Tears From the Aethyr, Part 4

August 31, 2014: The suspect in a recent murder is spotted near Metropolis, but is it the mysterious Kryptonian ghoul?

Broadkill Beach, Delaware (Near Metropolis)

A large beach in Delaware



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The Delaware Shoreline, North of Metropolis

An all points bullet was put out less than over a person of interest in a murder case from New York City. A tip from an anonymous patron at a bar mentioned he recognized a woman from the news who was asking the bartender to explain the purpose of peanuts.

When she went across the street to flip a car over in the used vehicle dealership parking lot, it was pretty clear that this person was at least someone that needed warning. At most, it was the Aethyr that Clark Kent had been worried about since it was brought to his attention by Detectives Sara Pezzini and Paul Manning.

Currently, reports are that a strange woman is causing a scene at a beach not too terribly far away.

The news doesn't fall too far from the news tree, or something like that. Amanda was the eye in the sky, yet it was rare that she would actually come down from that place where she calls work to put feet to pavement to see the haps. Flack jacket. Check. Tank top. Check. Jeans and a leather coat. Check. Steel toed boots? Good.

Added goodies? Two Cadmus boys not too far from her, one that can light up fire with both hands and another who could draw insanity with his voice. Both microchipped to not incite death but to permanently paralyse and lose use of the legs. Good stuff. Good, good stuff. Two pistols hung beneath her arm and pressed flush against her body as hands stick into her pocket. Boots sink into the stand which make her gait near impossible to seem too straight yet she manages to do it just so.

Not to mention, it's been a while since she's been out and about on the ground and in the field. This is going to be different.

"Look, I don't -care- if you think it's crazy or not, I'm not looking for your permission. The guy's too high profile for his own good, the whole thing's gonna come falling apart at the -"

Domino quickly loses her train of thought as the motion catches her attention from some distance away, watching intently through deep blue tinted sunglasses, through the windshield of an old model black Stingray convertible, and across the beach proper.

"Point is it's nothing two hundred grains to the temple can't cure, you know what the rates are." Before the person on the other end of her conversation can respond she ends the call and puts her phone away. This..might be a good time to check the ol' police scanner. Not to do the 'look at me, I'm a big damn hero' thing, but she does like to have an idea of what's going on in the city around her. Today had been way too boring, anyway.

A tall woman with long black hair and intense blue eyes is walking along the beach in a long black suit that looks almost alien. Despite the sun and warm weather, she is incredibly pale. She's been incarcerated a very, very long time. Some more time than others.

Suddenly people along the beach begin to scream as heat begins to billow out from Aethyr's eyes as large parts of the sand are turned to glass. One little boy, caught somewhat away from his family, is turned toward. Just as she's about to hit him with another blast and incinerate immediately, the blasts is dissipated as is blocked by a familiar S shield over the chest of Superman.

"This ends tonight. You're the Aethyr, aren't you?"

Amanda wasn't that far off, in fact, she came from behind the woman with the dark hair, for there were people running away in all directions, the crowd less condensed where she was. Her eyes remain upright upon the back of the womans head, seeing fire in front of the woman but not knowing that they shoot from her eyes. A few quick steps to the side would bring her to a hardened part within the beach, cemented sidewalk meant for skaters and bicyclers, to keep her upon an even grown as the two men with the suits stop when she does.

Move when she moves. And once the little boy is in danger, a step was taken forward so that she could break out into a run, until that blur was formed into what.. most would call Superman, yet she would call a guy in an impressive, colortoned suit.


A hand reaches into her pocket to retrieve a small earbud which was tucked within her ear, the button upon it pressed a few times with a few quick taps as one step is taken back and the two Cadmus boys step forward. "Zero in on my location. I want all angles captured."

Okaaaay, some chick's glassing the beach with her -eyes.- This can't be good, right? This isn't good. It's also absolutely none of Dom's business. Part of survival is not sticking her neck where it doesn't belong. While the mindless wholesale slaughter of civilians isn't something which she always agrees with, this is the flippin' Tri-City area. It's hero central! There's really no reason to apply for a part-time license or anything!

Case in point, suddenly Superman is on the scene. A thin smirk edges across glossed black lips as the albino woman simply settles back into the black leather seat and reaches for her coffee, watching the show. These A-List types always put on a good show.

Oh, but who's that other woman down there with the nameless goons? Sure looks like a Government spook from where this merc's sitting. The plot thickens.

"You are Kal El, are you not?" comes the low voice from the woman as an evil smile grows across her face. "We have been waiting a long, long time for this."

"I'm sure you have," Superman says just as she's beginning to move.

To Domino and Waller it will look like a blur, but things seem to happen in slow motion to the Kryptonians, but even as fast as Superman is his opponent seems quicker. The strike comes from his left and he's clearly not ready for it as it buries into the side of his cheek. The force knocks his head to the side as he looks as though he will careen over. But before he ever gets the chance, Superman is buried a foot deep in the sand as the monster is upon him. She continues to pound on him, over and over.

"Waller. Cameras locked on and recording."

"Good. Try to get a good clean image of his.."

The fighting started which cut her words off with the quickness, her feet shuffling back as the Cadmus boys tense and prepare for any sort of blowback that my aim itself towards The Weatherman.

"Are you getting this?"

"Yes, but I can't see a goddamned thing."

"Doesn't matter. We'll analyze it.."

Superman was down for the count, and this causes Waller to purse her lips only to tuck them in to give them a brief lick in thought. Should she help? She's heard of the Man of Steel before, yet.. she had rarely seen him in action. Tales of his feat and goodness was something that she aspired to make the world to be.

"Prepare to send in re-inforcements," Amanda murmured quietly.

Wince. "Ooh, -nasty!- That's gonna leave a mark," Domino spectates to herself as the skirmish begins and promptly turns ol' Blue into a ground root. Sure, she -could- walk around to the back of her car and pull a fifty cal rifle out of the trunk but match-grade ammo can run a good ten dollars a pop, and subtle it is not.

Then again… Fun factor. (C'mon now, tell me it wouldn't be entertaining.)

Oh very well.

Coffee's set aside as she heads around and pops the trunk, passing the nearest bystander a sheepish grin as she hauls the twenty-five pound rifle out of hiding. "Sometimes even the big boys need a helping hand, you know?"

(Let's see if there's any truth to that whole 'faster than a speeding bullet' thing.)

The other guy takes off running as she takes aim. A stationary Superman means that the lady pounding away on the poor guy isn't running all over the place like greased lightning. Helps level the playing field a little.


"Your father put so many of us away for so long, Kal-El. It is fitting that I should be the one to bury you!" Aethyr glowers down at Superman's body as she begins to question how she will gain her revenge, revenge for so many of the souls who inhabit her. Should he be buried here? Should he be thrown into space with the ashes of the House of El? Should she burn him in the red suns of Kaldabar?

Her concentration is stopped however, as she's bonked on the side of the cranium with a large slug from Domino. "Who?! Who dares defy me in my moment of triumph?" she roars as she looks off the beach towards where the shot came from. Whether she regards Amanda or not, she clearly doesn't seem to believe her or her men are very worrisome at this point.

"We got eyes on the woman. Running facia.. HOE-LEE-SHIET! BOGIE INCO-.."

The KABLAM was a sound heard round the world, enough to send Amanda's ears a ringing and a little look of annoyance set upon her face, followed by a feral smile that causes her to take a few steps back. Yup. It was on. Time to send em in to see how they would hold up against the likes of a woman who could beat Superman into the ground.

"Go get 'er boys." She murmurs out, a command that would at least sound better shouted, but.. a command is a command and those boys set out to attack, even if they were perturbed that the missle just bounced off the side of her head.

"Find out where that bogie ca.." That would be rather stupid, she follows the dotted trail of smoke only to see Domino and..


She wasn't about to engage just yet, she was just a mere human with supers afoot and bazooka wielding woman, two pistols wouldn't measure up.

You know that thing where you flick the back of someone's earlobe? Kinda stings a little but doesn't do any damage? It would appear that a .50 BMG round has a similar effect on ..whatever that lady is. Another Kryptonian? Domino doesn't follow their politics so much. Or whatever they are beyond 'really blasted strong.'

"So, uh. Feel free to pull your ass out of the sand and get back to work down there, hero buddy," Dom mutters to herself while automatically reaching back to operate the bolt action. (What do you have that's bigger than a fifty? Nothing that would fit in the trunk of a Corvette. Barely got this one shoehorned back there.)

Staring at the angered superpowered lady through the scope, the albino smiles big and passes a mocking salute Aethyr's way. Given how quickly these guys can move she might get one more shot before she gets turned inside out. For what good it won't do.

"Sorry, just testing the windage! Carry on!"

Aethyr glowers at Domino and begins striding towards her. Faster and faster until she invokes her superspeed and leaves her prey down in his grave, satisfied that either he will be there when she returns or that she can easily defeat him once more.

Just then she reappears right in front of Domino and reaches out to wrap her fingers around the mercenary's neck. Effortlessly, she lifts Domino straight up into the air with a vice grip that begins to prevent air from getting to the pale woman's lungs.

It was a good thing that the boys were being ignored, the psycho eye heads towards where Superman presumably lain while the other re-directs his path towards Domino and Aethyr. A shake of his hands brought flames to life as he begins launching bolts of fire towards the womans back. If it wasn't going to burn her completely, it would singe in efforts to give Domino enough time to run away.

The other Cadmus boy tries to dig through the sand to at least grip ahold of Supermans armor, fingers clutching into the fabric to tug and pull as best he could, all the while, Amanda's head whipped back and forth to watch the scene in play.

"Send in re-inforcements. Two stealths, and I need a ground extraction. Keep capturing the footage and include the girl, and prepare me three more subjects from CADMUS just in case."

(Ow. Healing wounds…)

With her own ears still ringing Domino leans back from the optics and gets this nagging feeling that someone else..is staring at her… A turn to the right shows another bystander, slack-jawed, gawking at her.

"Oh come on, like you've never done it before."

Without a sound he slowly shakes his head in response.

"You're missing o-GGKH!"

Yeah, that second shot? Not happening. Not that it would help. For once the blaster gets to stare down somebody which she can..not..-shoot.- So she kinda hangs there like a monochromed pinata before getting the bright idea to simply let go of the other woman's wrist long enough to slap her hands together around Aethyr's ears. (Know where the soft spots are!)

Maybe the firebug guy can distract the previous distraction. She'll take whatever she can get!

The dual attack of the flames to the back and the slap over the ears allows a bit of a reprieve. Aethyr throws Domino and turns towards the person who threw the flames and is now upon him in an instant. With a grotesque grin she grinds her hand into the undercage of his gut, digging deep into his organs. A splash of blood splatters upon her face as the man screams.

With a kick to his chest the man goes flying as Aethyr turns to find that pesky Domino so that she can finish the job on Superman.

"Get. Your. Ass. Up." The last remaining Cadmus subject grunts out, pulling Superman from the sand and falling back with effort. He could fight, he could pair off with Supes and be one of the many heroes, but after seeing his partner in crime get merc'd, he quickly rethinks. Protect The Wall, yeah, that would be a cover, and he runs towards her to do just that.

Thankfully, Amanda was unnoticed, much like a spook is supposed to be, she hangs back until the chopper is heard high above. A glance upright and the line is quickly lowered, her hand latching onto the wrapped steel and foot hung upon the rung beneath to which sends her upwards.

The sound of the birds in the air could be heard just in time, not too far off in the distance, but further back enough for her to make a clean get away without.. once again, more blow back. There was little worry that appeared upon her features, Waller made it a point to know the who's who, and the albino woman and Superman were next on her list.

And she totally left the poor cadmus boy behind, fucker should have at least hit Superman while he was down to save face.

Upside: Domino can breathe again. Downside: She's getting tossed aside. (Ow! Ow-ow-ow-Crap!) Lucky as she is, she still heals pretty much like everyone else does out there. Not nearly quickly enough.

The one poor meta ends up sacrificing himself, and for what..? To buy her a few seconds? Although being strangled to death sure beats what happened to that guy. This is one of those very rare moments where she's got no solution, nothing to fall back to except to try and -fall back.- Even with blades and sidearms strapped to her person, Dom's stumbling across the ground to try and put some distance between herself and this crazy killer.

"We're good, we're good, I won't step on your toes, don't stop on my count - oh hell, what is that??"

She stops. She stares. She points right past Aethyr.

There's nothing actually back there to merit such a reaction. Not the choppers, that's for sure. It's the oldest trick in the book but these guys aren't always familiar with the little things, are they?

Sara is a busy woman. No one can disagree with that. So every now and then, when she manages to get a day off…Well, no. Usually when she manages to get a day off, she doesn't leave the house. But today, after some serious stress, she decided to go to the beach. And the beach near Metropolis is so much nicer than Long Island. Usually. When it's not being invaded by this sort of thing.

The upside, though, is that she's close when the call comes out that the woman she's been looking for is…Well, right down the beach. Lacking super speed, Sara's had to settle for running toward the scene of the fight, the Witchblade armoring her and lending some speed. Also, conveniently making up for the fact that she was in a swimsuit.

What's that? Well. Actually, that's Sara. In full armor. "Hey!" she shouts toward the Aethyr. "Did you know there's a warrant out for you?"

Aethyr then does something absolutely ridiculous. In all of the Kryptonian ages, there has never been a 'look over there.' There was the Hiddledarian Flip or the Great Obfuscation which was more of the slapstick variety done by comedians (Kryptonians are kind of like Russians when it comes to senses of humor. Which is to say they don't have any.) So when Domino tries the trick, it'll work only once. But it is this once.

"Fool! There's nothing over there!" exclaims Aeythr.

But again, Domino is lucky (see what I did there?) because that's precisely when Sara shows up. Aethyr has learned, however, and bum rushes Sara, intent on doing physical harm.

Well, Domino -thought- it was nothing… She just happened to point and stare at just the right moment for ..is..that the same cop from the Walmart a few weeks ago..?

1 in 317,421.

"Her..right?" she asks while pointing to Aethyr. "And not me? Yes? Okay."

It's temporary progress, at best. It's also the first time in quite a while where she can honestly say that a cop saved her ass. The only question now is, what the heck does she do? Dive into her car and make a run for it? It'll take a while to top out and Aethyr can clearly move faster than what an ancient Stingray could manage. No, way she sees it there's only one thing here which might be strong enough to end this threat.

And he's still lying in the sand.

Clawing her way back to her feet, Dom tries to take the moment to run past Sara and Aethyr. Unfortunately, it's a long trek for her to make back to the beach.

Also, running really, really hurts.

(Still having fun, Dom? -Don't mess around with the A-Listers!-)

The theory is that the Witchblade can put a dent in this thing. That's the theory. Sara can totally trust the theory, right?

Sara doesn't have a whole lot of time to debate with herself whether or not she trusts the theory. Superboogeywoman is coming right at her. So it's a good thing she's been spending all that time with Slade training. It takes only a second's thought for a wickedly curved short blade to form in her hand, and she steps to the side as the Aethyr charges, bringing the blade up to sweep across her midsection.

Please work please work please work.

There's a guttural scream as the blade slices into the side of the Aethyr, cutting right through the suit, and into her flesh. Red blood spills on the sand, this time it isn't human. Aethyr slides to her knees in anguish and incredulity, unable to believe that she's been injured.

But then she's got an idea. A ranged attack will likely end this demon-bitch. Her eyes begin to glow and flash of flames, ready to burn Sara to a crisp.

Only just as she turns around, a blur of red and blue delivers a punch so severe it sends shockwaves that push bystanders to the floor.

Aethyr is knocked out cold and a weary Superman, bloodied about the face, stands over her. "She's cut. Cut pretty bad. I think I need to take her to my Fortress before she dies."

Superman turns to nod at Witchblade, and then to Domino, in thanks for the help.

Barely a dozen steps away and Dom's being slammed back to the ground one more time. This time it's for a good reason, though! That big-time hero she went to retrieve went and retrieved himself, which is just plain fortunate.

He's also going to -help- the overpowered psychotic woman. "What, are you -crazy?-" she starts to ask in absolute disbelief.

(Let it go, girl.)

If the threat is over, and the fighting is done, and she's not about to get torn into itty bitty albinolets, then she's going to go pick up her bigass scary rifle, crawl back into her car, and go find a nice, quiet hole in the wall to drink herself stupid. Seriously, she should be getting paid for this crap.

Now to see if she can slip out past the cop with all of the frightening armor stuff while standing oh so close by. Nothing to see here, honest. She's got a permit for that anti-tank rifle, really!

"She's not even a person," Sara points out, gesturing toward the fallen Aethyr. "You said she's just a…a bunch of ghosts making themselves a body. Bad, evil ghosts. Who do things like this." She sweeps a hand out over the war zone of the beach. Luckily for Domino, she's much too distracted by the idea that Superman is just going to wander off with the dangerous…Superboogeywoman. "What are you going to do with her when she gets better?"

Though Witchblade and Superman have both fought together on a handful of occasions, they always seem to end up on the opposite side in the end. "Incarcerate her. Rehabilitate them. Just the same as they were; in something my people called the Phantom Zone."

Phantom shmantom. The only response Domino's going to give starts with the turn of a key and the rolling thunder of a very large eight cylinder engine hooked up to a pair of sidepipes. Subtle, as always! At least she doesn't spin the tires on her way out.

(Ow. Speedbumps. Ow. OW.)

"And how did that work out for these people the last time?" Sara counters, shaking her head. "This woman, or these ghosts, or whatever you want to call it? Killed at least two people in New York. You just watched it kill another one here. We have laws for this sort of thing. And I'm not even sure those are worth it. Some things are too dangerous to be left free, Superman."

"I'm not going to leave it free, Sara. I'm going to ensure that it's in the Phantom Zone, forever." Superman kneels down to cover the bleeding with his cape. "I owe you my life, Sara. Several times over. But despite your opinions, I haven't ever killed a person and I won't. This being is sentient. That's enough of a person for me."

"No one's asking you to do it," Sara points out, grimacing as she crosses her arms over her chest. "I was sort of offering." But she knows full well that's not an offer he's going to be accepting. And so, the Witchblade starts to draw back. Nothing strange to see here, just a woman trying to have a drink on the beach, right? "If she gets out and I come across her again, I'm not holding back," she warns.

"If you don't think it'll work, you're welcome to come with and watch me put her away." Superman hasn't brought any visitors to the Fortress, well any visitors except for Lana, Lois, Chloe, his mother. Lio…well there have been a lot come to think of it. But not too many heroes have seen it.

"That's sweet, but I don't go home with a guy until at least the third-" Sara pauses, scrubbing a hand over her face. "It's not even funny, I think this counts as the third date. Get out of here," she waves a hand, stepping back to get out of the way. "Just…Please. Don't let it get out again, okay? You do, and every person it kills, I'm going to be blaming myself for. And I really won't let it go again."

Superman nods as he lifts up into the air, not following up her joke. Instead he carries the Aethyr higher and higher before he bursts away, north, picking up speed exponentially until he's gone.

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