As long as you're not trying to sell me weight loss pills, Avon, save my soul or whatever, it should be fine. What may we do for you?"


"Sure thing. No rush, I'm sure you're rather busy." Well, at least the stout guy is decent enough about that, unlike half the gawkers and cultists dribbled liberally around. It's one thing to barge on in, or try to vamp whatever mystical energy vibes are about, but Courtesy, Dignity, Respect never hurt anyone!

Jim figures this is the best of times to honestly announce his intentions. "Hello there, miss. I'm Jim. I live in the area and couldn't help but notice the Sudden Building Syndrome and was a bit curious about looking around in a respectful fashion. I know a fella who was up this way a couple of weeks ago who kinda does the same thing but his house doesn't just appear and sit — at least, as far as I know?"

He actually has the grace to look scandalized.

"I may have been in retail, but door to door sales is for the birds. Seriously, that stuff can take a flying leap somewhere. And what you do with your spiritual well-being is none of my concern, as long as you don't try to use mine to underwrite any mortgages you've got going?"


And Rain's aunt *died* when the house landed on her, bringing some goths into the mix, too. But one can't fault them. Few mortals and mundanes genuinely get to experience such mystical energy. Few genuinely see such a thing. Few genuinely touch it or dwell near it (and REALIZE it). Still, it's been a rough situation. Rain's had to disarm most of the wards and traps so no one gets hurt. For now.

Rain looks to Jim and smiles politely. "Pleased to meet you, Jim." Though, she radiates 'NERD'. "I'm Rain. And uhm. A neighbor, huh?" She lifts an eyebrow, curious. She listens for a moment. "and really? Can he move houses?" She seems concerned. "Apparently landing here's caused all kinds of problems for people. Though, I'm not strong enough to move an entire manor," She admits.

She smiles at his reaction. "Yeah, it's a bit of a pain. I appreciate it. The witch hunters are the worst," She admits. And then a long look. "No, I don't really work with souls," She remarks. "Seems really unethical for what you get out of it. Basically, a mystical dick move as it were. But uh." Well. She is a witch and it's kind of difficult to deny, given the house was on the damned news. "Would you like anything to drink? And what were you hoping to see?"


Goths are people too! They're just black-clad people with a propensity to mopey dark things and angsting about existential crises, right? Jim doesn't seem to register the ambient magic mojo directly, though even his untrained hairs are standing up on a bit.

And Jim, well, he's a pudgy former retailer who does a time-share with an ancient Buddha Bird in his head. So that's gotta be some level of 'NERD' in and of itself. "More like he steps into a door that you can't see until you walk through it, and then you're in the house, and then when you step out you don't see the house and if you're not careful you could really end up elsewhen. But I'll try to keep an eye out for him and ask the next time I see him — though… where would you move it? It's not like there's a lot of build-able property in New York that could take such an artistic manse?

"I've seen some demon hunters that are pretty decent, though." Decent in the fact they didn't try to eat him and got demons out of the way quick enough, at least.

"Well, that's really comforting. On the 'soul' thing, that is? My partner tells me that perspective is important. And there were some serious-ass mistakes made in the past… folks being a bit too literal in the translation of a figurative religious text that was a hodgepodge of about five different religions all thrown together. But hey, they can justify just about any war crime doing that, right?"

The scoff after the comment seems to indicate a lack of trust for such motivations.

"Still, have to respect the fact that they are on a path of Enlightenment, however narrow it might be. If I didn't, the partner would be a bit cranky with me. And the whole 'offer of a drink thing'… That's not going to trap me inside for a year and a day or anything, right? I've got a ten hour shift over in Jersey tomorrow and I really can't miss it. Guy's counting on me to be there, and sober?"


"Yeah, that seems like a tough job. Picking out the mischief makers," Rain remarks. "But both quarry and hunter play their parts in this world," She says. Rain is an odd being, the product of an ancient bloodline. Magic itself flows through her veins, even if not as strongly as her gorgeous, powerful, primal relatives. She shucked fate entirely! That's a feat in and of itself. Still, she gives Jim a curious, quirked glance. Something about him…?

Hmm. Well, best not to be rude. She smiles. "Perspective is important. What do you do if your job is to bother humans? But they hire hunters for you in turn?" She says. "And it's a thorny subject, belief and the power thereof. Mind you, my family and clan are all listed under 'thou shalt not suffer a witch to live', so most of our dealings with them tend to end badly." There's a faint fear and sadness. Deep breath.

"Huh? I meant - like - liquid. Beverage. I've got tea, juice, soda… I got it from the supermarket. There are alcoholic beverages and otherworldly alcoholic beverages, but I haven't even started sorting them so I'm not giving those out," She holds up her hand and will politely lead him to the living room with a fire place. "Please, feel free to sit. And uhm. No trapping. You seem nice enough so far, but uh. Trapping is not my shtick." Head shake, head shake. "I have enough to deal with without a new roommate just yet."


"The worst part of wisdom is getting it far too late and the damage done." Jim blinks a second and shakes his head. "Sorry, been one heck of a day. If things keep going like this on my days off, I'm going to ask for more work and overtime." Yeah, he doesn't sound pleased at the concept.

"I imagine if one's job is to bother humanity, one at least tries to be constructive about it? Y'know, teach and grow versus wither and destroy? Belief is a kind of powerful thing, in and of itself before folks who have juice start dumping it in. And with the destruction of vast archives of teaching over the centuries, the talents that are out there are more and more destructive as a result. It's only within the last sixty to seventy years that things are starting to make a little bit of a comeback. Lot of things out there that need to be kept 'locked down' that aren't anymore because some idiot thought they were doing divine work and it really wasn't?"

He blinks a bit. "Sorry for the heavy deep on that, not cool. And what I meant was that sometimes gifts have strings and, oh, hey, that's right. I don't have much I can offer but I respect your home and will be polite as a guest and respect your role as host and will follow your guidance inasmuch as it is your demesne."

Okay, that's a horribly mangled misappropriation of several guest rituals. He will actually take a spot with a bit of a 'flumphf' as if he'd been walking or standing all day. Which, in a way, he has been. He's also wishing he'd brought a bottle or two out of the Appeasement Bag.

"Alrighty, that's good. Partner might have some issues with that."

That's not enigmatic, no.


Rain listens. She seems to understand, kinda. She tilts her head. "Uhm? That doesn't seem too healthy." She considers him. "I understand the wisdom bit though. Hindsight is often painfully clear," She remarks.

"And who knows? It's all difficult. People are very ugly sometimes. I was homeless, so I saw plenty of local ugly," She remarks. Her voice is quiet. And he's right. It is heavy deep and it's been a long few days for Rain herself. She looks a little tired for a moment. "Hey, there's nothing wrong with a bit of heavy. It's just been a rough few days," Aunt dead, new house dropped in, the crowds and so on.

Although she looks quietly amused at his attempts at guest rituals. Rain nods. "Don't worry. You're fine," The household help seems to be off elsewhere for the moment. "Issues…?" An eyebrow lifts. "I wasn't going to give out drinks I wasn't sure of. I'm sure I'll find times and places for them, but my aunt's drinking lead to this whole thing." A deep sigh. Still, Rain looks a bit curious and uncertain what to make of that. "If you want tea, juice, soda or water, you're welcome to some. Or a snack. This is the manor. The traps and wards have been disarmed after those detectives got newted." Yes, that's a verb. "But uh. If you wanna just chill, that's cool." Smile. The place is interesting. The living room has an autumn tinge, an aura of finality and gazing at an ebbing sunset. Rain's aunt must've been on the duskier side of witch-attitudes. Nothing stands out as unusual, aside from odd decor and darker color schemes.


Belatedly, the portly fellow considers. "I know it sounds sort of dork-ish, but if you've got any Earl Grey on hand, I could totally go for a cup or two of that. No sugar. Stands well enough on its own." He appreciated it before he started working for Pepper, but with her having it on hand it just helped underline how handy it was.

"Partner's a big proponent of folks being able to have the freedom to make their bed and lie in it, if that makes any sense? Same token, he's also very much against folks having that ability taken away from them, or not having opportunities to grow as individuals. And he's a bit pro-active on that, if you grasp my meaning?"

Jim rubs the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger.

"He's also big about me getting on a diet and a work-out program, but… well, working almost sixty hours a week before transportation time really isn't conducive to it? That's why I actually want to go to work more, because that's like 'quiet island of sanity' time? And the partner would agree with your assessment and say that drinking is a horrible thing because it deprives one of Reason, which is important for Enlightenment…"

Did the guy just hold up his hand with the palm horizontal, thumb under it, making the palm meet the thumb like a 'blah blah blah' hand signal?

"Well, it's better to be newted than nuked, I guess?"


Rain hms. "Nah, not dork-y. The flavors are pretty nice," She smiles faintly. "I'll put some water on to boil," She remarks. Rain will listen. "I think that makes sense," She nods. "Most beings play their parts in this world, for better or worse," She considers.

Then an odd look. "Those don't sound like healthy hours," She admits. "Then again…" Rain's the type to forget to eat because she's doing things so intensely, judging by her slender build. "I sometimes forget to stop working, too. So that's not fair." A wry, defeated smile. "And drinking itself isn't terrible. Some guy many centuries back once said the 'devil's in the dose'. It's not always what you do, it's how much," She points out. She giggles at his hand signal. "I imagine your partner cares about you."

At the very least, anyway. "And yeah, they got better." Groooooan. "We managed to disarm that trap, at least. It's a bit worrying, though. I need home security. But with all the curious people, I can't really put wards up, lest someone get hurt. You know?" Sigh. "I'm going to put some water on. Did you have any questions for me?" She is totally going to the kitchen to put water on.


He nods a thanks to the getting the water going.

"To every thing, turn, turn turn. To every season… turn turn turn…" That's a bit of a singsong, reminiscent of the song from The Byrds. Jim blinks a few times and brings down his hand. "Sorry about that."

"They probably aren't healthy hours. But stability and sanity within the solace of work is kinda helpful for the brain to recharge from the oddities that are flying about these days?"

"I know he cares. That's the frustrating thing. Haven't had more than one drink in the past few months. Would love to just get totally plowed one night, but he's really putting the foot down on that. Says that's not healthy."

"Well, on the plus side there won't be any weighing against a duck any time soon. And… why can't you just put some security into place that is, well, intent-based? I mean, if you've got that kind of stuff going on, couldn't it be re-tasked to 'instead of everyone that comes in' just 'everyone that comes in and tries to cause problems?' You could do that, right? I mean, I'm not big on the oomph part, I'm more of a casual eclectic, as far as it goes?"

Meaning he's read some books and he's a bit more open-minded than the usual sort.


The sounds of a tea pot being pulled out and heated up. Rain rarely uses magic for mundane things. It's a habit of a mundane person with magic dropped on her head. She pauses. Is he singing?

Rain leans to pear out, she smiles. "Oh, that's okay. You don't sing badly," She had no idea he was a fan.

"And I guess. If that helps you," Rain considers it. She listens more than she speaks now. Fortunately, a pot of water boils pretty quickly when you chat. And she soon emerges with a pair of cups, a metal strainer with loose tea inside of it in each. They are set neatly on saucers, with one offers over to Jim. "Yeah. And remember, I inherited this manor. I'm having to reverse engineer a lot of magic. I'd like intent based magic. I've only been casting a couple of years," She admits, fingers wriggling.

Rain looks thoughtful. "I imagine I would just have to set up my own, to be honest. Messing with pre-existing spells could end all kinds of badly. But um, don't worry too much. You're safe here," She adds. She believes him on being open minded. "You seem a lot kinder than a good number of visitors," She admits. "And Oomph? Like, my magic capability or straight up magic power?"


Jim looks a bit embarrassed. "Thanks? Not quite sure what prompted that. Partner has a sense of humor sometimes. Long story. Not sure if it's appropriate." He clears his throat then happily accepts the tea.

"Sometimes to learn, one must destroy. It is a sad fact of Reality that when a student learns a thing, they are no longer the student they once were, having grown."

Okay, that was a totally different tone and way too spiritual for the average fellow that is sitting here, even with the nature of the conversation. Almost like it had the weight of epochs behind it. The fellow shakes his head and does a brief eye-roll.

"It is always best to be polite, whether one is a guest, a host, or simply meeting someone on the street. One may lose important Wisdom by alienating those who would provide it. Bearing in mind, of course, the previous notation about opportunity and options. And yes. Magic capability and power. I really don't have that. Used to think it might be cool to, you know, toss fireballs or something, but after reading up on some of the stuff that Starhawk and Robin Wood put out there, I… really don't need that? I mean, it might be kinda neat but the amount of kickback to do something… really not worth the price of admission, if you know what I mean?"


Poor Jim. Rain blinks owlishly, looking confused. "I see. Well, I -" Pause. "Uhm. Talk about it when you like," She manages to offer. Rain seems genuinely caring, if a bit nerdy and overwhelmed. "He seems like quite a fellow," She remarks. Notably, Rain avoids human centric nouns. She lives with a talking cat, a golem, some demons and who knows what else. Either way.

She's a good audience, smiling as he accepts the tea. "I hadn't thought of it that way," She offers. "I haven't really taught anyone anything. I - have other talents," She admits. And she seems surprised by how spiritual the guy is. The bafflement shows in her violet eyes, as she peers at him. At least Rain got purple eyes and not horns or something worse.

"Of course," She murmurs. "I just adhere to the 'don't be a jerk' rule of life," She remarks. "And uhm. Depends on the kind of magic, actually. Some takes a toll on its user, some depletes things, others are simply slow to deploy. Magic is very personal. But I don't suggest bargaining your way into it. That tends to be as you said, not worth it. And uh, I declined the 12 inch wand. The jokes would never end."


"You ever get the feeling you know a person, and then you suddenly realize that you don't even know a hundredth of what they are all about? Sort of like me and the partner. Yet, apparently, this is a two-way street, because I'm constantly dropping knowledge bombs on him that leave him a bit puzzled. And the payback… well, sometimes it's a bit fun, at least?

He sips at the tea. "Guidance is a very hard task. Sometimes unrewarding, but then you get that one student that takes what you've provided, and comes up with something new. And no, I'm not a schoolteacher or anything. That's the partner's… 'thing', for lack of a better term?"

Jim nods vigorously to the 'don't be a jerk' philosophy. "Five dollah foot long?" he quips playfully, ducking from a potential thrown pillow or the sort. What can he say, his comedic timing usually sucks but when there's an opening…


Rain listens again. "Yeah," She nods. "A bit," She admits. Her teacher comes to mind, a certain mischievous Asgardian of change and chaos. Every time she learns something, she realizes how small her picture is. "I can understand that," She adds. "But if you care, then that's part of the charm, huh?" A wry smile.

Captain wakes up, and the orange cat and his orangey pink nose with black dots are coming over to sniff Jim if he doesn't move away. Rain steeps her tea, before setting the infuser to the side. "Ah," She nods. "Five- hey," She laughs at his joke. And fortunately, the pillows are near him. "That was terrible, but I left the opening…" A sheepish grin. Her expression is a bit brighter. Bad jokes are awesome. "And uhm, let me know if I need to move Captain there."

"I am PERFECTLY capable of moving myself," The cat states in a rich baritone, tinged by a Gotham accent.


Jim snap-shots at Rain after his joke, much like a certain technological genius is wont to do at points. "Knowing the hows and the whys behind a thing sometimes is more important than the thing itself. Just think of how many wars could be avoided, so many different things in the world with just a bit more information. Granted, too much can also be a bad thing, yes."

The fellow holds the back of his hand down for the feline to sniff.

It's only what cats do, after all. Jim's not a cat-person, but he knows that the absolute worst thing to do is try to shy away from a cat. It's pretty much ingrained in them to start climbing over such a choice target.

"Oh, hey there big… guy?" The speech-thing does raise a bit of an eyebrow for a moment.


Okay, perhaps not quite the reaction one might think. "So, you one of the erudite felines who gets insulted at being talked down to, or are you more like the sort that appreciates the pampering or somewhere in-between?"

Yes, adaptation on the fly, Jim has it.


Rain smiles at the snap-shot. She seems amused by it. "Sometimes, yeah," She murmurs. "People do suffer overload," She notes. "Life is full of important context," She remarks. And Captain sniffs at the hand, then nudges it with a whiskery cheek.

"Yes," He remarks. Big guy. Captain is a jowly boy cat. He tenses for a second, eyes widening. So does Rain. The two blink and Rain smiles. Captain seems amused. "Oh, it depends. I encourage everyone to accept their feline overlords…" He lifts a paw. Yes, it's quite silly. "I prefer not to be talked down to. I am a cat," He states. And clearly, Rain is owned by her cat. It's so rarely the other way around. He sits before Jim, curious and listening. "Be yourself." Yes. Rain sips her tea. "And the house staff is mostly out at the moment. It's their day off." She goes quiet a moment. "I hope the house didn't land near or on anything important to you?"


Jim smiles, adding a few lines to the bit of weathering on his face. "My, aren't you a courteous fellow. Why thank you! Don't mind if I totally ignore you but absently show affection the way that felines do to people they own." Judging by the tone, though, the guy is joking, even as he reaches down and scratches behind the Captain's ears.

"We had several mini-overlords… and ladies around the house when I was younger but when I got out on my own, well, it's not fair to them to be struggling to eat myself and trying to take care of them? And my mom was on the border of lost to the feline… or whatever the proper term for 'crazy cat lady' would be? Any rate, I appreciate the thought and… well. Not as far as I'm aware of? I just hope it was quick for the woman who got crushed? No, not that I hold anything against them — that's a horrible way to go — but, better that kind of thing happen fast rather than linger in pain?"

Jim IS trying to be respectful but he kind of stumbles through that.


Captain looks amused. He grunts softly, "Hah… fair enough," He leans his head, ears tilting a little at the scratches. He half-closes his eyes and if Jim keeps scratching, purring will ensue. Rain smiles. Awww, mini-overlords. Then she frowns. "Ah," She nods. "She was my aunt. But I think I know what you mean," Rain remarks. She seems a little quieter at that. "Long story short, her drinking caught up to her when she cast a spell."

Rain takes a deep breath. "I suppose you're right." She sips her tea again, closing her eyes. Captain is purring quietly. "It happens." People's bad habits catch up with them, and so the world goes. She doesn't seem offended. "It's been more tricky dealing with all the legal stuff and hoping none of my less friendly relatives shows up," She thinks a moment.


There is more petting. Let the purring… Begin.

"And I suspect that's why the partner is all over the whole sobriety thing. It's one thing to be a drunk, dangerous enough that. But then to be working with heavy equipment at the one job and highly technical equipment at the other… yeah, that probably wouldn't work out so well."

He takes a deep sip of the tea then considers. "Did your aunt have any sort of will or heirs or anything like that? Do you need an attorney? What are you relatives like, and will the house beat on them for being dorks if they're really stupid?"


Purr, purr, purr. Aw yiss. Scritchin's. Captain likes it plenty.

Rain is quiet and nods. "Yeah. Definitely not magic or heavy equipment," She agrees. Rain hms. "Well, I imagine it depends on what you drink, too. There's light and heavy things." She shrugs.

"No, not really. They called me since I was the only relative they were able to locate. And I might. And they're magic. Powerfully magic. And no." She sighs. "I'm something of an anomaly. I wasn't supposed to have magic. But I do and this happened. I was homeless for a year or two at least. And now…" Hand wave. She's a homeowner. Of a sort. "But I have Captain and most people seem - reasonable in the face of it all."


"I've been dying to just get ripped. Haven't done that for years and I've mostly forgotten the bad parts about it so it'd almost be like a trip down memory lane. Childish, selfish, foolish, yeah. Been there, heard that."

More scritchins for the burly feline overlord.

"I remember reading in some book once that magic follows need. And it is very fickle and unpredictable." Jim hesitates and bites his tongue to avoid drawing an analogy to a certain individual. Given his luck and the way the day is going, that'd go right weird. "Or, like the Stones used to say… 'Y' can't always get what you want… you can't always get what you want… but if you try sometimes, you get what you need?"


Rain looks quietly amused. "Oh, I wasn't going to say anything," She shrugs. "I do cure hangovers," She winks. "I'm serious and teasing. I wouldn't charge you for it." Captain's purr is deep, rich and intense. He has a strong voice and he is happy to be scritched, tail a-wriggle and ears tilted into a content angle.

Rain listens again. She rubs the back of her head. "Who knows? Maybe it was genetics and fate. It's sort of a funny story how it went down, but." She sighs. She smirks as he quotes the Stones. "Actually, yeah. That's about what happened. Fair enough. I can't complain honestly. How many people deal with this magic?" A shrug. "Not many. That's really the story so far. Drunken woman calls down house, gets landed on."

"And I don't think anyone would think less of you for one indulgence. Maybe. I'm bad at that sort of thing." Rain admits. "Hm. You like books?"


"Well, isn't that a handy knack to have. And while that would be a kindness of you to offer, part of the pay-back for having the obliteration for a while is the hangover. Ya gotta pay the dues if y' wanna sing the blues, right?" Wow, Jim, being so lyrical tonight, are we?

"As long as you always remember the cost, what you're willing to pay, what you reasonably expect others to pay, and be ready for the settling of the bill when it comes tally-time, that should be good enough, right?"

Conversational shift, Jim!

"I've read a few, but I avoid the horrifically popular stuff. I've been told I REALLY dodged a bullet with the Meyer stuff."


"Healing is my strong point," Rain finally admits. But then a smile at his quote. "Fair enough. But I will be here should you wish it," She remarks quietly. "And strictly speaking, the cost is really - nothing. Aside from taxing me and having to deal with all this magic crap," A deep sigh. Her eyebrows furrow.

Captain purrs, curling into a ball by Jim. He seems content to just cat it up for awhile, as felines are wont to do. "And yeah, you did. I read it to try it and I think if I ever try to give myself more time, it would be to get the time spent reading it back." Frown. "Then again, at least I know what suffering sometimes entails." A wink at that. "I've been reading more and more since this whole business started," She adds. "Ah! Would you like anything to eat?"


Jim nods at the comment about healing. "Healing is a very important and lost art in this day and age. There are many folks out there that can't afford insurance or simply don't want to go on the dole to get some basic treatment. Totally get that. And Threefold would apply there, somehow. Because there's no way I'm going to take it as a charity, even if that is *your* Way that's not how I roll. A fair price for a fair service. And you have to remember that it's not crap. It's a gift, a blessing, or perhaps a curse, but definitely not crap."

He takes great care not to disturb the fluff ball.

"My reading except for some books on the Arts had been largely sci - fi stuff, old school, kicking it with Heinlein and Asimov and Clarke and all. Lackey's about my only guilty fantasy pleasure?" Pause. "I could go for a nice salad, maybe with some chicken or ham? And leave the mushrooms, fungus makes me ill. Please? I can come help make it up, even, if I can extricate myself?" He glances down at the sleeping overlord.


Rain is quiet, and nods. "Yeah. It's how I kept in food, clean clothes and stuff," She admits with a wry smile. "It can be all three," She notes. "And fine, fine. The first is on the house, the rest is on usual rates," She half-grins, holding up her hands. "We'll see how it goes. I genuinely hope you don't need such services," She remarks. Really, needing a healer usually indicates some sort of injury or worse.

Captain is drifting off to sleep. He is a mighty fluff ball.

"Oh? Huh. Sci - fi is awesome," She agrees. She nods as he comments on the books. "And sure, there's some of that stuff in the kitchen. I think you'll be fine. He's a hard core sleeper," Rain peers to Captain. The cat snores softly. Kitteh snores. "You can come in and make it if you like, or whatever. It's a salad, I'm not building a circuit board." Grin. She will stand.


There's a bit of an understanding expression on Jim's face and he lets out a slow breath. Normally he wouldn't be worried about needing a healer but after events today… well.

He slowly gets up and follows Rain into the kitchen, walking very slowly and minding creaking floorboards, keeping his tone quiet but not whispering. "Alrighty."


Rain doesn't seem to mind. She will lead into the kitchen. Captain remains asleep while they prepare Jim a nice salad. Rain will probably join in on the salad action. No fair eating pasta in front of someone eating salad, after all. It's a quiet way to spend some time, but she seems happy for the company. He's not selling anything or trying to pick up on hexes (She only practices SAFE hex) or whatever.

And so the time passes, until he wishes to go. She seems to be doing okay as a hostess, it seems.

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