September 4, 2014: Keith and Gar drive back after the disastrous mixer. Gar has something for Keith.

Titans Tower

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11:02 PM— after the X-Men/Titans 'mixer'.

The drive back to the Tower isn't unpleasant- but after all of that, Vorpal is fast asleep until the last leg of the trip. His right arm is bandaged and properly treated (because, again, Kate carries an ER room in her car, apparently) and it isn't hurting too much. Probably because of the painkiller.

Opening his eyes lazily, he sees the parking lot approaching, and stirs immediately. He hadn't intended to fall asleep.


"Hey fuzz cat," Gar says, turning red as they cross the demarcation line. Yep, there's a tiny scar on his right ear that isn't there when he's green. And it looks like his ears might've been pierced before but now they never were.

"You know, I wasn't trying to make a fancy entrance, I just, uhm, had this thing I wanted to get for you."

He parks the car and takes the tied kerchief that was on the bindlestaff (too small to fit here, left with Kate) and hands it to Vorpal. It contains a small square of french cake, frosted all around, not labeled EAT ME, and a box about the size of an Altoids box, made from a fragrant wood and carved with many, many celtic interlacings. It smells like sandalwood and moon's breath.

The Cheshire smiles softly, taking the offerings. "Oh Gar, you didn't have to get me anything…" he smiles, smelling the cake and mmming. The box makes him raise his eyebrows, "What's this? Actually… I was getting a little nervous. I was afraid you had…"

"Nah. I had to go to the Nowhere Market to get it. It's a treasure keeper. Whatever you keep in there, real or unreal, remains as it was when you placed it no matter what, as long as you cherish it. You can take it out, but only for a short time, or to use it for its purpose, or to give it away. That's the rules the Finder told me," Gar says. Nothing about the great quest to find the place (i.e. having lunch with Danny the Street and having to tell him ALL about Vorpal, and getting ribbed and teased) and then nearly being eaten by a Grue(tm) but eating it instead, which was terribly belch-inducing, and then after the Finder, having to go party… so much party… so much pin the tail…

"…" It's not often that Vorpal is speechless. But this is one of those moments. When he touches the sides of the box, he can feel the magic— it's a different sort of magic from his, and so it makes his fingers tingle and his palms feel warm and weird. What on earth did Gar do, to get this precious magical item?

And for him.

His green eyes lock on Gar's, and they might look a little most.

"Oh, Gar."

He sets down the treasures very carefully on the dashboard, and then he reaches over to put his hands on Gar's cheeks and… well, he leans forward and gives him a kiss, completely forgetting himself and getting swept up in the emotion of the moment and the thoughtfulness of the gift.

Score? Gar isn't struggling, but he's surprised at first. Well. This is different. Kissing girls is soft and mooshy and frequently wet and they are clingy. Kissing a guy, mouth shape seems a bit different - well yeah, he's a cat - but it's not like kissing either of his Dads was. Not that M. was so much for kissing his kid, the guy was really kind of wonky. Why are you thinking about kissing your father? Luke: This is not your father.

Gar actually kisses back a bit before it breaks off naturally, because, smrt cr is smll.

When the kiss breaks off, Vorpal breathes in—- his first kiss. Wow…

Because of the smallness of the car, he just lays his head on Gar's shoulder and reaches out to put a hand on his chest. "This is the nicest thing anyone's done— I wish I could do something…"

He'll think of something.

Gar grins goofily. "You really don't have to. We've both lost too much stuff. It makes me happy enough just to help you keep yours."

Note, Gar is not perfect. He smells funny in the morning, and he frequently turns into weird animals at breakfast, and the shedding in the tub, you do not want to look. He also hates deodorant because it stinks. You generally want him to wait until he's dried off when he comes in from the rain, because wet Gar is like wet dog only much stranger. But he's generally good to his friends and for some reason he seems to think Keith needs extra helpings of this.

Vorpal hehs. Earth to Vorpal- what do you think you are doing? "Sorry-" he sits up, lifting his head from Gar's shoulder. The kiss was nice- but he realized it was probably more significant to him than it was to Gar. At least for now- and there was no guarantee.

Still, the box. Keith smiles again and takes it, and the cake, as he opens the door. "—I got carried away. It won't happen again." He slowly gets out of his side. His ankle, miraculously, is not doing any worse this time around after that fight. Mostly because he spent most of the time barking orders and being the Raistlin of the group, casting illusions and rabbit holes from afar except when Cortez just got too cheeky for his own good. What the hell was that all about? Him, ordering his more seasoned team mates around?

As he gets out, he feels the breeze and sighs inwardly. He's bare-chested, since his shirt was turned to cinders, and he might as well be in his underwear, as his slacks were essentially shredded to the point that they looked like very expensive shorts.

"I don't mind if it does sometimes," Gar says in a low voice, smiling as Keith turns around. He waits for them to get to the door, helping a bit with the ankle as necessary. As soon as they get inside, he says, "You know. You were doing a pretty good job there as Ceiling Cat. I'm not a great skirmish leader. I've tried it. I get too into the moment, I'm too busy being all the animals. You did pretty good as the 'see what needs doing and send people' guy."

The eyeball looks from behind the fridge, and Gar says, "Sorry buddy, nothing new tonight. I'll check the fridge."

It withdraws, a bit grumpy. Then again, how do you tell with a creature that appears to be nothing but a nest of branching legs with eyeballs at the joints?

Hearing that comment makes Vorpal seem, well, happier. When they enter the tower, he sets down the treasured box and cake on the counter.

"Well… that was sort of my job at the warehouse. On top of all of the lifting, I was floor supervisor… nothing fancy, I still had to lift crap all over the place, but I had to make sure everybody was doing what they needed t be doing…"

He looks down at what he's wearing and then shrugs. He unbuttons his 'slacks', or what passes for them at this point, and takes them off. They really do like what Morticia would wear as short shorts: jagged shorts with odd tendrils of cloth trailing. Completely ruined. He sits down on the couch in his boxer briefs and extends his leg to rest his ankle.

"You were amazing, Gar. Heh, we make a good team, you know?" He says, rubbing his shin.

"Then you've got more practical experience running a team than I do," Gar says. "And yeah, we did a good job. I had some advice from one of the people I ran into on the way back from the market. Have you ever been there?"

"Never," Vorpal says, stretching on the couch. A thought comes to him. "… exactly how much danger did you put yourself in to get to this 'Market', Gar? Where is this place?"

"Danger? At the Nowhere Market? Pfft," Gar says. "It's just the faery marketplace, it's perfectly safe as long as you follow the rules."

It's not safe. Not at all. But confidence is a good tool there, and having the rules explained to you by your good friend the world-wandering transvestite street (genius loci are sometimes loco) can make it safer. Also being connected to the Red, most of what could eat you, you can eat instead. Useful that.

Vorpal's ears twitch at the mentioin of 'faery'. Keith knows no more of faerie than your ordinary kid raised on stories- but the Cait Sidhe knows. He used to -be- one of them, after all. He reaches over to yank Gar over and onto his lap-

Hey, after the night he had, he's earned a little boldness point here and there—

"Geez, Gar. You're crazy." He keeps his look stern, but eventually can't hold it for too long. He cracks and grins. "Totally and completely hopelessly nuts."

Gar turns cat enough to purr. Also to have fur. His uniform top vanishes.

"People keep telling me this, but I am not convinced," Gar says. He yawns. Oops. Those parties … Hm.

"So I didn't eat anything that wasn't already mine, or that didn't try to eat me first, or wasn't freely given with no expectation of return. I didn't thank anyone, but neither did I leave them rudely. I complimented the decorations at the parties and I admired the music and praised the quality of the parties just enough, and when I was the unlucky number and was picked for party games, I chose pin the tail on the donkey, with me as donkey, and I got to kick. Strangely, several dozen people still tried it," Gar pauses for breath, "But I wasn't required to wear a blindfold and they were."

He grins at that. It was kind of fun, and the Fae seemed to enjoy it too. Novelty apparently a rare thing there.

"That was where they gave me the advice, free and without expectation of return or revenge, to use or discard. It was actually kind of useful."

Vorpal chuckles, and purrrs back, so he strokes Gar's chest fur and holds him against his own chest.

Interesting thing to notice: in his Vorpal form, there is no horrific scar.

"Fae are very strange. I know… some things about them, from one of my previous lives. But a lot of it doesn't make sense when I think critically about it. I think they just… let things be, no matter how ridiculous. But I get the impression that they do so because they live in an environment that shapes itself to their wants and desires…" he looks at Gar again, coming out of his thoughts. He knows his fellow Titan isn't defenseless… still, Faerie seemed hardly harmless.

He'd like to think that he'd have the courage to do something like this for Gar. "You're tired," he observes, and nuzzles Gar's cheek, maybe letting a lick slip in. "—Want me to drive you back to the dorm?"

"Hm. Not unless you want to sleep over there tonight," Gar says. "I can fly back, leave the car here for the night, or go sleep in a tree. The dreams only bug me in the tower proper."

Vorpal smiles. "… I wouldn't mind sleeping over," he says, arms wrapped around Gar's waist. "I'll be on my best behavior. But I will make you breakfast." he threatens. "If you don't wake up early enough, I'll be forced to bring it over to your bed, even."

"So you have wished it, so it shall be done," Gar says. "Let's get you some clothes and anything that you want to keep in the treasure box, and then we can head back."

And so it was done.

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