An Offer He Can Refuse

August 27, 2014: Alan offers Clark a job.

Alan's office in Gotham.



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When Clark gives his name to the security guards in the lobby, it's clear he is expected. He's directed to the elevators and they unlock the button to the top floor from their console. When he arrives, he's escorted by Alan's secretary into the CEO's office. "Mr. Kent." Alan says, standing and moving around his desk to offer a hand. "Thank you for coming. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Same, Mr. Scott," Clark says as he reaches out to shake the other man's hand. He looks like a bit of a train wreck: disheveled hair, suit that is far too heavy for the weather, and it's not clear if the tie matches or not. It probably wasn't on purpose. His longish black hair hangs over a pair of round eyeglasses that make his eyes seem alarmingly big.

"Can we get you something to eat or drink? Would you like a moment to go freshen up?" Alan offers. "There is nothing to discuss that can't wait a bit." Though in case the answer is no, he does move aside enough to clear a pat to the chair facing the desk.

Clark shakes his head slowly, as if not getting the implication. "No, I'm fine, thank you. I'd rather get started right away."

"All right then." Alan agrees and motions to the chair before returning to his own. "Let me start by saying I was most impressed with your story on Tony Stark. It's not often I see that kind of journalism or journalists willing to take on wealthy, well known public figures."

"Thank you," Clark says as he takes a seat and leans back in his chair slightly. He brings one of his legs over the other and sees where else this is going.

"I worked rather hard on the piece. I feel like it turned out well."

"It did indeed. Very much so." Alan agrees. "Very impressive." he repeats. "Now, it's no secret that I've got my eye on the Daily Planet. I feel it would make a fine addition to the GBC empire. Not only we, but the Daily Planet as well, would benefit. Unfortunately, they haven't been willing to sell it to me." The 'yet' goes unspoken.

Clark tilts his head to the side quizzically. "I'm not sure how I can help, Mr. Scott. The Daily Planet is owned by a consortium. A simple writer doesn't really have a lot of sway with such things. But I'm sure you know that."

"Oh, I wasn't asking you to try to influence them, Mr. Kent." Alan answers, smiling at the mixed signal. "No. I'm asking you to come work for me. Like I said, I was quite impressed with your article and what it says about you as a journalist. You're the kind of reporter I want on my team."

Clark chuckles and shakes his head slowly, "I really appreciate the offer, Mr. Scott. Truly I do. But Metropolis is my home, and moreover the Planet gave me my start. When no one else would take me, they allowed me to get my foot in the door. I owe them my loyalty."

"As you probably already know, we do have offices in Metropolis." Alan points out. "And most other major cities if you ever feel like traveling around. So that's not an issue. And while I certainly appreciate loyalty, you've certainly paid if back with your service to them. But more, you owe it less to the corporation and more to the one who took that chance. And if he's as good at what he does as you are at what you do, I'd be willing to hire him as well. And your assistant if you have one."

Clark shakes his head again, "I'm sorry Mr. Scott. I'm very flattered, but I'm going to stay with the Daily Planet. Should you get your wish and end up buying it, I'd look forward to working for you."

"There's nothing I can say to change your mind, Mr. Kent?" It's not really a question as Alan studies the man across from him. "It goes without saying that your salary would exceed what you're earning now. And your work wouldn't be limited to just newsprint. Your stories could be broadcast from coast to coast as well as outside the country."

"I understand. But like I said, I'm very loyal to the Planet, and want to honor them now that I've begun to get credit for some of my work. I hope to be a one organization man by the time I retire," Clark replies.

Alan studies Clark a moment then nods before standing. "I can respect that attitude. My offer stands though, Mr. Kent. And should the Daily Planet be sold, to someone other than me, do keep my offer in mind. I'm sorry you came all this way to no purpose. Please let us fly you back to Metropolis."

"Don't worry about it. I'm taking an extra day off and will be staying in Gotham over the weekend. I've been here only a few times and want to see some of the sights." Clark says as he rises. He reaches out towards Alan to shake his hand a final time. "Thank you very much for your offer."

"Well, be sure to stay in the better parts of town." Alan cautions then chuckles. "There are some even the Batman is hesitant to go into." He clasps the hand then escorts Clark to the door. "Good meeting you, Mr. Kent. I hope to do so again, sometime."

"I'll take that advice," Clark says with a smile. "It was nice meeting you too, Mr. Scott. I look forward to seeing you again sometime." Clark gives him a final nod and heads out of the office.

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