Out of the Fire

August 29 2014: An interdimensional portal disturbs the occupants of a Metropolis city street. Havoc ensues

Suicide Slums, Metropolis

A mostly abandoned city street, late at night, a few blocks from the ocean.



  • Nameless Shocktroopers

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The rats skittered across the alley, a puddle of questionable liquid, perhaps old rain water or something dumped, or the hobo down the way left it behind in his drunken sliding stagger along the wall…


From two rats to three, four…. seven… They are emptying them from the trashcan in droves, over a dozen are spilling from the alley and into the main road, fanning out as papers and a can blast outward, even the dumpster begins to screech across the broken 'crete chasing right after a rolling trash can that rolls and skips end over end to slam into the side of a car as propulsion suddenly picks up and fire belches forth with a blast of heat.

A giant red and orange wave rolls up from nowhere, though for a moment it looks like through that breaking mirror of a refraction people on the other side run, silhouettes scattering like the rats, warded off by that flame that spews into the air and outward, not coming through with that hellgate… No one would dare…

But one.

The fire parts only to form around the figure, sticking to her though, not parting like the Red Sea, for here there is no gods to answer the prayer of the shriek as what seems could be illusory becomes very real, the smell of burning fabric permeates the air as a flannel shirt begins to edge in red, and if you know that odor flesh is cooking beneath.

Behind that burning figure several large figures seem to trip through. Towering, armored in black with helmets and masks that display a futuristic world war two, no faces visible, just three eyes that are a red eerie glow, two of the men leading the way bearing large flame throwers that bear down unrelentingly on the woman that had fallen through, falling to all fours in her hastening run as her world turns.


It hadn't taken Rowan as much effort as he'd thought to convince Mera to let him explore the city a little. After all she'd done it with the King with no ill effects save an apparent distaste for funnel cake. He's just coming through the area, curiously looking around almost like a tourist when…

There are some scents a soldier never forgets. Burning flesh is one of them. It instantly turns the dragon warrior's head. The maw of Hades yawns wide and disgorges a nightmare. A familiar one. Rowan knows this armor, these soldiers. He reacts instantly, his bracer coming up, manifesting his omni bow.

"DIE NAMELESS!" He shouts, whether to the soldiers or the phantasms of memory they conjure it isn't clear. The bow lets a shard of dense coral fly as a spear springs into his hand where there was none before.


Of course Mera will let Rowan explore. It gives her a reason to explore as well. After all, it would just not do to have him wandering this surfacer city alone. She is idly accompanying the Blue when an unfamiliar — and decidedly unpleasant — smell wafts by. She turns to try and locate it, and Rowan is already reacting. And there are no readily available large water sources nearby.


The world is but a stage, and everyone has their part. Reese knew this.

However, the world was her playground, and where ever she laid her head was her home. So it was no surprise that she was in that alley on that very same night, tucked away in a shopping cart that was padded with pillows, bricks locking the cart in place so that she could sleep uninterrupted. It wasn't the heat that woke her, it was a welcoming feeling against her skin that reminded her long ago of a home that she did once have, but the shriek that josseled her nerves and sent her straight up into the cart. The bricks were soon dislodged and the cart began to roll, her hands immediately gripping the metal edges to leap out and onto the ground as if it were a practiced feat.

And it was.

Reese couldn't see, she could only hear and feel, so with a few steps to the side she presses herself against the brick building, her arms immediately wrapping around herself to hug tight as she focuses her will upon the area. White colored eyes open wide enough and squint as lines of life were revealed, a fallen figure noticed and smell not too far behind, and more nearby.

She crouches, the sound of cloth ripping against the brick building from her quick descent as she continues that focus, hands lifting to cover her ears as the scream of a man this time beats into her ears. There was a moment there, a moment that she wished for the non-comforts of a homeless shelter that would gift her with a night’s sleep. But it was too little, too late.


One of the armored bodies bearing a flame thrower stops belching forth the plume of flame at the woman as that coral hits and embeds in a gap of the armor. One gauntleted hand comes up and pulls the arrow free of his opposing shoulder, looking it over before he snaps it in his altered grip, letting it fall in twixt at his feet. Nameless, a name they have all heard called before in the rallies, in the resistances.

"More Legerdemain! Wipe them." The voice calls aloud to comrades behind him, his finger pulling the trigger to bring that small flame alive again in a large sweep across the ground where the woman had been, but the orange glow showed nothing in his path, a path that now took that small troop forward as the gate behind them closed.

One moment flames erupted like a pillar and beacon, and in the next instant it blinks out, no more silhouettes of people, no more crossed wires just them and these others. The Legerdemain - The Deceivers - The Forbidden.

Behind a nearby stack of crates filled with rotten vegetables Kida has stowed away, having taken that gifted moment to stop drop and roll, but it did not save the fact that her attire was burnt into flesh on half of her body, skin opened and seared, as she shook from the nearing shock, gulping in breaths as her unburnt hand touches the ground, the broken earth, greenery slipping from her hand like a serpentine weave to slither between the broken cracks.

The men now take on their march towards Mera and Rowan, large submachine like guns lowered and levelled, one opening fire to all but blast the already battered car to metal bits of shrapnel.


Rowan calls Air to him. His skin goes pale as he whirls his spear. An instant later, white scales are creeping up his body to armor him. "Beware, your Majesty. Nameless are dangerous foes." That said he doesn't seem to have any problem charging right at them, loosing another coral bolt before he closes, hopefully, enough to use the reach on his spear to foul their weapons and force from a gunfight of fiery doom to a melee of… well okay, fiery doom. Thems the breaks.


Fire. These … things are throwing fire. This she has seen Arthur deal with in the past. Looking around for a ready water supply and realizing the bay she and Rowan emerged from is far enough away that getting water from there would cause a lot of these flimsy-seeming structures to take damage. No good. More in the habit of thinking three dimensionally than the typical surfacer, she looks up then and after a second her eyebrows furrow. And the water tank on the roof of one of the adjacent buildings abruptly topples over, spilling all of its contents down the side of the building toward the Nameless.


It was obvious that there was a battle afoot, she didn't need to have eyes to see that. And it was obvious that one of them was terribly hurt. She could -see- that. Being behind the scenes and barely noticed, the street rat moves upon all fours, her head turning to watch the display, her sensitivities allowing her to carefully avoid the spots where the heat grew a little too intense to call the path safe. She was heading for Kida, and she intended to help, even if she looked rather stupid doing it.

It took a bit, but she was there, sliding upon her knees and reaching out to find the wall near where the woman leaned against, keeping that arm braced there as her head dipped strangely low and strangely close to sniff at the wounds presented to her. She wasn't going to speak to alert the men to her attention, but she does glance back to spy those lines of life, unsure whom was good and bad, yet Kida was easily picked from the bunch since she was considered critical.

Her hand is held out and curled into a fist as it begins to glow a faint blue, fingers slowly uncurling as a small ball of light emerges and hovers above palm as such.

"I help." She murmurs quietly, the ratted down girl attempting to push that ball of light towards Kida's middle so that the soothing, healing waves could wash over and repair.

She can rebuild her. She can make her stronger.


That Oldsmobile will never see better days, windows are blowing out with the gunfire, shattering to throw broken shards of streetlight in directions while the second line of three men begin to load their munitions as well, one of the guns that loads up makes a sharp whirring sound of energy charging up…

Rowan's next coral bolt flecks off the armor, apparently annoying the Nameless soldier to be under Rowan's attention enough to make him spin, in doing so the flame thrower lights piles of old rubble up, an arch of crescent flame making a small wall…

Until Mera's dump of water puts it out, small amounts would do nothing to the flamethrowers, but the sheer sudden flood of /gallons/ blow the pilots making the flame throwers useless, one of the men getting knocked off his feet due to being right under the fall, the sudden burst of charged energy firing from the weapon in an arch of blue light, aimed for Rowan but now flying up in the sudden pitch.

Kida has her eyes closed, nostrils flaring as every breath counts in trying to pace that feeling of sick that is coming quickly with the sheen of sweat that glistens over unburnt skin. Her head rolls back, black hair spider webbing across the brick stucco in her desire to slide down, all the while that green is splitting from the skin of her unburnt side, digging into the ground beneath her like roots, still slithering outward until from beneath one of the soldiers vines spring forth and wrap around his knee from behind, pulling back sharply to omit a sudden *crack* of it being broken with the force he is jerked in opposing direction by the vines, his scream a melodious backdrop to the rest of hell.

Reese only gets a weak look from Kida, her eyes not even opening fully as what's left of her energy is pouring into that animation.

"Kill them.." That's a way to help! But coming from where she has, that's your only option.


Rowan's form ripples, his legs going digitigrade, his body bulking up, spines sprouting from his back and horns from his skull as he draws on the dragon's strength. He drives his spear downward at the soldier who slipped. The energy weapon fire going off near him doesn't seem to phase him. In truth, he'd been worried, but then the water came down and he saw the gunner's aim go wide. As the spear impacts another draconic change comes over the Blue as he turns and blasts a bolt of lightning from his hand at the next nearest soldier. He's not expecting it to put the man down. Just keep him off balance long enough for his allies to work more of their magic.


Mera all but openly snarls now, as she's got water to work with. As the last of the water falls onto the alleyway, she turns one hand palm-up with her fingers held like claws and at the same time spears of solidified (but not ice cold) water start shooting up from the puddles around the Nameless, aiming to spear the beings as if a giant sea urchin just abruptly sprang up underneath them.



It was really plain and simple. Her head turned back towards the lines of life, those slowly extinguishing, yet two remain true to form with the thoughts that.. maybe the ones who were standing were the good guys. They weren't advancing on the fallen woman. Good.

Reese had time to focus upon the burnt woman, that light pressed into the woman’s belly with a slight lean that would ease all of the pain she felt. It would be almost akin to a euphoric feeling, save for the hand that moves from the wall now to grip the woman’s throat in an almost threatening manner. Her bedside demeanor was truly messed up.

But that's what they all would get for messing with her sleep.

Her finger closest to Kida's chin presses down upon it, tugging the skin downward so that lips could part for Reese to do her work. "Keep open." Is all she would say, and she leans in as if she were going for the kiss at the wrong moment yet, that same blue light that emerged from palm of hand creates a direct line of replenishment into Kida's throat. Assuming that it was accepted, it was meant to energize and revitalized, with the hand upon the stomach healed her burned skin whilst she kept her ears upon the battle nearby.

She smelled a bit of salt. Something to bring up, possibly never.


"So this is where you go to hide, cowa—-!" One of the soldiers words are cut off now, his body shuddering with the sudden jolt from Rowan, insulation thankfully keeping it from spreading too far beneath, but what does hit, and where feels like a more powerful tongue to the top of a battery, skin crawling, momentarily paralyzing and hopefully he did not have to use the restroom or his armor is likely soiled.

Some of those solidified spears of water penetrate where armor is weaker, bending for movement, one man dropping his weapon as the crook of his elbow shows through and through of that spear, unable to move his fingers to catch the falling weapon that clatters.

The other three left now form in, a motion from the other with the broken flame thrower ppushing them back to back, facing out but not far from the others that have fallen, parts exchanged now, locking quickly down as a small piece that looks like a checker is tossed to the ground between Rowan and Mera, a red light blinking… going yellow…

Kida is busy getting….Her welcome to 626 molestation? Breathing is coming easier, the smoke pushing through pores, out of her lips by force as that stranger gives her a new breath of life and her skin starts to mend, her lungs start to clear, the pain starts to slowly subside… No? Is she dying then?

The man that fell with his knee bent back withdrew a large energy blade, slicing the vines from him, no other sound save that of the injection slamming into the side of his knee, that hiss of release.


"MERA! DOWN!" Rowan surges toward the sea queen, not bothering with formalities. As he traverses the space between he and her he snaps off another pair of Omni Bow shots, aiming this time for the joints on the neck. He grins savagely when a pair of meaty thunks indicate solid hits. Then he's by Mera, grabbing her wrist and shoulder and yanking her behind another car as the 'checker' turns red and detonates. No ordinary bomb this but rather an example of cyber-psionic technology common to Earth 81, a viridian energy field expands in a sphere, ripping not at bodies but minds. Rowan cries out in pain as concerted psychic force, even muted by passing through so much metal, tears into his already fragile psyche. Mera can likely feel him grow talons and sprout four feathery wings.


Mera starts to move the moment Rowan yells, but she's apparently not moving fast enough as he yanks her to cover behind a vehicle. When the really odd explosion goes off, she puts her hands to her head and cries out. She's a telepath. This is … very bad.


There was only so long that Reese was willing to hold on to healing Kida, she needed to reserve her strength for the presumably good people that were still standing and would possibly be hurt. She withdraws with a snap of her head, her chin leaning back, a slight 'ow', drawing from her lips as she flops down upon the ground next to the revitalized woman. She rebuilt her. Now she could fight if she so chooses.

Her eyes close for but a breath, but snap open as the man cries out. So, this could turn out bad, being blind and not knowing what in the world was going on, she withdrew and she couldn't see. "Damn." Vocal much?

The loud boom is what makes her cringe, her hands immediately shooting up to her sensitive ears, her body lurching and curling into a ball that puts the top of her forehead against her knees. There was no psychic feedback for her, only the wailing sound that shatters through her brain which causes a sudden onset of a suicide headache the likes which she had felt only a few times before.


Kida is healed, such a speedy process having her doubled over and adding to the refuse on the side of the alley as she empties her stomach onto the sullied and damp alley. All while curled in on herself in that kneeling fetal position the bomb goes off, the radius hitting her and her mind that is already grasping, feeling, trying to fight just….Shuts out, a moment of blackness behind eyelids that bleeds in a non-existent light, the migraine induced flecks that make her see stars even with eyes wide shut.

One hand slaps outward, gripping the brick buildings wall while she forces herself to a stand, the spear that rested across her back pulled and from a stick the size of a billy club her wrist flicks, the pointed tip expanding with the butt end of the stick, inscriptions of Haida ancestry strewn along its thick stem decorating it but shaken in her grip, launching it in one fluid stroke of training and poise, aiming for the man who threw the weapons neck, downing one just before she lunges forward and darts to the side, staggering even then due to the ache in her mind.

That feral hunched over figure stands there, just before the car Mera and Rowan dove behind, staring through feathered black strands of hair while she gulps in heady breaths, one hand rising and fingers curling in a 'come hither' motion to the other two remaining, claws pushing through finger tips, the smile all too feral.

That final soldier is done charging again, that car now stricken with the power surged weapon, lifting the hunk of metal off the ground like it was paper.


Rowan should stay down. He's not in the frame of mind for it. With a powwerful leap he rockets twenty feet straight up, his winds funfurlign just enough to catch him as he aims the spear right dead center of the remaining Nameless' chest and dives.


There's just enough purchase in the spear for the dragon-soldier, almost demonic looking but for the feathered wings, to hurl the Nameless soldier forward right at Mera and the feral one.


Mera goes from crying out in pain at the psionic attack to screaming in rage. She straightens up, and when the Nameless soldier is thrown her way she grabs onto the closest limb she can, kicks forward toward the soldier's torso, and while trying to wrench that limb out of its socket also pulls every last bit of water from the Nameless' body.


Each breath brought pain, a heavy wince to her eyes as she pushes herself up yet again. The edge of her shirt catches on a bit of a nail, which was wrestled free with a sharp twist of her shoulders and a quick yank to fabric which.. tears again. Must. Get. Free.

She wanted to move from her spot, but the first step brought on a wave of dizziness that she couldn't fight off, her body soon crouching to lower chin and expel three nights ago dinner with a quick heave and ho. Except, nothing came out. She was dry heaving and miserable.


Done, it's done. They're dead and she is standing there in burnt tatters of clothing, at least half of it, moving forward to retrieve her spear from the neck of one of the men with a sickening withdrawal and the finalizing scrape on metal. A wire is cut but shows no spark of life as she jerks it from her spearhead, snapping it out with a jerk from her hand to get it to fold back down in size.

The other hand loses the claws now, normal, all of her normal, even that once burnt and peeled skin renewed with the covering span of sleeved tattoos. This sight beneath the hanging singed threads has her looking to that corner where the bag lady kissed her and saved her ass, cringing as she vomits as well, but… She's alive and well and that was the goal!

Now Mera and Rowan get the full regard of hazel eyes, a lingering moment that needed no words save a very slow dip of her chin in a nod. No question on the where just yet, this place looked somewhat close to home.

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