Lights Out 2: Meet and Beat

September 4, 2014: The Upstarts crash the X-men: Red/Titans mixer

Da Costa Penthouse

A grand penthouse with a largely open floor plan and minimalist architecture, this home is designed to rely as much as possible on natural light. Tall plate-glass windows dominate every exterior wall. The furnishings are modern and chic, and pale hardwoods and white dominate the color scheme. The decor is less refined, with framed movie posters and Brasilian futebol memorabilia giving a sense of the occupant's interests. There's a high-end entertainment center, a sprawling kitchen, a wide patio with a hot tub, and every other imaginable amenity.

Special event +view

  • A large space has been cleared for a dance floor lit by strobes and multicolored projections. Beats are provided by three-armed mutant DJ Crimson Typhoon, an M-Town mainstay, who spins dance music from all eras blended with thudding bass.
  • A neon-lit open bar, staffed by a pair of attractive and competent bartenders, offers top-shelf versions of most liquors, reasonably good wine, and craft and imported beers. A selection of virgin cocktails is also available, for the straight-laced underage, teetotalers, and designated drivers.
  • Along one wall, a long table has been laden with food, from grab-and-go canapés to more substantial fare that can be plated and eaten as a proper meal. The best place to do so is out on the patio, the doors to which have been left ajar. A few deck chairs and cafe tables provide limited seating in a slightly quieter environment than that inside. The spacious stone jacuzzi is also lit and bubbling, if anyone is feeling particularly daring or cavalier about getting their clothes wet.



  • The Upstarts:
    • Shinobi Shaw
    • Siena Blaze
    • Andrea & Andreas von Strucker
    • Fabian Cortez

Mood Music:

Roberto is about to greet the newest arrivals when a sudden, palpable shock courses through the building, and every light source cuts out except for the gibbous moon outside. There are several screams and cries of dismay from the assembled group: individuals will feel queasy, light-headed, or numb, and anything electronic, whether plugged in or portable, will cease to operate. It's an electromagnetic pulse in reverse: as though someone has just punched a hole in the Earth's magnetic field, and it's slurping up electricity to renew itself. To those who can sense such things, there is also a growing hum of energy on both the psychic and magical planes running through the room.

In the darkness, before a normal person's eyes have a chance to adjust, a clear, unfamiliar voice rings out. "And here I thought it was too good to be true: all the X-Posers and the Justice Posers, gathered in one place. Point to you, Andrea — not literally, of course. Not yet. Lights, please?"

'Lights' take the form of a wreath of blue-violet electrical flame: St. Elmo's Fire, for those nautically inclined. It surrounds and dimly illuminates a smirking young Asian man seated casually in one of the room's easy chairs, facing the partygoers. "Thank you, Siena."

The stranger claps his hands together. "I thought it only fair to look you all in the eye and let you know that it is, in fact, possible for people our age to put together a team of super-powered individuals that isn't a knockoff of someone else's," he intones in the confident rhythm of a man giving prepared remarks. "Even you could have done it — if any of you had any imagination at all. It's alright, though. Soon, you won't be superheroes. You'll just be points on a scoreboard." He adjusts the vest of his dark blue three-pieces suit as his smirk cracks open into a wicked grin.

In an instant, Roberto seems to sober up by at least three drinks. "Everyone who doesn't have superpowers? Get out now." He hardly needed to say anything: the bar staff, the dancers, and even the mutant DJ (who presumably does have powers of some kind) are already rushing for the exits.


"I couldn't not ask you," says Vorpal, because straightforward phrasing is for squares, you're awesome." The Cheshire says to Power Girl— and then Zatanna calls out in his direction. He smirks. "Please. Not one of the most awesome… probably among the 'ok' bunch—-" He stops.

His green eyes glow for a minute, and hackles raise. He is a cat, fortunately. He does not need much light to see.

And then he goes invisible— leaving an illusory duplicate of himself there as he makes a point of moving away from the crowd and climb up on a table. Strategy.

~I don't know who you are… but you are going to get your ass wooped.~
~He will, but not by you~
~Oh, shaddup!~

Invisible, he crouches and observes. Let the enemy make the first move. He who attacks first is out of balance— see, Master Li? He was paying attention!


The tower shakes, Nancy stumbling as it does so, but managing to stay on her high heels. She's had a lot of practice, after all. She holds Bobby's hand tightly as she tries to look around in the dark. Then the voice from out of no where.

"You have got to be kidding me," she mutters under her breath as she gives Bobby's hand a squeeze and then starts to break herself away from the group, as much for their benefit as hers. Her field grows as she walks away and when the man appears in the blue blaze, she's looking like her old, angry and bitter self again. "I so hate supers that act so damned entitled," she grumbles.


Bobby is instantly and suddenly on alert, stepping away from nancy by a few paces. The air palpably chills as he stops holding in his inner cold. Frost begins to form on everything nearby including him. "Damn, Nancy. Remind me to remind you to bug your princess friend for a ray gun for you…" This is going to get all kinds of bad. An icy baseball bat forms in Bobby's hand which he flips and passses to Nancy before she gets too far away..

"Sunspot, what's goin' on here?"


Robot Mike starts to move towards Bobby, and staggers and falls over, and starts smoking. Shortly thereafter, flames come from his body, illuminating the room strangely. The burning material is not good to breathe either. Whether or not the metal-dwelling mutant himself is able to do anything is moot for the moment; he's unconscious.


"I'll settle for one or two at a time, Vorp," Kate grins to the Cheshire as she approaches the group, just starting to reach out a hand when everything goes…sideways. She reaches out to brace herself on one of the refreshment tables, eyes narrowing as the attacker starts to speak. "Who're you calling a knockoff, buddy?" she calls back toward him, completely ignoring the superpowers suggestion Roberto makes. Like she's ever worried about actually having superpowers!


The Flash gives a wave to Kate-a friend of Vorp's is a friend of his. "Hey other person I don't know. I'm the Flash."

By the time the hijinks start, the Flash appears to party goers to be dancing with himself. Both are a bit blurry, to be honest, but he finds it funny. In any event, as the equipment starts going haywire he sighs to himself and reaches up to his left ear-cover, turning off the radio which no longer seems to be working. He reaches up to the right to click off the MP3 player on that side.

"Guess I'll just have to sing to myself."

/o Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread ~o

But of course, the Flash can't help, falling into mayhem with this baddie.

Things slow down, almost to a standstill. With a final breath, the Flash digs his toe in the ground and invokes the speed force, heading straight for the guy who talks even more than he does.


Bunker quirks up an eyebrow at the appearance of the man, and puts down the drink he had just taken up. "So let me guess? You put together a knockoff of the Brotherhood or Legion of Doom?" he says to the newcomer.


SImon puts a hand out to steady himself on the bar and looks around. When the voice starts speaking, he phases but doesn't go anywhere. Instead, he listens and watches. "Sunspot? Do you know this ego and the guy it's attached to?"


Warren Worthington crosses his arms as he leans against the bar, letting everyone talk over him and around him, but is suddenly surprised by the intruders, "There's something you don't see everyday," he says as he says the colors. As The Stranger and his pals bust into Roberto's penthouse, Warren looks defensive and balls up his fists, but as the DJ and some others rush toward him, he helpfully opens the patio door, "I don't know where ya'll going, but maybe there's a ladder. Stay out of the way now," he tells them, "We'll try not to break…too much," he mutters as he eyes the room again.


Although she still frowns, because apparently Miss Frowny doesn't know other facial expressions, she nods at Vorpal, waving her hand dismissively at the whole situation. "Forgiven. I just do not like this name and what it means.", she says briefly.

At Zatanna she smiles some aswell, enjoying the magicinne's support. The frown sloooowly melts away as Kara feels more at ease. "Maybe you are right. I… it's just that I am not used to all this… action.", which really means Earthen barbarism, but she is not saying that to Zatanna's face. She actually bothers about what the woman thinks of her.

And speaking of women she cares about, there comes Karen. Ugh. Why did she have to make her name so human… and why does she get so defensive when around her other self? "Hey…", Kara says simply, afraid of saying something stupid. "Yes. This is Zatanna Zatara of House Zatara. She's a friend.", the Kryptonian mentions, waving a palm at Zatanna. "She's trustworth… what is happening?"

Kara looks around, watching as lights go out without really being bothered. She can see in the dark somehow… but given most people around her don't, the Kryptonian closes her eyes and concentrates, her body warming up until a soft, sunny glow encases her and lights those around her. She looks at Karen and Zatanna, and even at Vorpal, for answers, not really bothered at the flames, just finding it all to be very weird.

"Karen… should we…?", she asks, punching her palm. She asks with a raised brow, not a grin to her lips.


"Charmed," says Zatanna to Power Girl, giving the other a bit of a wink, reaching out her hand to gently take Karen's own in her grasp, squeeze (lightly) and shake. There wasn't a whole lot of power in her grasp - not that anything human could outdo a Kryptonian, anyways. Drawing her hand back to herself, Zatanna takes a long breath as if to say something further… when the lights go out.

"Oh, great," Zatanna says to herself, swishing around her half-drunk drink as the lights dim. The weariest of world-weary smiles passes her lips. "…I guess I lied a little bit about it being safe to relax, Kara," says Zatanna, an amused grin nonetheless creeping up at the edges of her lips. At the moment, however, she was listening to the young man. Deciding not to posture or anything else.

Zatanna didn't seem to really be preparing for combat so much - she kinda lifts the back of her hat up a bit to let the front rim kinda fall into her eyes, that smile lingering on her lips as she just… watches for the time being. At least, until Kara starts to glow.

If Power Girl was as punchy as Kara… well, it might be best just to watch and back them up with a spell or two, anyways. Drink set aside, Zatanna produces a handful of cards from… somewhere, and begins to shuffle them.


Awesome! PG is glad to find out that Kara has some friends here on Earth after all. That should help with acclimating a bit. But then…

Yup. There it is. A bit sooner than anticipated, but it was anticipated nonetheless. Something weird happening whenever she attends a party. Power Girl feels the queasiness and moment of slight weakness, but manages to stay on her feet. She had expected to at least be able to change outfits on the way to whatever disaster was going to happen. The fact it's here, now, means she's probably going to be handling this in her fancy dress. And that probably means she's going to be lamenting the ruined outfit when this is all said and done. The athletic blonde turns her attention on the source of the voice once it starts speaking, trying to identify location even before the lights come back up. The sound of sizzling, the smell of toxic fumes, and the knowledge that someone robotic is apparently not doing so well as a reslt of all this, puts pressure on her to figure things out swift-fast.

Scanning the area with her vision follows immediately after the illumination from the stranger and Kara, trying to identify how many invaders there are, their locations, important-seeming features, likely points of entrance that might have been used, etc. Someone else seems to be handling the 'lights'. Electromagnetic fields were altered, so it might not have been done through use of power switches, but they are still close enough to hear instructions, even if they are manipulating such through other methods.

The crackling electrical flame certainly doesn't seem to be emanating from any light bulb. She looks towards Kara briefly, knowing that her first impulse is probably the same as her younger self's. 'Take out the bad guys.' But years of experience (she looks and is physically 28, but she has lived closer to mid-40s) have taught her to at least attempt to find out what this guy wants first, and what he's capable of, in a situation with so many other lives involved. But she'd really like to just fly over there superfast, tie him up in his own chair, and then start hunting down his compatriots. However, if someone else is generating the light and messing with the EM spectrum, then that means he has help. And she doesn't want to endanger a bunch of other people through her own rash actions. Even if she were to punch him before he could do anything, someone else might get hurt.

She whispers out of the side of her mouth, "Eventually. He has help, and aside from wrecking electronics he hasn't done anything violent yet, except for making threats. Let's not be clustered together though. It makes us easy targets. Can you move around to his left and keep an eye and ear out for accomplices? I'll see about keeping his attention." She can't stand around making requests or giving orders to everyone here, especially since they aren't really obligated to listen, but she approves of Zatanna's casual readiness. That magician didn't NEED to be told what the score is. Thinking on one's feet is a valuable trait.

With that said, she starts striding boldly forward, as most of the party-goers flee, and Kara lights up the place, stopping about halfway to the stranger and cocking her hips to the side as she folds her arms. "Hey, Power Girl here. Justice League, Justice Society of America, etc. As someone who has been on a few different super teams over the years, even if not 'here' per se, I feel I should point out there isn't some kind of hard limit on how many groups of people trying to change or save the world there can be. I'd also like to point out that regardless of any complaint you'd like to lodge about groups being inspired by or following the example of other, more established hero groups, party-crashing and making threats isn't really going to sway anyone to your side. How about you can the theatrics, take it down a few notches, and see about having a logical discourse on this subject? You and your friend or friends can sit down and talk about it with us, and even if we can't agree, at least nobody gets hurt. I even know someone who can replace the fried electronics, so no legal repercussions for property damage either. What do you say?"

Diplomacy is a lot harder than wrapping someone up in their own chair. But with others already agitated and responding to the taunts and threats, cooling things off seems to be her role this time around—Oh dammit, there goes the Flash. Some things don't change no matter what universe you're in.


"No idea. I've never met this jumento in my life," Sunspot answers those asking him about the interloper. Kara's glow illuminates the situation a little better: the civilians are making their way down a fire escape which leads from the patio down to the Red Team headquarters. The supers are between the seated speechifier and another group of strangers, all of whom seem to have appeared out of nowhere.

The lightning-haloed stranger is utterly unaffected by Wally's running tackle: the speedster passes right through him as though he isn't even there. The same cannot be said of the chair he's sitting in — Flash slams into it with such force that it flies across the room into a plate-glass window, leaving a spiderweb of cracks. Not even dignifying the attack with a response, the stranger just hovers there, seated on nothing, and takes a moment to adjust an obsidian ring on his right hand, his expression becoming even more smug.


He tilts his head to regard Power Girl, replying to her proferred olive branch with a patronizing expression. "Talk it over? Work out our differences? A charming thought. Unfortunately, it's not just your deplorable lack of individuality that brings us here. I'm afraid you are all the first names on the List." He stands in an unhurried way and continues, "You see, we're the Upstarts. We're starting upward — which means we start at the bottom, with you." He favors her with another smirk. "We're playing a game, you see. The rules are simple: you die, we score. Our team is a meritocracy, where leadership goes to the member with the most points. Feel free to rip off that idea, too — if any of you survive."

From across the room, the woman at the head of the other group impatiently snaps: "Oh, would you shut up, Shaw?" Silver hair drapes over Siena Blaze's sunglasses, her red-and-copper jumpsuit emitting a sparking, more energetic version of the energy that lit Shaw. Immediately behind her hover the twin blondes Andrea and Andreas von Strucker, a brother and sister linked by clasped hands and matching outfits: red jackets and belts over snug black and yellow t-shirts and black skinny jeans. At the back, a tall, long-haired man in a caped suit of blue, red, and orange emits a yellow energy field that surrounds the entire team: Fabian Cortez. The silver-haired woman sneers and continues, "You trying to bore them to death, or just putting off the moment when you lose that ring?"

Roberto clenches his teeth as he smells the smoke from Mike's distress. He hopes someone can help the machine man — personally, he has no idea what might help. He yanks off his blazer and tosses it aside, already cloaking himself in the impenetrable shadow of his Sunspot form. "You invade my home, you threaten my guests, for a pointless piece of jewelry?" he rages, practically spitting each word. "Get. Out."

He makes a superpowered leap at the group, fist upraised, but the male twin simply gestures at him, and a shrieking blast of concussive power sends the Brazilian Balrog rocketing backward with such force that he shatters a window and plunges over the edge of the building. "Negroid filth," Andreas mutters haughtily. "Score one for me."


Vorpal takes one second to process.

Negroid. Filth.

The man said 'Negroid Filth.'

Vorpal, nee Keith O'Neil, son of Alanna O'Neil and Tamas Gergel, steps off the table while still in his invisible state and very carefully unbuttons his Empire-style shirt and shrugs it off.

Suddenly, there is a blinding purple light coming from the group of tables— caused by what appears to be glowing lights hanging in mid-air, shaped like stripes. Then two lights shaped like glowing eyes, and then a horrific grin. The rest of the Cheshire cat appears then, and yes, his stripes are in fact glowing.

There's also a buildup, to those who are magically sensitive- the sense of chaos in the room just went off the scale. Vorpal reaches within himself and taps the seal again, and breaks it.

The Chaos Wave extends from him and engulfs the room, infusing all objects within a wide area of effect with the breath of chaotic life."Showtime!".

A crackle of chaos thunder and he releases the wave, pointing at the group—

Well, you've seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks, haven't you? Objects and furniture in the room, whatever is not bolted down, moves in a swarm- be it sailing through the air or rolling, hopping or jumping along the ground- towards the group of 'heroes.'

"FLASH, get Sunspot- BUNKER, show 'em what you've got!"

The Cheshire yells, leaping back and preparing for the counterattack.


Nancy holds out her hand and catches the baseball bat. Oooh! Damn that's cold. And unlike Bobby, she's not resistant to things like frostbite. She switches the bat from hand to hand to keep her hands relatively safe, knowing she's gonna have her doctor friend calling her all sorts of foolish. Of course, her purse is on the other side of the room with her handy dandy tazer. Damn damn damn. One of the blondes introduces herself as Power Girl and tries to play diplomat, which (Yay!) means she doesn't have to tonight. And then it all goes to hell. Some guy rushes the chair. Nothing happens to the guy in the chair but the Flash takes out the chair he was on.

Then Nan notices the group that has appeared behind the others. The party goers are pinned between sitting guy that isn't really there and … did that guy just use an ethnic slur? About Roberto? Nancy's jaw clenches, her anger (and therefore her power) growing. That field of nothing that was at just 10 feet around her is growing to its full size of 30 feet, warping and shifting as she tries to push it towards just that one person with the potty mouth. Of course, the brilliant lights from that cat guy make it a little hard to see. WoW!


Bobby turns and throws a hand out. He can't do anything for Mike… except bury him in about a hundred pounds of snow. Hopefully that cools him off. Then ice walls begin appearing, closing off avenues of attack, protecting the X-ers, Titans and guests and funelling the intruders into specfic areas. 'Kill boxes' the army would call them except there probably won't be as much killign as there might be with others Bobby knows.


There is a market, which you can find if you really need it and if the things that watch are willing. It's called Nowhere and it's not a particularly safe place to go if you're an ordinary mortal.

Gar Logan learned about it from his friend Danny who is good with maps and locations, and went looking for it yesterday, and with Danny's help found it quite rapidly. He had two things with him for trade: the discarded leg-and-eyesocket molted by a fractal-legs oculocus (the name changes) and a feather from a South African parrot. He was looking for a box, which he could use to keep a few treasures in, safe from the disruptive perturbations of chaos coming and going, without damaging them.

Ignoring the things that wanted to steal from him, and thrashing the one that tried to eat him, Gar found his way to the booth of the Finder, a lovely raven-tressed (with feathers) creature who was willing to trade exactly those items for exactly the thing he wanted. So he got it, and then … getting back? Well. The market doesn't pay attention to mortal clocks. The exit is also evasive sometimes; Gar was thinking too hard of a party and not hard enough of 'back whence I came' and it took him through three different celebrations. At the first, he was gifted freely with a bottle of holy wine. At another he was tagged and required to spend an hour being pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. He did get to kick. And at the last party, he was given some free advice, again freely given. But that's for later.

One of the cards that Zatanna is shuffling pops loose, and spins out, landing on the ground: The Fool, card zero of the Trumps of the Tarot. The Fool depicted here is green, with a monkey tail and cat ears and moth's antennae, carrying a wine bottle and the traditional hiker's stick with the kerchief-tied bag of stuff on the end. The fool jumps over the chasm on the card, and lands in the room next to Zatanna, looking around.

"Oh frabjous day," he says. "I've gotten here fashionably late. And didn't anyone tell you that Burning Person thing was over on Sunday?"

The green guy leaps at the intruders, and explodes into a swarm of bees. The Africanized ones that can just keep stinging.

Incidentally, the robot is buried under a hundred pounds of snow, which puts out the fire, instead resulting in a loud hissing and a gust of obscuring steam that lasts about five seconds.


"I've really gotta stop leaving the bow in the car," Kate mutters under her breath as chaos breaks out, searching the room for something else that can pass for a weapon. Vorpal's chaos storm actually provides…well, a broomstick. "That'll do," she grins, reaching out to snatch it out of the air as it whips by. As others attack, she takes an inventory of the available targets - and the fact that one of them doesn't seem to actually be available. That energy field looks like it might be part of the issue. Broomstick in hand, she slips out of her heels and starts to slip around Bobby's ice walls, moving a little more quietly toward the villains.


"Oh really? Y'think?" The Flash responds to Vorpal with a bit of frustration. Or maybe that's just the pain coming out from hitting the chair. Sure, the Speed Force protects him from a great deal, but it still smarts. "You think I should go save the guy?" The Flash disappears in a stream of color and crackling as he goes across the room in no time and down the side of the building.

But there's a problem.

Da Costa is simply too far out from the edge to just reach out and get him. The Flash must leap away from the side of the wall and into the nothingness of gravity to grab hold of the Brazilian. Once he reaches the X-man, the latter is safely nestled inside the cocoon of Flash's mysterious power. Which is a real good thing because #inertia. "No time for love, Dr. Jones."

The momentum of the leap carries the Flash across the divide from one building to another, where he carries through his downward run across the street. Now hitting the ground, he tears across the street, heading back up from where he came.


Bunker grins as the battle gets underway. He summons swarms of glowing purple psionic bricks - some sheath his hands and upper arms to form huge Thing-like punching fists, while others lance out over the assembled villains, hopefully forming a distraction for the really heavy-hitters to take advantage of.

He can't resist the taunt, though. He singles out the caped dude in the back, Fabian Cortez, and grins. "Hey, they're not all bad! They have some idea of inclusivity - they thought to hire a C-lister!" he says, just as he brings two walls of psionic bricks together with Fabian hopefully sanwitched between them! BUH-BAAAAM!


Roberto leaps toward one group and gets blasted. Flash runs toward the guy and goes through him. Simon doesn't have powers that let him leap into action and hope for the best. Well, he could but it would be stupid and suicidal and he was trained to assess before committing to a course of action. Like the guy who's not there. Hologram? Or intangible? He grabs one of the bar's champagne bottles by the neck bar and sinks down into the floor. Two seconds later, he rises from it right behind the one they called Shaw. When he's phased, he can affect Kitty when she's phased and vice versa. The results of this experiment will be discovered when the business end of the bottle meets the back of Shaw's head. Or not.


Looking out over the patio, Warren Worthington supervises those going down the service ladder, "Alright, keep going folks, that's it," he tells them encouragingly. As Roberto shatters, falls, and tumbles through the window, Warren looks surprised and afraid for his friend, "Roberto!" he lets out, though in half a second later, the Flash has caught up to him, "Oh, he's okay," he chuckles amusedly.

Having not paid attention, a woman loses her grip and tumbles off the edge of the patio. Warren blinks, "Watch out! Dang!" he lets out with frustration and fear for the woman. He jumps off the patio and soars down to her, snagging his hands under her arms helpfully. He lowers her to the ground, escort style. "Free ride, no tip required," he tells the woman with a smile, "Glad you're alright, excuse me though," he says more seriously. Not forgetting himself THIS time, he soars it back up toward the patio.


Too many things happening at once… too many… gods. «Rao… is everyone in this planet affected by this sun?», Kara wonders before looking at Zatanna with a smirk. "It is okay. I wasn't really expecting it to be calm for the -whole- duration…", she says, before looking at Karen and nodding briefly. She won't punch anything just yet, and instead the Kryptonian just focuses on veeeeeeery carefully tip her toe against the ground to take off, making SURE she doesn't destroy anything this time. Hovering besides her older self and Zatanna, the younger blonde's eyes cannot help but follow the heroes around. Some are highly skilled at improvisation and weapons fighting. Others at illusions and there's one that makes ice with his mind. They are all incredible wonders Kara never thought possible before landing on Earth last week.

«Stupid planet.», she groans, eyeing the villains to see if they try something dire.

«Just go away…», she mutters under her breath, looking at Zatanna. "Need me for anything, Zatanna?"


A slender brow quirks as Zatanna Zatara listens to the man explain just ~why~ they were here.

All in all, it seemed shallow, but… "I guess I've heard worse reasons," she admits, her eyes flickering first to Kara, and then towards PeeJ. All the while, her hands were shuffling the cards in her hand, Zatanna's eyes are kept level, that flash across her senses as the chaos magic rears into gear causing… well… chaos.

Who would've thought?

The Fool slips out of the deck - and Zatanna starts, standing up a bit straighter. Bringing up a white-gloved hand to lift the rim of her hat to settle a little more fully upon her head, her eyes widening as Gar uses… "Alright - that was amazing," she gushes. "Was that a faerie contract, or…?" But. The bees. Not the bees! Zatanna kinda clears her throat, a blush of embarrassment burning hot upon her features.

But Kara was murmuring things in that ~language~ of hers again, and Zee casts her glance towards the Kryptonian. Well, the blonde one. Well! The one in the cape! "I'm not quite sure yet. It looks like that guy there…" Zee kinda waggles her finger at the rampaging fighter. "…is gonna be a little bit of trouble. /But/!" Zatanna - stopping her shuffling with a clack, tucks her deck away, and shows empty palms to Kara, a roguish grin dancing on her lips.

Another flash, and flick of her wrist, and a card appears in her hand. The Tower. "The Tower, in this realm - this card speaks of disaster and sudden change - sounds familiar, right?" Zatanna was flicking the card from finger to finger. "It also speaks of revealation. Do you…" Zatanna brings her hand up, finally ending the flickering card to grasp it between thumb and forefinger, lifting it to touch against her forehead. The traditional realm of the third eye. "…mind making sure no one bothers me? I kinda need to concentrate a second."


The excuse the villains are using is ridiculous, and their antagonism is clear. They're here for their own ends, and they don't care what anyone else thinks. Well, it didn't hurt to try. Either on the diplomacy level or the 'bullrush' level. But now that things have started becoming violent, it's time to put aside peace-maker duties and do what she does best. As furniture, boomboxes, ice chests, and the DJ's equipment (among other things) all go flying at these 'Upstarts', Power Girl adds to the chaos. Some witty banter might be appropriate before making the move she makes next, but, again, experience has taught her that the psychological advantage gained from a clever quip isn't always worth the tactical advantage gained by defeating the bad guys before they can react. It'd probably be something lame like, 'Your self-justificatory garbage really blows.' She's not Spider-Man, okay?

Inhaling deeply and swiftly, Power Girl unleashes a powerful, wide-spread rush of air, expelled with the strength of superhumanly strong lungs, attempting to basically blast all these villains into any number of the ice walls that are forming right now, possibly obscuring their vision by blowing debris and animated furniture into them, etc. Basically, she's trying to hinder them rather than pulverize them.

At the same time she's doing this, she's using her super vision to try to identify whether this 'Shaw' guy is a hologram, intangible, or what, by examining what electromagnetic frequencies and light spectrums this image is being projected on. If he's not even here, there's not much point in trying to attack him. Though maybe the Flash could vibrate his molecules to match that frequency if he's intangible. She'll have to ask when he gets back.—Oh, looks like someone else had the same idea.

She can't feel or see magic, if that's what's being used, but at least pinning down his cohorts so that the others can do something is a good idea. But a better idea would be to take this fight somewhere else. With this many heroes here, they SHOULD have the advantage even without Power Girl interfering. But there's a limit to what she can do in a populated building without wrecking the place, and unleashing the full powers of Kryptonians in a populated area could cause mass death and be an incredibly STUPID thing to do for anyone who wanted to preserve life.

Still… She actually… Feels like maybe she SHOULDN'T interfere or attempt to use her full powers. These newer teams with younger heroes need to be able to handle their own problems, and they aren't going to get the experience to do that if she's either holding their hands or doing it all for them. Also, Kryptonians leave deep foot prints wherever they go, and she knows from experience that just flying in and knocking out the villain that was giving everyone else such a hard time before she showed up can both make her look like a jerk and feel like one too.

Further, from what she's seeing, these kids are being proactive about attempting various strategies and team work. A couple of the things she has thought of, they also thought of independently. That's a good sign. So for now, she is content to lay down some suppressive fire with 100+ mph winds, assuming that is even effective against these 'Upstarts', until the others get into position. When they do, and start trying to clock intangible(?) people and throw psychic bricks and emit null fields, she lays off and floats up and backwards into the air for now. If she's needed, she'll step in. But she is gradually starting to believe she won't be needed. That isn't to say she's against helping… Younger-Kara in particular she wants to help teach how to use her abilities effectively. But right now, she thinks these youngsters are fit and capable. Yes, even Kara, who has her own duty to protect her friend.


As the animate objects mass to attack, the von Struckers levitate higher, clear of their entire group — and, seemingly as a side effect, Nancy's cone of influence. She'll have to get closer to nullify their powers if they stay that high up. Why the hell did Roberto's architect have such a yen for vaulted ceilings, anyway? Andreas begins blazing at the other fliers with his viciously powerful blasts. Misses knock holes in walls and windows; hits will be powerful enough to stagger even a Kryptonian.

While the male von Strucker can use a pinpoint force blast that is deadly against single targets, for crowd control, Andrea's disintegration beam can't be beaten. She slowly rakes the floor with the beam, gradually dissolving the phalanx of knicknacks into their component molecules. At this speed, the beam is not difficult to dodge, but who even knows how nimble chaos-infused furniture is?

Bobby's control efforts earn a smirk from Siena Blaze, who holds forth her hands, and… nothing. Unlike the von Struckers, she IS caught in the null field. "Cortez! They've got a dampener! Juice me!" she bellows, sounding panicky.

The man in the cape is busy with his own problems, executing a back handspring to escape Bunker's bricks. But this move takes him farther out of Nancy's range, and seconds later, he extends a hand. The glowing golden field around Blaze brightens and starts to shudder. It's bucking viciously against Nancy's power — and then, suddenly, Blaze is freed of Deadzone's influence. The Earth's electromagnetic power, hers to brutalize and command, rips forth in a grand, three-dimensional lattice of lightning and destruction.

But Nancy and Bunker's efforts knocked Blaze way off her rhythm; the storm of power is arranged in a defensive arc. It's a shield, not an attack: something to ward off the bees and chip away at the ice walls while the Upstarts can regroup and counter.

They don't get a chance to: Power Girl's unbelievable hurricane wind sends Cortez and both von Struckers flying. Blaze, however, skids back only a few feet, maintaining her position by clawing onto Earth's magnetic field — already tattered by the electrical attack that heralded the Upstarts' appearance — with bright lines of force. Siena would rather slash a gaping wound in the fabric of magnetism itself than give up an inch of ground.

Simon catches Shaw about to pounce on Bobby, who is focused on the rest of his team, but both men are in for a surprise. The Asian's powers are part phasing, part density control: while the blow doesn't strike solidly, it does seem to scatter Shaw's smokelike body, scrambling his mind and giving him a taste of what his own interphase attacks feel like. He staggers forward blindly, trying to escape the pain and confusion: still insubstantial, but tumbling toward Nancy's nullfield. Then, something strange happens. Shaw suddenly freezes, as though every muscle in his body has gone rigid, and executes a zombie-like shuffle away from the field. Then it passes, and he's clutching at his phased-out smokehead again. Weird — perhaps significantly weird.

Roberto, stunned by Andreas von Strucker's attack, is limp and woozy. Flash's rescue is both timely and welcome.


Everybody should have a Rabbit Hole. The White Rabbit swears by it, and Alice- although not exactly a fan- does admit that, after falling through one, she wouldn't think of saying anything were she to fall off the roof of her own house.

God, Mr. Carroll, you were a morbid little guy.

It is clear that Cortez, some sort of Booster, is the main danger and the principal threat against any suppression attempts. And that Miss Von Smucker's beam - some sort of laser, Vorpal guesses- is a very handy tool for this. One snap of a finger and as Rabbit Hole opens right in the trajectory of Andrea's beam— the other end of the Rabbit Hole? Well, it has a nice view of Cortez. Say hi, Cortez! There's a beam coming at you!

"Bunker, isolate Miss Sparks before she electrocutes everybody- put her in a little box - Flash, can you take these two fliers for a Whirl?" He's far enough on the other side of the room (where there used to be furniture. Sorry, Berto) that he doesn't have to worry about facing the incredible electric woman just yet.
Vorpal notices Power Girl wasn't stepping in to fight
she was hovering above them and watching them. He doesn't have time to think about what it means, but he gets a bizarre flashback of Mrs. Hubschrauberlandeplatz hovering over him (figuratively, she couldn't fly like Power Girl) while he was mixing in Chemistry class. Maybe she trusted them enough to handle things so far— or maybe she was just waiting to be the cleanup when things went Kablooey.


Balling her hands into fists, Nancy wants to hit something. She hasn't been able to really beat up on anyone other then sparring with Bobby for weeks and she is long overdue. All is chaos, even her power as it wavers in and out of its full force. She's having trouble controlling it and that only makes her angrier. She hasn't felt this mad in ages and … it's almost euphoric.

Nancy is about to step forward, but halts. No, if she does she might tip the scales to the other side by taking the powers of the 'good guys' away, especially if the 'bad guys' have some sort of power amplifier. And then the leader does his little zombie dance. The smile on Nancy's face is not friendly nor nice. It's predatory as if she just found a target for her anger. She starts to stride over to him in her fancy dress and fancy heels, enveloping him in her field of nothing. "My one day off and you just had to ruin it!" she says as she swings a fist to his face.


Bobby is not, after the aborted attack on him, feeling particularly charitable either. He summons a brace of ice javelins because - hee - track and field is good for something after all.

"Okay. Night night, dipstick." He says with narrowing eyes. The javelines launch out, one, two, at the nearest targets and then Bobby starts giving the nearest people giving his friends trouble nice, cold compresses… for most of their bodies. Not the head though. We can leave the head.


The advice that Gar was given as a free gift without strings, by the strange three-horned woman hosting the party. "First, Bee Yourself." And that's what he's done. The Bug Zapper is not something he wants to hug, and besides, those hurricane winds were dangerously close to him, and he would splat, all of him, if they caught him — thank Rao or whoever that the Kryptonian has the skill of nearly 40 years with her powers! The bees go UP. They swirl behind, against the wall that the Strucker Twins have behind them for defense, and then they swirl forward, to try forming a ball on those tightly-clasped hands, but they'll land wherever they can. And one, and two and Sting, and Strike, and Sting and oh that's GOTTA hurt. If they can keep their creepy incestuous twinness going after that, he's in the wrong job.

The advice continued: Second, Sea Yourself. That bratty girl with the electromagnetic rift is directly below. Gar doesn't have room to do ALL the things he can do, but here's one. CLAM! GIANT CLAM. Spraying a siphon of seawater at her, then dropping. Directly over her, falling fast.

Meanwhile, the robot is still unconscious.


Kate Bishop doesn't have flashy powers. In point of fact, she doesn't have any powers at all, which at least lets her fly under the radar. Between Bobby's field of icy paintball walls and the general chaos of Vorpal's storm, she gets a chance to slip up behind Blaze and her field. She takes one last, good look at where everyone else is, tallying off the numbers, before she dares the lightning around the other woman.

Wood. Happily, not a great conductor.

Kate lunges toward Blaze, snapping out with the broomstick in a controlled, practiced strike right at the back of her head.


The Flash helps Roberto upright and gives his dark hair a good mussing. "See, Sarge, you're lucky the Titans were here. Or you'd be a bug on the asphalt windisheld, nowhadimean?" The Flashers arms begin turning in circles in unbelievably fast speeds as the wind picks up and mini tornadoes head towards the attackers. "Check this out, duder."


The warping electro-magnetic display causes Bunker to flinch back a bit, but then he's back in the fray, firing rapid psionic bricks out into the villain side of the room, the cubes and oblongs zipping up, down, around and past obstacles to hopefully clonk into the side of people's heads. Then he gts the bright idea of encasing the female Strucker's head in a bee-hive of glowing purple bricks, hopefully blinding her and leaving her vulnerable to attacks from other quarters.


Well, that's an interesting reaction. Despite not being phased, Simon seemed to have some effect on him. Once more solid, he follows Shaw forward and as soon as he backs up for some reason, Simon is once again phased and this time swings the bottle through the man as many times as he's able: head, neck, chest. Whatever is happening, he's not going to give Shaw time to recover.


Flapping his wings, Warren Worthington lands back on the patio, glancing at an unopen beer sitting there calling to him. He dismisses the beer with a frown, wondering why it is trying to distract him from being quite a helpful superhero today. He steps over some broken glass and braces himself for the next person being thrown through the window and patio door. He opens the glass door and it falls off its hinges, breaking on the ground. Shaking his head, Warren regards the damage done by the villains and thinks it over, though makes sure he's on standby in case anyone needs a lift. He narrows his eyes and tries to figure out what happened, seeing as the fight isn't over.


Kara peers at The Tower card and narrows her gaze some, trying to understand the symbolism of it all. Disaster and sudden change? This little card could be stamped on her chest instead of the House of El sygil, given it exemplifies everything that has happened to her ever since getting this uniform -before- graduation day.

"I don't mind.", Kara responds in a smile of sorts, looking at the card one more time before her eyes glow red. If -anyone- comes close to the magician beneath her, things are going to get very, very bad for them. The only thing that distracts Kara from her endeavour slightly is the sight of Karen using her breathe to cause all that damage.

She… can do that!? «Can I…?», she speaks out loud, paying attention as it unfolds, trying to understand how that works, how Karen moves. Then again, they look so unlike each other… maybe they are destined to have different abilities.

"Take your time. Nobody is bothering you while I'm here.", she says to the magician, feeling confident these people cannot really oppose them three, lete alone when backed up with all those other Earthlings!


"Em wohs!" Zatanna says, her eyes opening up around the card, showing… well, her pupils were pinpricks in her eyes, and she had a faraway sort of gaze to her features. A handful of moments like this - silence, Zatanna barely seemed to be breathing, and slowly - ever so slowly - her pupils widen, and instead of the fiercely serious expression - a little smile dances up the corners of her lips.

"Ladies?" she asks Kara and Karen both, glancing from one to the other. Karen looked like she was more or less out of the game right now, watching for… some reason.

"What do you feel about a field trip while our friends handle these guys?" she asks, a little bit of mischief glittering in her eyes. "Say… a rooftop or two over?"


The concussive blast from the male twin does manage to hit Power Girl as she hangs back in the air, but though it sends her flying backwards, with a jarring sensation in her very bones, she doesn't seem to be seriously hurt. Even so… She decides to maybe heat vision at the guy who shot her to distract him for the bee attack, but then Zatanna offers to pull them out of here for now, and let the currently available heroes take care of it. Hmm… Maybe that would be best. She nods in acknowledgement to Zatanna and says, "I think they can handle this. If they can't, we can always come back. But… I believe they have what it takes."


Just as Vorpal's rabbit hole opens, the agony of the bee attack causes Andrea and Andreas to release each other's hands. Both twins' beams fall silent, and they plummet down to the floor, out of the fight for a moment. Kate's attack knocks Siena to the ground with a bloody wound to the back of her head. Blaze cries out, enraged, but she's been taken unawares. She doesn't even know where her assailant is.

And then she's trapped in a clam, of all things.

For a moment, it looks like the fight might just be won, and the fliers and Zatanna make a quick exit to get to the bottom of this bizarre attack.

Sadly, it's never quite that easy. Cortez, fortuitously saved from a nasty encounter with a disintegration beam, envelops Blaze in a coccoon of light, ramping her powers up into total overdrive. Screaming at lightspeed along magnetic lines of force, the woman starts to teleport blindly all over the room. At the start point of each jump, a forceful explosion causes chaos and destruction: the first sends clam-Gar flying upward and Kate backwards, directly at the recovering von Struckers. The second, third, and fourth are going to appear mere feet from Bunker and Vorpal. The 'ports continue, sowing chaos throughout the room.

Shaw isn't quite done, either: Nancy's field renders him vulnerable to attack, but it also snaps him back into solidity and clarity. He catches her wrist as she moves to punch him, wrenching her arm back and drawing a gun. He clearly means to kill her, but Simon's attack forces him to defend himself instead, firing three furious shots at the blond man.


When Gar and Kate are sent flying, Vorpal begins to react- but it is too late, as an explosion sends him reeling.

A few seconds later, he opens his eyes, in pain from a bleeding and badly singed right arm. In his hazy state, he thinks:
~Good thing I took of my—-~

The shirt. The one that sapped a good amount of his paycheck. The shirt he wanted to wear so he could look nice for his firt—-

Yeah, you can tell it was over there. Right by the ashes surrounded by silver buttons.

More explosions, the pattern is pure chaos, but he's lucky that the following one isn't near him. Rabbit Hole underneath him opens— Rabbit Hole right above Cortez opens, delivering a falling, clawed and -very- angry Cheshire Cat whose muscles flex as he falls towards the Booster, aiming to whap him over the head with—- well, a Flamingo Club that appears in his arms as he swings them. Because even when you're pissed off beyond all rational discourse and the ability to make witty quips, Theme is- say it with me - fifty percent.


Bobby hears Nancy grunt in pain. It's kind of just a thing, being able to pick her voice out in the chaos. The guy with the gun shooting now and Simon? Yeah, he's not a thing. Or he's not going to be. Summoning a discus into his hand the ice nerd spins and chucks the combat frisbee right at the offender's chest.


Clam clam clam POP! That wasn't good, Gar is flying through the air and he didn't even get to pearl-coat that woman. Oh, he'd need to be an oyster for that anyway, right, forgot that. Bees and clams, neither noted for long-term planning. What was that third bit of advice? Be yourself? Right. Who am I again?

The Strucker twin is getting close, Gar tucks into a ball and kicks out, lashing a foot for the face of whichever bigot it was. He's an equal opportunity non-white guy.

Once he's distributed his momentum to their team, Gar is falling, which means it's flying-squirrel time! And that means eenie meenie minie Cortez! Cortez, Hey, that's cool, there's a Vorpal!

"MY TURN!" Gar yells, and he's … oh god … a SKUNK again. And Cortez is point-blank range for a face shot. Just TRY concentrating on amplifying anyone with that right up the sinuses. SPROTZ!


Kate goes tumbling when Blaze sends an explosion her way, though at least she knows enough to roll with it, coming up shaken but not seriously injured. "Vorp, I need a bow!" she shouts toward the Cheshire, holding out one hand and…apparently trusting it's going to happen. Why not, right? She's already got her sights set on the twins, expression grin. "And two arrows!"


Bunker is sent flying by a nearby explosion, only the bricks around him not disiontergrating into nothingness as his concentration is shattered. He is thrown against a wall, and falls to the floor, buffeted only by a few sponge-density bricks. "Madre…" he mutters as he gets to his feet. "OK, time to end this.." he says as he tries to form a series of spongey bricks in the area the teleporter is likely to appear and try to buffet her when she appears.


As soon as Simon is forced back into phase, he knows it. He doesn't know why but he can feel the difference and worse, there's a gun pointed at him. He throws the bottle at the man's arm as he dives out of the line of fire though not completely. The first bullet grazes his side but then he's out of the negation field and the other two pass through him as he phases into the floor and comes out behind the bar.


Something seems to have gone out of the Upstarts. Their coordination, their tendency toward lucky breaks, their strange and sudden escape-by-zombification. Perhaps whatever Zatanna's team is doing is starting to have some effect.

Fabian Cortez is a superlative hand-to-hand fighter and tactician. There is very little in the annals of either discipline to cover a purple cat man falling on your head and proceeding to beat you senseless with a flamingo while a green skunk sprays you in the face with stink. Say what you will about the general goofiness level of some of the Titans' powers, but they can get the advantage of surprise from two feet directly ahead of someone in a well lit room — never mind the chaos that is currently Casa da Costa.

With his concentration broken, Blaze's powers are fully hers again. Still woozy from Kate's attack, she staggers at the end of one teleportation, just long enough for Bunker's bricks to pile onto her. She's trapped, lacking the concentration to summon up one of her explosive teleports. Still, she's dangerous: vicious arcs of electromagnetic force crackle out from the brickpile at unpredictable moments and angles.

Shaw takes the discus straight to the chest and is knocked backward, a single stray shot from his gun reflexively squeezed off. Then, he's out of Nancy's field and immaterial. Across the room, the von Struckers stand and glower at him. Then, in near perfect synchronicity, all three say some variation on:

"What the hell do we want to lead this team for, anyway?"


The Cheshire cat stands up from the fallen (and incredibly stinky) foe. Even if he's not unconscious, getting a face full of Gar pretty much ensured that he's not going to be a threat for now, and Bunker takes care of 'splodywoman. Which leaves…

the Nazi twins and Mr. intangible.

He points an accusative finger at them— and there's that twinge of chaos magic again:

"Sentence first! Verdict after!
Pull your hair and cease your laughter-
What you revile and what you hate
I now doom to be your fate:
As this Geas binds you two
I gift new guises unto you.
You will not sleep, you will not rest—
Your inner selves made manifest!"

Alas, for the two siblings- for their fair skin and hair turns as dark as Roberto's, and their hair darkens as well.

Keith O'Neil is not a bad kid. He does not take glee in the misery of others- but he is willing to make an exception for some kinds of people.

Two anvils appear over the Smuckers- hovering in mid-air, but very real (with ACME written on their sides, because yada yada yada theme yada yada). "Hands where I can see them, and if any of you tries -anything- I will squish the Mein Kampf out of you. UNDERSTOOD? And you, phase boy? YOU try to escape and I'll let Raven chase you down. She eats souls. You'll never sleep a day of your life again."

He's exaggerating. Maybe. After what Gar told him… he's not sure Raven couldn't devour his soul. She just probably -wouldn't- because of ethics. But the threat is ninety percent of the way, yes?


As Vorpal works his cat-magic, Bobby advances, weaving cages of ice around anyone he can catch but especially aiming for the twins he knows can't turn insubstantial. No escape or you jerks. Well, that's the idea anyway. The cages might be small, and have inward pointing spikes of ice. Maybe. Purely a coincidence.


Gar is himself again. No more fae advice, and short of punching Cortez in the head with a gorilla-fist, which would be redundant, he's out of things to do to hurt these guys. He picks up his bindlestick and feels inside the bag. Good. Nothing broken.

Under the steaming heap of New York Snow, a robot is still broken. However, the metal it's made from is beginning to wake up and move, feeling around the utter wreckage that was made of its electronic parts. SOMEONE is going to pay for this.


Fine, no bow. Kate still has a broomstick! She eyes Blaze under the pile of odd bricks, grimacing to herself. "Really could've used the bow," she mutters, shifting her grip on the broomstick to something a bit more javelin-like. She takes a moment to work up her aim, gauging those blocks, then fires the stick at a gap in the blocks. "Knock it off, Sparky!"


Bunker opens up a hole in the blocks for Kate to smack the electromagnetic-controller, then he follows up with pummelling crushing blows from the psionic bricks encasing the teleporter. "A little shake and bake, I think…" he grins.


Simon climbs to his feet and grabs a bar rag to press against his side as he looks around. Are things under control? It's difficult to be certain.


Despite being defeated and caged by the Titans and X-men, the Upstarts seem to only have harsh words for each other. It's like a dam bursting: as though their hatred for each other has been held back unnaturally and is finally flowing freely.

"Ha! See how you like that, you incestuous Nazi science experiments!" Shaw shouts at the von Struckers.

"Was it worth it for your shiny little ring, you pompous Asiatic mongrel?" Andrea screams back. Andreas is just staring at his sister, as though he's about to cry.

Bunker and Kate's coordinated attack provokes an inarticulate scream of rage and a larger burst of electrical force from Siena's prison: all three standing Upstarts yell, simultaneously, "Maniac!" — and the struggling subsides.

Over near the patio, where the Flash left him, Roberto sits up slowly, looking around with a shellshocked expression. His house is a shambles. His guests have mostly fled. There are a bunch of upstart supervillains screaming at each other from ice cages in his living room. "I'm going to faint now," he says with the serene placidity of milimeter-thick ice over a lake. "When I wake up, this will all have been a dream."

From the floor over in the corner, Cortez just groans.


"…" And the Flamingo Mallet appers again, and this time Vorpal goes about it Whack-a-Mole style. One for Shaw, Miss and Mister Nazi, and then…

Cortez groans. "AND YOUR LITTLE DOG, TOO!" *WHUMP* Seriously, his shirt is in tatters, his first date -like, EVER- ended up like this, and on top of that the Nazi spitheads insulted his host.

And then he… sort of… destroyed….

"Oh Criminey…" he first makes sure that Simon is okay, since he was fighting shaw, before he makes his way over to Roberto, not caring if ANYONE he Flamingoed is still conscious or not. He's leaving that over to his team mates.

"… Mister Da Costa… I'm so sorry, I'll p—" a quick calculation of his remaining paycheck… "help you… pick out… new furniture…"
Ears droop.


Bobby lets his friged wrath die. After seeing to Nancy (she's fine) he walks over to make sure Berto's alright. "Sorry about your place, Warm Twin." He says quietly. Berto can probably replace the furniture but… it was his home. His things. At least they have the villains on ice. (No pun intended).


There's a shudder under the dirty snow, and a skeleton of metal, no eyes, no electric parts, just a framework, stands up. It points its eyeless face at the ice cages. Shaw. Has metal. Mine now. The ring, if Shaw tries to hold onto it, unravels around his finger, flowing into Metal's hand where it resumes its original form. Once he reads its history he may just give it back, but for now, Shaw loses it. The girl with the electromagnetic zapping, Metal walks over and whispers, "Shall I give you back the pain your stupid games gave me? This is a warning. The Earth does not like you. Your mother wants you dead." For a moment, all of her bones, made as they are from the metal calcium, suddenly feel jagged and sharp. For just a moment. Then they're normal again.

The twins, he just stares at, but there's nothing to do to them… except the petty insult of turning their zippers solid. He does that to Cortez as well. Then he stalks out to the patio where his bike-chassis parts are waiting. He might be able to make a less grotesque form by combining with it.

Gar walks over to Vorpal and gives him a brief hug and pat on the back.
"You did great, cat. Don't sweat the furniture. He's insured." Gar's sure of it. He'd have to be, with that 'turning into a balrog' trick.


Kate knows what Roberto needs. It's even on ice now. With the villains more or less taken care of, she retrieves a bottle of vodka from what's left of the bar, bringing it over to Roberto and crouching it down to offer it over. "So, uh. I could call SHIELD to come pick these guys up, if you want," she offers, smile flashing.


Bunker whews as he can finally let his bricks disipate, the teen wiping sweat from his brow. "So I assume this sort of thing happens often?" he says, eyebrow raised at the devestating state of the suites.


Simon just waves Vorpal off. He's fine. Really. Besides, he doesn't want the cat to be near when he pours some liquor on the wound and whimpers at the pain. BURNS! But disinfects! Strangely enough, the pain is forgotten as Mike does his thing. "Umm. Is that thing one of ours?" he asks as it disappears.


Roberto rubs his eyes. With a purple cat man and a green fuzzy person and an animate metal skeleton running around, it's really not hard to pretend this is all just a nasty hallucination caused by blunt trauma. Bobby's heartfelt sympathy, on the other hand, is harder to dismiss. Which means that he can't dismiss his wrecked apartment, either. He gives Cold-twin a frail smile, then stares at the ceiling and murmurs a rapid prayer in Portuguese — one that he hasn't used since early puberty or so.

And then, Hail Mary, unto him appears an angel. And lo, she bears the holy spirit in a vessel, like still waters. He takes the bottle from Kate, wearing a dazed smile, and has a nice pull from it.

"Abençoe," he tells her as he hands it back. "SHIELD would be good."

Blaze fires off another couple of lightning bolts as Mike torments her, but she doesn't have the strength for anything impressive. Shaw doesn't even seem to notice the ring is gone. They're all just yelling nonsense at each other now, anyway. Berto doesn't pay it any mind.

Roberto glances over at Simon. "Pretty sure that's Mike. You okay? We've got a sort of infirmary downstairs…"


"I hope this doesn't put a damper in our teams working together." Vorpal grins very, very wide, hugging Gar back. He would hate to be the reason for a PR meltdown.


"That's Mike, Simon. He's on the Team. And He's not an it." Mikes a friend of Bobby's, of course, and he lives in the same place. An It he will never be to the ice nerd… though he supposes he understands how one gets there.


The creepy metal skeleton returns looking somewhat more humanoid, though not nearly as realistic as he did before he got close-range EMPed while he was overheated. The ring, he returns to Shaw just as he's being taken out.

"You should return this to your father for now," he says. Rubbing salt in the wound. It didn't take long to talk to the metal and find out what it was.


"SHIELD it is," Kate chuckles to Roberto, straightening up and pulling out a phone to punch in some numbers. "Hey, yeah. So…you know how you said I could always call if I was in a tight spot and needed a ride? Well, I don't need a ride, but I'm at the Dacosta building, and we've got…five powered bad guys who could use a ride to containment…"

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