Got Zatara, Will Travel

August 30, 2014: Zachary and Zatanna deal with a dimensional gash in reality.

Robinson Park

A vast green area in Gotham



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The Shambling Heart of Robinson Park.

More specifically, the Forum of the 12 Ceasars.

Those in the 'know' might know that this particular monument stood above a tear in the aether - a dimensional door of sorts that led Somewhere Else. Somewhere with a lot of darkness, and gnashing teeth, and little knives pricking at you in the gloomy black.

Needless to say, it was a bad idea to go there.

Just like it was a terrible idea to leave the gate open.

Even those without mystical senses would feel a sense of dread as they approached the park proper, causing many to shy away from it. Zatanna was not one to shy away, however. In the stone beneath a headless roman senator, the gash stood - like a weeping gash in reality itself. Zatanna was one of the lucky ones with mystical senses. She could actually see that gash in reality.

She chews on her lower lip, kinda lifting her top hat up a bit. "…um. I suppose we might need a few books, and a spell to close this thing…" she murmurs to herself.

A few minutes ago, Zachary was somewhere in Gotham not too close to this strange portal, yet it still has him sensing strange things. Deciding it may be important to at least check this out, he attempts to teleport to the dimensional door.

And he does as there is a poof of smoke and when it fades it reveals Zach. He looks around for a moment trying to see where the door is located and ends up seeing Zatanna! That's a good thing! The big gash in reality…not so much. "Zee! I wasn't expecting to see you here!" He smiles warmily and then turns to the door. "Um…I wonder who opened this?" He shakes his head. "I suppose the more important question is: How are we going to close it."

Zatanna could take a moment. At least - she didn't think anything was trying to get through this portal.

And even if there was, there would always be time to say, "Zachary!" Zatanna says this with gusto, her blue eyes lighting up with joy, a wide smile spreading across her features. Zatanna was good at show business, but the smile for family was very real.

"I don't know. I haven't called dad yet, because…" she pauses a moment, "Well, maybe he's got better things to do? So maybe it would be good to figure it out, but um. About the farthest I've gotten is finding out this leads to the realm of Nebetektu, the Gnashing Darkness. He was a Thing back when Cavemen ruled the Earth," says Zatanna.

"So why would anyone want to go in there?"

Zachary ponders on something noting that Zatanna has yet to call her dad. "That sounds bad." He glances around the area. "Hmm….Well, There aren't many reasons that someone might want to go into the portal." He glances around the area. "Have you considered the possibility that someone may be trying to get out of the portal? Like trying to enter this realm."

"Or… bring something out?"

Zatanna pauses a moment, her lips pursing tighter as she considers the portal a little more. Beyond its little sphere of unreality, there was nothing in it that could be seen but ~darkness~.

Another pause then. "So what should we do?" she asks him.

Zachary nimbles on his lower lip and watches the darkness of the portal curiously. He puts his hands on his hips and examines the portal a little closer. "I'm not sure to be honest. Perhaps there's books that could help us back in the Shadowcrest. Or maybe a spell would work."

Zatanna likewise considers the portal, glancing towards Zach every so often. "We could…" she begins, "…set up a cloaking spell or something so a jogger doesn't accidentally stumble into the thing, and then head back to Shadowcrest?" she pauses. "You know, and do research and everything on it."

Zachary nods. "That could just work!" He smiles determined and lifts his top hat. The young man reaches into it and pulls out a magic wand. "A cloaking spell right?" He points the wand towards the portal and clears his throat. "Edih siht morf enoyreve!" He exclaims and the portal looks as if it disappeared, but luckily they can still sense it's presence.

"Nice! I'll get the teleport back!" says Zatanna with a wink. Biting her lower lip, she whips off her hat, and tosses it into the air, "…ekat su ot Tsercwodahs Yrarbil!" she says. And out of the hat, lavender smoke billows out… a whipping wind tossing around them, sparkles in the smoke as it twists and pulls around them… and when the smoke clears, they would be in the library of Shadowcrest, surrounded by books.

Zee bends down, and snaps her hat off of the floor, giving Zachary a cheeky grin.

"Which section do you want? I'll get the other."

Wide-eyed Zachary looks around the vast library of Shadowcrest. He's never really been here before so it certainly is a surprise to him. "Wow! There's a lot of….books." He shakes his head and grins back at Zatanna. "I guess I could check out any books about portals and dimensional doors."

Well, looks like it's time to read!

To be continued…..

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