An Uneasy Truce

August 28 2014: Alone and angry, Kara Zor-El needs the help of the only Earthling she knows to recover whatever is left of her ship.

Siberia, Russia

A secret base in Russia.



  • Contracted Thugs

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Rose Wilson had blown a contract. Her reputation would suffer. That meant her asking prices would have to drop. It took a hundred wins to erase a failure, unless that failure was handed out by a total badass. Not many would hold it against you if you lost to the Bat, after all. But Rose had done worse than that.

She had walked away. She'd partially been kicking herself. Her ex-boss would want his money back. He wouldn't get it, but like she'd told the man over the phone, she hadn't signed on to kidnap some scared little girl. He'd made his threats. His goons were probably after her right now. Meh. She'd faced worse.

For now… it was a beach in Thailand. Well, a smelly beach. You didn't really want to swim this close to the river that flowed through Bangkok. It was like swimming in the East River back in New York. Just ASKING to catch something incurable.

The teen wasn't wearing her 'work' clothes today. No armor, no swords. There was a holdout pistol in the back of her jeans and a rather large, serrated knife in her right boot, though. One could never be too prepared. The eyepatch and white hair made her stand out, especially in such a dark-haired asian-dominated town. But whatevs. Her hotel was an anonymous dive that didn't require identification or a credit card. Cash only, just the way she liked it.

And close enough to the beach to catch a Mai Tai or five.

For now, it was downtime until her boat out of here left. Flying was too risky, what with all the TSA and everything to go through. The young woman leans over the railing of the foot bridge she was on, frowning at people in the park across the way. So happy, so carefree… so stupid. It makes her want to roll her eyes every time that couple holding hands laughed.

No threats in sight. No one who looked suspicious, out of place. Too many who kept looking at her, though. She did stand out, after all. Her leather jacket didn't quite reach her pants, and her t-shirt rode up every time she lifted a hand to brush back some of her long platinum locks. Idly, the piece of kryptonite in her pocket gets fingered. She already had an interested buyer, just had to get back to the States.

A new Kryptonian running around, apparently with all the powers of the original, or enough of them to trouble some assholes. Wonder how that would change the game? Alone, frightened, confused… Good or bad? Wasn't her concern.
…Unless they met again.

Unless the met again.

And for better or worse, Kara Zor-El never forgot the face of the woman who let her walk away. Not that Rose would be easy to miss ordinarily, given her white mane of hair and eyepatch, but she was also the only face the Kryptonian woman could associate with a voice in this Rao-forsaken rock.

She couldn't understand the words, but Kara knew compassion when she saw it, even if masked by heavy sarcasm, and that smirk haunted her memories still as the young Kryptonian remained up in space, where it was quiet, away from just how overwhelming it got on Earth. What a noisy planet. She had only heard tales about it, of how uncivilized it was, and so far the Kryptonian had no reason to believe it to be any better than those tales.

But maybe this white haired woman is somehow different and, as much as it bothers her, Kara Zor-El needs help.

When Kara found she would need pieces of her pod to gain entry to Sanctuary, a building grown from Kryptonian in her main ship now lying under the ocean, she returned to Russia to find her pod missing. Where? Somewhere she couldn't find. But this woman? This woman she could… it was just a matter of closing her eyes… and listening to that one voice she knew in the whole planet.

As scary as it felt when she did this at first, by now the blonde alien is used to pinpointing the white-haired fighter whenever she speaks.

It happens the next time Rose speaks up on Earth: a bolt of red and blue and yellow zips directly from above, through ceilings and concrete, to grab her and go back up. No talk, no 'Come with me, please' Superman might have given. It's one hand around the mercenary's waist, another around her throat, as they fly up and over those beaches in a flash. Kara's speed, however, somehow doesn't affect Rose or her ability to survive so much pressure and air resistance.

"Rose. Wilson.", Kara speaks with some difficulty, by the woman's ear, having heard her conversation with whoever contracted her and barely understood anything other than their names.

«You are giving me answers… or I'm taking them from you.», growls Kara as they land over a building somewhere in another country and the alien pushes the human woman against the wall. She clearly measures her strength: aggressive, but still no Azrael. "You. I. Talk!", the girl speaks, not looking very menacing aside from the fact she could raze a city in a matter of minutes. Although Kara doesn't look tired, she still has debris on her hair and shoulders from the fight in Russia. She probably didn't stop anywhere to relax and recompose.

"That's right, buddy." Rose half-murmurs to herself, watching some quintessentially-80s guy (the fashions always took a decade or more to traverse the oceans, which meant this guy was only ridiculously retro, not pathetically stunted in an alternate time) was leading some bimbo to his fancy car. "Enjoy it while you can. As soon as she pops your kid out, that piece of ass is taking her alimony, child support, and ditching yo-OOUUUU!"

She never really gets to finish that thought.

She could feel it coming, but her enhanced reflexes don't get her out of the way nearly in time. A strong arm around her narrow waist, another over her throat, at least not cutting off her oxygen supply. She knows she can hurt this person, that was probably the best, and only, perk of her old job: Wiping the smirk off of so-called 'invulnerable' metas faces.

But she's going fast. Kara might not be able to squish her like a bug as she would a normal human, but going this fast, this far… a fall at this speed is still likely to kill her. Rose is a good little hostage. Right up until they land.

The platinum blonde is shoved up against the wall with a little 'unng' of discomfort, her blue eye narrow, gauging Kara. Judging by what she could see in her peripherals, what she'd seen flying here, the direction they'd headed… Probably Vietnam.

"So you speak like a human. Here's the thing, though." Rose's knee comes up, slashing in from the side as she twist's her hips, right for the side of Kara's waist. Discomfort, pain, distraction. The real threat comes from the left, the hand chopping into the side of the pretty blonde's head, just behind her jaw and ear. Pain, disorientation.

It's followed up with a grab for the Kryptonian's wrist, ducking under, to the side, spinning, trying to twist that arm up painfully behind her, lock her joint at the elbow, shove Supergirl against the wall. She couldn't overpower Supergirl even if she could lessen the impact of her phenomenal strength. Her best bet would be debilitating or neutralizing her.

But the cute little tart wanted to talk. Ravager was game. On her own terms.

"I kind of need my space. So you know my name. Time for yours, Blondie."

The knee is something Kara can see. In fact, she can see it in slow motion… but her mind is fried. She has been active for too long, and even if she doesn't feel the need to sleep anymore, the Kryptonian's mind has already gone into that overlapping phase, where waves of thought desynch and waver, entwining with each other and scrambling her actions.

Also, she was hit by lasers and crashed into mountains. This girl c-

"OOF!", and Kara remembers why this one was special from the moment they had met. This one can hurt her fo-

WHACK, comes the blow to her head, almost knocking Kara out, forcing her to take a knee. A cut shows up on the blonde's temple, and as her body feels the pain of this attack suddenly the Kryptonian is, again, at odds with her new-found powers. Her fatigue settles, and soon enough she is shoved face first into a wall.

Kara's ear is still ringing from the blow as her cheeks caress the concrete without even taking notice of how rough it is. It just doesn't phase her. The woman, however, and that twisting of her arm, those get Kara to scream helplessly.

«STOP! THIS HURTS!!!», she growls in anguish, not used to powering through pain. She's young, though… soon enough she will, if things keep happening at this pace. Kara cannot concentrate on anything -but- the pain, and her trashing causes some cracks on the floor bellow.

It isn't the cracks that should worry Rose, however, as the alien's whole body glows softly in orange, and then brighter, as her temperature rises, up to the point it could easily cook meat on her skin, probably forcing the mercenary off of her.

If it does, Kara quickly turns back at Rose, blinking away a tear, once again showing she is not cut for the rough tumbles in alleys as Slade Wilson's daughter is, caressing her wrist, and frowning, gritting her teeth.

«I hate this place…», Kara hisses, before clearing her throat.


Poor blonde priss. She obviously wasn't used to people who could really hurt her. Bitch had probably been invincible her whole life. Briefly, Rose wonders if Superman was this big of a wuss. This girl, she looked like she should still be in high school, probably on her way home from cheerleading practice. No wonder she wasn't all that tough. Likely had never so much as pricked her thumb in her life.

Then the chick starts to… heat up!? THAT was unexpected. She couldn't remember Superman ever glowing or something. Rose holds on until she feels her hands start to burn. With a small hiss, the white-haired mercenary lets go of her quarry, backing off, allowing Supergirl to cry and rub her wrist and turn around.

She might be a huge wuss, but there was still things like laser eyes and sonic-punches to contend with. And probably freeze breath and apparently super-soprano, or whatever had given her a killer migraine the other day.

More of the unpronouncable monkey-speak. Then some English. Rose frowns. Why was she shouting? Then again, most people seemed to think talking louder and slower somehow made foreigners better able to understand them. In reply…

…Rose's slim shoulders just bob in a shrug. "Dunno. Don't care. You found me. You want those guys, go get 'em. Neither of you are really my problem anymore. And, Princess, I suggest you keep it that way. You've already taken me away from my boat, that's strike one. Manhandling me was strike two. Let's not get to three."

With that, the famed mercenary's daughter turns around, tossing a little, dismissive wave over her shoulder and starts to walk off. Shit. It was never that easy. Little cheerleader. Lost. Alone. Probably scared. Almost sent her to slavery. …And if she went after that mysterious boss man, might keep that ass-hat off HER back if she managed to wreck his operation looking for her little ship or whatever else.

The one-eyed Ravager stops, props her hands on her hips, and dips her head with a little sigh. She half-turns around, offering her right profile, with her good eye. "Probably in Siberia. Yakutsk. Has a lab there he wanted me to take it to. Better hurry, he's probably dissecting it right now."

The second Rose starts to leave, Kara feels her vision glowing red, that much energy pooling just behind her eyes almost making the Kryptonian's head ache. For a moment the blonde almost shoots a beam of concentrated energy besides the mercenary to show what would happen should she leave, but…

This is not like their first fight. Kara can hear people in this building. She has to fight NOT to hear them all over town! Instead, the alien just takes a step forward, as if to fly after the white-haired woman, and stops herself as Rose herself pauses.

There's a distinct frown on Kara's face as she is spoken to but can barely understand what's being said. Something about a Siberia. A person? A place? She cannot tell. Instead of dwelling on this, however, the young alien approaches Rose with with a frown, showing she is still more than ready to throw down, but she has her palms up, in a show of good will.

If she is allowed to be close enough to the mercenary, then the blonde alien slowly wraps an arm around the other woman's waist. "Where?", she asks, before giving the building bellow them the most gentle nudge with her feet, a faint crack in the concrete showing as they take off without further damage, for once.

The grip is a bit tight, maybe intentionally, but for what's worth, it's strange how Rose barely feels the air crushing her or even impeding her hearing as they zip up in the sky.

"Help me. Help you.", says the alien, still annoyed she has to work with this violent human woman, but somewhat excited this Rose Wilson might be the help she needs.

What an adorable little frown. It was probably meant to look intimidating. Kara really didn't look the part. Sure, she had kind of a badass hairstyle, she obviously kept in shape, but she was far too classically pretty. Maybe if she had more intimidating clothing rather than, say, tights. It was hard to look scary with that much leg showing. It makes the mercenary smirk, one corner of her lips pulling up just a little.

As the Supergirl approaches, the mercenary tenses almost imperceptibly. Only a highly-trained human eye could detect it, but Kara had all her various supervisions. Wouldn't be hard to spot, nor to hear a slightly-elevated heartbeat as she prepped her fight or flight instincts.

She doesn't really want to be taken out for a flight, it left her too vulnerable. Her other option was to hurt the woman so badly she stopped trying to take them for a little spin. The woman wants to be taken to Siberia. To the lab. To her ship. Help you? Offering a lift. Well, it would shave over a week off of her travel time.

"I'll show you. Then you take me there." The white-haired young woman points towards the clear blue, shimmering ocean in the distance. "Over the water." Her arm forms a curve as she sweeps her hand across it, her other hanging tightly onto Supergirl's shoulders, prepared to make this chick pay if she tries a double-cross. "Way over the water."

"Let's go Cheer-Captain." Rose quips, pointing… back to the west! That's not the right way to Siberia! But it was the right way back to her damned equipment. "Take me back." Her one blue eye locks onto Kara's. "Back. To Bangkok. The city you took me from. Equipment. Uh… stuff. I need stuff." Her free arm mimes stabbing the Kryptonian with something. "I need my equipment."

Why was she helping? Just for a free ride? Not really. Taking out her ex-boss, or at least part of his operation, could only help her out as well. But Blondie didn't need to know that she was getting a two-fer.

Rose Wilson is tense. She is tense like a Warrior in Krypton would be as another of their kind got too close. It is animal instinct and training melded together, Kara knows that much. She has -read- about it for her graduation.

She just never expected to be the source of this kind of fight or flight conflict, and… Rao forgive her, but she kind of likes it! It is almost like she is a feared fighter like Faora Hu-Ul of the story books (war crime reports)… it is empowering. And it is a change of airs to see this Earthling lose that smirk.

But, as much as she lets that power-trip take over for a moment, soon enough Kara lightens her grip, feeling somewhat guilty for abusing this other woman's trust. «I am sorry.», she says, unable to convey the message in Rose's own tongue, before looking at the woman gesticulating.

'Does she want to stab me? How… why wo- Oh! She wants her crude weapons! Mmm… how do I tell her I have no idea of where we are?', Kara ponders, peering into this woman's eye.

For all her crying, Kara Zor-El has some alien nobility about her. She does not avert her gaze, and since she cannot understand the other woman anyway, the Kryptonian just takes this opportunity to look at Rose, trying to get a better sense of who this woman is. What lies in her heart. "Weapons. Bangkok… place?", she murmurs, focused on Rose's expressions and, then, zipping into the general area the mercenary points.

Kara can hear about this Bangkok as they break the sound barrier around them, even if Rose and her seem to be enveloped by some sort of field that keeps the human from behind shredded to bits. The world move in fast forward beneath them and Kara flies with her eyes closed, which means every now and then Rose has the privilege to spot a plane she could have easily crashed through. This girl is dangerously untrained.

And a few missed cities later, they arrive in Bangkok, the spot where there's still a hole in the building Rose was in, where she was kidnapped. Following directions, the alien soon takes her mercenary… guide… back to her cash-only hotel.

They land, and Kara wrinkles her nose. The water here smells. Maybe this is what they call 'pollution'? So uncivilized…

"Bangkok. Place." Rose repeats. There really wasn't much of a reason to have a lengthy conversation with this woman, or explain about the city, the country it lay in, or… whatever else. Whoever this was wouldn't even understand it anyway. She didn't even have the woman's name. But then, if all went according to plan, they'd only have an afternoon, and maybe part of an evening, together before she hopefully never saw another alien again.

They almost hit a few planes. The woman was out of her mind. Or maybe so keen on her invincibility that she didn't think hitting a plane mattered. Given their previous interactions, maybe she thought Rose was just as tough as she was, physically. Well, that would be an illusion she would keep up as long as possible. Better to have a Kryptonian be wary and hesitant to start something, never knowing just what your limits really are.

Rose is silent for most of the trip, only speaking or motioning to guide their flight. Of course, the trip is over in about a minute, too. Thankfully, Supergirl hadn't crashed into her hotel, so she didn't have any explaining to do. Just a window to go through. The lock was a joke, it's opened like it wasn't even there, and the lithe teen slips through the portal, collecting her belongings. She didn't have many.

Traveled light for the job, and didn't exactly have a permanent residence at the moment.

She changes right there in the room, leaving Kara floating outside the second-story window, stripping off her street clothes. These are put in a little knapsack. Her black, thick spandex outfit is pulled on, her body armor over it, the protective wrist-guards, the shin-guards, swords strapped to her back. The outfit Kara first saw her in. The mercenary looks back out the window as she slings her knapsack, carrying a whole two changes of clothes in it and what few possessions she had in this world that weren't in hidey holes. Mostly weapons.

She strides to it, straddles the sill, then she points. "North. Fast, or they'll know we're coming. Siberia. Place. Yakutsk. Place." She points again. "North. We go." And then… reluctantly holds out her arm again to be taken. Ugh, /carried/. How humiliating.

What a change. Just now Rose Wilson had been dressed like an Earth's civilian, ordinary and exposed, but now she looked the part of a kidnapper, assassin and cold-hearted soldier. Thing is… she looks the part, but Kara… doesn't feel like she is quite exactly that.

Being unable to talk in the same language as the other woman allowed the Kryptonian to look at this young woman in a different light her brothers and sisters did, and for some reason Kara just smiles at how… awkward this powerful fighter looks when asking for a ride.

Is she ashamed? The alien tilts her head for a moment, taking some time to land close to Rose Wilson again and gently pat her shoulder, nodding, before holding her carefully around the waist. "It's alright.", she says, before caaarefully taking flight and zipping in the direction she is pointed. This time it takes a bit more of searching, an hour or so, before they finally arrive at the place Rose talked about. Kara's temperature rises to match the cold, giving Rose something to fend it off as well, aside from her armor.

"Can't see in.", says Kara, frowning as she feels like she is speaking like an idiot. First thing after breaching Sanctuary: learning the English!

«I think I could just… burst through these walls…», she speaks up, before remembering her companion is not understanding. They land, and Kara holds her palm up, before punching at it, as if asking if she should fly through the wall inside.

"Wipe that smirk off your face." Rose threatens as Kara smiles at her, intentionally taking it as making fun of the fact that she had to be carried. And doing a mission pro-bono, ugh. This little tart was already causing her no manner of trouble. First she'd ruined her reputation on this side of the globe by letting the alien walk away, now she was /helping/ her. And what was she getting in return? A partial-fix on what was Kara's fault anyway and a free ride across the Pacific.

If she had any sense in her head at all, she'd knife the blonde, dump her corpse in the Arctic, and get as far away as possible. But something about their first altercation. Scared, confused, frightened, hurting. Too many memories. This wouldn't fix anything. It wouldn't make the faces that accused her at night any less awful. Couldn't hurt, either, she guessed. Besides, maybe having a super-powered Girl Superman owe her a favor wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

They arrive a little while later. It takes longer because they have to do some good ol' fashioned looking, even with Rose's GPS device helping them along. Yet they arrive, outside of a compound that's partially subterranean. And, of course, the dumbass blonde bimbo wants to go in like a cannonball.

The platinum blonde rolls her eye and frowns, looking away, scanning through a pair of binoculars, looking for entrances. Stealth would be the best way to go. But with this chick? She didn't even know how to fight, didn't know how to throw a proper punch without tipping off her opponent. It was clear the nameless blonde had always relied on her powers. Being that strong, she'd probably never needed to learn how to fight.

Not until she went up against someone like the Ravager, anyway.

With a reluctant sigh, the binoculars are lowered from her face, and the mercenary in black looks to the blonde from her crouched position, nearly on her stomach, and nods her head. "All right, we'll do it your way. Smash and grab, quick and dirty. In and out. Um… Fast. Princess and Ravager go fast. Princess…" She points at the wall. "…Smash."

Kara Zor-El nods solemnly and looks at the facility. Where the human mercenary besides her is on her stomach, all black, Kara stands, not a clue of how to be stealthy, on her graduation clothes, all red and blue, and where the white-haired woman is all skill and training, the Kryptonian is just winging it.

And just like all the times before, Kara just frowns and focuses. Okay, she can do it. She has done it many times before! And she takes off, leaving a crater behind!

'Okay! This is it! Mom, dad, here I go! Into Sanctuary, in- OhRao, that wall looks thick! I CANT MAKE IT! WHATAMIDO-', and at the last moment, the Kryptonian curls into a ball, scared, shielding herself, and losing some of her momentum, crushing the wall just as she had intended, but coming inside rolling on the ground, instead of triumphant like her cousin would.

Good news: As the dust settles, Kara can see her pod being lifted by some cables, being unloaded by a rusty, big truck. That gets her to smile some.

Bad news: She is surrounded by those men in exoskeletons, and soon enough there's a shriek, loud enough to start alarms all over the base, as the Kryptonian tries what worked last time.


Rose… doesn't move. Why bother? Unless those dopes had been smart enough to go collect Kryptonite from some of the other crash debris, there really wasn't anything in there that could hurt the Kryptonian. But if they had, well, they could probably stab her with it or something. I mean, it's not like the girl knew how to fight. Hell, she hadn't even punched through the wall! She'd just kind of… flung herself at it. It makes the mercenary facepalm a little.

She should really just leave, she didn't need her face on any security cameras. Then again, alien chick was her ride. And she did want that favor, could come in handy some day.

"…Really? Shouting my name and everything?"

Rose puts down the binoculars, and butts her head into the snow in front of her softly. She bangs it against the white, powdery substances a few times. Still, she supposed that now she /had/ to help her. After all, she was screaming her name, not much chance of getting away without being identified.

…If there were any survivors, that is.

It's about a minute before Rose is in the compound, having to run the old-fashioned way inside, leaping in a cavorting, twisting somersault through the hole Kara had made. She takes two steps, rises up, body going into the air as two security guards take notice and start to raise pistols. One is stopped by a boot to the neck, the other by a boot to the face, feeling a bone pop satisfyingly there, as the white-haired fighter does the splits in mid air.

She hasn't even landed before her sword is drawn, her momentum carrying her into a third man, one wearing one of those exoskeleton suits. If she was correct, then she had to get her placement just… /right/.

The male dies with a pained grunt as the blade slips between armor plating and through the rubber-coated and mesh joints, of his armored suit, and neatly between the back of his ribs, severing an arterial vein close to his heart. He'd bleed out in less than a minute. Ten seconds in and three down, though now she'd lost the element of surprise.

"Princess!" The mercenary shouts, withdrawing her bloodied blade as she lands, pointing a fist at the pod. "Grab!"

Kara frowns as a few of the men before her have their suits' circuits fry just before her. As the metallic men go limp, there's one sound that is almost deafening to the Kryptonian: the muted cry of a living being being cut and bled.

Just as she opens her palm, allowing one of the soldiers to punch it and do exactly nothing to her, the blonde is still thinking of that sound. She can hear that beating heart, that anguished gurgling. Her gaze locks onto the pod, being taken away, and the unmoving suit of a life extinguishing itself. Grabbing the robotic fist that has just attacked, the alien hurls it out of the compound, taking one step towards her ship…

And cursing herself.

«I cannot believe I am doing this… I don't even know -what- I am doing!», the girl grumbles, mounting on the pod of the dying man, her vision suddenly worried with the life inside, able to see through the metal, finding the man. Carefully, Kara screams "MY SHIP!", yanking the front of that exoskeleton and throwing far away.

«Okay, Kara, you are not much of a fighter, but you -know- this. Humans are not so unlike us… Just… focus…», she murmurs, seeing flesh, blood… and then the torn artery. «Please, Rao… Don't let them take my ship…», she begs, her eyes glowing as the man beneath her howls in pain.

Inside, the artery slowly sizzles and burns together, slowly, VERY slowly. If Rose doesn't go after it, the ropes till load the pod into a futuristic looking aircraft, engines already running.

"Leave him, idiot!" Rose growls, even as she ducks under a robotic fist coming at her face. Her blade goes up, slipping between metal plates, piercing rubber, wire-mesh kevlar designed to stop bullets (but not knives), and into the flesh and bone of the man's elbow. Not lethal, but likely to leave him permanently crippled. A glance back confirms it.

This idiot was trying to save a man who wanted to enslave her. Christ, she really was one of them.

As the person in the exoskeleton shrieks and makes a grab for the torn appendage, the white-haired young woman leaves her sword embedded in his arm, unable to pull it cleanly out, and instead grabs his laser rifle. It was heavy, too heavy for a human to wield effectively.

But not too heavy for the Ravager.

Rose leaps over the railing, boosting off of it, hitting the side of the small ship. One hand grabs around one of the cables, hanging off the side of it like a mountain-climber. Is she going to blast the ropes or…? Nope, she instead blasts a couple of guys in the mechanical armor who are jetpacking towards them! One she takes in the jetpack, letting him fall face-first into the ground. he'd be up soon enough. The other takes it full-on in the torso. That armor might protect him.


The ship? It's lifted successfully into the aircraft. …With Rose.

The mercenary smirks. "Hmph. Not bad. Momma needs a new ride."

Kara not only has the nerve to save that man, but she double checks it, almost a muscle memory of being overwhelmed by her graduation studies. 'He is going to live. Now, my ship and then Sanctuary!', she thinks before turning and seeing Rose hop inside the aircraft.

She smirks, knowing Ravager isn't seeing any of it. This girl is exactly like her heroes, minus the killing part. Rose Wilson moves freely around the room, flipping and jumping and taking on people far more powerful than her with skill and guile.

Yeah, Kara Zor-El is feeling good. A victory at las…

Her vision gets a bit blurry. As if her sugar levels drop, Kara feels her energy levels as low as they have ever been on Earth. She looks at the man now hissing, but alive. She must have spend way much more energy than she had thought… Woah. She is even stumbling her way to the ship with Rose!

"W-wait!", she says, frowning and doing one last effort, something that feels like an incredible feat of will for her, and Kara jumps off the ground, and holds at the aircraft's edge, crawling inside weakly, breathing hard. Her ears are ringing and the alien feels like vomiting.

She has strained herself. She should have let him die… but… what would Mom think ab…

"Go… somthnig…rong…", she whispers at the white-haired woman as Rose takes over the two-men flying vehicle, Kara's vision suddenly going dark.

'And your famil-I WON'T LET YOU DO THIS! YOU HAVE T- OH NO. WHAT HAV-' is all that echoes in darkness, those same screams.

And then blackness.

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