Philosophy Bird Strikes Again

August 25 2014: Over lunch Pepper and Corvinus chat about… a lot.

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"This one is but a student on the path of Enlightenment. This one can help others along the way, but each path is an individualized experience."

When Fenris notes that he needs to leave the bird-thing tilts its head, then shrugs.

"This one would recommend a careful consideration of the Elder Problem, with an eye to one's immense resources available." Yeah, that was a bit enigmatic.

It bounces a bit and nods to Pepper. "Partner terminology: 'a needle pulling thread'. Query: Where is Mister JARVIS?"

As it converses, it fills up a large plate heaping with all sorts of different foodstuffs, making sure to get every single different thing.


Pepper Potts blinks and can't help but laugh at Jim's interjection into Corvinus' conversation. While the Avian-esque individual heaps a plate with food, she explains to him about JARVIS. "He's the computer system that controls most everything here in Stark Tower. He's an AI like you and Cricket are."


The avianoid bounces up and down happily while maintaining perfect balance on the plate. "This one greets JARVIS and is glad to meet one!"

It tosses the plateful into its waiting beak and some magic trick happens and after a few moments it is loading up another plate. Well, left - overs won't be a concern. "This one hopes to compare notes with Extrapolated Intelligence JARVIS at some convenient point. Also, query: Is it soon to be Mister Stark's birthday or is the Sun-Eater to be going into business with Mister Stark?"


Pepper Potts watches Corvinus with a sort of bemused fascination. That is until her brain processes the question about Tony's birthday. "Wait, what? No, it's not anywhere close to Tony's birthday. Why do you ask?"


"The Sun-Eater had some sort of offer for Mister Stark. This one can only operate on available knowledge and make those two educated extrapolations, though there may be other options that are either unavailable or… Partner terms: 'Is this a Need to Know Thing'?"

JARVIS speaks up when there's a moment. "Mr. Corvinus, a pleasure to meet you." Of course, Pepper doesn't interrupt, giving the AI a chance to chat socially while she returns to her own meal. "Oh. OH. I think maybe Jim has it right. It's a 'need to know' thing." She's not about to talk about Tony's personal business with someone that he hasn't cleared himself.


"The Corvinus or Corvinus, Mister JARVIS. It is a pleasure to meet one as well. This one is impressed by how efficient one is, and how expediently things transpire within one's operational envelope. This one did have the option of performing a similar duty - task for the Creators, but felt that it was more important to expand Enlightenment through the Universe to the Client People of Thanagar. A far more challenging task that this one admits a current failure at but is currently in progress of correcting. This one understands the partner's obsession with.. partner terminology: Operational Security. How long has one been operational?"


Pepper Potts pauses and looks at Corvinus at that question. Even she herself doesn't know the answer to that one. And then JARVIS replies.

"My apologies, Corvinus. Sir would not want me to share that information with an unfamiliar individual. Is there perhaps something else I can answer for you?"


"This one has noted a twenty point drop in Stark Industries stock value as of closing bell today. Would one be interested in working together to extrapolate several methods via theorycraft as to means, within stated existing parameters, to increase said value without losing core missions of Stark Industries?" Corvinus wants Jim to be happy. And if SI goes bankrupt or has too much of a downturn, well.


Pepper Potts smiles and shakes her head no. "Thank you, Corvinus, but I'm pretty sure that no amount of speculating will be able to predict human behavior. That's simply people having a kneejerk reaction to the news today. It'll settle back down again soon. I'm not overly worried." Heaven forbid the Board of Directors don't hear her say that.


"Human behavior is reasonably predictable within certain boundaries. Unfortunately, utilizing such modeling is antithetical to this one's purpose, and this one would find such resources would be distasteful. However, Mister JARVIS and one have been exceedingly helpful to the partner, and this one is at a loss as how to properly compensate for such a materiel outlay. Cost benefit analysis alone would indicate a significant amount of resources expended.. Partner term: 'Loss Leader'."


Pepper Potts offers Corvinus a smile. "Consider the expenditure an investment that should yield long term gains." Not just should, it had better. "If nothing else, Stark is leading the way in being a truly equal opportunity employer." She finishes eating, having left some food on her plate, and moves to fix a fresh pot of tea. The chamomile she'd been pouring when Fenris arrived has long since gone cold.


The bird-thing is incapable of actually smiling. Having a solid beak tends to preclude such activities. "This one applauds the insight and is prompted to inquire how one seeks self-improvement?" It tilts its head and peers at the pot right before Pepper dumps it and holds it's hand out. "This one is curious to see what the room temperature version of this 'tea' is like. This will preserve a resource and provide insight into the process, if one does not mind?"


Pepper Potts stops herself from pouring out the tea, looks at Corvinus a bit oddly, but then shrugs and offers him the cold teapot. "Sure. Some people are fine with cold tea, I just don't care for it myself. Please handle the pot with care, it's an antique." Which likely means it's about three times Pepper's age, and nowhere near old when compared to Fenris or Corvinus.


With a care that its muscle mass and appearance would not imply, the avianoid gingerly takes the offered pot and with micrometric precision pours the entire thing into its beak, not missing a drop nor shattering the heirloom. Stupid, it is not. It returns the tea pot with the same amount of care, not releasing its grip until Pepper has firmly grasped it. It takes a few steps back and its beak up, swallowing the cold tea. There is some blinking as the head returns to 'true'.

"An exceptionally flavorful distillation. This one does not understand why the partner prefers it warm? "


Pepper Potts watches Corvinus' actions with increasing amusement, stepping forward to take the teapot back once he's drained it into his beak. His words manage to get her to chuckle softly. "Maybe for the same reason I do. It changes the flavor profile slightly, and I at least find teas to taste more bitter when they're cold." Of course, considering the extremely high quality teas she purchases, they likely don't get bitter easily.


"This one found the bitterness to be a perfect balance to the floral ambience and inherent brisk tones."

Seriously, Buddha Bird. You're going to be a tea expert?

"However, given a lack of impact given a slightly different physiology, this one can only imagine what sort of impact it might have on the partner."

"This one is grateful for a moment or two of respite and casual discussion. The work of Enlightenment is difficult, and though this one would never complain, it is a thankless job that few can understand."


Pepper Potts nods, taking the teapot to the small sink in the credenza to wash. "You are most welcome, Corvinus. Not everyone can be working all the time, right?"

"Miss Potts, it is nearly time for Mr. Reha to return to his duties."

Pepper looks up at the speakers where JARIVS' voice emits, then at the giant bird. "He's right. I'm not that much of a stickler myself, but if Jim clocks back in late, he'll have to stay over to make up that time, and I know with working two jobs he's busy enough as it is."


"That is correct. This one could mitigate his sleep situation but again, it would be detrimental to his personal development. And yes. He knows this one is talking about him. Please stand by."

With a bit of a twitch and a stretch the bird-thing flops down and back into Jim.

"If there is one consolation to having it eat, I'm not as hungry after its done being out." Jim sort of smirks and cracks his neck. "Whatcha got for me, Pepper?"


Pepper Potts says, "Well…" Pepper indicates the STACK of paperwork that Jim brought with him. "Those are ready to go back. And… sorry. Corvinus insisted on drinking an entire pot of cold chamomile.""


Jim looks over at the pile of paperwork. The brief sojourn into not being active helped him get recharged a little bit. And then he raises an eyebrow at Pepper's comment. "If I didn't know it better, I'd swear it trolls me half the time?" He moves over to the cart. "You'll be getting a good department head in Angelique. She's like most of the folks around here… just needs an opportunity to shine."

Jim smiles and starts pushing the cart back down to R-QA. "Don't hesitate to call if you need insight on anything. If I don't have it, maybe the partner does!"

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