The Case of the Missing Seat Cushions

August 30, 2014: Clock King, Green Arrow and Huntress

Gotham City

A city called Gotham. The name means 'A place to keep goats.' True fact.



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It is night here in Gotham and there is a steady, light drizzle coming down, the kind of rain that borders on being too cold to be out in even with it still being rather warm out during the day. As it always does, it lends the city a bit more dreariness to it. Most smart people are inside, hiding from the weather or, if they are out in it, they have umbrellas to help keep them dry. Sadly, Huntress is neither smart enough to stay home and she can't carry and umbrella while out on 'patrol'.

Standing on the roof of one of the lower buildings, the dark-and-damp haired heroine is looking down at the street, tryin to see if there is anything going on, her crossbow in hand as if she's expecting someone to do something… bad.

Speaking of heroes who aren't particularly smart… Green Arrow stands atop the tallest building he could find. It's even colder and rainier up there. He does have a bit of protection from the elements, however. It's days like this that incorporating a hood into his costume seems like an especially bright idea. Rain runs down the canvas material, forming a rivulet that pours down right in front of his nose. But the weatherproofing of the fabric only is capable of holding out so long, and the hood is beginning to cling to the sides of his head. We won't even begin to go into what's happening with the rest of his cloth and leather ensemble.

"F. This is G. Still no sign of Clock King's thugs. Are you sure you said midnight? Yes, yes I know that Clock King is never late. That's why he's the Clock King. Fine, I'll keep looking."

Green Arrow stops talking into whatever touch-free communication device he's wearing, and pulls a pair of binoculars out of his tool belt. "She's crazy. There's no way any self-respecting human being would be working in this weather. His goons must have called it off, or maybe he… hold the phone…" His voice trails off as his binoculars sweep across an all too familiar sight. He refocuses the lenses on the purple-clad form of the Huntress, zooming in as far as the binoculars are capable of doing.

"Oh god. I've got to get out of here before she…" Once again he's cut off. This time by the ringing of the clocktower downtown. Apparently Green Arrow's digital watch is a few minutes early. As soon as the clocktower begins sounding off, an explosion can be heard less than a block away from the building that the Huntress is guarding. The explosion rocks the doors of the Gotham Pharmaceutical Supply Warehouse, causing them to blow right off of their hinges. Within seconds, a group of masked men are inside the warehouse. Their movements are timed perfectly and in unison, and it's likely they'll have everything they came for cleaned out in under two minutes.

"Ugh… not tonight…" Green Arrow pulls out one of his special arrows, and fires a zipline all the way to the roof of the warehouse. "Well, with any luck, maybe Clock King's goons will kill me before Huntress gets there." And with those encouraging words, he begins speeding down the zipline toward the roof below.

Of course Huntress is crazy. Or so it's assumed by members of certain circles, those being the other heroes who has heard and/or worked with her in the past, at least. Revenge-driven, quick to lose her temper, not afraid to kill… not quite certifiably 51-50 but she's not exactly 'all there' at the same time.

Helena is just about to call it a night and go home, not sure what, if anything will go down, but just as she turns the explosion happens, causin her head to whip in that direction. "Well, shit…" Frowning, she rushes to the nearest fire escape and to the alleyway where her motorcycle is, the black Ducati hidden among the shadows gunned as soon as she sits upon it, the helmet she normally wears allowed to remain where it was hung earlier in the night.

Won't take her long to get there, at this rate. Poor Arrow. He won't be able to beat her there, most likely. He'll just hope he doesn't wind up running into her.

It certainly looks like it'd take Green Arrow longer to get there. He's further away, and his means of conveyance is a thin metal cable. However, anyone who has ridden a zipline knows that those suckers accelerate pretty quickly. Given the steep angle that Arrow is travelling down, he begins to pick up speed very quickly. Too quickly. But that's okay, because the device attached to the zipline has a brake on it.

Green Arrow presses the brake, and begins to slow down for a second, before a horrible screeching sound occurs and he starts speeding up again. The brakes have broken. This was a horrible idea.

"I've…. made…. a… huge… mistake…" He grunts out a few choice words as he struggles to ready his bow, nock an arrow, and also hang onto the zipline for dear life. Somehow, he manages to release the arrow backward, creating a secondary line that he holds in his other hand, trying desperately to gradually slow his descent. Wrapping the line around the zipline device helps a bit, though in the process he burns through a lot of the leather in his gloves. But still, the warehouse's rooftop is coming up too fast. With one hand on the zipline, trying to control two lines at once, and with his other hand on his bow he fumbles around in his quiver with his bow hand. A couple of his arrows fall out of the quiver, spilling onto the streets below. Fortunately, none of them explode. Finally, he grabs the one he seeks, puts the end of it in his mouth, nocks the bow with his teeth, and fires the arrow right in front of the spot his zipline is due to land. The arrow explodes, creating a massive foam air cushion. Green Arrow releases his hold on the zipline, and smacks into the cushion at high speed, knocking the wind out of him. He tries to stand up twice, falling over instantly both times. King of graceful landings, 2014.

At least he made it to the roof. Inside, Clock King's minions continue systematically searching the warehouse, checking off the items on Clock King's Christmas List.

The arrows happen to land just where Huntress has sped by moments ago, that going without notice from the markswoman who is now coming to a stop just before the warehouse. Frowning slightly, she forgoes the crossbow, which now sits hooked to its place on her belt, and the dual 9mm pistols are instead drawn. When something big is possibly going down, use bigger guns.

Looking for an entry point, the black-purple-and-white clad, mask-wearing woman eventually finds a door. Doesn't seem to be guarded so in Huntress goes, the safeties on her guns clicked off as she prepares for a very ugly fight. Two men are down the hall from her and she tries to sneak up on them, intending to either pistol whip them into unconsciousness or shooting them. Either option will work.

Turns out that Green Arrow will be late to the party after all. When you're dealing with Clock King, being late usually means that you miss the party entirely. But fortunately it looks like Huntress will be crashing the party on her own.

As he staggers to his feet, Green Arrow tries to breathe but only manages to wheeze. The effort makes him double over, but he doesn't remain that way for long. Forcing himself to get moving, he takes a few forced breaths, and checks his equipment. The bow is still fine. He's still got most of his arrows. He's in business.

Inside, one of Clock King's goons shouts out to the others. "The Underoos are onto us, single target, initiate Contingency Alpha 3!" Of course Clock King was prepared for the possibility of someone trying to spoil his fun. Which is why three of the goons press buttons on their belts, and begin firing their automatic rifles at the Huntress. They move from position to position, closing the distance between themselves and Huntress by bounding in turns while the other members provide cover fire. The ones who are assaulting are moving much faster than they should be, possibly superhumanly fast. But now isn't the time to try and figure out why.

So. Huntress has been seen, is being shot at and is in need of ducking under cover to keep from being shot? In other words, not a situation she hasn't been in before. Fun. While she's missed the edge of her cape is hit and the material it is made from torn, showing just how close they were to hitting her, making her wince when she hears the rapport of that shot. Damn.

A large crate is finally located and she crouches, shivering slightly as she catches a chill from he wet hair, that making this entire mess all the more miserable for her. "You know," she yells out before popping up to take a few shots at them, "I am not in the mood to be shot at and I am sure none of you are as well." Two more rounds are shot and then she kneels back down. "So how about we all go home and get where it's warm and dry and call it a night, huh?" Not that they will and neither will she, not until they're taken care of, at least. Sighing, she mutters darkly under her breath, swearing to herself in Italian, while she continues to wait.

With almost robotic precision, the three goons begin encircling Huntress' position. Meanwhile, all of the others continue to ransack the place unimpeded. As shots are fired at the goons, they actually dodge the bullets, bending at the waist like the Asian teenage contortionists that beat American gymnasts so frequently at the Olympics. Only these guys are much faster.

Everything about their teamwork looks well-rehearsed and borders on perfection. They conduct magazine changes at perfect intervals, so that two of the goons are always firing while one is reloading. Two are always behind cover and firing while the other is bounding to a new position. Within seconds, they'll be virtually on top of Huntress, then it'll be a question of who still has ammunition left over.

But it's at just that moment that a green figure crashes through one of the building's skylights. As he rappels down from the roof onto the floor, Green Arrow releases several flashbang arrows into the room. He lands in a crouched position, hands covering his ears and eyes shut. The flashbangs go off, sending concussive pulses, deafening explosive noise, and blinding light in all directions.

The Clock King's goons are taken by surprise, one that was standing close to a flashbang actually begins to spark behind his mask. The rest of them are stunned momentarily, and remain motionless while they fire blindly in random directions.

GA opens his eyes just in time to see one of the goons about to open fire on him.

"I've made a huge mistake."

Bright lights and loud noises? Did Gotham's 'finest' finally make it here? Peeking up only enough to where the top of her head and eyes are above the level of the cargo box, Arrow's presence is finally noticed, it getting her to groan. "Oh fu… damn him." For a moment she entertains the idea of letting the archer sweat it out and he in fact has to for a few seconds when she has to duck from some of the mook's shooting, but then, with a grumble, she decides to play nice and help the guy out.

"Hey, jerk," she yells out but to whom? Could be the guy taking aim at Oliver or at the Emerald Archer himself, kind of hard to tell. The baddie about to shoot is instead shot himself, right through the neck, putting that one out of the fight, temporarily if not for good. "You owe me one, Arrow." Done helping, she leaps over the crate but not before pulling out her collapsible bo staff, the pistols put away. Running towards one, she expands the metal rod and uses it to pole vault towards one, foot extended in a kick aimed for jerk #3's face.

Gotham's finest won't have much left to do at this rate. The clock struck twelve only a few minutes ago and already two of the goons are taken out of the fight. When the bullet goes through the neck of the first goon, his neck explodes in a shower of sparks. Apparently Clock King has grown tired of seeing his perfect stratagems ruined by human henchmen. The second goon's head bend all the way back on his neck when 'he' is kicked in the face. Apparently the kick was hard enough to sever the sensors from the computer, as it just sinks to its knees and begins flailing its arms back and forth, its head bent straight up and staring at the ceiling.

"By my count, you owe me three." Green Arrow is quick to get back to his feet and back in the game. He fires two arrows at the neck of one of the robots, severing the head completely. Three down. "I totally saved you with the flashbang. You were toast." Apparently he remembers events differently than she does.

The robots only stop scavenging when the final member of their assault team is deactivated. But by now, it looks like they've got everything they came for. Which is why it's perhaps not all that surprising when they all press buttons on their belts, and run for the closest wall at inhuman speeds. All four of them run right through the wall, leaving massive holes in their wake.

"Dammit! They're going to get away!"

"I'm not the one who disappeared on you, archer. So no. I do not owe you anything. Not anym…" The lovers' spat is put on hold when she sees that the remaining robo-mooks are on the move, causing her to swear and this time not in the tongue of her ancestors. Nope. She's wearing in English and doing so rather rather loudly and very colorfully. "Come on, you. You can come along." If only because Huntress is going to need Arrow's help. She sure as hell does not want his company at the moment.

Turning, she runs through one of the minion-provided exit holes and angles her path towards her bike. C'mon, Oliver. You get to go along for the ride, assuming you can catch up with her. Otherwise, you're so on your own.

Another nice thing about the hood/mask combo: it covers up most of your face and allows you to look relatively cool even when you're getting put in your place by an old flame. It's a good thing that she's more interested in stopping the bad guys than she is in giving him a tongue lashing. Even so, Oliver begins planning his exit strategy after the pharmaceuticals are safely recovered.

He's hot on her heels as she runs out of the building. For a moment, it looks as if he might be attempting to outrun her, possibly in an attempt to hop on the driver's seat. But he appears to think better of that at the last moment. She's already mad enough, it seems. Which is why he somewhat sheepishly waits for her to get on before climbing on the back of the bike, swinging a leg over the seat and putting his hands on her hips.

Arrow's weight settles on the back of the bike, causing the shocks to creak slightly, it reminding Huntress that it's probably time for her to get those look after. "Hold on tight." The engine is turned on and the bike leaps forward, the speed increasing swiftly as she has the throttle pulled back as far as it'll go. Arrow best have a good, tight hold or else he's going to be flat on his back in the middle of the road and probably in a lot of pain at the same time.

The bad guys are followed as close as possible but with their having a head start because of the heroes having to get to the motorcycle and on it they might get away. While driving Helena glances at Oliver, her mouth held in a thin line. "You and I will talk once this is over." And by 'talk' she most likely means she'll do the talking - or yelling - and he'll be doing the listening.

The sudden acceleration sends GA's hood flying back, revealing the entirety of his head. He's updated his mask since the last time they met, and apparently hasn't cut his hair in over a year. Not that she can really see that from her current position, or that she'd notice even if she could. Robots first.

To keep himself from falling off, he has to grip quite a bit more tightly. There's really no way to be shy on a motorcycle. With his stomach pressed against her back, and his chin hovering a few inches above her shoulder, Oliver is in the perfect position to start the yelling part of the evening a bit early.

"I'm looking forward to it, Scary Bird, but I'd appreciate it if you'd stop driving like a grandmother and actually catch the robots." The robots are each doing about eighty at the moment, nothing they can't catch up with, but there are four of them that they've got to round up to prevent whatever nefarious scheme the Clock King has been cooking up.

It really shouldn't be an issue of speed, honestly. Not when the fact that the bike can go over 130 miles per hour. It's more that they're in the city and there's traffic pretty much 24/7, making her have to weave around cars as they're happened upon necessary. "Do you want to drive," she yells back angrily, her body shaking slightly as she tries to control herself. "Or better yet, how about you get the hell off and let me do the work." A low snort is given before she goes quiet again, finding one of the robots near by. That'll be where she maneuver towards first. "Grab him if you can," she says while attempting to pull ahead of #1 and stop, not wanting Oliver to have to leap off while they're speeding along. She might be angry at him but she really doesn't want him to get hurt. Not too badly at any rate.

"You do the driving. Leave the dashing heroics to me." He has to shout to make himself heard over the roar of the engines, and the horns of all the other automobiles, but Oliver manages to get his point across.

Grabbing a fast-moving robot seems like a horrible idea to him. But fortunately he has a quiver full of Better Ideas. "Don't get excited." The reason for him saying this might seem cryptic at first, until he simultaneously lets go over her with his hands and instead begins gripping her sides with his thighs. He leans back a few inches, and readies his bow and an EMP Arrow. He holds the arrow in place as the motorcycle nears its target, takes a deep breath, slowly releases it, and lets the arrow fly when his lungs are fully deflated. The arrow sticks in the back of the robot's head, and unleashes a small, localized electromagnetic pulse that immediately disables the robot.

"Make a note of where it fell. We'll have to try and police them up before word gets out that there's a duffle bag full of pharmaceuticals in the middle of the street."

Good thing Helena did not stop too close, otherwise that EMP would have fried the electronics of her bike, assuming that the pulse is not short-ranged. Would kind of suck to get one down and have to let the other three go because the Ducati became disabled. The street and address of a nearby building's noticed and she drives off, once more doing so in a manner that is reckless. Hopefully there are not any cops in need of filling their ticket quota near where they are.

Number two is found several blocks over, in a recessed park-like area between two business buildings. There are stairs down as well as ramps for wheelchair access, but the ramps are too narrow for the massive bike to be driven down. Not without the walls rubbing against their legs. Guess that leaves the stairs. The ride's bumpy for as long as it takes them to get down and then the robot is found. Let's see what happens when you run over one of Clock King's robots with a very heavy motorcycle.

"No. No! NO! NONONONONO!" Green Arrow is lucky that nobody he knows can see him now, because he's clinging to Huntress as if he were some sort of panicked koala. The jolt from each step nearly send him flying off the bike. Perhaps this is her attempt at revenge?

The robot turns around, just a bit too late. It raises its weapon reflexively, but doesn't have the time to fire off any rounds before it's unceremoniously crunched up under the tires of Huntress' sweet bike. In a split second, it's over, and the robot is left a few hundred yards behind, smoking and sparking and attempting to pull itself forward with the one arm that still halfway works.

"Goddammit, H, I'm going to have to use one of those inflatable donuts every time I sit for the next week."

He's not kidding.

"Awwwww," comes a sarcastically drawled out sound of mock sympathy. "What's wrong, Arrow? Hemorrhoids acting up? Will drop you off at a drugstore when we're done so you can get something for that." Oh boy. Arrow's not going to walk be able to say anything without some kind of snarky response from her.

This location is taken mental note of and then she rides UP the stairs on the far end of the area, putting her right in view of the third errant robot who has the goods. "Do your thing, Arrow." She gets as close as she can and then moves so that he can get a shot, not going as far as to drive in an angle this time. He'll have to rise up from his seat and shoot over her head or shoulder.

For a moment, Oliver's thighs tense up as if he were about to raise himself up to get enough room to use his bow. But he apparently decides against that, and sits back down. Instead, he pulls out one of his arrows, twists the head a half turn to the right and listens as the arrow begins to emit a high-pitched whine.

"Hey look Huntress, it sounds kind of like you."

As the whine build up in intensity, the arrow begins to vibrate slightly at which point Oliver simply tosses it in the general direction of the robot. It doesn't hit him, but it's close enough that when the EMP goes off the robot is disabled anyway.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. That was lazy."

Ollie better hope his upper body's well protected as she shoots an elbow at him, seeking to thump him but good as she does. "Get off," she growls angrily. That really went too far and while it didn't hurt her feelings like it might someone else it does nothing to make her happy with him. Oh well. One more robot and then a call to the police to go and then she can drop him off somewhere.

Speaking of the fourth and final robot, there it is, running towards a building which it then tries to climb. She is close enough to take a shot but she can't free either of her hands to unholster a pistol and shoot, making this one all on Arrow again.

"Hoomph!" Oliver would probably protest getting elbowed in the ribs a bit more emphatically, but at this point what's one more bruise among all the others he's acquired tonight? For an opponent that was built by a genius, this robot just made a pretty boneheaded move. As the bike pulls into position, Ollie takes his time and leisurely fires an arrow right into the robot's head. After the pulse and the sizzling and the sparks, the robot loses its hold on the side of the building and falls several stories to its 'death.'

"By my count, that's the last of 'em." He takes advantage of the motorcycle's reduced speed to quickly dismount. Sure, he almost breaks a leg, but it's got to be better than whatever fresh horror Helena had in mind for him. He begins running over to the robot, and crouches near it. "All in all, I think we did a solid day's worth of superheroing. Just wait until… no. No. NO!"

Oliver tears through the duffle bag the robot was carrying, but when he turns around, all that he has in his hand is Styrofoam packing materials.

"Clock King. That sneaky bastard. He planned this. We were always meant to follow the robots."

Several blocks away, the last of the pharmaceuticals is loaded into a nondescript delivery van.

Well. Too late to do anything now, right? They have no idea where the drugs are. Frowning, Huntress turns off the bike and puts down the kickstand so she can get off of it and look at the duffle herself. "We got sloppy." Yes, 'we'. Not just Arrow but her, too. Glancing at him, she ponders, considering something before, sounding weary, she murmurs, "Come on. I'll take you home or whatever. You staying in your penthouse here in Gotham, or…?"

Not sure how to finish that, she turns and sits on the bike, waiting for him to join her. This time she actually takes a moment to put on the helmet she shunned the use of earlier.

"… and make sure you get a list of everything that was taken. Pharmaceuticals have never been Clock King's game before, I don't like not knowing what he's up to." Oliver has taken this opportunity to pull his hood back over his head with a dramatic 'whoosh.' Looking off into the distance, he looks as mysterious and shady as ever. It's very obvious that he's not talking to Huntress, but rather to some unseen party who apparently is capable of checking both the records of a pharmaceutical warehouse and the Gotham PD.

As he turns back around, his brain plays a bit of catch-up and he responds to the question she asked several seconds ago. "I appreciate it, but I actually have a car coming to pick me up in a few minutes. You should get out of the rain before you catch cold." Sure, it's probably too late to worry about that, but it's the thought that counts.

"But, if you want to come by later, I'm going to be bundled up in front of the fireplace with an overpriced blanket and an extremely overpriced bottle of brandy."

Right. Car. Because God knows it's easier to do that than deal with someone who is, by all accounts, the 'woman scorned' and having to deal with all the fury and such that comes with it. His offer is mulled over before she turns to look at him a second, her answer given quickly. "Sounds good. Call me and let me know when."

And yes, the rain's coming down harder now. And is colder, too. The perfect motivation to get out of this wet body suit and into a nice comfortable set of sweats after a very long, very hot shower.

And with that in mind, she speeds off, leaving Arrow alone.

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