Dojo Dinner

August 31st, 2014: Luke Cage, Danny Rand, and Danny Rand's friend Lunair discuss their future.

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Well once again it's night time at the wonderful land of Harlem. Well okay it's not that wonderful, but hey it's a place two people have gotten very familiar with. Luke has spent a lot of time here, and well as his friend so did Iron Fist, which is why it was the place that Danny picked to start the charity dojo that he has going. Night time in here means that the place is mostly empty, except for the few kids that needed a place to sleep for the night. Hey the place is designed to make them welcome, and help them out. Place to sleep when parents are in no condition to take care of them is part of that. Of course that means there are people around to take care of them as well.

Of course since Danny spends a lot of his time here when he's not out doing the martial arts hero thing, well it was the perfect place to meet with an old friend, and introduce him to a new one. So of course he asked them both to show up here after hours. As for Danny himself, well he is in the dojo proper of the place, just doing some practicing, and muttering a little to himself, "Man I really do need to find a decent sparring partner soon. Man can only do katas for so long before his skills start to decrease."
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Danny has a minion! Kinda. Lunair works hard on the whole not making people into fine red mists so much thing. And it has been weeks since her last- uuhm. Visit! Lunair has decided to visit the dojo (even though she likely helps out now and then, even quietly) this evening. She has a couple of containers with her, smelling warmly of hot dumplings and some other stuff. She figures it's polite, right? Right. It's a good workout, too.

It's a bit funny to watch Luna tiptoe around, trying not to wake anyone up, carrying what she is. It's the hot tea challenge. Dun dun duuuun. Not really. But she does care and is here to visit. "Hi," In a near whisper once she peeks into the dojo Danny's in. She's not gonna startle him or wake kids, dangit.

Danny's timing is perfect: Luke's spent his free time over the last week marathoning Shaw Brothers films.

So far, he has managed to polish off The One-Armed Swordsman and start in on the credits to Five Fingers of Death; the demands of family life and punching people in the face for money don't actually leave him with a whole lot of free-time.

Still, hanging out at Danny's dojo is a fair enough consolation prize, if only because he's pretty sure he could talk the man with the Iron Fist into showing him a few new moves/kung fu yells. Besides, if he hangs around long enough, there is a non-zero chance of some weirdo in a tunic breaking through the window and turning the dojo into a real live wuxia flick, with him as the special guest star; even if he wasn't looking forward to catching up with his friend, he would have to be an idiot to turn down an opportunity like that.

He arrives while Danny is still mid-kata, and rather than announce himself, he gingerly leans next to the entrance to watch with a small grin that will surely vanish the moment Danny or anyone else sets eyes on him. Lunair creeping around the edges of the place - with food, no less - draws a few increasingly bemused looks, but he waits until the other two have broken the relative silence to speak up himself: "Name's Luke," he begins, looking towards Lunair with a small nod. "You new here, or has it just been that long?" Towards the end of the question, he turns his attention Danny, and then once he's finished speaking, pushes off of the wall to approach his sometimes partner with his hand extended and the corners of his mouth just slightly upturned.

"God knows I oughtta come around more often; ain't no tellin' what kinda trouble havin' some rich kung-fu hippie livin' next door could bring down on the neighborhood."

When he finishes up the Kata, he finally spots the people who have showed up he finishes up his kata and heads on over to the both of them. "Welcome to the Thunder Dojo!" He speaks in a normal tone since well yeah there are totally kids sleeping here. "Sorry about having to keep it a little quiet, wasn't expecting kids tonight, but well hey we don't turn them away." They are good kids dang it, and well if he can help keep them out of gangs and things well that's an extra bonus.

"Sweet Chinese food, oh you are just the best. Luke this is Lunair, she's a friend. Lunair this is Luke, my old partner, and well good friend." Plus Danny is totes the godfather to his kid or something like that. Every kid needs a rich uncle who is going to spoil them after all. "She brings food, she's awesome like that." Danny does love his cheap ass Chinese food, it's the little things in life that make a billionaire happy.

"Don't worry about that Luke, Iron Fist has already made it clear, anything happens to this place he is going after the people responsible." Yeah he doesn't hide the identity among friends, just the general public doesn't know that Danny is The Fist! "So guess you're wondering why I asked you here? Well I want to restart Heroes for Hire, as a real time. Though will see if we can make them part of Rand-Meachum, just to cover the costs, would rather focus on more ProBono stuff, with the occasional high paying client. But I also want to make it more than just the two of us this time."

Lunair looks over, as Luke enters and speaks. She smiles politely. "I'm new here," She nods. She seems happy enough the two seem to know one another. "That's okay, it's understandable," Lunair offers quietly. No one really wants to sleep out on the street or somewhere equally awful. She nods politely to Luke. A smile. "Pleased to meet you, Luke. The pleasure is all mine." And she did bring Danny such! She seems kind of odd, her face holding a neutral, slightly distant expression more often than not. "You're welcome to some, too." She offers. "And he is being too kind to me. Thank you." It's kind of him to say so! She doesn't out anyone's identity. Although, she listens for now.

"Don't worry about that Luke, Iron Fist has already made it clear, anything happens to this place he is going after the people responsible." Yeah he doesn't hide the identity among friends, just the general public doesn't know that Danny is The Fist! "So guess you're wondering why I asked you here? Well I want to expand Heroes for Hire. See if we can make them part of Rand-Meachum, just to cover the costs, would rather focus on more ProBono stuff, with the occasional high paying client. But it should be expanded to more than just two people, with occasional help. Plus we can supply other heroes with benefits and well pay for helping people."

Luke was already in the process of inspecting the containers by the time Lunair offered him some, so when Danny presents his offer, he stops chewing his mouthful of dumpling to squint at the man for a second or two before finally swallowing. Of course, even after his mouth is empty, he doesn't actually use it for a while, preferring instead to continue staring at his sometimes(and future?) partner for a few seconds more.

"Seriously?" is the first word out of his mouth, and he shoots a questioning glance towards Lunair after saying it; maybe she knows what's gotten into him. "Always figured half the draw for you was gettin' to slum it in whatever crappy spot we could afford to rent," he dryly adds after turning his attention back to Danny, mostly to cover for the fact that he still doesn't quite believe what he's hearing. "High payin' clients like who? 'cause I'm tellin' you—no, you know I got standards; no amount of expansion's gonna change 'em." After giving it a beat to sink in, he jabs his chopsticks back into the dumpling container to grab another and buy himself a little more time to consider the possibilities.

"We'll screen the clients of course Luke. We will have standards after all, but I would need the team to make some money to validate Rand-Meachum backing them. But I do need people to help investigate some stuff happening at Rand, even though I'm not in charge there, I still have an interest in the company." Ha pauses after that, for a moment. "I enjoyed slumming it as you put it, but there was also the small part of me learning the value of money. Before then everything was handed to me, even in K'un-Lun I didn't really need anything since as a student there I was provided for.

"Working with you was a big help in getting used to life after I have spent a lot of time away from the city. But think of the good we can do if we expand. Also how many heroes are there out there that do what they do for free? How many could have families that they need to support, yet they still risk their lives to help others. Why can't we help them out the way that working with you helped me?"

He takes a moment after that to grab a dumpling and starts to munch, "I would like Lunair here to be one of the first people we bring in." Is said in between bites of the food.

Lunair doesn't seem ruffled in the slightest. Food inspection is important! And really, it was going to be shared anyway. She listens more than anything else. She looks uncertain towards Luke. She has no more answers than he. She's a helpful minion. "Doesn't the government offer contracts, among others? For what it's worth, there are plenty of people paying for rescues, reinforcements and recovering lost items for many reasons." It's a bit disturbing how much someone like Lunair knows about that. But surely, she seems to catch the gist of it.

"Huh?" A blink. "Oh. Uhm. I'm flattered."

"She gonna handle the catering?" Luke tosses off after swallowing most of another dumpling. He glances over to examine her appraisingly as the question is asked, and then once the mouthful is completely gone, he returns his attention to Danny with a shrug and a casual, "Couldn't hurt." Afterwards, though, he sobers up considerably and lowers his chopsticks.

"This can't just be somethin' you do 'cause you think it sounds like a good idea now, Danny— you know that, right?" he warily wonders of the martial artist. Even after years of friendship, there is a tiny part of Luke that'll never quite shake the urge to lump his partner in with the other children of privilege he's had the distinct pleasure of getting to know on the job: rich, prone to flashes of inspiration, even more prone to getting bored and moving on from them.

"I got a family to feed off'a this, now— and other people're gonna be dependin' on it too." His arms loosely fold and he lowers his head with a low sigh; a moment later, he adds, "Long as we're on the same page, though— I'm in. Ain't shit about babies cheap."

"Well she does have a tendency to bring food with her, but she'll be helping out in other areas as well." He does listen to Luke as the guy says his concern, "Luke I never do things because they sound like a good idea at the time, I do think about them." He looks around at the dojo that they are in, "Look around at this place, I have truly invested in this place. And well it wouldn't be here if it wasn't because of you. You showed me the benefit of helping others just not the paying customers."

He sighs after that, "I think I help more people with this place than I did as a hero. But we will present a place where people can go when their problems are too small for other heroes to handle, but too big for the police. I really wanted to keep the Heroes for Hire name for sentimental reasons." Once again he pauses and just starts eating another dumpling, "Plus you can pick where we base ourselves out."

Lunair seems amused by the question. She quirks a smile, snagging a dumpling herself. She is listening more than speaking for now. She seems curious, and glances around as Iron Fist looks around. Her own wealth, she doesn't talk about. Instead, she's quietly learning and listening.

"I'mma need a little more than his word if I'm supposed to figure out how to use you," Luke says while glancing at Lunair and jerking a thumb towards Danny, "but we can figure it out later." Beat. "I guess," he adds a little quieter. Does she answer phones? Make coffee? Take notes? Does Luke need to take a moment re-examine his base expectations of women? The powerful PI wrinkles his nose at himself and turns his eyes back to Danny.

""You're right—you've done good here," he says, reaching out to give his partner a firm pat on the shoulder. "You know I'm proud'a you, right?" A beat and a smirk later, he adds, "Be a little bit prouder if you could figure out how t' get a toddler class goin', though; I'll be damned if my girl's gonna be takin' anything from anyone on the playground."

Danny just looks at Luke for a moment, "Trust me, she's useful. I'm sure we can find a lot of things that she can do to help us out. "Well they should be a certain age before they start taking classes, sorry about that. When she's old enough you know I'll teach her. Before that though you'll just need to make sure you stick around the playground to watch over her." Hey that's an idea, the heroes in the group will get PTO as well, going to definitely have that for them!

"But we'll need to get together and start thinking of people we'll want to join with us or not. Anyone we know that we feel could fit in with the group and stuff."

Lunair smiles peacefully. "I can explain later when you like," She offers. Best not to pull her powers off in here. Lunair does lots of things! Though she's apparently pretty okay with catering. And coffee. Who knows? She tilts her head a little.

She smiles again, watching the two. Hmm, toddler kung fu. There's something. Although, she's not sure on babysitting. Seems like an odd verb for it.

"I'll try to think of people I know," She considers.

"Gonna have to see if we can raise Misty and Colleen," Luke murmurs; it isn't a suggestion so much as a note added to his to-do list as he strokes his chin. "and maybe put a couple ads out; never know who might be out there, waitin' for an opportunity like this." After a beat and a wrinkling of his nose, he mutters, "Guess we'd have to screen 'em, though, ugh." He takes a second to shake his head before lifting it and adding more audibly, "I'm thinkin' if we've got Rand money behind us, though: Upper West Side or bust, you feel me? Maybe with a couple'a safehouses in the boroughs, a little storefront satellite office here for keepin' an eye on the neighborhood…"

"We could see about them. Sure we can find others if we advertise or something. We will have to screen them, but it will be tough to do if they don't want to reveal their secret Identities. But then if they don't want to do that well it'll be tough for us to arrange payments to them." He things for a moment after that, and scratches his head, "If that's what you want. Makes sense though, we can do the satellite office easy enough. Make sure at least one member of the group will spend time there. We will also have to make sure that we're reachable 24/7, so will need an answering service as well." There is a hmmm from him as he starts to think some more, "Retainer for certain clients that may need our services more, like Museums that are the target of thieves more often."

"Eh; they'll take a wad of cash or prepaid card and like it, if they don't wanna give up those details. I definitely ain't got a problem with masks, but—logistics an' all," Luke observes. "We're probably gonna want phones for everybody, too; 21st century, ain't much point in an answerin' service."

Luke's chopsticks snap open to snatch a piece of shrimp from another container; after popping the morsel into his mouth, he helps himself to the entire rest of the carton and heads towards Danny's office—or a kid-free room, if he doesn't keep an office. He probably should have done that /before/ swearing about babies, but he's still adjusting a little to the idea of keeping it clean around tender ears. "T' tell you the truth," he says around a mouthful of sauteed goodness, "I'd been dreamin' about what I'd do with just a little bit more operatin' money this last go 'round; you picked the right time to reach out, 'cause I got plans, man…"

Well Danny does keep a small office around the place, just a place he can talk to the kids in private when they need it of course. He leads Luke towards there, it's very simply decorated, just chairs not even a desk or anything in there. Danny grabs a chair and sits down, "So what plans do you have? I just wanted to reach out and see if we can help more people the type that usually get overlooked by a lot of people. So what else do you want to do?"

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