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August 31, 2014: Pepper wants to discuss the homeless with Paul. He arrives while Cricket is there.

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Her tea cup along with containers of milk and sugar join the rest and then Pepper finally settles into a seat at the table and finally presses then pours the coffee. "I was rather impressed by the way you handled that situation in Hell's Kitchen, and I wanted to offer a proposal. Nothing official yet, mind you, but an idea that crossed my mind."

Paul glances at the tablet since it's obvious Pepper wants him to see what's on it. "It seemed like the best way to calm things down. Most of the crowd didn't want to hurt anyone, they're just feeling hopeless and desperate. Those two knew what buttons to press..

Pepper Potts nods at that, taking a sip of her tea without adding anything to it. "I know the type. They frequently go into religion, thinking they have more sway there."

The tablet has a document on its screen. NOt a formal proposal, more a listing of brainstorm level ideas that Pepper must have been adding as they occurred to her. Clearly, though, every idea is some manner of charity function or community service for the people in the Hell's Kitchen area, up to and including a fully-funded medical clinic.

"Thank you." Paul adds just a little milk to his coffee then takes a sip. "They might, in fact, be part of a religion. Just a very dark one. So what can I do fo you, Ms. Potts?" One finger lightly taps the tablet. "I see you have many ideas but I'm just a cop, not a social worker. Everything you've put down is sorely needed throughout the city but I couldn't begin to say how to go about it."

Pepper Potts sets her cup down and looks at Paul squarely. "I want you to be NYPD's liaison to the Maria Stark Foundation. Someone who knows what's needed and where, and isn't going to do this solely for the money or the prestige." Clearly, she knows far too many of those.

Brow furrowing at what Pepper says, Paul takes a few sips of coffee as he thinks about what she just said. "Ms. Potts. Like I just said, I'm a cop and not a social worker. I don't know what's needed and where any more than all of it and everywhere. But I doubt it's that easy or it would be done already. You need professionals whose job it is to know these things. I don't."

"All the professionals in the city won't know precisely where help is needed the most, which inner city clinic is struggling the most, where people that really need help are currently." Pepper takes a sip of her tea. "That's more what I'm aiming at, I guess. The Foundation has the resources to truly help, but frequently they don't know where to start. Even if all you do it send a text with an address, that would be enough to start with."

The fortunate thing about being a robot, Cricket has discovered, is that keeping Pepper's long hours is not actually a problem for her. She is a little concerned for her employers health though. She is, after all, only human. And Pepper is such a hands on type of CEO. It makes being her PA sometimes difficult.

With her tablet in one hand and a bag of Mediterranean take-out in the other, she comes into the office while reading over the proposal on the tablet.

"Send paragraph 8 back in for clarification," she tells her tablet, which seems to be linked to her wrist with some sort of cables. Seeing that her employer has a guest, she keeps quiet and goes about her work of putting lunch on the table as unobtrusively as possible. Salads. Tabouli, Greek, Caesar. Hummous and Pita. And falafels! There is no Tony around, so vegetarian is the order of the day to mock him.

Standing casually, this young lady has the slender silhouette and lazy posture of a high school or college student. Her light brown hair is an unusual blend of coppery and golden without being either red or blonde, allowed to grow to unruly waves that nearly reach her waist. Her heart shaped face is an odd blend of features, almond shaped eyes indicate some Asian heritage, but her freckles and the crease in her eyelids imply that there is some Celtic in her family tree as well. Her eyes are a soft hazel, brown and green with flecks of amber. She's a petite, little thing. Standing at 5'4", she seems smaller somehow by her delicate frame, almost gazelle like.

"That's… Ms. Potts. I don't know which clinics are struggling. I don't even know where the clinics are. It's a big city." Paul points out, glancing over as someone else enters. "And I don't normally deal with the homeless population either, being part of Extranormal Investigations. But I doubt even a beat cop could tell you what you need to know. About his precinct, yes, but not the entire city. It sounds like you need someone who can devote a significant amount of time to the job."

Pepper Potts glances up and smiles a hello to Cricket, then levels that smile at Paul. "That's why the proposal is going to be created to call for one person from each precinct. Eventually. I wanted you to start the process rolling for us, as I know you won't be making anything up exaggerating situations to suit your own purposes." She sits back in her chair then. "You are of course, welcome to say no. I can always approach someone else from your precinct."

Cricket goes over to the credenza to make certain that Pepper's tea is full. She does her best to keep herself unobtrusive, staying to the side, keeping silent, but ready to take orders the moment Pepper gives one. She looks to see what the gentleman might be drinking. Like any good PA, she is listening, taking mental notes, filing all the information down for if it is needed later.

"Ms. Potts, you…" Stop. Deep breath. Paul starts over. "Ms. Potts. As I said, I'm with EI. We're based out of One Police Plaza. I don't have a precinct in that sense of the word. My jurisdiction is the entire city, the five boroughs. We get sent anywhere we're needed. We occasionally get lent out to other counties as well if the case is beyond what they can handle. Now, I could certainly ask around as to who knows the area best but that sounds more like a job for Social Services. Or even the homeless themselves."

Pepper Potts looks at Paul for a long moment. "I see. Then I am sorry I wasted your time asking you to come down here. If you have nothing to ask me about, my lunch is now waiting." She moves to stand, and offers her hand to Paul again. "Have a good Labor Day weekend, Detective Manning."

Cricket turns and heads back to the credenza, getting the cutlery and glasses of water to have with lunch. She has disconnected from her tablet, leaving it on the desk, open and ready for Pepper to sign when she is available to do so.

"Not at all, Ms. Potts. It's an extremely important subject and one the department is very concerned about." Paul assures her as he stands and takes the hand. "If you like, I can request that representatives from each precinct contact you. You can, at least, use what they say as a starting point in make your determinations." He pauses a moment then adds "There are two organizations I know of. I don't know how either fall on the scale of dire need but I know they always have need of funding. The Ali Forney Center is one and Sylvia's Place which is associated with the Metropolitan Community Church. Both are shelters for LGBT homeless youth."

Pepper Potts nods, to Paul, stepping around as if to walk him to the door. "I will take your suggestions into consideration, but at this point, I'll be handing it over to the Foundation and letting them make the decisions from here on out. JARVIS, if you could make sure that Detective Manning makes it out of the building without getting lost?"

"Of course, Miss Potts."

Cricket nods her head politely to Paul as he heads out the door. "Miss Potts, I have some files that need your signature on your desk. Also, I have sent back the file from the latest R&D for clarification. Legal is in a tizzy about the car fiasco still, but I'm dealing with that. And lastly, one strictly vegetarian meal, just as you requested."

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