Burning Human '14: Part 1

Aug 30, 2014: People drink at a bar. Stuff happens.

Family Vallue$ Bar and Grillle

A great place to get food poisoning and syphilis in one sitting.



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The Family Vallue$ Bar and Grille. Like a lot of the establishments in Mutant Town, its sign is less of a 'sign' and more of a… spraypaint over the doorway. The slightly sideways-leaning lettering, the poor penmanship (or is it canmanship when it's graffiti?), and the classy extra 'E' at the end of the word 'Grille' all combine to give passersby a singular impression of the place. Put simply, it's a good place to drink rotgut whiskey and shoot heroin.

But today, the heroin is in short supply, and the whiskey is almost gone. It's the last day of Burning Human, Mutant Town's closest approximation of a festival. The mutants are out in droves, and have come from all over the place to mingle with their own kind, get super drunk, listen to horrible music, and possibly hook up in a parking garage. There are even a few brave humans in attendance, who are treated more as a novelty than as a threat.

The mood inside the bar is about what you'd expect from a cramped, sweaty bar filled with people who have trunks instead of noses. It's loud, it smells kind of bad, and everyone seems to either be having a good time, or shouting very loudly.

Piotr Rasputin is in both camps. He's shouting very loudly about what a great time he's having. "Okay, okay, okay! New game! Everybody must drink a shot every time anyone says the secret word!" He looks around the table menacingly, as if he intends to enforce the rule very strictly.

"But… what's the Secret Word?" One of the many mutants assembled asks. This causes Piotr a bit of momentary consternation, as he struggles to think up an effective word.

"The secret word is… Sit."

Everyone around him takes a shot.

It is not typical for the red-haired vigilante known as Batwoman to operate outside of Gotham. But a Mutant was acting as hired enforcer for the leader of a drug ring in Gotham City, and though the drug ring itself has been dismantled, the leader got away. Tracking him down is proving challenging, and though the hired-goon-with-powers fled all the way to Mutant Town, investigation, detective skills, and interrogating those with the right information had led a certain individual here to find the Mutant who might know the whereabouts of his former employer. This place is extremely busy, and not the environment that those who stalk through the shadows usually operate in, but to assume that all that a member of the Bat-clan can do is sneak around is to make a gross miscalculation.

Right now, a pale woman with long blonde hair, pure-yellow eyes, scales covering the entire lower-half of her face, scaled-and-clawed feet, and a modest black-tanktop-and-black-shorts outfit, is mixing amongst the crowd, making merry, asking questions occasionally of those sober enough to answer them, fending off any roaming hands firmly and, if necessary, painfully, and tracking down a certain guy with the ability to take a piece of whatever he touches and relocate it somewhere else. It's a handy ability for moving illegal merchandise, given he can reassemble inanimate objects whole and intact, even if he has to take them apart first. But with living things, it gets a lot messier and a lot more lethal.

An ability like that isn't going to be unknown, and with the high-quality special effects 'monster make-up' and disguise that Kate is wearing, she looks like a Mutant herself. Who's going to say no to a Mutant looking for another Mutant? This is dangerous, however, as not all of these people are friendly in the first place, drunkenness may make them less so, and all it takes is running into one person who decides he doesn't like the semi-reptilian-looking blonde lady and unleashes his anti-matter barf attack and that's that.

It's not that she can't take care of herself, but this is not an ideal environment to get into a fight when most of her gear is not ON her right now. So, at the moment, the disguised Kate Kane is just trying to locate the guy. Arranging a meeting somewhere else or otherwise getting him alone would be a smarter move than trying to take him down here in the middle of people who might sympathize with him just because he is 'one of them'. As part of her inquiries she is pointed towards a dive bar where she may be able to get more information. And that is where she goes.

Nobody asks if Vorpal is a mutant or not— he's got the look, and anyone who wants to start trouble will find out that he's got the moves, too.
And anvils. Yes, with ACME written on the side, because it is the little details that really gives things like these a personal touch.

The Cheshire cat is, however, not a mutant but a bundle of chaos magic given shape— but who is going to stop and ask when he looks like he does? He's made a point of coming to Mutant Town to make sure nothing gets too out of control… but to blend in more, he has left his 'uniform' behind for the sake of jeans and a T-shirt. The jeans are long enough that they hide the brace and the boot that is keeping him from limping too much from his sprained ankle- a part of him tell him it wasn't wise to show up injured, since his fellow Titan weren't around to back him up…

But, then again, he's never let anything as trivial as common sense stop him before, why now?

The dive bar looks like the kind of place where a brawl might eventually spread into the streets and turn into a riot… so he beelines for it, always a strong believer in addressing potential problems at their root. Coming in behind a blone, he makes for the bar.

Behind the bar is one Lynette Shackleford. She's dressed as scantily as ever, her face painted with enough make-up that nobody could call her 'ho' without being entirely dishonest. She's slinging drinks left and right, and raking in the cash tips with glee. "Oy! Listen to the fuckin' Ruskie!" she shouts out. "Drink up, ye li'l fucks, or the Ruskie's kick your arse so deep Morgan Freeman'll be playin' the goddamn President when you're shittin' out his boots!"

While attempting to be vigilant, as Scott Summers asked, Kitty is also attempting to have a good time. Not usually a heavy drinker, she has a whiskey and ginger in front of her that she has finally finished. The first drink she's had all night. It's loud and cramped and while she appreciates the spirit, it's getting to be a bit much for her. Leaning over to her other Xavier Institute companions, she basically yells to get the sound across, "I'm going to the bar for another drink. Does anyone need anything?"

Once orders are taken - or everyone has said that they don't need anything - she moves a bit away from the group, needing to jostle back against the crowd. Just staying still is driving her crazy.

Part of X-Men Red, Doug Ramsey volunteering for security detail was rather like putting a mouse in charge of a herd of cats. Clad in a thin cool black hoodie, hair gelled up to a near-mohawk, a black t-shirt with a dark red dripping-blood pentagram and with large baggy jean shorts, Doug looked far out of place in -that- outfit coupled with his face, which was too babyish to pull off that look. What _Illyana_ was thinking when she put him it, Doug didn't want to know…

Nonetheless, keeping an eye on body languages of the people going on, it was easy enough to tip off to others who were far more physically adept just who might have had too much to drink, who was getting unruly, and most of all… well, it was gratifying to see his friends dance.

And especially, get a load of Amara. Whew!

Amara has been enjoying herself at the festival, having traded out the frumpy security outfit for a pair of tight jeans and a brightly-colored, low-cut blouse. Because party, that's why. And while Doug keeps an eye out for problems, she's wandered out to the dance floor to get her moves on. When one of the other dancers behind her gets a little too friendly, though, she has her own way of dealing with it. Little by little, she heats herself up enough to sizzle just a bit, sending him jumping back with a yelp. Too hot to handle, says her smile as she heads off the floor toward Doug and Kitty.

Coming into the dive bar is Zachary Zatara. He thought that the place might be a little less crowed than outside, but clearly he was wrong. Wow, this place is packed! To say his sole reason for being here as security is probably going to far, but he doesn't want anything to get out of control of course. He might stands out having the apperance of a human and all, but he doesn't care. After taking a moment to look around the place he makes his way towards the bar.

Simon's comment on seeing Doug was 'Are you serious?' but he's not really fitting in either given the lower class mutant chic going on in the bar. White sneaker, loose white pants, a white tee a size too small that clings to him, he's the picture of young innocence that would be sure to get him picked up at most gay clubs. Which is undoubtedly the point. He does let Kitty know he needs a refill of his beer. It gets fewer looks than when he tried to order an appletini.

"Boy, this bar sure is very crowded…" It's with a great deal of difficulty that Piotr doesn't pronounce his 'V' as a 'W.' Clearly his practice is slowly paying off. At this rate, he'll be rid of that pesky accent somewhere around 2060. "… I sure wish there was some place for me to… SIT!" He drinks another shot of whatever cheap vodka he's drinking, then looks around to make sure that other people are also drinking. Most of them are, or are pretending to, which is good enough for him.

"You know, this reminds me of a party I went to back home. It was very loud there, and I drank much vodka! HA!" He slams his shot glass down on the table a bit too enthusiastically, and then looks around the room a bit awkwardly. Apparently he's run out of things to talk about.

"Here you go, lassie." Lynette winks at Kitty after providing her drinks, only to hear Piotr crying the magic word again. "OYE!" she calls, and snatches up one of the many shots of vodka lining the bar. "Down the hatch!" She guzzles it, then literally throws the shotglass on the floor, shattering it. "Next one's on the house!" she shouts, which elicits shouts of approval from the bar goers.

Lowering his hoodie as Amara approaches, Doug lowers his hoodie, nods at the other security detail. Break time?

Break time.

Meeting Amara halfway, Doug quirks a half-grin. "Any trouble with the mashers?" he practically shouts over the music, having tor epeat as necessary. And… wait, there's the magic word. Just in time for him being off duty. "Um, I'll buy you a drink?" he asks Amara, converging on Kitty and Simon. Of course, if the trio remembered, Doug was not a very good drinker, so him getting a drink… probably would be something to be feared.

As best as she can, Kitty has attempted to put Doug's disastrous outfit out of her mind. It's only once she's out of his company that she actually gives a soft laugh about it. As she moves away from her friends, she glances at Doug (and, especially, the way that Doug is looking at Amara) before shaking her head. Pushing her way this way and that way, she attempts to make her way toward the bar. She could, of course, phase through the people to make her way easier, but that's never pleasant for the other people unless she's bringing them into phase with her.

By the time she finally reaches the bar and makes her order, she's feels drained. "Thanks!" She yells to Lynette, though she blinks at the shattered glass. "What in the world was that for?"

"No trouble at all," Amara assures Doug, grin flashing at the offer of a drink. "Do you really think you should?" she asks, apparently completely missing the fact that it's an offer for her. "Although a bit of something wouldn't hurt. Maybe just a water?" With so many people moving around her, it's a little overwhelming for Amara to tap into the earth beneath them, but a careful application? It's at least enough to help her move before people can run into her.

Simon's staying at his table to keep it claimed. Which is not to say people aren't trying to sit there but he politely lets them know all the seats are taken and points out who they are if they look like they don't believe him. Most of his attention is on Piotr but that's hardly unusual given the amount of noise he's making with his game. It's not the game though that draws his gaze but a nagging feeling that they know each other. He just can't place him.

'Slitherina' (she named her super-heroine persona 'Batwoman'. Originality in naming is not Kate's forte) looks around the bar after she enters, yellow eyes gleaming in whatever lighting may be available. Someone else follows her in, and she is keenly aware of that, making sure to casually keep track of him as he makes his way into the crowd inside of this legitimate business establishment. It doesn't seem he was actually FOLLOWING her though, so she focuses her attention elsewhere. Eventually, Kate-the-mutant spots a towering Russian taking shots and talking loudly, and slinks her way over in a carefully-controlled serpentine manner that befits her assumed identity. Assuming she can get close enough, she hisses, "Missster Rasssputin?" Acting is part of a proper disguise. "I wasss wondering if I could ssspeak to you privately for a moment."

"Because!" Lynette yells across the bar toward Kitty. "It's a soddin' party, that's why!" She very much sneers at the girl. "Christ, it's like a bar full of fucking neds!" She takes out a cigarette and lights it, before getting back to the business of pouring drinks.


Fuck that.

Lynette, with a bottle of vodka in hand, climbs up into the bar itself, revealing her impossibly tall heels and the torn fishnets upon her legs. And, well, anyone looking up her skirt will find what they hope to see. She begins walking from one end of the bar to the other, pouring vodka into the mouths of those below her. "YOU BOYS AND GIRLS WANT ME TO… SIT!! .. DOWN?" she screams.

For a moment, Piotr looks a bit confused. Then he looks worried. But mostly he just looks like he's had a few too many. "I do not know this Rasputin. I am Bob. I am from… Kentucky." Several of the people at his table begin snickering. "I will show you a video (pronounced WID-ee-Oh) of my favorite racing animal. I even… oh SECRET WORD!" The topic is instantly changed, as Piotr and everyone who is within easy striking distance downs their obligatory shot.

"Attractive Lizard Woman. You will drink vodka, yes?" He pours a shot into the glass he just used, and slides it across the table to her. This is Mutant Town, if you want you can carry around a bottle of vodka and pour your own shots.

"I was more curious about…" But it's too late, the bartender has climbed up onto the bar, showing her parts for all to see and is pour vodka all over everything. Spluttering as, instead of getting it in her mouth, it pours on top of her head, Kitty takes her drink and Simon's drink and starts to move away from the bar, now drenched and smelling strongly of vodka.

As she makes her way back, a man is shoved. The chain reaction renders the man closest to the young mutant to fall backward toward her. Instincts take over and she immediately turns insubstantial. As the man starts to pass through he, he wobbles falling then toward the 'Serpentine' woman. "Oh oh! No! Sorry!" But, both her hands are filled with drinks. and if she lets either of them go there will be shattered glass and liquor spilled everywhere.

"Assss you wish, Bob from Kentucky. I sssstill need to talk to you about a… Businesss transsaction." When she is offered vodka, she stares at the shot glass flatly and emotionlessly, like a cold, uncaring lizard. In truth, she isn't sure if alcohol would dissolve her reptile-disguise's makeup or not. It's designed to handle SOME moisture, but that's, like… Light water. Saliva. Not vodka. Even so, some risks must be taken when undercover. The scaley blonde Kate picks up the glass smoothly and downs it without problem, before setting the glass back down. "It isss a businessss transssaction you may wish to keep confidential." She emphasizes. This guy is drunk or getting there quickly. She needs to get what information she can out of him before he becomes completely unable to communicate.

Maybe a bit more pressure is needed. Mentioning the nasty customer she is after by name by help. "Or perhapsss, you can sssimply tell me how to contact Maze directly, right here, and I will do businessss with him mysself." Maze, the guy who cuts things into pieces just by touching them, is not a very nice guy. Even if Piotr doesn't know the name, someone else within earshot might, and any reaction to the name might give her a clue of how to track him down.

Also, all the commotion at the bar has Kate turning her head. For a moment, she blinks at the display from Lynette, before turning her attention back again to Bob from Kentucky. She's here on business, not pleasure. Crazy drunk lady antics can wait for when she's back home, and likely the one being the crazy drunk lady.

"It's not for me, it's for you! But iI''m off duty, so… okay, water!" Doug approaches the bartender, then, and asks for two waters, just as Kitty passes by. "You okay there, Kitty?" Doug asks, though there's a slight quiver of his lips, as though he's trying to not laugh at her. No, he shouldn't laugh one bit. But then the man starts to phase through Kitty, and Doug reaches to try and grab at the man, arm reaching out to grasp at… some sort of cloth or something before it keeps falling…

Rasputin? Did she just…? Did he just…? With the name, everything just clicks into place. Rasputin! It was seven years ago and he was just a kid so no wonder he couldn't remember one face out of so many. "Amara!" he hisses. No, hissing can't be heard. "Amara! Doug! Kitty!" Someone? Why oh why did Mr. Summers not come?

"Oh! No, I-" And then Amara pauses, arching a brow as the bartender goes…Coyote Ugly. "That is…so unfortunate," she shakes her head, looking away just to look at anything else only to catch Simon's look of concern. Of course, she completely misses Kitty falling and Doug trying to catch the man falling through her in the process. "Simon?" she calls back, starting to work her way through the crowd. "What is it?"

Eventually, Lynette climbs down from the bar and right into some poor chum's lap. "Hello handsome," she says, and pulls him in for a ten second makeout session. Now that that's done, she climbs off him and pulls him by the collar out the front door. This leaves the bar untended, but well… that ain't her problem.

Piotr has been smiling and laughing, giving away free drinks and generally being as agreeable as he can. His friendliness has been pretty infectious, so much so that people are still hanging out with him despite his escalating drunken stupidity. But with just a few words, 'Slitherina' has caused him to completely shift gears. Yes, he's still a bit drunk. Yes, his eyes are bloodshot. But he's no longer laughing. When he becomes deadly silent, the rest of the bar seems a bit quieter all of a sudden, as his voice has been one of the loudest ones in the establishment up until now.

"Sit down." So serious is his expression that nobody near him dares to suggest that it might be time for a shot. In fact, a few of them begin to edge away from his table, most without even making excuses. The good news is that she's now got plenty of seats to choose from.

The sudden silence is okay. It means this is being taken seriously. She still would have preferred to discuss this privately, but outside of trying to wheedle an agreement to go somewhere else out of the guy, she doesn't think she could get him out of here. Definitely not through force. The reptile-woman seats herself in whatever the nearest chair is. If there isn't one, she seats her shorts on the table. She still shows no sign of emotion, regardless of what she is feeling inside. There is anxiety, of course. This is a very tense situation suddenly. But she's here for a reason. If she wasn't prepared for danger, Kate wouldn't be in this business of fighting crime. She waits with the patience of a lizard, watching its prey, and just stares back at Piotr/Bob with blank, yellow eyes.

Also, thankfully someone probably caught the guy who was pushed, keeping Kate from having to do some kind of fancy maneuver to catch or avoid him, and risk making this situation even more tense.

As Doug comes to the rescue, Kitty gives an intensely thankful look. The man is caught by the jacket before crashing into the disguised Kate and is set back onto his feet with minimal damage. The man is still woozy, from passing through Kitty's phased state, but it's Burning Human and he's already drunk. He gives a glare at Doug at being - what he thinks is - manhandled.

"Doug!" Kitty's relieved. "Thank you. I couldn't—" she looks at the glaring man. "Sorry! I just…it's a natural reaction." She passes off the drink to Simon. "What are you talking about?" she asks the other man, curiously. Now that she has a hand free, she starts to wipe off her hair and shoulders from the drips of vodka that were poured on her by the bartender. "This place is crazy by the way. That bartender is a menace with a bottle." But, again, her eyes drift back to Simon's, much like Amara's questions and glances. "What's wrong?" she asks again.

Letting go of the man quickly, Doug offers a comforting, ingrating smile. "Sorry, friend, just making sure you didn't fall," he adds, as he lets go quickly, hands up and close to himself. And then he removes himself from the man's vicinity quickly, going to get the water, a nod towards the disguised Kate as he moves past. As he waits for the water, he nods at the lizard woman. "Enjoying yourself?" There was something a bit unnatural about the way she moved, but… then again, Doug'd just noticed people with plastic surgery were unnatural too, so…

Amara scans the area, trying to identify what it is Simon must have been calling them for. Crazy bartender. Lizard lady. Guy falling through Kitty. No, those all register as relatively normal…

Zachary sighs as the bar is left unattended by that wild bartender. "Not like I wanted a drink anyway." He mutters sarcastically to himself. He mutters other things that can't quite be recognized as English or any language at all and he apparently conjures up a drink. After that he glances over towards Piotr and the lizard lady. It got quiet fast.

"The Russian!" Simon says a bit too loudly then stops himself. He downs some of the beer and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. "The loud Russian." he says again, this time much more quietly. "I know him. He was in the Brotherhood when I was."

Fortunately for everyone involved, Piotr thinks that the only one who has made him so far is 'Slitherina.' Fortunately for Piotr, he doesn't know the Attractive Lizard Woman's codename yet, or things would quickly denigrate into a farce.

"Tell me, Attractive Lizard Woman, what your part in all of this is? You must be under the impression that I won't cut you into tiny pieces, leaving just a few of them behind to make your loved ones think that there is some hope of your return. There is a reason you think I won't do this."

Piotr reaches across the table and takes back his glass. He slowly slides it back toward him, and fills it back up with vodka. For those keeping track, this is more vodka than the Surgeon General recommends for a family of four. "So… who is it that you work for, that you have such confidence in your ability to remain alive after speaking to me in public?"

'Slitherina' listens to what is said, and though she technically DOESN'T know that Piotr won't try to cut her up into pieces, her information on him, at the very least, paints a somewhat friendlier picture of him. It might be inaccurate. It might be totally wrong. But despite his criminal dealings, she doesn't take this guy for that sort. Even so, best to mix caution with boldness. "What makesss you think that I require anothersss protection to have dealingsss with you?" It's true, he doesn't know anything about her. For all he knows, she could have super death beams in her eyes. However, she doesn't elaborate on that, choosing to avoid the bluffing/tough girl route. "My knowledge of you iss mostly rumor, it iss true. But in those rumorsss, you are not a casually cruel man. You do what you for important reasonsss. Reasonsss of loyalty, of resspect, of necesssity, but never murder out of a disssregard for life. That isss what makesss you trustworthy as an intermediary with sssomeone considerably lesss so, and what makesss me feel you are sssafe to approach. The one known as 'Maze' lives only for himself, and feelsss nothing when he takes a life, whether it be mutant or human; man, woman, child, or elder; friend, family, stranger, or ally. Unlike the man I ssseek, you are ssstrong because you have othersss to protect. His ssstrength is based upon the abuse of those without strength. I too have thossse I wish to protect."

She decides against making her bluff attempt for now, deciding to appeal to this man's… Mutantianity. She finishes, in Russian, "«We are the same, in at least some ways. Or am I wrong?»" Half of this is actually stuff she has found out about Piotr. The other half is either guesswork, extrapolated from what she has observed since meeting him, or a gamble with no real factual basis. She doesn't know his life's story. But she's very good at persuading people, and analyzing psychological states and behavior. She might be about to be laughed off or take a fist to the face. Or maybe… Things will turn out a bit happier, and the murderer she is after will actually be tracked down before he can slip away, taking the knowledge of his employer with him.

"What!" Kitty's whisper is actually quite loud. But, then, the bar is also pretty loud. "The guy making people do shots because they say the word 'sit' is a member of the Brotherhood?" She glances back at the table. "Should I…" She frowns and pauses. "Should I phase in and try to listen in on what's happening?"

Doug is, in point of fact, ignored. Kate is busy at the moment, and in an ordinary social situation, she might have at least looked his way to be polite and smiled or something, this is not an ordinary social situation, and she is acting in her guise of cold-blooded Mutant who is intent on finding a murderer-for-hire. Being rude to someone she doesn't know is the least of her concerns. If he tries to make more of a scene out of it, however, she may favor him with a long, slow, silent, dead-eyed stare, before turning back to Piotr.

It's nothing personal. But nobody dying or getting hurt in here tonight is a bigger priority.

That Doug is over there for Kitty's convenience if she needed an excuse to be right over there, and is already addressing the lizard woman might have made something very simple. That she started speaking in Russian, on the other hand, causes Doug to go still, as he gathers up the water, listening. It almost -sounded- like some sort of spy situation, one that had him more attentive than he was normally, and so he just nods, eyes the water brought to him, and then lifts a hand. "Um, I'd like to order something else too. An amaretto sour, and uh… electric blue." Something that keeps the bartender busy longer.

"The man having that much fun is Russian?" Amara counters. Four years of being Illyana's roommate, and as much fun as they've had together, it's definitely never included getting quite that drunk. She leans a hip against the table near Simon, trying not to be too obvious as she watches the pair. "Should we try to bring him in?" she asks the others. "Where would we bring him in to, if we did?" Okay, so maybe the Red Team is still sort of in the planning stages.

As Zachary watches the two people converse rather intensely, he gets a phone call. Great…as if he needed one of those right now. After a few moments he responds to whoever is calling. "Fine…I'll be right there. Ot eht tsercwodahs." And with that, he's gone. As in literally disappearing.

"He was." Simon corrects, keeping his eyes on Piotr. "I don't know if he still is. It was a long time ago. He was never one of the ones who wanted to kill all the humans or who'd hit me when I questioned them." Or just for the fun of it. "Piotr Rasputin. I don't know what he's like now. You need to be careful though. He could take out this entire bar in seconds. When he turns into metal he's /very/ strong."

"Little darlink, I have a reputation to protect. If I let you leave this bar alive, this guy here will talk…" Piotr points to a random guy off to his right. "… and then this guy here will talk…" He points to a randome guy off to his left. "And soon nobody will do what I tell them anymore. This is bad for business, you understand? I really should squish your pretty head like a prune." His voice is serious, but something else seems to be creeping into his tone. It almost seems as if he's being flirtatious. And threatening a person with a rather grizzly death. "But I will not do this. Would you like to know why?"

"Is because I like you. You have balls. I like balls."

Kate turns her head in that slow manner of a coiled serpent, ready to strike, to observe the people who Piotr is pointing at, though she may mostly be tracking his hand instead. She made her speech, and though the words being spoken to her now are ones of violence or soon-to-be violence, it doesn't seem she is actually in danger. Especially with the affirmation that she will be 'permitted to live'.

…But then the last thing is said. Even if these two might be the same in some ways, such as protecting those they care about, and working outside the law (vigilantism is not exactly legal), they aren't the same in others. A liking for balls is not an interest that Kate shares with Piotr, for instance. She fails to remark on that, however, as mocking people is both outside of this persona's behaviors, and would also be a really dumb idea in this case. Instead, she carries on the act.

"I like you as well. But I mussst continue pursssuing my purpose. If you can not, or will not aid me, then I will ssseeek information elsssewhere." There is no flirtatiousness in her tone, but she seems to be serious enough about what she said. In the relative quiet here at the center of the bar, the noise out in the rest of it is all the more noticeable. And she doesn't think this interaction is going on without notice by the others. She rises from her seat, slowly, gracefully, like a cobra rising up to make itself look bigger.

"I thank you for your time, Bob from Kentucky. Enjoy the fessstival." Then she moves to depart. Piotr can keep his reputation. This may have been a dead-end, but the night is young still. And she wants to change these contacts. Unless stopped, she slithers her way right out the door.

Deciding the risk is worth it, Kitty just nods. "Well, luckily, strength only matters if you can grab onto something." And no matter how steely or strong Piotr is, Kitty has the ultimate defense against that. Without handing off her drink to anyone, she glances to Amara and Doug, then Simon. "I don't think we can bring him in. Not in the middle of Burning Human. But, if we can get some intel, maybe that'll be helpful?" Either way, Kitty is weaving back through the crowd and toward the lizard woman and the possible Russian member of the Brotherhood, this time much more careful about where she steps. And, as she moves, she's starting to use her ability to blend in with the crowd and phase herself enough to be practically invisible to the naked eye. She's right by the table as Kate makes her way past. Cursing her bad timing, she decides to stay where she is for the moment.

Keeping his head ducked low, Doug listens just long enough to get his order. Right.

With water and mixed drinks in hand, Doug returns. The water is put aside, the electric blue handed to Amara, and the amaretto sour … Doug will just chug. "Man, you wouldn't believe what I heard. Something that sounds like a couple of people exchanging spy stuff. In Russian."

"Wait, Rasputin?" Amara looks to the others, arching a brow pointedly. "Rasputin? It isn't exactly like, say, Smith or Jones, is it?" Quietly, she pulls out her phone, trying to snap a picture. Why? To text to Illyana, of course.

"Be careful, Kitty." Simon urges quietly as she starts making her way over to eavesdrop. "Yes, Piotr Rasputin." he agrees idly, looking over at Amara to see why she's making an issue of it. Though that she is making an issue of it gets him to really think about it and his eyes widen. Illyana. Rasputina. And while he doesn't recall her mentioning him by name… "She's mentioned how big he is."

Bob from Kentucky stands up a bit too fast. For a second, it looks like he's fighting with something. He has a strong desire to follow after the woman who so quickly impressed him, but as he mentioned earlier, he has a rep to protect. He slowly sits back down, and watches her leave.

"Wow. Now there is REAL mutant woman." He's talking to nobody in particular, but the friends of his who didn't leave the table are all looking at him like he's bumped his head.

He looks back at his nearly-empty bottle, and prepares to pour himself another shot.

"She was really into me too, right? I could definitely feel very powerful sexual chemistry. She'll be back for more." The shot is downed. "Yes… just wait and see."

Crap. She missed everything. Kitty sighs in frustration and merely comes back to tangibility a little away from the table. It's crowded enough that no one should notice. Not exactly pouting, but annoyed, the young mutant returns to her friends. "I got there just as it was breaking up. I got nothing other than he was totally into the lizard woman. As far as I know it was a Tinder meet up."

"Well, I got that she was speaking to him in Russian," Doug responds. That Amara's electric blue had gone untouched in her excitement? Totally part of Doug's usual karma/luck, it appeared.

Pausing, Doug tilts his head at Simon. "Why's everyone so excited about Illy's brother? Are you…?" Yeah, a few steps behind, considering most of that conversation occured while he was at the bar.

"According to Simon, he's a terrorist," Amara summarizes for Doug, only then realizing he's brought her a drink. How sweet! But she's sending a text to Illyana anyhow. "And something seemed to be going on with lizard lady." She quirks a brow, looking back at him. "Usually, you are the one explaining these things to us."

"That might be him." Simon tells Doug. "His name is Piotr Rasputin. I know him from the Brotherhood a long time ago." A time he had no reason to remember so never made the connection once he was in America.

"I'm sorry, but I've been silent too long." A random guy from another table comes and sits down with Piotr. "Now, I may not be a doctor, or a lawyer, or a Presbyterian. Hell, I never even finished third grade on account of my skin being covered in sentient warts…" The man has quite a lot of warts, and apparently they have feelings. "… but even though I'm not a smart man, I know what love is." The random warty guy looks around for dramatic effect. Piotr begins leaning away from him, as if he's worried the warts might be contagious.

"Son, are you gonna let that fine, plump, scaley woman just walk out of here without a word? Or are you going to be a man, and go out there and chase her the way she deserves to be chased?" Once again, he looks around for dramatic effect. But the people sitting around Piotr's table actually seem to think that this is sound advice. They nod encouragingly. A girl from another table even cheers.

Piotr stands up suddenly, sending his chair flying behind him. "You are right! I must go after her. Tell Bartender Bill that I will pay him in the morning." And with that, Piotr heads to the door, walking just slow enough to maintain some semblance of dignity.

On the way out, he passes right by Kitty. "Out of the way, sweetheart. You're not my type." He pushes the door open, looks both ways, and then begins jogging in what he assumes is the right direction.

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