August 28 2014: Kara Zor-El needs something she left inside her pod and Rose Wilson is the only one that knows where it is.

Siberia, Russia

Kara Zor-El needs something she left inside her pod and Rose Wilson is the only one that knows where it is.



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Ravager was sent to recover a crashed alien spacecraft and the being inside, which turned out to be Superman's long-lost cousin from Krypton… Supergirl! Unfortunately, Supergirl's quest to find her infant cousin, Kal-El, was derailed when she was attacked by the mecenary, Ravager, and her squad of exo-skeleton-powered elite special forces of a shadowy organization.

Upon finding out that the 'alien' she was sent to kidnap was all too human, Ravager abandoned the fight and allowed Supergirl to escape, thus causing her to become the next likely target of her now-former employer. Ravager headed south, to Thailand, but Supergirl, unable to locate her ship, confronted her once again. Despite communication difficulties, the pair formed an uneasy alliance on the basis that Ravager would help Supergirl regain her ship, and in return Supergirl would help Ravager strike a pre-emptive blow against their now-mutual enemy… and give her a ride back across the Pacific Ocean to America.

Breaking into the organization's compound, Ravager's deadly strike against one of the guards left Supergirl in a quandry, deciding to save the man's life despite Ravager's protests. When last we left our heroes, they were being raised, along with Supergirl's ship, into a spacecraft headed to a more secure location…


Supergirl was weakened somehow, maybe one of those goons had kryptonite on 'em after all. Didn't matter, the bastards had given them exactly what they needed to escape with the ship intact!

"Excuse me, boys. I think I'll drive." Rose's seductively smarmy voice comes from behind the two men at the controls a split-second before a cold, steel sword explodes through the back of the seat of the man on the right, the point coming out through the front of his chest. He gives a jerk, arms sporadicly reaching for the impaling instrument. The white-haired mecenary leaves it in him, to pin him down for now.


The second one, a dark-skinned woman, starts to turn around, a look of shock and horror on her face as she finds herself staring down the barrel of a laser blaster. A bright beam of light ends her life in a flash of heat and pain. Rose grabs onto the shoulder of her outfit and bodily hauls the woman out of the seat, taking her place at the controls.

The male is still trying to unimpale himself, blood leaking out of the corners of his mouth.

"You okay back there, Princess?" Rose calls, not really expecting an answer. The craft has already taken off and is a little way from the compound. It takes her seconds to gather the layout of the controls, her trained mind finding the similarities with the crafts she was familiar with. "Okay, coming about…"

The craft arcs into a slow U-turn, heading back towards the facility. "Time for a little going away present… think I saw twin-mounted grazers on this thing on the way up… we have missiles!?" It's asked in the same voice one might use to open a Christmas present.

The blaster sound brings Kara back to life, out of breathe, grabbing her own throat. It hits too close to home despite the Kryptonian being unable to piece together why. What she can piece together, however, is how casually Rose Wilson dumps that body to the side after uncerimoniously shooting that woman.

Kara doesn't quite think. Although not as nearly as strong as she was before performing that impromptu operation, the blonde alien is still strong enough to grip the seat Ravager is currently taking and -hurling- it to the back of the ship, Rose included.

"NOOOOOOO!", she screams, stumbling as she puts her whole body behind a punch that looks as clumsy as it is desperate. Without some time to recharge Kara is just another scientist-to-be without much knowledge about combat. Some, but not much. A blow like this would never connect on someone like Rose Wilson.

Even if their ship wasn't, just now, spiralling down onto the ground to firm crash there.

«YOU MURDERER! YOU ARE AS BAD AS THEM!», screams the Kryptonian, unknowingly trying to attack someone she might kill with a single punch should she land something, if she had her full strength. Ironies aside, however, the second their ship crashes down onto the ground, Kara is the first to lose her footing, being hurled into the cockpit, back first.

And when it is all said and done, both women are now in the wreckages of their only means to escape, a mile or two out the base, surrounded by trees. «All you know is barbarism… the story books were right…», murmurs Kara, getting on her fours, a gash on her forehead now open, bloodying half her face. She isn't used to it, and it stings pretty bad.

"N-No killing…", she growls, trying to look for the combat savvy woman somewhere around her.

"Targets locked." A pretty, computerized female voice rings out from the cockpit. With a feral grin, rather nasty really, Rose reaches for the firing mechanism, putting her finger on the trigger… right about the time her seat is ripped out of its moorings and flung across the craft. knocking her into the opposite side of it.

"THE HELL!?" Rose lets out in startled surprise, not exactly expecting the person she was helping to suddenly turn on her. The follow-up punch is avoided by leaning to the side, dodging it by mere centimeters, following up with a lash out of her leg, a straight up-and-out kick with heel to knock the damned Kryptonian back the other way.

A crash, they've landed. They'd be coming for them now. Stupid. Had been stupid to trust someone so green and moronic.

Someone with a damned S on their chest.

The deadly teen has to shove a few heavy pieces of metal machine parts off of her, including what she's pretty sure is part of Kara's ship, growling as she gets to her feet. "You freaking idiot. This was our way out of here!"

Rose scrambles over the wreckage, and leaps across the intervening distance. Her sword is ripped out of both chair and man, who's now very, very dead due to a sword-related injury to his chest, plus a crash jostling said sword. With that, she simply… exits out of the broken windshield.

Her boots clack across the metal outside of the craft, and with a single leap, lone remaining sword in hand, she hits the snow and begins a brisk walking pace in the opposite direction of the compound, towards a distant treeline. If she could reach it, then it would be much easier to take out whatever task force was sent out after her. Super-dumbass was on her own after that little stunt.

"See ya, Princess. Good luck with that no-killing thing." The white-haired mercenary mumbles. "Maybe a few years as a genetic experiment will change the thought process of that empty little head of yours. …New Rule, Rose: No helping heroes."

Kara watches as Rose Wilson stumbles and leaves her presence, glaring at the woman. Somehow she feels disappointed. Why? The blonde cannot tell. She shouldn't expect anything from this kidnapper but… Forget it. There'll be time to think about Rose Wilson -after- she gets to her ship!

And that is exactly where Kara is headed, the pod that is as strange to her as it is to these humans. One unsteady pace at a time gets the alien to her wrecked ship, those blue eyes going wide in realization it might be broken, even as the gash on her forehead slowly closes, the Sun feeding her with all the radiation the Kryptonian needs to get back to fighting shape.

«This… is all pretty advanced! What do I do?», she hisses, even as a few shapes seem to fly out of the base at a distance, taking the skies in a trail of smoke, coming the way of both Rose and Kara, maybe a dozen. «Father, what am I supposed to do…», she mutters, before realizing there's something thrown into the pod. Some kind of… box? It seems to speak to her, however, it buzzes her name.

Kara reaches for it as five mercenaries land around her and the ship's wreckage, the others making their way to Rose.

Fully charged, however, Kara takes the skies fast as she takes what she came here for, the small fist-sized box buzzing incessantly.

'Kara Zor-El… Sanctuary… Zor-El… Sanctuary…', it repeats, even as the alien prepares to leave… and then turns around, seeing those men going after a very able, and very human, Rose Wilson. A very murderous human at that. Undecided if she should help the men, or the woman herself, the Kryptonian grumbles and goes back, the first exosuit that walks 10 meters from the white-haired woman receiving a powerful body slam that shoves it far, -far- away in a broken suit.

"Need help?", she speaks in English, looking still annoyed at the girl's unapologetic violence. The other armored thugs soon show up from the trees, readying their weapons.

They'd gotten to her just a minute or so before she'd made it to the trees. Great.

Rose Wilson stops in her tracks, looking from one exo-skeletal suit to the next. It wouldn't be an easy fight. But she was trained to win in the face of overwhelming odds, and she had a few tricks of her own to even them up. All this just to help some ungrateful blonde alien chick in exchange for a ride home that it didn't seem she was gonna get after all.


The silver-haired mecenary had only one of her swords left, a few backup weapons, some gear. The laser rifle she'd appropriated was back in the ship Princess had wrecked. This was supposed to be a quick-and-easy, in-and-out job, dammit! Rose spreads her hands. Nope, wouldn't be an easy fight at all.

And then Superbimbo's back. The mecenary smirks, wondering if the naive girl would make herself useful this time. "Heat vision and freeze breath." She whispers, so very quietly no one except a dog or a kryptonian might be able to hear her. "Make it quick."

And with that, her fists open and out drops a pair of grenade-like cannisters. They hit the ground and immediately start spinning, spewing a thick cloud of light-gray smoke, obscuring Rose's form in a heartbeat. She's already diving to the side, head over heels, hands planting in the snow to spring clear of any laser bolts flying her way.

She's only bought herself a few seconds before their adversaries switch to thermal vision and find herself again. Hopefully Blondie has gotten over herself enough by then to make short work of them and get them OUT of here.

…Otherwise she'll have to use what little ordinance she has to get another rifle and take care of these losers in the most permanent way she knew how.

"Anytime, Princess!"

Heat vision? Freeze breathe? What does that even mean?! Kara understands the words in English, but she frowns at their meaning. Does she mea-

«BE CAREFUL!», screams the blonde alien as she almost teleports before Rose, hands crossed over each other in a defensive posture as a missle is launched from the exoskelletons, the explosion around Kara taking a detour around the area behind her, even if her moving did cause severe cracks to show up on the ground around her feet.

«I am -TIRED- of you Earthlings! I AM TIRED OF THIS YOU HEAR ME!?!?!», the Kryptonian finally screams as a ripping sound fills the air as her eyes flash in an angry, ominous red. Here it comes.

The beam of energy cuts the horizon as Kara tilts her head to aim it. She wants nothing more than to give in to temptation, to let that deadly energy cut at stomach height, end her enemies right here.

Thing is, she is not a bestial Earthling. She would -never- disappoint her Zor-El and Alura-El like that. Ever.

The slew of enemies will feel when their machines feet disconnect from the rest of their exosuits bodies, the laser having cut cleanly at their equipment's knees. Kara has her hands bailed into fists. She wants to get REALLY violent.

REALLY. VIOLENT. But she holds back, gritting her teeth, the stone around her feet unsteady, cracking, unable to cope with even the shivering of the Kryptonian's muscles.

And she looks at Rose.

"No. Killing.", she approaches the other woman, holding a hand to her, and tilting her nose up into the sky. "No killing, or leave behind.", frowns the Kryptonian.

For a girl scout, she sure understands blackmail!

"Promise, Rose Wilson.", she asks, «Or I will -make you- promise.», she adds in her native tongue.

Slice! Didn't exactly dispower their weapons systems, but she'd take momentary disablement over nothing any day.

Rose cartwheels to a halt as the suit she was about to pounce upon tumbles to the snow… and briefly wonders if Kara would have bothered sparing HER knees if she had been on the ground when those laser eyes had cut her way. No time to think about that now.

"Well, you already wrecked my ride. So get us out of here, Princess, and there really won't be a need for me to kill anyone, will there?"

The human takes the alien's hand, stepping close, looping an arm around the strong blonde's shoulder and waiting to be taken skyward. Hopefully quickly. Very, very quickly.

"I promise I won't kill these men if you take us away from here /right now/. So up, up, and away, yeah?"

Kara might be Kryptonian, she might be young, she might be green, but the blonde knows a smartass when she sees one.

While Rose Wilson of Earth, who reeks of cheekiness, might have been able to get it her way some other time, right now Kara Zor-El is putting a foot down.

She wraps her arm around the white-haired woman's hips, hugging her tight, before narrowing her gaze and speaking clearly, not moving an inch to the sides or up.

"No tricks. Promise.", the alien states, even as the factory they have just stormed seems to be sending more of these exosuit-totting goons.

Kara still doesn't move. She is not used to Earth enough to know they might be locking missiles on them as they stand there, the Kryptonian's grip keeping Rose close.

"No killing. Promise. Now."

«Just say it, you idiot! I am not carrying you around if you are going to slay your fellow men! Don't you know what being civilized -means-?!»

Was this idiot for real? Rose has the distinct urge to put the blonde bimbo in her place. She'd already proven she could hurt Kara, badly, twice now. Was this moron really so dumb as to think extorting a promise would make someone be under any sort of compunction to keep it?

Hell, even if the mercenary wasn't a liar to begin with, even if deception wasn't another tool in her arsenal, breaking a promise made under duress would pretty much leave her with a clear conscious. She considered threatening to leave her here to deal with /Kara's/ mess definite 'duress'.

"I. Promise." The white-haired young woman says, stone-faced. And they probably both know she doesn't mean it in the slightest. Well, at least she DID mean her promise not to kill these men right here, and right now. She points towards the reinforcements en-route. "They have missiles."

Then at the legless suits who are probably regaining their bearings. "They have guns." Then at the sky. "Let's /go/, Princess, enough of waiting around with your stupidity! I won't kill anyone for at least a day if you take us where /no one needs to be killed/!"

It was seriously getting close to time to stab this chick and leave her for the men to pick up. The kryptonian was the one they wanted, anyway.

And Kara smirks smugly, in a way that might lead Rose to think the alien actually believes the mercenary is now honorbound. Is there limits to her naivete?! Apparently those are also expanded by the Yellow Sun's light, because the Kryptonian looks at her white-haired partner as if she has just won a staring contest.

And missiles come zipping through the skies down onto them.Rose will notice, given her limited precognition, that Kara is dodging to the left. Thing is, when the floor cracks, 'left' is a breeze and a few miles away. As Kara holds Rose with an arm under her torso and another behind her knees, like a damnsel in distress, the blonde just smiles triumphantly.

"Bangkok?", she inquires, her face lighting up. There's something wrapped around Kara's biceps, a small box, and it a Zor-El… Sanctuary… Kara Zor-El…», it echoes, and the blonde woman reacts to it like it's the most beautiful song ever. Maybe this is Kryptonian song? Ew. So artsy!

Up, up, and… to the side? Well, whatever works! It would take the goonsquad a few minutes to relocate them and even more to get to their current position. Okay, maybe having a pet Kryptonian would come in handy. "Yeah, keep smirkin',

Princess. I'll wipe that smug look off your pretty little face here in a minute."

The mercenary shakes her head, she already had everything she needed, minus her spare change of clothing. She wouldn't miss it. "Los Angeles," She states instead, taking only a minute to get her bearings, then pointing off to the east.

"That way. A long… long way that way. Over the ocean. Uh, big water. Past the big water."

Better speak simply until the girl learned how to talk like a human instead of chattering grouse speak. Then Rose points at herself. "Ravager. Rose Wilson." Then she points at Kara, poking a finger into her chest. Hey, might as well get the bimbo's name so she'd know who to call on for when she needed a return favor. Y'know, provided this alien chick wasn't too married to her retarded 'no killing' rule.

Then her finger turns up, towards the sky, and to the east again. "Go. It's cold here."

Kara Zor-El has heard of Los Angeles before, she just doesn't remember it all that well. It was when her senses first went haywire, almost overwhelming her, so when told about hte place she frowns slightly, before looking at the direction Rose points.

And then the woman starts to talk. The alien has no idea of what she mans by Ravager, but Rose Wilson the alien understands. With an easy smile the Kryptonian looks at her current partner in crime and nods.

"Kara Zor-El. House of El.", she says simply, holding the other woman tightly, before she zooms into the sky, and towards the direction she is pointed.

As the breeze washes away her doubts, for now, Kara can barely wait to drop this woman in her home and go to Sanctuary at last, see whatever her father has in store for her.

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