Fire In The Sky

August 28 2014: Rose Wilson gets a contract that pits her against a new Kryptonian arriving on Earth.

Satka, Russia

An abandoned apartment building in rural Russia.



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"Kara, my beautiful, beloved daughter."

"… my hope is that your mother an I have alread ywelcomed you to a new, safe place where the spirit of Krypton can live on, and this message is unnecessary…."

"…but if the opposite is true, know that you carry in your heart the memory of your city…"

"Your planet…"


The spheric space pod crashes onto the countryside of Russia leaving a blazing trail of fire in the sky, a mere touch of the spaceship onto the ground making it bounce and the whole earth beneath it crumble. The vessel, however, keeps jumping in a straight line, wrapped in gravity, until a trail of earth and debris ends up into an abandoned apartment building.

The pod rests, steaming, where a basket ball court should be, between two abandoned buildings. The place is old, and crumbling, dust falling down the ceiling as silence sets over the paisage.

There is no signs of life other than the scans of the men around Rose Wilson point out. There is life inside of it, and it's heat signature is off the charts. All five men in gigantic exosuits look at their appointed field leader, the expensive mercenary daughter of Slade Wilson, waiting orders. Their boss wants the subject, and it's pod, back entirely.

«Life inside, Miss Wilson. How do you want to handle it? The alien seems to be waking from stasis.»

Rose Wilson tried to only take contracts that weren't for scumbags. She didn't do kids, didn't do mass killings of civilians, and she only took political figures that she thought were major assholes. But that led her here to someplace… icky. And cold. Really frickin' cold. Like stupid cold.

Like Siberia cold.

But at least her mysterious contractor's information had been right on the money, the meteor shower (and it's passenger) had been pretty much spot on for the course they had predicted. Rose Wilson watches it fall through a pair of binoculars. Of course, she could only use one side of them, but whatever. The masked, armored mercenary drops the sight-enhancing gear from her face and puts it back where it was held behind the windshielf of her snowmobile.

Settling her weight back down onto the seat, the mercenary fires up her artic conveyance and tears off after it, her entourage in tow.

Now they gathered around a smoking crater. It was her job to make sure no one interferred here. Exterminating hostile alien life forms wasn't in her contract, unfortunately, which meant instant neutralization was out. It was her job to subdue.

The man speaks to her in Russian. For a moment, Rose doesn't respond, staring at the shards of a strange mineral on the ground that came in with the ship. Was that…?

«Contain it by whatever means necessary. Our employer said alive, not necessarily well. If it's hostile, do what you're paid to do.»

Looking as if she doesn't have the patience to explain the jobs of highly-paid mercenaries to highly-paid professionals, Rose bends down with a frown, picking up a green sliver in her thick glove about the side of her finger. "Is that…? What is it doing here…?"

Rose has about ten seconds to ponder this as the men approach the alien pod. At which point Rose's eye widens, she stands up, half-spins, already reaching for one of her swords. «APPREHEND THE ENTITY NOW!»

There is restlesness in Kara Zor-El's sleep. Each time she rolls in her pod, stasis now perturbed, making her bend metal by just brushing her knuckles against it. What is happening? What's going on? Where is she? What's all this heavy clicking and screaming? What's this language?! WHAT IN THE NAME OF RAO HAPPENED!?

The top of the pod bursts open as a small shape comes out of it. The heavy door slams close to one of the soldiers and, despite the exoskelleton, the man has to work at it to keep the metal shell from toppling over. It is -heavy-.

«W-Why am I so high?! What is this place!? Am… Am I dreaming…?», questions a very startled Kara as her form swirls feet… and then a mile above the ground, every muscle in her body contracting and pushing her into a different direction in the air, an invisible force making that slim form look like a young flying heroine Flying Under Influence.

And then she starts falling.

«Ohnononono! OH RAO PLEASE LET ME WAKE U-!!!», and the Kryptonian's form hits and shatters the top of a building, glass and metal shattering as she comes back to where Rose and the soldiers are like an alien living bomb, hitting that spot and anyone there unless they move.

The dust seems to hover about as the men mostly jump out of the way.

"The alien is still alive, Miss Wilson! It's heat signatures are still rising!", speaks an american soldier behind his metal helmet, ignorant to the symbol brandished on the alien's chest: Superman's Symbol.

«I… am alive? What is happening…? Please, tell me wh-…», asks the young Kryptonian amidst the dust, seeing all of the people around her clearly, even through the layers of dirt, and spotting one of the soldiers pointing a gun at her direction. Teary-eyed, fueled by many things she doesn't understand, her memories still fuzzy, Kara frowns deeply.

'Why? Why do they wish her harm? What is happening… What… w… Where… Is…'


And a beam of laser shoots from the cloud, slicing the armed man's robotic arm in half, cleanly, aswell as half the apartment buildings, that slowly start to give out.

The door and the man in the exoskeleton are ignored. If he couldn't handle that simple hazard, he wasn't worth what was paid to him. Then again, considering what she was already suspecting they were up against, she wasn't sure any of them were. But if any of them stood a chance, it was likely to be her.

Kara starts to fly away, and the men with jetpacks are looking to be the only ones able to follow her… until she starts bobbing and weaving enough to make the white-haired mercenary wonder if there was liquor in that little alien pod. She crashes back to Earth. Rose hasn't moved an inch, even as the dust cloud swallows and envelopes her.

The alien cries out in some undecipherable tongue. Laser beams from the eyes. Symbol on her chest. Yep, this was one of them. She'd never tested her abilities on a Kryptonian before. The corners of the girl's lips curve upwards. "This should be fun."

One of the men has his arm blown clean off, and the apartment building starts to collapse. Neither were her concern. If there were squatters in there, it really sucked to be them.

The shard of Kryptonite is tucked away into her belt, something of a little backup plan, if it even worked like she'd heard it should. The stuff was stupidly rare. If nothing else, it would probably sell for a fortune.

The mercenary starts forward, jumping, diving into the ground. Her hands catch and support her weight, swinging and spinning her lower body overhead in a flip, then another, then a final handspring into a somersault… followed by the mother of all flying elbows aimed right at the back of the blonde-haired Kryptonian's skull. Hopefully her breed's fabled invulnerability wouldn't stand up to her own power dampening and enhanced strength.

"Sorry cutie, I need you to go nighty-night!"

«Restrain her, you idiots!»

Kara watches, almost in slow motion, as the woman comes for her, doing the most precise and awe-inspiring combat moves the young Kryptonian has ever seen. Yesterday she was so worried she could do even -half- of these, Kara felt so much -pressure- to graduate and not embarass her family, that even now, as she can see the beads of sweat rolling down this white-haired person's neck, the Kryptonian takes notes.

And everything speeds up again, and Kara lets out a pained, girlish moan, falling to her knees, her legs giving out. Violence was never acceptable in her household, Kara had only ever been hit in sparring, and it was never real, so when Rose finds her mark, the blonde feels it, even if her dampened invulnerability spares Kara from being knocked out cold.

A loosely aimed haymaker makes a powerful gust of wind buffet Rose back some as Kara stumbles, hand on her neck like a beginner, the pain distracting the beautiful alien long enough for the first concetrated beam of energy to hit her square on the back, her lithe shape zipping through the air and into a mass of concrete in which Kara's whole front buries itself in.

«… Why does it hurt so much…? Dad, please… help…», murmurs the girl, a few tears falling down her eyes, the very memory of her father invoking sadness she cannot explain. Although never the toughest in her class, Kara was never a crybaby…

She turns around, only to see another beam of light coming in her direction, sinking her further into the concrete. This time her hands are before Kara, shielding her some. Rose will see a novice fighter when she looks at her.

«STOP! NOW! ARGH! PL-AAAUGH!», the blonde yells, her muscles tensing and her teeth gritting. Kara is feeling it. Something building up inside. It's anger, and pain beyong this pain, even if she is shot one time after the other. Her fury is boiling… and it's begging to come out.

And Rose Wilson will see the first ray of light as the Sun comes up, as the four remaining men surround the Kryptonian…

While the young blonde takes a deep breathe… and screams. The sound itself is almost deafening, but the wail, filled with the angst far beyond this strange, otherworldly fight, fries and destroys the circuits of the suits before Kara, the small explosions and 'tssss' sounds filling the air as all exo-skelletons fall limp, the men inside screaming.

Kara looks at Rose, angry.

«WHERE. AM. I!?»

The girl goes down. Rose could finish her. Easily. A sword through her lower back and those shapely legs of hers would be useless. She might still be able to fly, but unconsciousness would take care of that. The haymaker is dodged, easily, though barely. The precognitive and experienced mercenary bends her body backwards, arms held lightly out to her sides for balance, as if she were doing the limbo, her enhanced strength and agility making the unnatural position look easy.

A ray slams Kara into the wall. She's frightened, angry, hurt, confused. A trapped animal. It rings of too many past memories. Bad memories. She didn't need to understand the language to know Kara's words. They were words she'd heard hundreds of times. Stop. Please. No. Don't. Each attached to a face. The face of a child she had mercilessly dragged away from burning homes and wrecked lives and taken into slavery.

It makes her mad. She didn't sign up for this. This was supposed to be an alien, not some… scared little girl. No kids. It had been in her contract. Nevermind that they were about the same age. No kids. No mass civilian casualties. No decent political figures. No slavery. That last one was new. She'd just made it up. It was time to stop this. She'd never work for this psycho again.

Ravager could live with that.

The scream comes a split-second after Rose has back-pedaled and covered her ears. It still hurts like hell, still makes her lose her balance, cry out, stumble a little to the side. When it stops, her sword points at Kara Zor-El. One of them, anyway. Is she going to throw it? The men are down.

"Sorry, I don't speak whatever that is. If you can understand any of this…" Rose's lips part with a little smirk, eyes narrowed, white hair blowing in the frigid winter wind. "My advice? Fall off the grid. My now former employer won't be the only one wanting that little blonde behind."

The sword hits its sheathe, and Rose Wilson, the Ravager, turns to… walk away!? Sure, she'd elbowed the Kryptonian in the back of the dome. And the Kryptonian had made one of her ears bleed. Totally even, right?

Kara watches, dumbfolded, as the white-haired woman turns around to walk away. There's still anger in her eyes, but for the moment the Kryptonian just tries to understand what has happened.

«W-Wait! Where am I?! Why… is the Sun like that!?», the Kryptonian inquires, as Earth's Yellow Sun rises on the horizon to dawn upon Kara that something is very wrong, and that she is far, far away from her home.

She takes a good look at Rose before hearing a beep from her pod, something that gets the young Kryptonian to return to it. On a screen there are coordinates, a lead to follow, something to do, somewhere to be.


Kara looks around, and to her own hands, and then at the collapsed building, and then upwards. As the Kryptonian crouches, she whispers. «Help me now, Dad… Rao… Mom…», and she gives it her all, pushing her legs against the ground.

The russian News cycle will receive, later that day, many filmings of some UFO zipping through the skies and into a rural are of the country. In the place it landed much debris and a huge crater, but nothing else. Another day in Russia, with fire in the sky.

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