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September 01 2014: Jericho meets Kitty Pryde and Logan whilst working on intel gleaned from the recent foray overseas.

Ted's Internet Cafe

Part Internet Cafe, Part Actual Cafe, this is the place to be for hacking, browsing and good coffee



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Jericho's been back State-side for a little while. It's been very, very nice not having more than the usual risk of being shot at. Middle East and North Africa were almost like open season on the hacker zones. Still, he's got a lot of work to do and he's decided that what this needs is coffee and privacy. This is what Ted's is for. Part internet cafe, part actual cafe, it's pretty quiet here at the moment. K'nert is next to him at the booth, munching on a brownie and looking bored as Jericho works on decrypting the recovered materials. It doesn't look like he's doing anything but sipping coffee and brooding, of course, because he does all of his computing internally, but that's an advantage in this case since it means he doesn't have to worry about some random Hydra agent seeing what he's doing.


Sure, SHIELD has its own super geniuses and supercomputers and algorithms to deal with the decryption— and this Trent guy is some kind of super-advanced cyborg or some shit. That right there should tell you the kind of faith Logan puts in Kitty's abilities when he drags her along, kicking and screaming (which is to say she's probably super stoked about the prospect) to utilize her own expertise and their own networks in the pursuit of HYDRA's distribution operations.

The runty old mutant gives a kind of dubious look to the whole, high-tech cafe when he walks through the door, pausing just inside and holding it for Pryde more by happenstance than apparent intention, one hand rising to tip the wide-brimmed tan cowboy hat back on his head. To his credit, the wide eyed, out of his element pause only lasts that moment, and a nod is offered to Kitty to indicate Jericho, and that table; as if she couldn't tell.


"Maybe you should stop looking like everything in here is going to electrocute you," Kitty teases the hesitant Wolverine as she slips by him and into the internet cafe. Slung over her shoulder is a laptop bag and over her arm is a knitting bag were, presumably, Lockheed is stashed. And, while, she gives the cowboy hat a bit of a look, she doesn't verbally add that it's kind of ridiculous.

Once inside, she moves right for the table Jericho is seated, giving the entire room a bit of a look around before sliding into a seat opposite him. "Hi!" Though it's unlikely that Jericho knows Kitty, she places Lockheed's bag down next to her and sets the laptop case on they able, she greets him in a friendly and almost familiar manner. "I'm Kitty. Logan said we should meet."


The first thing Kitty might notice are the grey-flecked amber eyes when Jericho looks up. They give him a kind of canine aspect. Almost immediately K'nert looks up from his brownie, hissing something. The hacker's eyes slide over to the demon. "Be nice." He murmurs.

"Hi Kitty. Jericho. Nice to meet you. Logan mentioned you out in the field I think." He offers a hand out as he looks for… ah, there's Logan. "So he said we should meet hrm?" He laptop draws a smile. "You're one of the techies, then?" He's met a few. Well, one. Doug seems like a proper wiz when it comes to code. Nice to know he's not the only one they've got.

"Let me know when you're up, I'll send you what I've got. Hello Logan."


"Everything in here -could- electrocute me." Logan observes dourly, a meaningful glance cast at all the cords that are running out from… underneath every table?!? Shit, these people can't even disconnect when they /eat/. Despite the tone, and the look, it's punctuated with a wry grin that's cast aside to Kitty as she passes, the wolfish mischief touching the veteran's eyes; rare enough, in itself. He follows after her, eyes fixed ahead and lowered even as his other senses track the various signs and stimuli within the little cafe— the sound of so many fans, alone, is enough to drive a man to drink. Not that he can't drive himself.

Wolverine slides into the booth beside Kitty, and seems to make a point of shoving her over just a little further, reclining to drape one thick arm over the booth behind him and slightly out into the aisle. "Trent." He greets the other operative monosyllabically, breaking his silence. A little bit. "More angles lookin' at this problem, maybe it gets solved before we needed it yesterday." Doom and gloom: part of the job description, in this case. "We got some special angles of our own." He notes obliquely.


As K'nert hisses at Kitty, Lockheed climbs out of the bag and onto the table. Purple wings jitter in annoyance at the creature, ears fold back against his scaly head. While he does not his, a tendril of smoke rises from his nostrils. For her part, Kitty ignores what may be a dominance display from both of the creatures and instead elands forward a little to inspect K'nert with a curious grin. "Oh, hey there! You're just adorable."

Then, it's back to business. Kitty shakes Jericho's hand just about as she is jostled to the side by Logan and she gives him a bit of a practiced annoyed look at the shoving. "One of the techies? I didn't know Logan was keeping a closet full of them." She eyes the mutant, teasing, "I thought we talked about this." As she talks, however, she's pulling out her laptop - most likely the one Oracle gave Logan and staring to plug in cables and power. With a few taps on the keyboard, she's ready. "I'm up. So, what's this stuff we're looking at, anyway?"

"Hang on a sec." A holographic keyboard springs into being over Jericho's arm and his hand flies over it. Something from a hidden network connects with Kitty's laptop and a flood of data begins to stream in. "Spoils of war from Logan's overseas project. A lot of encrypted data involving the manufacture of a certain mutant targeting retrovirus. Shipping data, schedules, deployment. Some of it's One Time Pad encrypted, so I'm working on finding the key… mostly I'm trying to crack it all and sift through it so I can figure out where they are." He suspects Greenland. They have to be somewhere remote enough to not be noticed and cold enough that the virus won't break down. Otherwise they'd have to be using a pretty sophisticated set of refrigerator and Jericho hasn't been able to find a power grid spike to account for that, so natural cold it is.

K'nert clambers up onto the table, hissing a bit more, warily looking at the dragon. The little demonling's eyes are narrowed and his body language tense. "K'nert, don't get yourself eaten, I don't want to explain to you-know-who why your leg got chewed off."


"Gotta have spares." Logan retorts with a sidelong glance to Pryde, and apparent and abundant lack of actual seriousness. He leaves explanation of the data primarily to Jericho, and while it's readily obvious that Wolverine listens to (maybe even -understands-) most of the babble about decrypting the stuff and what it all entails, the majority of his attention settles in on the power dynamic between the two odd little exotics. Granted, he seems more curious or intrigued than particularly -worried- about it, at present. In his experience, neither beastie is particularly prone to violent outbursts— but he keeps a watchful eye on them nonetheless.


"We need to be thorough." Logan does input, quite soberly, after a sip from a steel flask that's undoubtedly full of liquor. "Even takin' out the supply and production, if they've got deployment sites scattered around like the one in Gaza, could do a lot of damage even way shy of their extinction agenda." It's a cheerful thought— but difficult to argue. "Our friendly neighborhood robot probably has the computing power to make a dent, fast." He appends to Kitty, referencing the sterile notes of communication with the Oracle.


Kitty watches the holographic keyboard with interest. The only thing that could grab her attention away from a cute demon creature like that is interesting new technology. As the data starts to flood the computer, the young hacker keeps her hands away from the keyboard and allows it all to finish downloading before she dives right in herself. "That's true. It's possible that the key is buried in the code somewhere." The mention of the virus purses her lips together. "I've heard of it. It's the one that targets the X-gene and then turns you to jelly?" Luckily, she was already inoculated.


"Hackers are not like suits, Logan," she sighs with a shake of her head. "Yes, it doesn't do any good to take out the main part if the virus was already shipped off and ready to deploy." Eyes flit over the screen, reading bits and pieces as the files fly by. "I had heard that it wasn't about trying to make mutants extinct, but rally them to a cause to be exploited."


"That's the one." Jericho nods, one eye on K'nert as the impling warily paces the table for a few mintues before letting out a lizard-y harrumph and grabbing his brownie.

"Data extracted from Hydra servers suggests that they're looking to use a pattern of atrocities and media manipulation to push mutants into their camp by making it appear that they're being targeted for extermination." The keyboard over Jericho's arm fades to be replaced by a display streaming data for Logan and Kitty to see.

"I suspect they were planning to use groups like the Friends of Humanity as catspaws. Of course, committing atrocities against mutants would likely inspire retirbution which would only feed legitimate concern about them, you know, feeding into the plan."

The hacker pauses to go back to actually hacking. K'nert is eating his sweet slowly, almost teasing Lockheed with it. "I swear if you two get into a fight I'm filming it and sending it to Illyana…" he mutters. Mostly he thinks she'd be amused by it.

"Anyway, it looks like they went to the trouble of giving it an NSN. I can't prove it, but I imagine the play looks like this: Terrorists use mutant virus around the world. Tension rises. Military hunts terrorists. Recovers virus weapon. Media gets leaked that the virus weapon was developed by the US Government. Instiant media firestorm and mutant riots. Which only cause repression, which causes more resentment, and so on. Then Hydra steps in as the only one who cares to protect the downtrodden."

"That's a guess, but it does fit what I know of Hydra's MO…"


"And here you'd have me believe you're so damn stylish." is the retort Kitty earns, this time, just as smoothly interjected. It would be a stretch to say Logan is -relaxed- about the scenario in front of them, but he does remain remarkably zen about it. In a decidedly snarky sort of way. When K'nert settles in with the brownie, Lockheed is rewarded in a timely fashion with a hunk of jerky; there's even a second hunk if the demonic critter becomes jealous. Though, with a brownie, that would clearly mark him as a little stupid.

"Once everyone's herded together for safety, deliverin' the coup de grace becomes a lot more reliable." Wolverine shakes his head, somewhere between subtle sorrow and more apparent disgust. "Almost preferable to whatever else they could think of to do with a host of scared superhumans." The word 'bioweapon' means something entirely broader in Logan's world; and Trent's, for that matter. He watches what's on the display thoughtfully, filing away the pieces of the data that are relevant to his role in this little shindig silently. "Doesn't much matter to me whether they mean to use it to kill all of us or just a few thousand more to make their point." It's semantics, at least as it impacts what the rogue prototype himself intends to do about it. Hint: His plan is not very nice.


Lockheed's ears flicker forward and backward a K'nert grabs his brownie. Lockheed lets out a soft cry before winging upward to land on Logan's head. Warily, he watches the demon and his brownie from there. Reaching down, he takes the jerky from the large mutant and starts to munch on it from his perch. The little dragon eyes the demon warily, clearly happy that he has his own treat to show off.

Once the information is right in front of her, Kitty starts to scan through it, typing and clicking. "Well, a virus that can only affect those with the X-gene is certainly a good start." Kitty frowns as she starts picking apart the code in front of her. "If Hydra is planning on using this virus as merely one part of the step in order to try and take some control of the government, then that means they may also be developing a cure for it. I know there is an inoculation at the moment, but that doesn't help those already affected."


"So far as I know no one who has been exposed to it un-inoculated has survived." Jericho shakes his head sadly. Tal Temer is still fresh in his mind. A couple of hours… if he'd just put it together a couple of hours sooner, maybe…

"I agree with you Logan. To the extent of our plans to shut them down what they want to do with this thing isn't that important. Cutting off the supply and wiping out the cell responsible is still critical though. If we don't, they'll just refine their weapon, work around our countermeasures and try again." He sighs and keeps working his own end.

Kitty may rather quickly notice that there are two types of encryptions at work here. One is the One Time Pad on a small portion of the data and the other is a sophisticated 1024 bit encryption algorithm. It's that which Jericho has been slowly chewing through. Much of the data he's already decrypted deals with the logistics system used to get all of this in place. No solid location on the production facility yet though. Odds are good that kind of thing is in the OTP data.

"The trouble with the Virus, Kitty, as I understand it is that if it were tweaked, or worse, mutated in the wild, it could start affecting X-gene carries. People who aren't mutants but could give birth to one. Conservatively, according to my sources, that's about a third of the world's population."


"Yup." Wolverine has no particular argument with Jericho's assessment of the problem, or its permutations in the future— and he doesn't bother to hide it. He does, however, give the little dragon a bit of a scritch under his chin, offering a hand to K'nert at the same time, perhaps surprisingly gently; at least to those at the table who've more or less -only- seen him in a particularly bloody breed of action. "Targeting the genetics of mutants means you gotta have a disease that mutates, too." He also concurs. It's not like the 'x-gene' is a single, allegedly recessive marker; that would be /insane/— or at least exceptionally stupid.

"Might not even stay limited to that avenue of mutation. Could jump species, or attach itself to other abnormal genes. More it's used, more risk we've got. Nobody alive in the world who's 'baseline human'." He's no scientist, but he's been doing this job a long time. It's not the first such plague he's seen. Even if he probably doesn't remember /all/ of the others. "'course that might not even be unintentional. HYDRA's been after purity and control since they were all tied up with the damn Nazis." Even if some of that beast's heads have, ironically, mutated.


"That sounds just like the Friends of Humanity. They're not really well known for their widespread long distance thinking. Narrow-minded upheavals are really their speciality." Kitty sighs as she starts to scrawl through information. "Hmmm." She types, glancing through the encryption files that Jericho have been going through. With their combined power, it has to go faster.

"Also, a one time pad can be cracked if they're weren't careful. It's possible the key isn't actually random or was partly reused elsewhere, right? Of course, that'll take quite some time to sift through." Letting a search and decryption go on in the background, she focuses her attention to the files Jericho has not yet worked through.

Bending her head closer to the computer she starts decrypting. Idly, she adds, "Though, I guess you're right. They could be just trying to wipe the very possibility of mutants off the planet. No matter how many people that is."


"Hydra is always dealing in plans within plans. Even if that's not the focus of this cell, I'm sure it's occurred to someone somewhere that being able to kill anyone who could possibly give birth to a mutant is a powerful 'tool.'" Even calling it that leaves a bad taste in the amber eyed hacker's mouth but that is how Hydra sees these things and he's more familiar with them than most.

"They're compartmentalized all to hell though so right now I think we're going to have to settle for shutting this plot down and destroying all the virus we can get our hands on. SHIELD will help, I feel fairly confident, or at least, May will…"

At the mention of the veteran SHIELD agent, Jericho's eyes slide over to Logan. "You seemed to know her pretty well…" It's less a question and more an invitation to elaborate, if he will.

K'nert has finished his brownie and sloooooowly slides over toward Kitty and Logan, sniffing at them as if they're somehow familiar.


"Might be worth comparing it to some of the other shit we collected." Logan suggests, with the lack of conviction that comes from not really possessing any sort of expertise. "See if there's a pattern." He can basically get where Kitty's coming from, nonetheless. "Patch our friend in on it, and it'll go even faster." If indeed that's not already happening— it is, after all, Oracle's computer. "Wipe out the possibility of mutation…" he echoes, with a strange sort of sardonic humor. The renegade operative shakes his head, and lets out a single syllable of a chuckle. People are funny.

Wolverine nods ready agreement with the idea that different Hydra cells might have entirely different intentions— this he seems more certain of. What can one say, the Canucklehead is far from 'most'. "Nick'll be onboard." It's not directly illuminating his history with the organization, but this observation also carries a degree of obvious certainty, unlike his helpfulness with the hacking. Not to mention the terminology he uses with regard to both of the very serious individuals. "So will Mel. I ain't goin' to vouch for the whole of SHIELD, but not for lack of good intentions." That hand extends once more to K'nert, as Lockheed gets a scritch behind his noggin.


"Why couldn't it ever be simple for once." The look on Kitty's face is a troubled one at the thought of someone targeting people because one day they may give birth to a mutant. But, luckily, she has something to focus her mind on. A file decrypts and she scans the contents. "Hm. There's some research about sheet ice elasticity. And readings on ice cores."

The talk turns to people she doesn't know and she glances between Logan and Jericho as they talk about Nick and May. "Who?" She may have known Logan for a few years, but that doesn't mean she knows all his contacts. Distracted for a moment, she reaches out a hand gently out to K'nert for it to sniff. Lockheed, leans into the scratches given by Logan, though he watches K'nert warily as he approaches. "And, did you say Illyana earlier?"


The impling sniffs Logan's hand, then Kitty's. Satisfied that he knows them both he allows himself to be pet. He looks back at Jericho with a rasping hiss. "You know I still don't understand you, right?"

"Ice cores… interesting. I get why you'd want ice. But research onto elasticity…" He pauses, thinking for a long moment before he files that bit away. Maybe it'll make sense later.

"I'm not sure I'm with you on SHIELD's intentions, Logan. They're a lot like Hydra to be honest. Too close for comfort. Like Hydra they're all about control. The difference is one of degree and the path between the two…" He shrugs. "It's a lot shorter than I'd like. Still, I do trust May…" Jericho chuckles when Logan calls her 'Mel'. Clearly he knows her better.

"Agent May of SHIELD, Kitty. She's about the only person there I trust. Mmmm? Illyana?" Oh, he did say that didn't he. "Yes, I did. Why?"


Canting his head curiously at the impling for a moment, Logan just listens to the assessment of the data. "This shit's gotta be cold, right?" The storage caches they've uncovered certainly seem to suggest that, not to mention that they haven't had to purge the viral agent with fire yet, to his knowledge. "If you were gonna sink a facility into solid ice, you'd need both those sets of numbers." It's clearly something he puts not only in the realm of possibility for Hydra, but that of /probability/. "Sure would be out of the way when it comes t' trespassers." He notes with another swig from his pocket flask, before nodding agreeably— perhaps surprisingly so— to Jericho.

"Why I say I won't vouch for SHIELD. Nick an' Mel, though. They got some reach, and some clout, and they'll do this thing right if it can be." Assuming they can trust whoever they rely on, at least. With Cap involved, he has to assume there's someone with an eye on everyone's honor, already. He fills in the other gap for Pryde, "Nick Fury's Director of SHIELD. May's one of his vets. Real good at what they do, the both of 'em." Coming from him, that's high praise. A grin is passed aside to Kitty, and the Canuck offers up simply, and rather accurately, "The simple shit's for another group of saps, darlin'."


With a chuckle at the impling's sniffing Kitty slowly moves her hand over to pet the creature. "Aw, you're adorable," she tells it. Lockheed, hearing the compliment indignantly raises himself up from his perch on Logan's head and moves to Kitty's shoulders, glaring at the intruder.

"Don't be jealous," she tells the dragon with a bit of a laugh. She uses her free hand to console her affronted friend. "It sounds like you just don't trust any sort of large organized task force." The girl's eyes move from Lockheed to Jericho as he speaks of the difference between Hydra and SHIELD. As the discussion turns back to the names, she nods. "I know of SHIELD," of course she does, "But, I'm not familiar with many of the people involved. Especially when you use the director's first name like you smoke cigars and drink whiskey in large leather armchairs together every Saturday." She shoots a grin at Logan before turning back to her computer. "And the difficult stuff is for this group of saps?"

The question about Illyana is met with a nod. "I was roommates in high school with a girl named Illyana. Not a very common name. Russian? Blonde?" Worked with magic?


Jericho watches K'nert get pet amusedly. "I don't trust anyone with that kind of reach, largely. Been burned a few too many times. I've met Director Fury once… it was… mmmm… an interesting meeting. He's definitely a very er - goal oriented is the term I think." The sort of guy who will definitely sacrifice the few for the sake of the many. It's a call Jericho's familiar with, but never fun when you're one of the few.

"Mmmm…" The description of Illyana makes the hacker nod slowly. "Yes, that's her. She's a friend of mine." Who currently lives with me, he does not add. The hacker tries to avoid giving too much about Illyana out mostly because she's been living under the radar until recently and he doesn't want to spread her name around to the wrong people.

"I take it you know her?" He asks, glancing over at Lockheed. "And I take it that's not a demon there?"


"Key word is large, darlin'." Logan notes with a nod of affirmation. "People may be trustworthy, but put enough of 'em together?" He scoffs with a huffed exhalation, lifting a hand to brush his wild, unusual mane back into 'place' as Lockheed vacates his neck and shoulder for Kitty's. "And it ain't every Saturday, never was." He teases back with a grin, canting his head subtly in nostalgic recollection for a moment, "Far as I recall." Which is a bit of a weightier statement in Wolverine's case than it tends to be. 'This group of saps' draws that wolfish expression wider, more convivial, and the Canuck nods readily, "You got it exactly, Cat."

A more serious note creeps back into the Wolverine's expression as his even gaze slips back to Jericho for the moment, and the words are considered, "Fury's complicated." Who at the table -isn't-? "His goals tend to be aimed right." Which seems to be more than Logan expects from someone in the Director's sort of role. "Went to the same High School…" Is Logan's only input into the other topic, the information echoed softly as if it amused the shit out of him.


"Lockheed?" Kitty is amused and Lockheed looks offended at the suggestion of being a demon. "No. He's an alien." As if that should be fairly obvious. Though, looking at K'nert and then at Lockheed, perhaps the distinction is not so easily defined. "Hm." It depends on the large group, she guesses. "I think a group of people can help change the world for better." It's why some of her classmates are now joining the X-Men. "I guess it just depends on how big or how small it is so that there is little red tape. And why they're together."

Kitty raises an eyebrow knowing that Logan is most likely not be exaggerating about hanging out with Nick Fury. "I mean, he's a spy. I would be pretty disappointed if he were simple and transparent. Though, maybe that'd make things easier." As for Illyana, she nods. "Yeah. We went to high school together. We pretty close."


"Simpler yeah, it would be. Paranoia gets to be a survival skill when you're that deep in. It's not a particularly pleasant way to live." The look on the hacker's face is a mildly sour one. He's used to it, but there are days…

"Alien, is he? Interesting. takes all kinds, I guess. Looks kind of like a dragon. Cute though." K'nert hisses at him. "What? He is." Jericho's grin suggests he may have done that on purpose.

Same high school, mmm? "Ah. Xavier's yes?" The name is said quietly, as if to prevent anyone else from hearing it. It's a name he's used to hearing only in secrecy despite the fact that the school itself isn't exactly secret. "I met her only recently. She's good people. I'm quite fond of her." He doesn't recall Illyana mentioning Kitty, but she's fairly private so it's not like she necessarily would.


"Sure they can." Wolverine isn't arguing that, it's entirely clear: he's seen the world change. For better, for worse. "Why they're together, what they want, how well everyone stays on the same chapter 'n verse." One broad shoulder, the one next to Kitty, shrugs once. His other arm hooks back around the booth's back. "Either way, a person you might be able to trust, one minute to the next— people can be subverted." There's a somewhat meaningful look cast aside to Kitty, at that, somewhere between sympathetic and adamant. Of course, it's never simple for any of them. "Simpler gets a person killed in this line of work." He gets by by being one step shy of unkillable, but then again Wolverine isn't nearly as simple as he sometimes like to think.

Half a wry grin peaks from the corner of his lips as the jealous creatures reprise their little standoffish dance, and K'nert earns another scratch— in tandem with Lockheed, once more. Someone's been making friends of and with animals for a long, long time— even somewhat otherworldly ones. It's an expression that doesn't so much fade as linger in similar fashion as the two dance around the Institute and their shared blonde friend, Wolverine's eyes shifting from Kitty to Jericho and back, thoughtfully.


"Xavier's, yes." Kitty nods studying Jericho for a moment. Though the school is not a secret, if he knows Illyana, he may know exactly what is happening there. "We were roommates. I've missed talking with her. I've been…out of the country for a few years. I've only been back pretty recently."

At the compliment, Lockheed preens as best a dragon can preen. He stretches his wings as if they need them only to show his wingspan. And then, smugly - as best as a dragon can be smug - he looks down from his Kitty perch onto K'nert and gives a little huff of pleasure.

At Wolverine's statement, a sudden flash crosses her eyes and she gives him a look. It's a mixture of sadness with a backing of anger there. "A person can be subverted, too." And that's what she'll say on that matter. An idle hand reaches up to pet Lockheed.


"Groups though, are faceless. It's too hard to know who is telling whom what. When you deal in secrets that translate into lives, that's a pretty scary thought. Take it from me." Jericho shakes his head and blows out a sigh as he switches decryption algorithms. Mmmmm. Ice cores. He's not forgotten about that.

K'nert narrows his eyes up at Lockheed and then jumps up on Logan's shoulder. This is now his shoulder.

"She's about. I can pass a message to her, if you'd like. That is, if she doesn't find you first." Which she might. It is Illyana, after all.


"That's the problem." Logan agrees of Kitty's rejoinder, "More people, more rolls of that die." A gentle squeeze is offered to the woman's shoulder, next to Lockheed and her own hand, before the demonling takes its place on his own. An arched brow greets K'nert, and then a bit of a renewed scritch. "More people on the outside lookin' for ways in, vulnerable points." Which all too often involves just that subversion. There's a reason why 'people Logan basically trusts' is a short list, and includes the qualifier.

"Gotta keep eyes on what matters, not just who a soul's followin' to get there." Not that Pryde doesn't know that, but the quiet words reinforce faith in her own ability to reassess— to change track. It's a painful lesson Logan knows all too well, himself. "Don't you people write, anymore?" He teases softly of passing messages to long lost friends, with no real vim and less volume. It's a quiet sympathy that's maintained for Kitty despite the snark.


"Yes. And sometimes in more ways than one." Even though it was years ago, Kitty can still clearly remember the glowing red eyes and demonic faces of the Hand. "Faceless men and women can be incredibly dangerous." And while it is a serious topic, she can't help but grin at K'nert as he crawls up onto Logan's shoulder and claims it for his own. Lockheed, shifts on his claws, swinging his long neck to get a closer look at the demon now that he is so close to him. "I'd like that. Just…tell her Kitty Pryde's back in town."

The hand on her shoulder is acknowledged with a bit of a smile toward Logan and a nod. She'll accept the comfort for what it's worth. "I didn't really keep in touch with many people in Japan." There wasn't much she could say.


The dynamics at play don't go unnoticed. Either of them. The K'nert-Lockheed one's kind of amusing. K'nert cranes his neck out and goes nose to nose with the dragonling. "I'm gonna guess they have history too." Not that he wants details. Unless, you know, they're funny.

"Shall I tell her that Logan's in town also?" The short canuck gets a look. He seems to know an awful lot of people.


"Doubt it would mean much to her." Logan notes of his presence here, showing little familiarity with Illyana. "Though I've been surprised before." Another of those things that might be a meaningless quip from just about anyone else— but hey, he never knows. Some variety of strange and sordid folks know -him- after all, even when he can't remember them to save his life.

"Too often more ways 'n one." He agrees softly towards Kitty, leaning towards her subtly— or perhaps just teasing the dragon and demon with proximity. His vivid eyes do track the pair of beasties as they peer at one another from shoulder to shoulder, drawing a small smile from the Wolverine. For the most part, he seems content to observe, and listen— he's very good at that.


"Yes. I think Lockheed likes to pretend like he forgets every time they see each other again." Because dragons are not above being petty at times. "He can be quite a haughty little thing. Or maybe dragons actually don't have long memories" There's a snort of annoyance at being called haughty and forgetful, which just makes Kitty grin and pet him on the forehead. As the demon is leaned closer, the desired effect is given. Lockheed reaches forward again to sniff at the demon, serpentine tongue flickering out as if to taste him. She also reaches out a hand to pet K'nert, smiling at the interplay there.

Then, she turns back to her computer, too long ignored. "If you don't mind, I can take some of this with me and keep working on it." The time for feeling sorry for herself and her past is over. There's work to be done. "I can also probably send it to someone else I know who's just as good at this as I am. If not better. I started an analysis on the OTP key. Maybe it'll come up with something as it runs in the background. But, who knows how long that'll take. Or if it might even work."


"Be my guest. I uploaded a lot of data to some people who I get the feeling may be connected to your school over there, so they'll have it too. The faster we get this cracked, the faster we can put this one to bed." Jericho rises and offers his hand out to shake both Logan's and Kitty's. K'nert reaches out and flicks Lockheed on the nose before hopping off and back over to the hacker. "I'll pass on that message for you Kitty." He says with a smile. "Nice to see you again, grumpaw." Yes, he's teasing.


Wolverine's response to the interacting beastlings is more or less a mirror of Kitty's— even if he is a bit more surly looking in general. "Something'll work." He punctuates the end of Kitty's plan with something that's not quite affirmation -or- resignation, gruff voice even. What are the alternatives? The offered hand is taken, shaken firmly— perhaps a little too firmly— even as Logan's eyes narrow a bit at the unsolicited nickname. That's his job. "Right." Super nice. So what if it sort of reinforces the sentiment Jericho expresses. He smoothly slips out of the booth with a subtle creak as the structure breathes a sigh of relief, and offers Kitty a hand up as the other pops his hat back on his head and taps it down, tipping the brim forward to shade his features.


"Doug, I'm guessing," Kitty grins when he mentions people being connected with her school. If anyone would be the resident techie who could help, that would be her first choice. "I work with him a lot. I'll talk to him about it. He may have a better idea of what's going on if he's had the data for longer. We tend to work well when we put our heads together." Reaching out a hand, she takes Jericho's and smiles. "It was nice to meet you. And thank you. I'm sure we'll be in touch soon." If not because of mutual acquaintances, than because of shared interests. And then, she can't help it, she outright snickers at the nickname given to Logan. She doesn't even attempt to hide it.

Only then does she start to pack up her laptop into her case and Lockheed into her knitting bag again. Once everything is placed to her liking, she takes Logan's hand to help her up. "Thanks," she replies absently, mind already thinking about programs and cypher keys and information about ice cores.


"Actually Remy, Ororo and 'Cyclops'. Though I've met Doug. See you later, you two. Stay safe." And with that the hacker is gone."

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