August 30 2014: Look, there, in the sky! Is it a bir-OHSHIT! it's a demon dragon and Kara Zor-El! Zatanna comes to the rescue!

Amusement Mile, Gotham City

A carnival full of people and cotton candy.



  • Varzhyx, The Demon Dragon

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The night is Gotham (isn't it always night in Gotham?) is full of rolling clouds and the threat of rain, the winds blowing over the sea and forcing Gothamites everywhere to bring out their winter wear. Even this, though, isn't enough to keep the crowds from the Amusement Mile, and tonight the circus/faire is working at full pace, maybe even counting with a magic show or three from a certain rising star.

It is in this enviroment of fun, amusement and shady dealings from your good ol' Gotham crooks that a bolt of blue and red comes zooming from the sky, hitting one of the stages and, naturally, sinking past it and through the cement bellow.

People naturally run from the spot. WHy? Because in Gotham this probably mean a bombing was underway more than it meant super creatures are fighting (this is not Metropolis, after all!), and while the humans do so a very battered Kara Zor-El slowly crawls from the hole on hte ground. She is wet head to toe, shaking and one of her knees is bleeding. The girl looks around, apparently disoriented, looking up at the skies, nervous.

Thunder crashes. A rolling promise in the distance. The air smelled of rain, but no rain fell yet. The air was just thick with clouds - and amongst those very same clouds, the crescent moon, like a dagger. The red thing flew there. Wings that it did not need flapped, bat-like and strange. Those that looked upon the Thing - for to call it anything else was a misnomer - often recalled the images of eyes where they should not be - mouths where they should not be - and shuddered.

It released a scream that sounded like a hundred souls crying out in terror, and dived.

Zatanna always thought demons were drama queens. As it turned out, well - Zatanna Zatara was with a couple of her friends - young women she managed to finagle into spending time with her more often - Big Sally and Jennifer Anders.

They were on the merry-go-round, in fact, chit-chattering about the usual tomfoolery - when… "Hey, Zee," says Big Sal, "…what do you suppose that is?"

Zatanna glances up towards the sky and furrows her brow. Another moment - Zatanna chews on her lower lip, and glances towards the ground a bit. "Trouble," she says, releasing the weariest sigh. "Hey, um. I should probably go help take care of that, before my dad or my cousin or someone gets here, uh… will you all be okay?" she asks. The ums and ahs were less lack of confidence, and more her mind whirling - thinking on other things - type of demon, how to exorcise it, etc etc.

"Gnikrow sehtolc!" she says, and in an instant, the cute blouse, skirt, and flats number she had on turns into her top hat, jacket, coattails, shorts, and fishnets - and Zatanna gives a wink to her friends, throwing her hat up into the air, lavender smoke roiling out of it…

And nearish Kara, not two seconds later, a hand kinda seems to be blown in on the wind, tumbling to and fro until… a white-gloved hand reaches out to snatch it, bringing it up to settle upon her raven-haired head, a brilliant smile dancing on Zatanna's lips. "Um… hi there!" she says to Kara, seemingly ignorant of the danger of demon. "So I thought I'd be the first one here, but I guess a… well, there's a lot of superheroes around. Are you doin' okay?" she asks casually.

To say Kara understands very, very little of what this weirdly dressed woman seems to speaking to her so casually is an understatement. She doesn't know Earthling fashion, and the Kryptonian certainly doesn't feel like Zatanna could be of any help, giving her non-hyper powered looks, but the alien does look at the magician puzzled.

«And who in the name of Rao are you!?», the Kryptonian asks herself, eyeing the human and being unable to understand why this one isn't running like the others.

"Where here?", she speaks in a very heavy-accented English, looking up until she spots, rolling down the clouds, the beast she found skulking around Sanctuary, her soon-to-be home under the waves. Those blue eyes go wide and, using her otherworldly speed, she zooms out of the way with the stage magician when the best lands.

For the first time on Earth Kara Zor-El is hiding from something, behind one of the carnival tents. This creature has hurt her before, almost effortlessly. She doesn't know what is up, but this thing is different from all the rest of Earth.

«Co-Come on, Kara, think! You did the simulations… graduation isn't this much different, just with Displacer Beasts… remember training… find out what it wants… what it needs.. exploit it..», she reminds herself, speaking in her native tongue, before turning to the mage besides her and frowning.

"You. Stay. Not safe!", hisses the blonde, pointing to the ground before them, before turning to jump out of hiding and letting out a searing hot beam of laser hit the creature on the leg, to cut off some of it's mobilit.

«Stupid human are everywhere. Must take it out of here…», she mutters. Why does she care? Good question. Kara wishes she didn't.

That language - Kryptonian? Not that Zatanna Zatara would ever recognize it. In fact, her mind was flicking towards other things - ancient Babylonian, um. Celestial? Maybe? Now wasn't the time to geek out at the language, anyways. "Wow, that's a language, but…!" she says, holding up her white gloved hands to pluck her hat off of her head.

Where here? She could understand that, at least, and her expression perks up when that English comes out. "Well, you're in a wonderful town called Gotham. Come for the moody gothic architecture and atmosphere, stay for the psychopaths and eldritch horrors beyond this dimension," she says. Of course, while she was talking, the demon was winging around up there, making more of its hideous soul-searing noises.

"And I…" says Zatanna, casting a wink towards the other young woman, replacing the hat on her head at a jaunty angle. "Am ~Zatanna Zatara~, and… oooooof!"

You see, when Kara snatches her to go hiding with her, Zatanna appeared to have nothing in her hand. But cards the size of playing cards go every which way when she is bolted behind the tent with. The observant might notice ~mystic~ signs on them. Pentagrams, runish looking things, what have you.

So she was entirely empty-handed when she arrives behind the tent, her blue eyes suddenly wild. "Oh my god!" she calls out. A pause then, "Gods, sorry," she amends to no one in particular. But Kara was already moving on to do battle with the thing. "I needed -…!" It is with a little sigh that Zatanna starts to kinda… bite her lip. No, she wasn't staying put. But she was kinda starting to sneak around the tent towards where she originally was, kinda… moving down on all fours to hunker low as the laser beams go every which way. "…great," she grumbles to herself. "A world famous Zatara, losing hold of her exorcism tools. I can hear dad now."

Not that the demon was really paying attention to that. The lazer eyes wing its leg - searing a boiling hole in it that wicked smoke starts to leak out of, another cry - this one more strained, leaving its many mouths. It is forced to land, limping as it starts forward.

The thunder roils again, a few droplets promising rain.

"I willllll…." says the demon, its words almost liquid, as if it had to spit them out like phelgm. "…rend you apart, and swallow your soul - your future… will /neeeeever/ come to be."

Kara cannot understand a word of what the dragon says, mainly because she doesn't expect a beast to talk. Then again, she should be smarter than that, because she never thought she would be flying and lasering people with her eyes a week ago.

Completely unaware of the creature's intelligence, Kara Zor-El smirs, the kind of cocky grin of someone who just got the upper hand in a fight, or thinks she did. «Okay, remember to measure yourself, Kara. Last time you ran out of energy… and Rose Wilson isn't here tonig- What in the name of Khandor is that human doing!?»

Kara just stares at a crawling Zatanna picking up some… cards on the ground. Does this woman have anything against living? She must have! Gritting her teeth, and looking back at the demon hastily, worried it might notice the crazy raven-haired woman, the alien circles away from Zatanna.

«LOOK AT ME! HEY!», she shouts in Kryptonian before zapping the monster again on the head, a low charge, not to waste energy but to sting, before taking flight again, hovering a few meters from the ground, eyes burning, ready for another strong charge. SHe looks over at the magician, waiting for her to steer clear, or finish doing whatever she is doing, ready to jump the dragon it turns to the other woman.

«I just have to keep it's claws off of me… and I will be fine. It is already crippled… I just have to measure myself and aim true! And WHAT is taking so long with her!?»

Demons as a whole generally weren't known for being dumb. Certainly there were a couple of ones that really kinda lingered on the dumb side of things, but for the most part they were known for fiendish intelligence and otherwise. So when the demon was eyezotted like that - the sting that made its wings snap open even wider, and a little growling sort of noise rumble through it…

It paused. It knew when it was trying to be drawn away.

And Kara had been staring at a spot on the ground earlier.

The demon does answer Kara at first, however, bringing up a clawed hand - a little bolt of lightning - a dark crimson in colour - arcing towards her, scattering along one of the power lines in its way and blowing the transformer in the meanwhile, the bolt of magical energy still traveling towards the kryptonian.

Whether or not it hit didn't matter. Like Kara's, it was only meant to distract, as it turns its eyes down towards…


Its voice was dark and deep, and full of something akin to malicious glee.

Zee, for her part, had taken the time to start rummaging through the cards, tucking this one beneath her hat, this one up her sleeve, leaving this one on the ground. "Where is it?!" she says. That was right when the demon says her name like that, crouched over in the mud as she was, her blue eyes widening. "…eeeeerkkkkkk."

Rising up to a stand, she kinda produces a wand out of /nowhere/ (it was up her sleeve) and taps the side of her boots, "Stoob, ekam em nur tsaf!" she says. Grabbing a handful of the remaining cards on the ground, she starts… kinda running back around one of the tents, running as fast as a car might drive.

The demon spreads its wings, and takes flight after her. It was entirely ignoring Kara - which might give her the opprotunity for something… well, ~dangerous~.

Kara looks at that clawed hand and narrows her eyes. She is completely focused on the moment of this attack, so when it comes, the Kryptonian makes a point not only to dodge, but to flaunt she can do so, completely unaware she is not only being played for a fool, but that nobody, not even the demon, is there to witness her swirling through the air to avoid the blow, grinning at -no one- when she is finished.

«… What is this th-THEGIRL!», and Kara looks around for the human crazy that had been searching for her cards a few moments ago. Scanning -through- the tents it doesn't take long for the Kryptonian to find the raven-haired woman running -fast-.

«Well, least she is not a complete crazy!», mutters the blonde before she charges the demon. No matter how she paints it, Kara cannot stand idly by as the dragon takes flight and, frowning, the alien charges her laser fully and shoots right at the base of the beast's wing, flying at high speeds, the sonic boom echoing through the air, as she prepares to fly -through- that tender piece of flesh she hit with her laser first.

«OOOoooh RAO!», she says, closing her eyes and mouth, prepared for the blood and pieces of the creature as she torpedoes through one of it's wings, trying to fly fast enough past the creature so she doesn't get caught.

"LEAVE, CRAZY!", she shouts in English, glaring at the raven-haired woman just as her foot is grabbed by the demon. «Oh-oh.», it's all Kara has time to say and think before she is slammed down onto the ground as they both fall onto it, the creature's many mouths screaming so close to the Kryptonian that, coupled with the strength of it's magic, gets Kara disoriented on the crater she now lies.

«I hate this world…», she grumbles, not really aware of the position she finds herself in, eyes close, coughing.

That blonde-headed young woman was screaming more words in that weird little language of hers. Maybe it wasn't celestial - maybe it was demonic, and Zatanna Zatara was getting in the middle of a hellish gang war.

Well, she thinks with a little puff of air that blows a lock of her raven hair out of her eyes. "It wouldn't be the first time you did that, huh, Zee?"

She barely hears the sounds behind her, her mind mentally rehearsing the exorcism that was soon to come. "So do you go old school? I mean, old school is old school for a reason, you know," she murmurs to herself. "But Latin is terrible, and…" she was saying this as she kinda comes to a skidding stop nearish the back of one of the tents, nearly dropping her armful of cards - even if she had lost one or two during her dash. But the important one? Zatanna brandishes it between her fore and middle fingers, holding it up before herself with a cheeky grin. "Gotcha," she says to herself.

To the sound of the demon roaring with its hundred mouths. Wing fluttering uselessly, it manages to turn around and grasp Kara's ankle to start weighing her down as well, a fierce grin on all of its mouth before its scream disorients her.

Hopefully, Kara wouldn't linger too long in that crater. Those few droplets from before start gaining more and more strength, the rain itself starting to come down hard upon the fairground. But not as many raindrops would fall upon Kara - she was being shadowed by the bulk of the demon as it lingers over her.

"And now…" it murmurs. «"Now, Kara Zor-El,"» the demon says in Kryptonian - its accent… harkening back to traditional tales on Krypton. Of wicked, all powerful beings that did battle against the good. It was trying to elicit dread in the fallen woman. Before the end. "Now you… di…! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

That last 'eee' was said in a pained high pitch, the demon's hand having lifted, ready to plunge its claws through Kara. But now its body flashed with mystical energy. And not a handful of meters away, Zatanna stood, arms raised in front of herself, blue eyes glittering. That card - the one decorated with a pentagram and runes, kinda floated in the air in front of the demon, the source of the mystic light and chains that were reaching out to grasp its limbs.

"Neeb urick ayork!" intones Zatanna, using a long dead language, her fingers curling in. "Abale scant - /ayork/!" she says, her voice filling with more. "NOW! KILL IT, BLONDE… UH! PERSON!" she cries, the lights pulling the arms apart from each other, pulling on the wings of the demon, all of its mouths filling with the light.

Speaking in the Kryptonian's own language, appealing to the old traditional tales of General Zod or even The Creature, does get Kara's blue eyes to go wide in surprise and a bit of fear. She is almost eaten alive by the cacophany of screams and the snapping bites that are her world now, as the dragon looms over the blonde.

It starts to rain, and although Kara doesn't understand all the flashes, all the glowing, she certainly can understand the word 'Kill' amongst those Zatanna speaks. Unfortunatelly, that word she has heard plenty, and without hesitating, and closing her eyes before doing so, Kara creates a huge indent on the ground, the whole floor shaking, as she takes off, fast, to fly through the demon.

Now, she comes back the other side screaming in disgust, eyes closed, all smeared in whtever color of dark blood the creature exhibits, to finally fall down on the ground on her back, looking up at the heavens, rain falling down the skies over her face.

She spits out some of the creature's blood and supports herself on her palms, still sitting on the ground, to check on the demon. Is it gone? Did it work? Is that woman okay? The blonde can feel her energies almost gone. She is still over exerting herself too fast. But at least now she can access Sanctuary.

Pfft. As if she would be so lucky.

Zatanna would take a second more. Yes, the demon had a corporeal body, but… Zatanna's eyes had rolled up into her head, unaware, apparently of the rain, her hands moving in little mystic circles before herself as she chants low in that weird, guttural tongue.

And the light from the card was wrapping around this little crimson sphere that angrily battered itself against the confines of the sphere, over and over and over, Zatanna wincing a bit in the midst of her chanting as she shrinks the sphere more, and more, and more, and more… …!

And soon enough, there was just the smoldering bits of demon every which way, the rain seeming like acid to it as each strike of a raindrop brought a bit of smoke curling up from the corpse. It was vanishing into smoke, bit by bit - only its dark blood sinking into the ground. Zatanna's eyes roll back forward, and she takes an unsteady step, putting a kinda woozily confident grin on her lips. "Wow… um… wow!" she calls towards Kara.

"I thiiiiink that's the first Ungoilant Shadowwalker I got by myself! I mean. Um. Obviously you helped but, without, you know. Magic help," she says, stepping forward to snatch the still-floating card out of the air, the edges looking seared. Zatanna inspects it carefully.

«Rao… she looks completely amateurish…», says Kara, half-smiling at that. She cannot understand Zatanna, but she can relate to the rush the woman seems to be feeling after doing -something- right, that woozy feeling of pushing yourself to the brink. Yeah, this human is alright.

Kara lays down onto the ground, letting the rain wash over her, looking up. She can feels her muscles aching, and she can still hear that screaming, that -voice- in her head. The Kryptonian wonders, for a moment, if she should rush to Sanctuary to finally get inside, but somehow she doesn't.

What would be the point? Everytime she is close something happens and she has to take two steps back! It's like everytime she is close enough korsus or veendas are thrown at her. Or maybe korsus with veendas in their mouths and when they bark, they shoot veendas at her. It is always something worst than before, and Kara is tired.

The alien wants to be home already. She wants her parents, her life back. The powers are cool, but they are not worth everything else.

"Gotham?", she speaks up from her place in the ground, as if to confirm where she is. With the same laziness, the blonde clears her throat and asks "You, Zatara?"

Zatanna kinda looks down at Kara, quirking her head a little bit to the side. One imagines the rain would help with the demon blood and all that, but Zatanna, well, the card in her fingertips disappears with a twist of her wrist, and a bit of a showy flash of the palm of her hands to Kara, the woman grinning brighter. A bit of a showoff, this one was.

X-Ray vision would show the card going up her sleeve. And she had a lot of cards and things up both of her sleeves, actually.

But Zatanna reaches inside her coat pocket, removing a little handkerchief, kinda bending forward and moving to try to dab it at a splotch of blood on Kara's cheek.

Even if she resists that motion in some way, Zatanna would say. "Mmhmm~" she says. "Zatanna Zatara, that's my name. My father is /super famous/…" which was true. Along mystical circles. "…Giovanni Zatara? So you have probably heard of him, if not me." Give her about ten years, and the desire to start a stage show, but! One step at a time.

"So, hey? Are you a refugee from the Shadow Realm? Is that why that guy was after you?" asks Zatanna, kinda glancing up towards Kara's eyes, the rain kinda matting her own hair to her head. "And oh yeah - this is Gotham city. Kinda like I said before?" A pause. "In the material realm. Um. Earth realm? Um." What did demons call this place? "… you know. Where all the humans live?"

The moment she is touched Kara sits up, her then-relaxed expression now frowning some, even if she does let the woman work on that splotch of blood. That handkerchief doesn't look enough like a weapon for the alien to worry about it, apparently.

"Zatanna Zatara? You?", inquires the blonde, her tone of voice now returning to normal from the raspy, tired thing for moments earlier. She doesn't understand a lot from whatever else Zee says, but she does get the word famous, circles… father. That earns a sigh from Kara.

She stands before the raven-haired magician, and points to the crest over her chest. "House El. Krypton.", and she taps at it twice, the material quite sturdy even if flexible.

«It would be so much simpler if anyone in this mudball of a world could understand me…», Kara says to Zatanna, looking into her eyes as she complains. «You look way too much at ease for someone who just fought a beast of that size… I don't know if you are out of your mind, or a hero… but at least I guess I should thank you for the help. I had never even seen anything like i-… Whatever, right? You can't even understand me. Maybe it's for the best.»

Kara looks up at the stars, pursing her lips some. «I… I got afraid today. I've been afraid ever since I woke up here… afraid that something horrible happened, that… I might be stranded here forever. Nothing makes sense and… I guess I just needed to talk to some one about it, Zatanna Zatara.», she says with a smile, offering a hand for the woman to shake, some sadness in her features.

The rain helped in the blood removal, believe you me. Of course, Zatanna was starting to look rather miserable a bit. She was just glad she didn't wear too much makeup when she went out with her friends. A quick spell later, and she was sure she'd get all dry! And besides, she was getting the sense that Kara might need a little help.

Maybe only a little. She did just tear apart a demon with her bare hands, after all. "Uh huh!" she says, "Zatanna me…uh… House Zatara is my family," A pause then, and Zatanna touches her nose. "Zee," she says with a wink, giving a sunny grin in spite of the rain. "Krypton, right," she says.

…she hadn't heard of a Krypton realm before. Maybe they were demon hunters or something? She'd have to hit the books.

And then… well… Kara starts talking to her. Zatanna's smile kinda loses a little bit of its shininess, and she gives the other woman a slow blink, nonetheless trying to keep her smile bright. Krypton language. Got it. Maybe her dad would know?

Or Zach. Blargh.

At the very end of what Kara says, Zee was able to pick up her own name, smiling brighter. "That's me. Zatanna Zatara, uh. El of Krypton," she says, holding out her silk-gloved hands to take Kara's own. Zatanna wasn't the kinda woman that really squeezed the hands too much, mostly because she didn't feel particularly strong.

"So, um. Food? You know." Zatanna brings a hand up to her lips, and makes exagerrated 'nomnomcrunching' sounds. "Are you hungry?" Of course Zee could see the sadness in the other, but. Well. She couldn't quite understand what she was saying before. So. She had no idea.

The blonde tilts her head at the nomnomcrunching mimic and lets out a giggle, eyeing the magician with a smile now. Food? Eating? Oh Rao! Kara's eyes go wide as she realizes that she hasn't taken a single bite out of anything for a week now! Placing a hand on her stomach the Kryptonian realizes that is not needed anymore.

Still, she smiles at Zatanna and very, very carefully, squeezes the woman's hand. "I am Kara Zor-El. House El of Krypton.", and she points upwards, releasing Zee's hands, before nods.

"Food. Yes. I know.", Kara says carefully, slowly, trying to make herself understood, smiling. It feels nice to meet a friendly person.

Kara looks up at the rain, smiling up at it. With a smile, she realizes it has been years ever since a rain like this, in a city, happened in Krypton. Weather was always the same, perfect condition there and… if she has to admit so, rain feels… great! Lifting off the ground with her arms wide open, Kara feels the water come down on her with a wide smile, offering a hand to the magician.


Well, Zatanna Zatara was soaked to the bone. The teenage sorceress kinda… peers up at the sky then, murmuring a little spell beneath her breath to keep her from feeling too shivery and cold. Even with the careful squeeze, Zatanna could imagine the power behind the superpowered Kryptonian - she had just seen her essentially dismember a demon, after all, and keeps that dazzling smile on her lips.

Even if Zatanna wonders a little bit at the… "Hmm. Haven't you seen rain before?" she wonders aloud. Not really expecting an answer from the other.

Of course - if Kara takes Zatanna up - up, and away - she would be treated to a bevy of slightly nervous shrieks, but. Once things calmed down, she would be directed - by pointing of a silk-glove covered hand - towards the neon lights of the China Basin. "Best Chinese food in Gotham!" she calls to the other. "Uh." Pause. "Good food!"

Flying with the young Kryptonian is strange. Even though she only holds Zatanna's hand, the magician's whole body remains unaffected by gravity, even in an unperfected way. Even if the raven-haired woman waves from side to side here and there, however, the trip, even at high speeds, never has the human feeling the air pressuring down on her or her muscles sore.

Eventually both of them land veeeeeery slowly onto the pavement, Zatanna first, and then Kara, as they stop before a chinese restaurant. Surprisingly enough, when hte Kryptonian lands she is already dry, a warm glow of the Sun faintly shinning around the alien as she stands before the human food place.

«Good food? It doesn't even smell like food!», Kara comments, but the point stands that the smell isn't that bad at all, and it has Kara frowning. Food isn't supposed to smell! In Krypton it didn't!

Taking her cape off, unclasping it by her neck, the Kryptonian walks inside, opening the door sloooooowly, measuring her strength, not meaning to break anything.

It was a bit of a rush, really.

Of course, Zee had left her hat behind (even if she could always call it back to her, so it wasn't a huge deal), the flight was not something… she had done quite so much. To do it without magic gave her the sense of driving without any kind of seatbelt, for instance. Or, perhaps more appropriately - driving without a windshield.

She got used to it by the time they landed, and was even laughing along. "You know - whereever you are from?" says Zatanna, her eyes sparkling. "…you guys must have amazing lives," she says. "Because this flying thing? It's really, really, really, /really/ cool," she says.

Finally, they land, and the comment in Kryptonian draws Zatanna's eyes that way. "That's right! That's how the best Chinese in Gotham smells!" she enthuses, having no idea what the other had said.

Zatanna could notice the way that the Kryptonian was being careful. And Zee purses her lips some. A twist of her wrist, and out comes her magic wand. "Oh… let's start with… um… elprup esuolb htiw ittehgaps sparts, um… hmm… kard triks, eenk-htgnel, annnnnnd kcalb stalf, lla ym ezis dna no em!" And with a swirl of ~magic~, Zatanna's stage magician getup disappears, and instead… well… she has a purple blouse on top, a knee-length dark skirt, and flats for her feet.

Her hair was still wet, but one step at a time. She kinda starts pushing it over her shoulder, casting a grin at Kara as she follows her in. "Good food here! Do you like chicken? Beef?" she asks.

Although the Kryptonian is ready to ask what is a chicken, what is a beef, the sight of the restaurant alone is enough to give her pause, let alone the smells. They are not unpleasant, but the stark contrast of the sterile, scientific enviroments of the advanced Krypton pale in comparison to the scents of a human restaurant.

Once those doors are open inside Kara, it's a flood. The noise of cars, the smell of burning rubber of tires, the perfumes and smog, the grease and the chicken and the beef and the people laughing and the silverware clicking against the plates.

The Kryptonian stumbles out of the restaurant faster than she got in, getting past Zatanna and stumbling into the traffic. As a car almost runs past her, Kara looks at it, her eyes glowing red before she sees the human inside, scared. Civillian.

«I-Idiot!», she hisses, jumping up and into the sky, peering back at Zatanna one last time, before leaving the city.

Her cape remains close to the magician's feet, even if the alien woman doesn't, the clouds opening up at the distance as a blue dot flies up into the sky.

And Zatanna Zatara picks up the cape, kinda pursing her lips a little bit as she runs her hand over the symbol. "Gotham, right?" she tells the scared-looking young woman, giving her a cheeky smile.

The smile hid the thoughtfulness behind Zee's features.

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