Bedtime for Bon--Er, Jim (Alt. Title: 'Sympathy for the Loki')

September 4, 2014: Jim seeks solace at Moontree Manor. Thankfully, only Rain is there, and rest is obtained.

Moontree Manor

Moontree Manor is a modest-sized, imposing manor built in Gothic style,
complete with foreboding paint job. The roof and spire on the right are done
in a dark blue paint that offsets the white. It's like someone went a little
wild with the colors. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and the
lawn grows wild, with various herbs and flowers taking over. Ivy and vines
crawl up the walls, hopeful for sun. The building seems to be in good repair
despite this.

Inside, the atrium and living room are luxurious. Greeting guests is a large
statue of Anubis, his hand outstretched and acting as an incense burner. The
atrium is painted black, with flecks, indicating stars. It's a very
afterlife-esque journey inside. The floors are a beautiful, black marble that
lead one inward. There's stairs to so many rooms, it feels almost



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  • Captain (Rain's Familiar)

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Previously, at a trendy cafe elsewhere in the city, Rain had offered the services of some tea to help Jim Reha sleep. He hadn't gone into the full details with her as to *why* he'd need it, but on his way back home after work a day later he decided to drop on in… because he could really use the sleep. It might or might not have something to do with hellish images from her lawn, even…


Rain bears some responsibility for those images. After all, it was HER relative that came rampaging. She accepts his reasons. Rain has been brewing and drying tea leaves, quietly enchanting them and using simple, natural ingredients. Herbalism and alchemy are sort of a thing, so creating some dried tea he can take with him or steep here is no problem.

She will open the gates and doors for him. "Welcome. Please, come in. How are you holding up?"

Captain is there, too. Though, he's curled up by a heating vent and sighing softly. Catnaps.


Jim knows a little theory, but a lot of it gets lost on him without actually having talent to make the things happen that prove the theory. He looks a bit worn out. No, honestly, he looks like he's been run over by the panel truck or three of insomnia. His eyes are bloodshot, his skin a bit pale, and there's a slight shuffle to his step. No, not the walking dead, just the extraordinarily exhausted…

He makes his way into the house carefully, watching every corner and alcove as if expecting some sort of boogeyman to leap out at him.

Well, in a way….

"Feel like hell, and it's not just out front. Was in Arkham briefly a week ago. Not as a patient, as a visitor. That guy that was at the cafe.. we ended up there somehow."

The portly fellow finds a a couch to flop onto, trying to minimize noise so as not to wake up the sleeping kitty. That's bad kitty karma.


Rain looks concerned. "Hey, want a blanket and a pillow then? You can rest on the couch here. I'm up for awhile," She remarks. Rain apparently still has student sleeping habits. Her violet eyes look over him and the couch. Captain remains asleep, tail wriggling vigorously. "I see. That's a rough place to visit," Rain frowns. "I was homeless in Gotham for awhile," She says.

"Anything to eat or drink?" She offers. "I can listen, too." The manor seems quiet, imposing. There are at least, few shadows. There's a softness to the shadows here. More like autumn than winter.


"That… could be a help."

Jim doesn't resist the offer as he sort of stares back at her eyes. For some reason, the color never really hit him before, and even now, it's not… well, it's not weird compared to some of the stuff he's seen.

"There was someone possessing a kid. The partner talked them into leaving… sort of."

That was somewhat vague.

"You'd mentioned being homeless and Gotham… it's a sad city and it needs so much help. So much. It makes me sad every time I go there. Not weepy sad, just… this sort of 'dang it, why can't we fix this' sort of sad? And… ah, yeah, do you have that bedtime blend you were talking about?"

He leans back on the couch slightly, eyes flicking from shadow to shadow, as if expecting something to come leaping out of them at any second.

"Listening good."


Rain smiles and nods. Her eyes are an intensely dark purple. The sort of purple that would be treasured in some royal gem, perhaps. At least she got pretty lucky as witch's marks go. "I'll fetch some," She murmurs.

Then a head-tilt. "Sort of? Is there a conditional to the contract? Or is that - asking a bit much?" Rain seems intent on respecting his boundaries. But still, there's concern. "Yes. I'd been homeless a couple of years, after I gained magic. I wasn't supposed to. My family wasn't thrilled, and these powers make it tough to hold a regular job. How do I tell HR there's a portal to Hell in the break room?" Sigh.

"And Gotham is sad in its way. But the city spirit… she cares. It perseveres. People thrive in their own ways there, too. And yes. I have some dried tea for you to take with you. Only one and one quarter teaspoons per cup, got it? And only one cup before bed." Pause "If you want more light on, just let me know. I can put some candles and stuff on. I'm still figuring out the systems," She adds. Poor guy's jumpy.

Nevertheless, she will find a warm throw blanket and a pillow from a guest room. She trundles down, bringing them to him. "I'm gonna put some water on," Nod.

"And listening is good. I'm here," She promises.


The pillow goes behind him and the blanket over his shoulders.

"Whatever it was is going to come back after it has had time to think about the partner's words. I have no idea how long that's going to be. And if they took the wrong lessons, it's going to be even worse than last time and it won't listen next time and a lot of people could die and then in a way it'd all kinda be my fault and and…"

The shadows catch his eye once more and he quiets down some, again glancing to them as he nods with the description of the city of Gotham. "Sounds sort of like Chicago. I mean, I'm no magician or anything but there were a couple of times when I was younger and stuff when I'd wander her streets and it was almost like she.. .well, it was kinda like it was talking to me? And when she was doing that I felt a little bit safer, even?"

Okay, ramble mode appears to be engaged.

"Is… the fellow who wears gold and green around? I mean, if he's sleeping in his room or something I really really really don't want to disturb him and okay, yeah, one and one quarter teaspoons one cup before bed."

The eyes do the cursory flicking again…


Rain smiles as he takes the pillow and blanket, though she inclines her head. "So, if I do something wrong or mess up with my magic, do you think my mom is responsible?" She asks. "Your partner is a teacher, but you mustn't forget that the people you and he teach are independent of you. It's a lot like taking care of someone. You can do your absolute best, but in the end? They decide what they take from it all and what they do. It's a painful truth," She remarks and looks out the window. "So if people die as a result of this thing's action, the blood is on its hands." She states simply.

"After all, we can't really even force say, a dog to act one hundred percent as we want, yeah?" So what about a person or supernal entity? At his comments, she listens. She smiles a little. "Yeah. You can connect to them sometimes. People do now and then," She offers.

Rain is quiet, not minding ramble mode.

"Hm? Nope. Out and about for a few days likely, at the minimum. If you want to spend the evening on the couch, I can give you some tea. Or else just a drink and dinner. I should probably start the fire. It's getting chilly." The fireplace is empty, with wood stacked in it. "And I would say that if the city speaks to you, it does care." Whether that's out of rage or sympathy is hard to say, but she imagines it must be sympathy in Jim's case.


"But if we have the power and the capability we should be doing something more but we don't. We just step in, we defuse, we negotiate, we don't pick fights but we sure as hell end them by hook or by crook and does that make us any better?"

It's uncertain if that's a general 'we' or a 'partnership we'.

"Oh… neat. Even if that feeling, if it isn't magic magic it's still kinda cool, then?"

He nods to the fire and the dinner concept. That's a good idea… and couch-surfing? His apartment is blocks away… but the idea… sounds good, actually. Even in this strange manse of weird happenings, the idea of constructs and the like actually being on watch or the sort comforts him some.

"Tea, good, I'll get you some money or something for it, honest, and…yeah."

His eyes stop flicking to the shadows as much once Rain indicates that the other house guest is going to be out for a few days, visibly relaxing. Perhaps he knows something about that fellow he shouldn't?


Rain hms softly. "We do what we can. If people burn themselves out or work themselves to death, then they're lost," She notes quietly. "I wonder if a sheep dog is as violent as a wolf, but we love the dog," She notes quietly.

Rain nods to him. "It is, that feeling, that is," She replies. Fortunately, Rain is still standing. She moves to light the fire. Strangely, she does so with a lighter and a bit of lighter fluid. "I could use magic, but I keep forgetting," Rain admits.

It's a hazard of going through most of one's life without it. "I've got pasta from a local place, some frozen pizza… what'cha want?" She offers. There is at least one construct. The golem himself. He doesn't really need sleep. He is definitely on guard. The witch herself is awake and there are other supernal guardians. It would be a difficult manor to break into undetected.

"Don't sweat it for now." Rain knows more about that guest than she lets on. But she keeps it to herself, if she does. "Just relax yourself a bit." She steps back as the logs finally take to burning. The room will slowly become more warmer, although the dancing flames banish more of the shadows.


Jim pulls the blanket up around himself a bit more.

"No, that's conservation of resources. Save the juice for the important stuff. You could do magic all the time but then… then…"

He shudders a bit.

"… you could end up like your aunt or like your noble house guest. And that… that's no way to live, really, that's a very hard life with little reward and great expectation. A lot of purpose and no trust in it from others. But please don't tell him that I feel bad for him. Please. He'd do something horrible to me, I'm sure of it."

Jim panics a little bit then calms down after taking a few breaths, or perhaps it's the fire being started chasing away the shadows on the walls.

"A couple of biscuits or cookies would be okay. I had a very big lunch today. One thing both Mike and Pepper are good at is making sure their employees are well-fed."

"This kinda reminds me of losing power back home, and having to do a fire in the fireplace… kinda… soothing even?"

He starts to drift off a bit then snaps himself back to wakefulness.

"Sorry… just… getting tired."


Rain smiles faintly. "Yeah…" She closes her eyes. "Relax. I'm an itinerant healer. I have so many secrets, I'm shocked I haven't exploded. No one will know but you and I. I feel bad for him in a way, too." Pause. "I'll bring you some cookies and tea then," She murmurs. "And I'm glad to hear that."

… even if Rain herself has an atrocious diet and tends to forget to eat. At least she's still at the age she can handle it. She goes quiet to listen. "Oh?" She listens, looking thoughtful. "Then go ahead and rest. I wouldn't keep fighting the urge to sleep if I were you. I'll keep the water kettle on, so you can have something if you get thirsty. Alright?"


"Cookies… tea… good." It's more of a mumble than an actual response as his eyes lid shut a few more times and he forces himself to sit upright. It's warm but he's hardly noticing… just nice… calm. Yeah.

He gives the faintest of nods before he kind of flops down onto the couch, shoes still on, pillow still shoved behind him as he starts to snore. Perhaps not peacefully, but he's clearly sleeping and it is a nice deep resonant sound, not the kind someone might make with apnea, at least.


Fortunately, Rain smiles as he dozes off. That's a relief. Captain stays curled up, the servants are quiet and she herself will likely be up for awhile. She tends to keep to her word of looking after someone. She'll keep to her word, and there will be cookies and such when he wishes. For now, the manor is quiet, fire dancing gently over the logs and a peace settling over it.

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