The Reach Around

August 30, 2014:: Roy and Amanda have a little chat about an old friend, and a new one surprisingly emerges.

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Sitting back at the little Checkmate cubicle that was his 'piles of paperwork' desk, Roy Harper was doing that most amazing of time-killers; solitaire.

It'd been a relatively calm day. Training exercises, done. Filling out reports on Intergang. Done.

Trying to keep tabs on Shadowspire… not so easy, considering. There were several locations that he'd tabbed off as potential 'hit' sites as a mean of destabilizing the governments in the area, but those out-of-country hits? They weren't Checkmate concerns, officially, due to being out of jurisdiction.

So now, with a bit of time to poke around, there was only 'where do you move that stack?'


The computer screen within the cubicle goes black for just a moment, then the face of Amanda appears. Well, it wasn't just her face, it was her upper body which remains behind her desk, hands flush upon the oaken surface before fingers curl to tip-tap-tap to gain his attention. "Harper." She'd call out if he wasn't already looking, a quick lean inward to reach hands over to adjust something in the background.

Did she just take over the computer screen? There was a brief tap of the mouse, before Roy lowers his head in disappointment, before straightening up and shifting to proper 'Boss' mode. "Ms. Waller. The updates on Shadowspire and Intergang should be on your desk. Their activities inside the United States are currently at yellow alert." Nothing is said of outside the United States.

For the moment, Roy had to give the Wall her due respect. She'd been in charge of Checkmate who knows how long, and ruled it with an iron fist. And whenever she popped up like this, it generally meant trouble of some sort. He could hope only that it wasn't directed at -him-.

"I've read the reports. I'm not contacting you about that, directly anyways." She leans back into her chair now, eyes still upon the screen, her lips pursing in a bit of a thought. "Tell me, Harper. Is there anything else that you've left out of your report on Shadowspire?" It wasn't as if she were going to give it away right there, she had to see if the guy knew what was going on and hiding things from her. Even through a computer screen, she could notice ticks and hear inflections in voice patterns that give away such devices.

"You are not in violation of anything Harper. Relax. And tell me honestly."

Blinking slowly, Roy looks back at the paperworks on his desk, the scrawls, the map, and then the computer screen. "I could check if you'd let me have the monitor back, but no, there's nothing I left out of the report. Anything that seems like Shadowspire activity, I put up."

She shakes her head, almost a little disappointed that she actually had to point this out. One arm hooks upon the wooden table as she shifts along in her back pocket unseen, a pack of cigarettes drawn from the depths along with the zippo lighter to rest upon the table. "I'm not speaking about that. I'm speaking about why it remains in the orange and not the red, with a slow decline that you failed to miss. The pattern is there. I'm sure -someone- taught you better than this, because you certainly didn't learn this lack of attention to detail from -this- organization."

*Thwack* *Thwack* Cigarettes were packed upon the palm of her hand, wrapped ripped away from it's spot and discarded with a flick of her fingers. Foil peeled back and cigarette withdrawn with tips of her nails which was soon depositited in her mouth. But she didn't light just yet.

The computer itself slowly sections off to show the scanned report and figures upon the screen; one half data, other The Wall.

Looking at the data, then back at the map, Roy tilts his head towards Amanda. "I classified them as orange and not red because they're outside the United States, and thusly outside our jurisdiction. Unless you've got indications that a U.S. citizen is involved on the assaults, I think it remains there."

Pausing to regard the map, Roy frowns. "They're run by American corporations, I'll grant you, but they're on foreign soil, and governed by foreign rules. Unless the expariate workers're related to some bureaucrat that's all pissy about it, and none of them seem to be."

Again the data freezes, skips a beat and speeds up to catch up to the scroll where it should be before Roy's screen as well as Amanda's go black. They can still talk, but there is no image, just the blank screen and the sound of their conversation before another voice joins.

I have been waiting a long time to meet you Amanda waller. In fact the opportune moments have… Slipped by far too frequently…WHY THE HELL CAN I NOT SEE THEM?"

What sounds like a slam occurs and suddenly the screen looks like it is degaussing and the other figure joins them, leaning back into her chair with one leather clad leg kicked over one arm, her back cradled between the high back back rest and the opposing arm. In her hand a glass of red wine is swirled, those chilled eyes resting behind the black rim of glasses watching this motion before flicking up and into the camera.

The smile drips venom, peeling across her feaures slowly to foreshadow pale facade in a look of voracious glee. "Roy, it has been far too long." If it was not for who those words came from, it would almost seem like a mistress had intercepted this call for catch-up.

Not. The. Point.

"Since when do you think that your former.."

The screen cuts out, Amanda knows that if she wasn't the one who manipulated the computers then someone else did. Roy didn't have that sort of power, not from the desk where he sat. Her fingers lifted to snatch the cigarette from between thick lips as she leans forward to catch a glimpse or sound of the person who hacked her servers, and soon the voice was revealed.

She knows that voice. She knows that temper and surely, she didn't have to meet the woman face to face to know exactly who it was. A slow lean back within her chair as she zippo was picked up and toyed with, waiting for the split screen images to return.

The three way was in place. But Baroness didn't bother to offer a reach around.

*Click* *Click*

The zippo was open and closed as she makes her introductions, Amanda's face remained stoic as the cigarette butt was pinched in between two fingers to place into her lips. Curled hair falls slightly as her head bends, thumb striking against the roter of the zippo to bring the flame to life. The cigarette was lit, cherry red bright, smoke inhaled and exhaled like a cloud that passes over.

"Anastasia DeCobray." She intones, yet there was no threat nor malice that dripped from her tone.

"My former…?" Roy begins, before the screen adjusts -again-, followed by a sight that most men would probably die to see.

And had.

A crooked half-smile crosses Roy's face as he leans back. "Baroness, darling," the agent greets, in a voice that -almost- parallels the sacchrine tone of the woman in the slinky black catsuit. "You're calling at work. And in the middle of a conversation with the boss too. I hope you're calling to invite me to dinner so that we can catch up after such a long time."

The wine glass is swirled with the rotation of her wrist, brought to her lips and savored, though right around that glass rim the Baroness' lips curl upward at Amada's greeting, the glass set down upon her upper thigh while fingertips trail up the contours of it, testing every cubic centimeter before she releases to leave it balanced there without her hold.

"You could not imagine my delight in searching for one and finding another, and on such an easily accessed system. I am somewhat disappointed but it can be set aside for the small victory. Two for one."

A tablet gets pulled up and the sweep of fingers across the screen bring a crackle to the corners of the one relayin their images. "It is a pity I am currently overseas, it seems as that poses a problem for you, oh Amanda I figured you would at least have a more /lush/ location." As if in emphasis of that one word her hand rises and strokes over the velvet back of her chair, the obvious lines where nails drug over left to disturb the soft fabric and linger in the backdrop as a reminder.

"Oh Roy…" Baroness places one finger on vitae huen lips and taps. "Are you saying I am interrupting?" Her words seem devoid of any emotion, but those dark brows dip just over the rim of her glasses.

There was a moment where Amanda would have just barked a few orders to cut off transmissions to continue her conversation with Roy uninterrupted. But she was already irritable even though it wasn't seen upon her features at Roy's failure for not recognizing the pattern in his former mentor's actions, not to mention the security system that was easily hacked through by Cobra's henchmen. Someone was going to get a bullet in between the eyes for letting this happen and not alerting her.

"I'm sure the delight goes three ways, not just one." Soon, eyes shift just subtly towards Roy's screen, brows knitting briefly as that face contorts into something akin to madness. Roy, flirted whilst she tried to hold a conversation, that hand lifting to smack hard against the table which nearly buckles beneath the weight of the fist that carries the blow.

"Roy. William. Harper." She sounded like someones mother. "If you do not sit back and shut the fuck up I will beat your fucking face in with my fucking fist." *Crackle, snap, pop, calm.*

Shoulders slump, features relax and soon a half smile draws upon her lips that vanishes soon after. "You are not interrupting Anastasia. There are things that we must discuss." Cigarette back, inhale, exhale, tablet reached for as she begins to slide fingers along the screen, a blip here and there.. coordinates shot off and message sent. The Baroness would soon have an itenarary drawn up before her if she chooses to look. "Let me know if the time and place is agreeable to you."

It's not terribly surprising… Roy Harper had been trying to have as little to do with Oliver Queen since the breakup of their partnership years ago. Ollie'd gone his way into contemplating… whatever he was contemplating, and Roy had just cleaned himself up, gone into the DEA, and from there into Checkmate. So any particular patterns Ollie might have picked up? Roy didn't pay attention to. Which was why the maps weren't footnoted, with little on film to go on.

"Interrupting, but I'll forgive you if…"

What Roy was about to say is cut off, followed by a roguish half-smile, arched eyebrows, and a hand going to his lips, closing the thumb and index fingers together, and drawing a zippering motion across his lips, followed by a hand motion to his ear, and a mouthing of 'call me'.

Oh, he would catch it from the Wall, for sure, but at least it also meant he might have a chance to poke at Baroness for information. And other things.

"I'm not here to seek forgiveness. In fact…" Baroness' hand drops and she plucks that glass up by the stem, inspecting the contents again a single fingertip tracing along the rim, dipping within the contents and swirling /slowly/. Her tablet beeps and brows lift, the smile appearing one that flashes her teeth, canine to hooked canine her leg now swinging up and off the arm of the chair to bring both feet together on the floor as she rocks forward, the shadows that dance parting enough to reveal the red hooded cobra's insignia upon her breastplate.

"I will be there, considering it is not far from where I have current business."

In the background Zayin slips in, a suit and tie shadow to suit the occasion as he offers Baroness another tablet, and she looks it over, handing it back with not much of a word or expression, but she rises, her waist corseted in by the metal armor as well now, the sheen a reflection of the off lighting, every ribbed reflection much like scales to allow for ample bending and flexibility.

"I am unforgivable, insatiable, incorrigible. It's why I am here." Leaning down now she closes the gap between herself and the camera, black hair spilling around pale features, dripping off her shoulders like an ichor.

"Soon enough, Roy. I have so missed our… Games." That finger that had been spining in the sin of her glass withdrew, tapping over the lens to leave the image relayed blurry, a single red droplet spilling over the feed to swirl and pool at the bottom.

"Shut it off." And then there was black.

The screen cut to black, Amanda was pleased at that little tidbit. She let the woman in, both let the other in and it may just be the start of a beautiful and yet dangerous relationship. More on the danger. With that part of business concluded, she reaches over to drag the ashtray in front of her to ash the cigarette and leave it within it's holder.

"As I was saying."

Back to important matters at hand, she quickly speaks. "Oliver Queen." The sideby side reappeared again to show footage of the arrow taking down small time Shadowspire thugs and disappearing into the night. A few more footages were also offered up to que, much to Roy's viewing pleasure.

"It seems as if Star City has gotten too small for the Arrow."

There was a low whistle as the Baroness disconnects, followed by a darting glance at Amanda. "You know her too?" he asks, before the quizzical look on his face was replaced with an annoyed look at the picture. "Ollie?" he asks, an incredulous tone in his voice. "How'd he end up over -there-? Why is he even over there? Last I knew he was annoying fat cats -here-. What's he doing hitting Shadowspire…? Why isn't he in Star City?"

Reaching out with his mouse, Roy clicks on several videos. "Those weren't in the surveilliance movies I had access to. Where'd you root these out?"

"Yes. We know of each other."

Why wouldn't one snake know about another snake? She considered Anastasia on even keel with herself. Ana was just more vocal about her psychosis. Amanda operated with subtlety. Crazy is crazy, even still.

But a rarer sight even still is when Amanda nods her head and smiles, a genuine smile to soften features to make her appear as attractive and not the militant that she normally is. "And those are the questions I need to know, those are the questions that we can't find on paper but in the mind and heart of the man."

The smoke that wafts from the cigarette disappears as her fingers lightly tap against the desk. But Roy's question? Caused her to frown a little, and not to be met with an answer. He should know better, her intel is top notch.

"I want you to re-integrate yourself back into Oliver Queen's circle. Do whatever you have to do to make it believable. Get close. Help him if you feel the need, regain his trust and bring him to our side. But first, I need you to come to Headquarters to get outfitted and your equipment adjusted. I've seen a little wear and tear and we cannot have you getting hurt out in the field. And then report to me in person. Understand?"

Conflicted emotions run across Roy's face as he considers the ramifications of the order. Being tossed aside, falling into the drug scene… this was something he'd put at Ollie's feet. That he'd pulled himself out of that scene and gone on to stay clean and make something of himself… that was something Roy Harper felt he could be proud of.

"Excuse me, but… why? The last thing I knew, he was busy running a company. Even if he were going around being -Arrow- again, what concern of mine should it be? Isn't it better to get someone else for this, or…" Sighing, Roy considers. "Right. I'm probably the best choice for this, am I? Fine. I'll do whatever it takes."

Glancing down at his civvies, Roy frowns. "I -liked- the black and gold outfit. What sort of costume do I have to wear now? Because if it's that yellow armor thing, I got to tell you, enemies about keeled over laughing because they could hear me coming a mile away."

Amanda didn't have to say a thing, Roy questioned and answered himself without her even lifting a finger or drawing a brow.

"There is nothing wrong with the black and gold outfit. But you need to be here to make your own adjustments to better suit your needs. Take it as a gift Roy. I know how hard this is going to be for you." For Amanda to show a slightest hint of compassion for those who work for her was a spectacular sight, one that Roy better make a memory of, cause it possibly wouldn't happen again.

"Waller out."

The screen immediately cuts to black, leaving Arsenal with many things to contemplate, and a plane to catch.

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