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September 02, 2014: It's just another random collision of good guys and bad guys somewhere within the city. (Language, some violence)

New York City

Somewhere in the streets of the Big Apple.



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'Get out of the office more, be part of the world, you're scaring everyone.' Meh. Hill could complain more but there's a clear upshot to getting tossed out of the Triskelion. If not for those occasional super high profile operations, of which she usually doesn't get any advanced notice for, she didn't get many opportunities to set foot outside of that damn building.

Once more out in the big unfriendly city she goes, getting caught up in the usual traffic with one of the Division's matte black Lexus SUV's. She's got a list of wanted individuals on perma-watch, relying on the vehicle's many hidden cameras as well as her own eyes, just in case. Start to get enough wanted baddies on the list and she can't throw a stone without hitting one of them.

Go figure that one of the vehicle's dashboard monitors would blip at her with a red border coming around the screen. A positive ID's already been made. The thing that surprises her the most, however, is that the image on the screen is of a dead man. Granted they never did find the body in the Atlantic, but Barton had taken the shot. He had made the kill. Why, then, is this joker showing up on her screen all of a sudden?

With traffic already at a standstill she reaches for the slender comm unit around her ear. "Hill reporting in, we've clocked one of our marks. Codename 'Deadpool,' no idea how the bastard's up and walking about. Track vehicle thirty-seven for my twenty. Moving to intercept."

"Director, shouldn't you wait for backup? This guy's got a list as long as-"

"He took an arrow to the head and he's still walking around. That means lethal force -isn't,-" she cuts in while spinning the wheel around and pulling the SUV out of traffic. "All I need is one clear shot."


Loki is dressed more in Midgardian style today; suit, tie, silk scarf hanging, and he is exiting a bank, of all things. With a spring in his step, he enters the crosswalk against the light, causing all sorts of horns to blare and curses from taxis who veer out of the way 'just in time'. (There's no point in playing chicken with Loki. He usually wins.)

One car doesn't look as if it's going to stop as the younger Asgardian Prince crosses, and it's a simple measure for him. A hand comes out, and the vehicle's front rises into the air and begins to roll backwards, end over end in the direction in which it came. (Luckily it's -not- rushhour?) Still, it cruses a couple of cars in its path before coming to rest in the middle of an intersection a block away. Cars screech to a halt, screams come from the sidewalk.

And Loki makes the opposite corner, and continues walking.


Walking down the street clear as day is Wade Wilson. His mask is up to his nose, revealing his pus-spewing, scarred to hell cancer of a face. A classic New York City hotdog is in his hand that he casually chows through as if nothing's amiss. Nothing's amiss with the 12 swords and knives all over his body, and the small arsenal of guns in various holsters and slings. Nothing's amiss with that red and black uniform that is so clearly his moniker.

There's also a pogostick slung over his back with military quick-release clips.

For the moment, he doesn't seem to notice he's being tracked. For a brief moment, his body flickers away to the form of a feeble old man, before it flickers back. Image inducer's on the fritz again. The sound of screeching metal and breaking glass draws the man's attention, and he looks over towards the source. Loki. "You don't see that every day." Then he takes another bite of delicious chilidog.


There's a crack of a sonic boom, far in the distance. Someone escaping Mach 1, slipping back to subsonic speeds. One might even think they hear the crackle of thunder, looming and ominous.

A blue and red blur cuts through the sky in a dramatic arc, a positively ballistic trajectory. A hundred feet away, in a remarkable display of aerial maneuverability, it cuts almost diagonally downwards, and Thor hits the ground behind the car with enough force to dig his toes into the asphalt. Tossing Mjolnir casually aside, the God of Thunder drops his weight and catches the car by the rear bumper, letting it push him along about ten feet while he applies the brakes by digging his toes into the asphalt, creating a pair of six-inch wide furrows in the ground.

"Loki!" Thor booms, setting the car back down and walking towards his brother. His hammer flies at him, and Thor catches it in his hand without looking. "I would have words with you, brother! Come hither a moment and speak!" he says in a premptory voice of royal command.


It's about this time when Hill hears the screeching and crashing, turning to look just in time to see a car go flying end over end right past her window. She's got an armored vehicle but it still would have landed on the roof if she hadn't moved when she did. Then comes the second blip. -Loki- is in the area.

"Goddammit, get a team together and get them on my position -now!-" she yells back to the comm.

"I did suggest that you wait-"

"Not Deadpool, I've got -Loki- on scene! Kick whatever you can out of the woodwork and get this area secured!"

Then there's a sonic boom rattling the armored windows of her vehicle. "Well that was fast," she mutters while reaching overhead and sliding a hidden ceiling panel back, revealing a collection of fancy toys that need all sorts of permits to acquire even in the best of states. One MP5 comin' up.

Hill jumps out of her vehicle and prioritizes her targets. Deadpool sided with -Namor,- there's no reason why he wouldn't suddenly spring to Loki's aid just for shits and giggles. With Thor on scene that leaves her wide open to intercept the mercenary.

A quick slap locks up the SMG's bolt as she ducks behind an armored door, taking aim. "Deadpool! On the ground, Now!"


Loki makes the corner, though the -second- he hears the thunderclap, there comes something of a wince, and perhaps it's dread that flickers there before his expression steels once more. He pauses, his back turned to the drama that is his elder brother saving some transport, and undoubtedly the mortal that sits within, and sighs before he turns slowly around, his expression expectant, brows raised, his tones lilting in its seeming inoffensiveness.

"Really. Here? Out on the street? Shall I buy you a … something or other from one of these stands-"

'Deadpool! On the ground, Now!' comes ringing out near him, and oh would you look at that. She looks quite familiar… As for Deadpool, that creature in the red and black? Loki is content in allowing him to be her target for the time being.


Deadpool freezes as he should, and his head cranes a bit in Maria's direction. There's a confused expression behind that mask as the chili dog has all but disappeared. Raising his hands he shouts, "I HAVE A PERMIT FOR THE POGO STICK, I swear! Scout's honour!"

And in true Pooly fashion, he's off like a shot after that. With one push, he leaps off in a bound that nearly crosses a metre or two, body careening and spinning like the beautiful ballerina he is. Guns are unclipped, with a couple complimentary incendiary grenades dropped at the foot of the armored vehicle Hill is so graciously using for cover. How did they see through his image induce- Oh. It's off.

"Thanks for showing up, SHIELD agents! I was getting kind of bored of fair fights!" He laughs, and as he moves to circle around in leaps in bounds, he peppers the vehicle with bursts from an assault rifle with a submachine gun duct-taped craftily to it. Two triggers, one finger, all the recoil.


Thor stops a few paces from Loki, a gimlet look in his eyes. "Did you divert the store of dark energy from beneath the Bifrost so you could /have a picnic on Svartelfheim?/" he demands of his brother, looming over the more slender, dark-haired Asgardian. "Father is worth with thee," Thor snaps at his brother. "I am none too pleased either. The dark matter is the lifeblood of Asgard, and not to be trifled with for personal errands. If thou needs use of the Bifrost, simply /ask Heimdall/ for permission!" Thor says. He totally dismisses the fact that Loki just casually threw a car in the air. Asgardians. Immortals. Priorities.

At the burst of gunfire, Thor blinks and looks over his shoulder at Deadpool peppering Maria's car with gunfire. "And what is this madness?" he asks Loki, jerking a thumb towards Deadpool. "Another one of your proteges of chaos?" he asks, jutting his chin at Loki as big-brotherly and intimidatingly as he can.



It's one of the few thoughts to run through a person's mind when grenades are flung their way. Hill has no choice but to leap for the best cover available to her, which happens to be the vehicle she pulled up in. Her reaction time may not be on par with superhuman levels but she's gotten to be pretty good at getting the hell out of the way. In short order the armored SUV's getting smacked with bullets while fire and dark, noxious smoke start to billow out from beneath. Fortunately, gravity will keep the thermite from coring through the block or something nasty. The Lexus can handle the heat but it isn't comfortable living for anyone stuck inside it at the time.

Hill needs to resort to a full faced gas mask just so she can see and breathe through it all. Fortunately those come standard in every SHIELD vehicle! This time when she bails out it's on the other side, quickly adjusting the straps so the blasted thing won't fall off when she takes aim on the mercenary once more.

Oh, and this time she's not yelling a warning before pulling the trigger. Tried it! Doesn't work. She's met her prerequisite before opening fire.


"Picnic?" Brows rise and Loki takes a breath that brings him a little straighter as that growing awareness falls upon him. He chuckles lightly, shaking his head, and adding a touch of a shrug in a 'what can you do?' gesture, Loki answers. "You know that Heimdall really doesn't like me, Thor. Any request I make usually is greeted with such a sour expression. So I really have no choice but to take matters into my own hands."

The burst of gunfire sounds in greater measure, and when his brother asks him if he's involved? Loki's hands rise, one on either side, showing that he's not holding anything while sporting a disappointed expression. "Brother, would I resort to something like that? Really."


A bullet or five stirke Deadpool and he rolls over a car's bonnet, leaving a bunch of blood on it as he takes cover. "Ow!" He coughs a bit hoarsely. "Right in the lung," he gasps, exasperated. It pops out a few short seconds later, the bullets rolling off his chest like sweat.

Voice return, "Is that an MP5? That sounds like an MP5!" Deadpool shouts, as he leaps behind a car. "I once had an MP5, I named her Vera. After Jayne's gun. Did you ever watch Firefly?" The pogostick is snapped off his back with the quick release straps. He also tears off the velcro image inducer from his chest and fiddles with it. After a few moments he tosses it onto a fleeing civilian, who promptly looks like Deadpool.

Giving it a moment for Maria to engage or not engage his decoy, Wade climbs onto his pogostick and bounces off in the opposite direction, towards Loki and Thor. "Haters gonna hate!" Wade shouts while bouncing over a car.


"Well, if you say so, brother," Thor says, looking mollified. "Just… be more considerate of Father's rules going forth, aye?" he asks. He slaps Loki's shoulder in a comradely fashion and then hurls Mjolnir skywards, flying along with the legendary hammer towards the sky.


Knowing that he had an image inducer, and a pogostick, Hill's not going to be quite so quick to fall for the ruse. One Deadpool is running for their life. The other is pogoing off into the sunset. Gosh, which one could the real Deadpool -possibly- be? So long as he's no longer shooting at her she can distance herself from the fire yet melting a hole in the pavement beneath her vehicle, ducking behind another nearby car with an angry sweep of her arm toward the cowering civilians. "Get out of here, go!"

The guy's fleeing the scene on an honest to God pogostick. Hill would never live down missing her mark at a moment like this. Up comes the MP5, taking careful aim on that single reciprocating metal leg which is supporting the merc's full weight, bounce for bounce. Time the shot, as soon as he's about to land on the roof of that car…


If a Deadpool falls in the middle of the city and there's no one listening to him, does he still make a quip?


Loki doesn't seem to have a care as to the goings-on around him. He does manage something of a contrite-look, and a nod at the chastizement before Thor heads off to do whatever it is that he does. With a final glance at the chaos the mortals have managed without his help, he chuckles and continues on his way.


"He he! Seeya, suckers!" Deadpool laughs while bouncing. It's hard to not feel happy when you're on a pogostick. They're little bouncing sticks of happiness. Jumping up onto another car hood, he's just about to land when all the fun is taken out of his stick.

The bullets from Maria's MP5 chew right through the leg of the pogostick, and it crunches pitifully into the hood of the car, sending Deadpool facefirst into the asphalt on the other side of the car. "Oof!" The only thing visible are his legs still on the hood of the car as he lays upside down with his head on the ground. Ever hear a skull smack into the pavement? Ouch.

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