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September 5, 2014: Tempers flare at the Tower. Twice!

Titan Tower

The headquarter of the Titans… for now.



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The topic of conversation is now Alexander's love life apparently as he slouches in the loveseat in the rec area. Still nursing the last bit of his orange juice he looks up for a moment as he casts his thoughts afield, then lowers those faintly glowing eyes to Billy. "I don't know if the term would be dating." As for Alex he keeps those glowing eyes still upon Billy, not entirely ignorant or unmindful of the other man's distraction yet he continues. "But at times my time overlaps with other individuals who enjoy spending time together."

There's a small shrug as the young man with the seraphic features leans forward to grasp the remote control that controls the entertainment center that hangs upon the wall. A small flick and the television comes to life. A few numbers are entered and a classical music channel comes on to at least lend some measure of sound to the room beyond their words and his occasional crunch of frozen bits of juice.

Billy Kaplan ahhs quietly, "Mutual…companionship then." Lucky duck. "They still might have liked it, although I guess things would have been weird if you went to introduce her." And…question answered so they can switch the subject. The television and music are noted before he pushes himself up from his seat on the arm of the couch, "Do you have any items you want from here that were destroyed before?" Far safer conversation topic.

And speaking of love lives, the entrance to the tower beeps as the systems recognize Keith, and the redhead walks in. It would be inaccurate to say he had a spring on his step, since his wounded ankle ensured that he had a limp instead of a spring. But if that weren't an issue, he'd probably be Tiggering it up there. A bag carried over his shoulder, he comes in singing some Billy Joel song or other, before he spots his two other teammates.

"Phobos! Wiccan! How are you guys doing on this awesomely lovely day?"

Throwing his bag onto the counter, he goes over to them, unbearably cheerful.

For a time Alexander sort of looks at Billy. There's the impulse to correct him on some level, or perhaps to be clear in his point of view. But then again it's not as if it's important. And then, thankfully, the topic changes and is hurtled even further into the past by Vorpal's arrival. The young deity tilts his head over towards Keith's arrival and he answers the question, "I am formidable, and you?"

Wiccan is trying to think of something to keep the conversation going when Vorpal arrives, almost at the perfect moment. "Well, someone's in a good mood. How was the party?" Really, that's far more interesting than him answering with 'I'm fine'. He wants party news!

Keith grins. "Some group of punks called 'The Upstarts' showed up to try to kill all of us. I had invited Power Girl and Hawkeye. The female one. And Zatanna brought Supergirl-DON'T CALL HER THAT, serriously, she'll kill you- along. It… was… awesome! I was barking orders, people were following, we -trounced- them with our teams combined!" Keith smacks his fist into his hand, and pauses, "… and Roberto Da Costa's penthouse is pretty much destroyed. But I promised I'd help out picking out new furniture. And Gar did the -sweetest- thing anyone's ever done for me… ever!"

That's an answer also to Alexander's question- killing two birds with one blow.

"Someone came to a gathering of super powered individuals and tried to pick a fight?" The young god slouches further in his seat, propping one bare foot upon the arm of the loveseat as he looks across the way at the two of them. He shakes his head, "Doesn't seem like the action of a sound mind." He scritches his chin and then gets one of those amused razorblade smiles, "Pity I missed it."

He finishes the last of the orange juice slush and crunches on the last bits of ice, setting the plastic bottle down upon the coffee table nearby. "So who was the best dressed? And did anyone say anything particularly interesting?"

Wiccan opens his mouth to say something but then closes it, thinking better of that idea. Instead, he merely encourages with a, "Do tell…and yeah, that seems pretty stupid to attack a group like that. Sounds like it was more fun than my Study Group though."

"Hard to tell who was the best dressed. I hadn't been there for five minutes before the shit hit the fan and then, of course, fancy clothes were torn or burned to hell. "He takes off his jacket, revealing just his black tank top… and a bandaged right arm from the shoulder almost to the wrist.

"Two of the 'Upstarts' were these creepy incestuous Nazi twins— how Wagnerian— who basically blasted Roberto off the roof and called him…" he stops. "Ok, this is pretty bad. They called him 'Negroid Scum'… or something like that equally bad. I don't remember very well because at that moment I was plotting their demise. We got back at them, though…" He smiles horribly. "… I changed their skin color to match Roberto's after we defeated them. You should have seen their faces, too. I had two anvils hovering over them and threatened to squish the Mein Kampf out of them if they even so much as moved."

That had been pretty sweet. Revenge was a dish best served anviled. "But Gar… well, he apparently basically went into Faerie," he lets that sink for a second. Faerie is known to anyone with even the slightest mystical or mythical knowledge as a very, very dangerous place. "And managed to get to the Market, where he met someone called the Finder. Where he got a box where a person could put something, anything, and as long as it remained in the box, it would never disappear."

At that Alexander's eyebrows climb. He cocks his head to the side as he processes the information given to him by Vorpal then he shakes his head. "If he rised the Fae for you then he must be strong of resolve or foolhardy." There's a moment where Alexander scritches his chin and he looks askance towards Billy. A cocked eyebrow is given to Wiccan then he looks back and says, "It seems as if most of the individuals who approach us rather strongly underestimate the situation. I am curious how we'll fare when we face someone competent."

Wiccan ohs somewhat flatly. "I guess I'll stop worrying about how to keep your stuff around then. I mean, I had been sort of wracking my brain trying to think of a solution, but now that -Gar- went out and did this…I guess I don't have to be bothered about it anymore." He looks back to Alex, "Maybe you can borrow space in his box if you wanted to keep anything."

"Well, it makes things easier if the tower needs to come down. It's only big enough for a couple of mementos- special things. Most of my stufff is going to be gone anyways, but I can keep some things- like maybe the locket, the rings, and the photos." Keith says, touching his arm to make sure his bandages are in place.

"And as whether he is foolhardly or full of resolve… I'll get back to you on that."

Yurning back towards Wiccan, Alexander addresses his earlier question. "I am not one who has many bonds to material objects, save one." Of course that one happens to be a celestial blade crafted for the slaying of other deities and magical creatures, but for some reason he holds few worries about it. He looks back towards Vorpal and nods, "You seem to suffer a new injury each time I see you. Perhaps more training is in order?" He folds his arms over his chest as he considers the cheshire one.

Wiccan just sort of shrugs, "Makes my job easier when I have to take it down if I don't have to worry about other people's stuff." Even though he spent the last couple of days trying to figure out a way for Vorpal to keep it! So much for being considerate.

"You've got enough to deal with, Wiccan- reality changing isn't easy, so it's good that some of the less important considerations can be discarded now. We're all members of a team and our aim is to make things easier for everybody else." Keith smiles, and then looks at Alexander.

"Actually, this is a burn I acquired because one of the members of the Upstarts was blasted by their Booster to the point of overdrive. She apparently teleports and causes explosions when she does— and she started teleporting at random all over the apartment at breakneck speed. She exploded near me and Bunker, but Bunker had a construct to shield him. At that particular point I was using one of my Rabbit Holes to redirect one of the Nazi Twin's energy beams against herself so… " the young man shrugs, "Short of being naturally fireproof and precognitive, there was no way to predict that. I'll note that it's the only injury I incurred. If you can teach me to be fireproof and psychic, I'll definitely take you up on that." He grins.

"I'm sure that putting things back the way they are apparently 'supposed to be' is going to be easier than making something never happen," Wiccan points out. "I just didn't want to do it without warning. I mean, I could probably take it down whenever I wanted and there would just be that pile of rubble again." He makes his way to the other end of the room, his arms crossed defensively at his chest as he slowly paces.

At that, Alexander smiles a bit, those dark eyes gleaming a little. "Well clearly the point of failure was you did not put them down quickly enough and thoroughly enough to start that they were in position to be able to inflict whatever they did" The way he says that it's almost as if he were repeating something someone else told him. Then the truth is revealed when he adds, "So my father told me at the least. Though in not so many words."

He swings his legs around and plants them on the floor, then gains his feet. "Wait til I head into the city, if you please, Wiccan."

"I see we're going to have a problem here," Keith says, walking over to face Alexander. "Alexander, rule number one of a good leader is not to berate your troops nor point out how much they suck after a victory. Especially not with a supercilious tone. Of course," he says, keeping his tone even, "that is something your daddy forgot to tell you because you're gods. You don't need to learn how to lead- you just terrorize people to death until they follow you, or you threaten to rape their women and make bear birth to abominations, or turn people into random monsters or objects."

He uncrosses his arms and points at Alexander, "So if you think I am going to be willing to take arrogant advice from the latest spawn from a decrepit pantheom that is such a bastion of leadership and organization that it has spent the majority of its existence at each other's throats and backstabbing the heck out of each other… think again. Leaders do not berate soldiers for fights that they weren't in. So I'd toss whatever nonsense Daddy Dearest gave you and learn from real leaders who had to win the hearts and minds of their troops instead of just scaring the shit out of them."

He tosses his jacket at Alexander's lap and heads for the counter to grab a glass of water.

Wiccan glances back over his shoulder at Vorpal's verbal smack-down, "Who said he was the Leader? I mean…I sort of thought Flash was, but now, I'm not so sure after seeing him flipping through channels and gorging himself on junk food. I mean, he was more concerned with Pork Rinds and the idea of flirting with some…Power-Girl than anything else." Not that Billy really is a bastion of leadership either. "I mean, I figured we were pretty much just some fancy clubhouse at this point."

Catching the jacket and looking across the way at Vorpal, Alexander seems rather at ease with the moment, that same preternatural calm behind the glowing red eyes. But he gives a small nod tinged with a smile, "I don't believe I claimed a role of leadership, though if I did you most likely would realize it through a few subtle differences in execution." He casually folds up the jacket rather nicely in quarters at first then setting it down upon the arm of the chair.

"My main point remains, however. That it's through your lack of training that you seem to suffer repeated injuries and it is perhaps a sticking point that you react so strongly to such a comment. Right now you wouldn't be much of a credit to any form of organization save perhaps some conglomeration of overly emotional party boys."

"The door is right there, Alexander. Go back to your Pantheon- which, of course, is not a conglomeration of emotional party boys at all" Keith points towards the entrance to the tower.

" Honestly? If I had Wiccan's powers, I would turn you into a mortal for aweek. A frail little mortal with nothing but your skills and no vaunted immortality. Fight the Upstarts then, and we'll see how unscathed you come out." He leans forward on the counter. "You couldn't handle it. Raven has an excuse for being distant- she has to control her emotions. You're just a distant ass, and I am tired of being the butt of your superiority. I have tried to be polite and I have tried to be nice to you, but at this point? You can take a Doru and do something extremely Athenian with yourself."

Wiccan looks between the two before he decides to verbally step in-between, "You know, Alex…Phobos…whatever. Sometimes, people get hurt. It happens. Not all of us are super fast or super strong or super durable. I mean, if we were, we'd all be Superman and how boring would that be? So lay off of him. He did good stuff and he isn't bitching about how his ankle or his arm hurts." He then looks to Vorpal, "And you could let up a little on him. Just because he's distant and just because he's arrogant…why should that bother you? Seriously? You're taking it way too personally. He can be an arrogant ass if he wants to be."

Because that might help. Or something. Or maybe he just needed to get into the middle of it because he was feeling left out?

"I'm not going to turn him mortal because that's a waste of magic."

Still standing there with that curious lack of nervous energy and that unwavering calm and attention. "I could be the most incompetent mortal child with one eye and half a mind and I'd still be able to tell that your primary flaw is your lack of training and your general incompetence." Alexander is standing in front of a loveseat, wearing just sweat pants and a white t-shirt. His smile is there just beneath those glowing red eyes. "And even so inflicted I'd still most likely bring more to the team."

He shifts his weight then casually to the other foot, "Currently your major contribution seems to be primarily hysterics."

"I've got news for you, Alexander. Do you know what you've brought to the team? THIS!" he waves his arms around to indicate the Tower. "You are the cause this tower was destroyed. Just at that net amount, I have apported more than you to this team. You have substracted an entire headquarters." He narrows his eyes with cruelty, the way a cat would.

"General incompetence. Gee, I am sorry that you are such an anti-social asshole that you decided the mixer wasn't for you. We could have -all- benefited from your presence on the field battle. Because you have harvested such good-will and affection among us that all of us would follow you over a cliff— not." He raises a finger. "Last night, people listened to me, and it's not beacuse I'm a great tactician, but it's because I try to look at every member of this team as a potential ally, friend, and someone whose lives are my responsibility in the field as much as my life is theirs. I didn't bark at them and I didn't try to impose myself. I suggested and it happened, and we were succesful. And that, sir, is more than you have done. So either put your money where your mouth is or sit down and shut it."

Keith shoots a look at Wiccan. "I know, Wiccan… but sometimes… you just have to say some things. I'm sorry."

Wiccan is still the third wheel and he isn't liking it one bit! "If that's his only flaw," is said to Alex, "That can be remedied. This team has only existed for how long? Not all of us are athletes and not all of us fight with weapons, ok? So give him a break." And Billy looks at Vorpal, "Is the fact that people listened to you last night supposed to be…what? Telling somehow? It was a part with a bunch of young people. How much do you want to bet almost NONE of them knew what they were doing? If you talked the loudest, there you go."

"I kind of wish we never had this stupid Tower. It's just a big, old, cliquish clubhouse. If I wanted that, I could just…go back to High School!"

The smile shifts a touch wry as he stands there, Alexander pauses only long enough to look towards Wiccan and offer a small look of sympathy before he turns his attention back upon Vorpal. "Ah so you would seek kudos for your staggering accomplishment of defeating a handful of unknown adversaries while you had multiple Kryptonians and two full teams of super powered individuals around you." He rests his hands on his hips as he cocks his head to the side like a quizzical canine. "Do you also pat yourself on the back each time you eat soup without drowning in the bowl? Tell me, did they give you a special participation ribbon?"

And for some reason, Alexander seems terribly amused and almost on the verge of laughter. He uncurls a hand, "But by all means, "I did kind of enjoy High School though." Alex offers Wiccan a grin that only offers a small hint of fangs.

Probably not the best time to magicial appear, but Zachary Zatara still does. There is a poof of smoke in the center of the room and as it fades, the 'greatest magcian in the world appears.' "….This is not the Shadowcrest." He sighs, his eyes drifting to look at each of the Titans. "Darn it! Zatanna said that spell would work." He mutters to himself and then just looks at the angered Titans. "What have I walked in on…."

"Power Girl didn't interfere. Neither did Supergirl. They stood by Zatannna, who was doing magic." Keith shoots. "Which you would have known if you had been there. But since you weren't, you're making assumptions about what happened and what tactics were used— and you didn't even ask for a runthrough of what actually happened. Brilliant, Hannibal, just brilliant. Would you like to take a crack at some other battle you weren't at?"

"Power Girl and SuperGirl-" he needs to find out what name SHE likes to go by, or he's going to piss her off one of these days, "Were not in my group, so I did not suggest they do anything except do what they thought best, and they thought it was best to stand aside and be a meat shield for the caster. And I consider that as a compliment on Power Girl's side, because we were engaged in teamwork." He shoots a look at Billy. "That's what that was supposed to mean, Billy. We worked together. Bunker and Flash and Changeling and Zatanna. We worked together, we did not waste time berating each other and saying how incompetent we were. We weren't competing to see who was The Best Ever. We did well enough that a member of the Justice League decided it was fine to leave it in our hands. And if you think that isn't an accomplishment- not mine, but for the whole team, Alexander? Then you ca—-"

Keith pauses and blinks, watching as a Zatara drops into the Tower- but one who wouldn't look as good in fishnets as the one he spent time with yesternight.

Well… maybe he would. It's hard to tell if he has good legs with the slacks and all. "… Zachary? Did you just take a wrong turn at Albuquerque?"

Alex's smile isn't met with one in return from the mage. Instead, he actually looks kind of offended. "It's not all about you, you know, Alex. Ugh!" He then scowls at Vorpal, "You know, not all of us had a choice as to whether or not we could have gone to that stupid party, so don't blame him for not going! It wasn't mandatory!" With a roll of his eyes, he just sort of stomps his way, in a full blown huff, out of the common room. He does pause to look over the newly-arrived Zachary before muttering something about 'not being needed' and the 'Tower is crawling with magic'.

"Alright," Alexander holds up a hand, "You're over-explaining and defensive. You've in essence already lost the argument because you're allowing me to argue on your home turf, as it were. The topic has become one of my decision."

A small wave is spared for the departing Wiccan and then a few words to Zatara, "Hello, your sister is rather nice."

That having been said he looks back to Vorpal. "You see you're fighting on ground not of your choosing against someone who has no stake. You can only lo If you like we can review and go over some alternate strategies." He gives a small nod and then smiles openly to the other Titan, clearly intrigued and amused.

Zachary's eyes widen as he watches Wiccan leave the room and then turns to Vorpal. "Guess you could say that." He reaches for his hat and pulls a wand from out of it. "Traveling to different dimensions is so hard. Hopefully Zatanna can help me get that stupid spell right." Once again he looks between Alex and Vorpal. "It would seem I have walked into a fight. I thought you two were teammates."

Keith walks past Alexander, "Cram it, Demosthenes, you lost the argument when you attempted to judge a battle whose details you ignored and didn't even care to find out. Now you're just backpedaling because you're looking like a total git."

He walks past Alexander to stand by Zachary. "He plays for a team of one. Do you want anything, Zach? Water? Food? I was going to make something to eat."

"Ah, the popular rhetorical device of I am the victor because I say as much." Alexander then looks towards Zachary and tells the young magician. "We are teammates, indeed. Though that does not preclude an occasional clash. I may think poorly of him and his skill level but I would still take exception to those threatening him with harm."

There's a pause, then he adds, "For you see he is technically in essence mine, associated with me. Thus injury to him is an insult to me. I merely wish for him to not be injured so terribly often from lack of training."

"We have not met, I am Alexander." He smiles then, red eyes gleaming with amusement.

Zachary hmms for a moment. "Well, I'd like a cola or whatever." He then turns to offer Alex a slight smile. "Greetings. I am Zachary Zatara." Gesturing to his clothing he adds. "The cousin of Zatanna. She is a member of your team if I recall correctly." He then glances curiously at Vorpal. "You got injuried."

"Greel God of Fear and Sticks Shoved Up One's Rectum," Keith adds to Alexander's title, making his way to the island. A quick survey of the refrigerator shows what's available— "No cola, Flash went through all of it last night after the fight. We do have some orange juice that miraculously survived him. As for food… Stir Friday it is."

To Zachary, he says, "It's only a burn. Gar and Kate would have gotten burned too, but Gar was being a giant clam at the time and his shell shielded him and Kate, and Bunker was chest-deep in his bricks."

Keith grabs a pan and sets it down, and takes out the meat and vegetables and the cutting board.

Telling Zachary with a smile, Alexander offers a small crinkle of his nose as if sharing some inside joke, "The latter is mainly honorary." He steps to the side and strolls over towards the large television on the wall and casually clicks it off, the classical music it was playing cutting off after a moment. He turns back to look towards them both, but mainly Vorpal. "So, are we agreed then? We shall train together for the next two months after you heal sufficiently?"

"I'll take orange juice then." He tells Keith with a shrug. He idly taps his wand on his hand before sitting down at a loveseat. "Zatanna did mention something about crazy things going on, last night. For a moment I thought she had a little too much to drink." He sighs. He really is lost to what just happened here and is sort of trying to stay out of it.

"We'll see," Keith says, chopping a carrot and totally not pretending it is Alexander. ",if by then I don't want to stuff you in a barrel and send you down tge Styx."

He takes a moment to pour Alex some OJ, and returns to his chopping. "Your cousin was sort of the star of the show. She and I both sensed there was something magical watching us, so I directed peeps to run interference and distraction while she tried to find out whatever it was and then stop it. It was something connecting all of them together and making them rather effective. When she cut that thread, wham." He brings his chopper down. Looks for the oil.

"So… are you considering joining or are you just going to freeload?" He looks over his shoulder and gives him a smile to indicate he's joking about the freeloading.

Accepting the OJ in the spirit it's offered, Alexander lifts it towards Vorpal and smiles easily enough, "If this is an ipecac I'll know who to blame." That having been said he gives a nod towards Zachary, "Good to meet you," And as easily as that the God of Fear retires back towards his quarters to change and get a grip on the day.

Zachary leans back a little smiling, amused at the little joke. "Perhaps…Zee has been convincing me to join so I'll keep it in mind. I'll try not to stop by so often if I'm a bother." His words form a statement, but by the inquisitive tone in his voice it's clear he's asking a question. He offers Alex a wave as he leaves the room.

"You're not a bother. Just don't accidentally apparate yourself into Raven's room when she's taking a shower, or she will eat your soul." Keith smirks, sliding a glass of orange juice to Zachary. "It'd be good to have a cabal of four, at least, capable of dealing with magic. Wiccan is being… pouty, but having more than one magic user is good because all of you specialize on different things. I'll have to have a talk with him."

Zachary stands up and walks towards the island. He picks up the glass and sips a little from it. "I assume Wiccan is the one who just left then?" Zachary glances at the room Billy walked into. "He doesn't seem to like me being here very much to be honest."

"Well… he's got the wrong idea about magic users. I get the feeling he's a little territorial about being the magic-user here… and there being three others." Keith throws everything onto the pan once he's finished prepping, and starts cooking. "I mean, admit it, you feel a little bit like that about Zee, no?"

Zachary opens his mouth to perhaps protest, but then he just sighs. "Of course I do. It's like she's better in every way." His title as 'greatest magician in the world' truly isn't that accurate. "Zee seems fine with me joining though. Maybe I can convince Wiccan to feel the same." He drinks some more OJ and peers over Keith's shoulder. "So, whatcha cooking?"

"it's Stir Friday, so, stir fry!" Keith smirks, and looks at Zach over his shoulder. "I knew you'd feel that way. It's only natural… I mean, it's impossible not to measure yourself against others in your field." He comments. As much as he hated Alexander, he had to admit that what he had seen of him incidated that he was good.

"And Wiccan's… well, you've got the Zatara family name. If that's not intimidating to a young magician who is getting yelled at by other wizards for doing what he did, I don't know what is."

"Stir Fry! Looks delicious already." Zach says smiling at Keith. "Well, I am probably the weaker one of my family. And he was able to summon a whole tower from a different dimension even if it's a bit missed up. I don't think my magic could ever do something like that." Zach tilts his head at Keith. "You're magic too right?"

"I'm magical, but I can't cast spells. I can only do specific things involving chaos magic. It's what I'm made of." Keith says, stirring. "Yeah… he really has no idea how unusual or unique his powers are. He just sees other magicians and feels he's being shoved out. I bet you can do things he can't, and Zee can do things you can't, but Wiccan can do things the two of you can't, either. It's all about complementing each other. Raven, I am sure, knows all sorts of things about demons, which is something I'd say the three of you don't know much about without first doing research."

Zachary nods. "Everyone has their talents where others do not." The magician takes a seat near the island. "Zee and I are still in the middle of researching on a portal of sorts." The Zatara shrugs. "This tower does seem to be overruned with magic, so I don't blame him for thinking we are all trying to replace him."

"Well, we're no more replacing him than we'd be replacing me if Tigra joined the team." Keith says, stirring. "Though it might be hell for anyone with allergies."

Zachary smiles laughing a little. "So you're a Cat…" He starts while drinking a bit of his OJ. "Flash can run really fast. Raven and Wiccan can both do magic. Anything special about Alex?"

Despite the fact that he stormed out earlier…Wiccan storms right back in. See, he kind of got a bit far before realizing that he left his backpack at the Tower…a backpack that he's going to need for homework this weekend. Striding back into the Common Room, his ragged cloak billowing behind him, he merely scowls at the two still there and marches over to the corner where the backpack was left. He bends down and snatches it back up before doing an about-face and starts to head back towards the door.

"He's an immortal douche. And I'm a *cheshire* cat—- WICCAN! Stop. Right there!" Keith calls out.

Zachary turns curiously watching Wiccan storm back into the Tower. He disappears, only to reappear in front of Wiccan blocking his path. He puts both of his hands on his hips and smirks. "Not even going to say 'hi'?"

Wiccan sort of has to stop as the magician appears in his path. Dark eyes narrow and he holds up a hand…not to shake, but in a more aggressive gesture. "Don't make me blast you. I'm not in the mood to say how awesome it is to be made redundant. If you don't mind, I have actual studying to do. I don't need to be some…hanger-on at the Cool Kids Club."

Keith sighs and walks away from the kitchen and towards Wiccan. "Wiccan, what on earth are you talking about?" He says, reaching to put both hands on the young man's shoulders.

Zachary's smirk fades into a small frown, yet he doesn't move…yet. "Redundant? You don't truly mean that, do you? Because you're not." His eyes are surprisingly soft.

Wiccan just scowls between the two. Even he's not too sure why he's so miffed right now, but…he is and he wants to have his hissy fit! He tries to shrug Vorpal's hands away, but the air is blowing out of his sails. "I don't like being ignored or…pushed out. You all can deal with the stupid Tower." Zach just sort of gets a scowl, "Isn't it obvious?"

Alright, there's two ways to deal with this… one is to be confrontational… and he did that with Alexander. While he thinks Alexander is a douche, he hasn't had any interactions that would make him think of Wiccan in the same terms. He reaches down and grabs a hand, "Okay, let's all sit down and talk about this, can we do that?"

Tug-tug-tug towards the chairs.

Zachary crosses his arms over his chest. "No, not really. YOU were the one who brought back the tower and I don't think any of us could do something like that. You clearly don't understand how powerful your magic is." He walks off over to one of the chairs.

Wiccan sort of drags his feet as he's led to the chairs. The backpack is dropped at the side before he just sort of flops into the seat, one leg sort of dangling over the arm. "Yeah, well…talk to anyone else and I screwed things up. Just go about three blocks in any direction and see what happens. When the Flash is in here, he's fat and a couch potato. I messed it up."

Keith sighs and sits next to Wiccan.

"Well, I didn't see THEM lining up to fix the tower when it fell. SO what gives them the right to be bitches about this?"

Zachary leans back in his chair and looks at Wiccan. "Yeah, there may be a few side effects, but the tower is back to normal." Zach reluctantly puts a hand on Wiccan's shoulder. "I'm sure we'll figure everything out soon. There's nothing wrong with asking for help."

Wiccan frowns at the two, "The Tower has to come down. It's not supposed to be here…like this. Not the way it's affecting things. I mean, is it affecting the two of you?" He looks to Vorpal, "I know you said your powers were weird while in the Tower. We just can't…leave it here when it's not supposed to be here. I guess."

"Wiccan… whatever needs to be done, I'm behind you on this, okay?" He looks at him in the eye. "We're a team, you're not redundant in any way, shape, or form. And ou probably even look better in fishnets than Zee does." A little joke to lighten it up, maybe…

Zachary strokes his chin for a moment. "Hmmm…Well I suppose that could be the reason why my magic is being all weird. If the tower comes down then we should at least pack everything out. Assuming they don't go away with the tower."

"Who is 'Zee'? And I'm not wearing fishnets, thank you…unless we're going to 'Rocky Horror'." Apparently he -will- wear them, but only on certain, very special occasions. Wiccan looks over to Zach, "It'll go away. If it was here when the Tower was destroyed before, it does't exist anymore. Or…it doesn't really exist except in its 'blown up' state."

Keith reaches over and pats Billy's leg. "Look, what you were saying earlier… there is no reason why we can't have four mages. Each one of you does something different—Raven does demons and souls, The Zees do conjuration. You fricking chang reality. That's awesome, Billy. That means that you all do different stuff!"

"'Zee' is my cousin. Also know as Zatanna Zatara." Zachary looks at Billy. "That makes things complicated…" He just thinks for a moment until he just shakes his head. "Vorpal's right. You have amazing abilities and you shouldn't be worried about any competition."

"Except I don't know what I'm doing!" Wiccan insists, standing up. He turns around to face the two of them, "I have one guy telling me that if I use my magic, I'm going to destroy the world. I have another who's giving me good ideas, but…no real lessons. No real ways to study it or figure it out and apparently everything I'm doing is wrong! So everything I'm trying to do to help ends up messing something else up!" He looks over to Zach, "Who taught you and…'Zee'?"

Keith shuts up, because he wants to hear this answer— maybe there's a teacher for Wiccan after all…

Here's hoping, at least.

Zachary considers the question for a moment. "My uncle, Giovanni Zatara, I suppose. He's an amazing magician and one of the best out there, but generally really busy. And of course there's a huge library in the Shadowcrest that is filled with tons of magic related things." He looks at Billy with curious blue eyes. "Would you like to stop by sometime?"

Now, that completely takes the winds out of Wiccan's tempest. He looks to Vorpal and then to Zachary, "Really? You have a magic library…and you're inviting me to go…look at it?"

"And he probably has cookies, too." Keith adds, nudging Wiccan. "A magic library. With cookies."

Zachary smirks and raises his hand to cast a spell on Wiccan. "Eivg mih ssecca ot Tesrcwodahs!" A subtle golden glow surrounds Wiccan. "Sorry about that. The barriers around the place make it impossible to enter without approved access. But yeah, sure. You can come see it if you like. You can travel through dimensions right? Because it isn't in this one."

"Cookies?" There's a little confusion at the mention of that…Wiccan cants his head at Vorpal before he starts to glow. "What…what did you just say? What did you do…" he looks at himself and tries to see if he can touch that glow. "Dimensions? I…don't know? I've never tried?" He looks to Vorpal again as if asking 'Who -is- this guy??'

Keith gives Billy a sly grin. "Why don't you boys go look at the library? I've got to finish lunch before Gar and Flash come. If I don't make enough, we'll either have an anemic speedster or a cranky… whatever animal Gar feels like at the time." He stands up from the couch and stretches. "And I'd say there's quite a few books you could look at right now."

A small laugh escapes from Zachary's lips. "I just give you access to the place." He looks at Vorpal. "See you later then! And good luck with dinner." He then turns to grin at Billy. "So shall we go now, if it's okay with you of course?"

Wiccan looks over at Vorpal, "Don't let Flash eat everything. I'm telling you, when he's in here, he's…just a slob. And has a gut. I tried to hide all the pork rinds though." He then glances at Zach, "Are you sure? I mean, it's ok…I don't really have any plans…" after all, his parents think he's back in Metropolis.

"It'll be fine, Wiccan." Keith goes over and gets back to the stir-fry, saving it just in the nick of time.

Ok, a lot of it is pretty dried out by now. But Flash isn't picky when he's hungry. "You go and have fun looking at books that hold the secrets to the universe!"

The grin widens. "It's up to you. My uncle is probably off doing some investigator things. And Zee….well I never really know what she's doing these days." Zachary shrugs and stretches a little. "We don't even have to read tons of books if you don't want to. You could just check it out."

There was stir fry? Billy looks over at Vorpal before he looks back to Zach again. "Uhh. All right. Sure, I guess." It's been a while since anyone's said to him, 'Hey, wanna come over and hang out at my house?' or anything similar. This time, though, magic libraries are involved. "I'm going to feel like Belle when she's shown the Beast's Library, aren't I?" A quick backpedal as he looks to Zachary, "You aren't a beast though."

"You won't know until you kiss him!" Keith says. Joking, of course. Which should be evident by the tone of his voice. "Get off your butt, Wiccan, and go! I'd join you, but I've got Stuff To Do(tm)."

Zachary chuckles softly. "Some of the servants are." He stands up and walks towards Billy regardless of his backpedaling. He slips an arm around Wiccan's waist before casting the spell. "Hopefully this works. One time I ended up half way across the world trying to get into this mansion." He raises a hand conjuring up a wand. "Ot eht Tesrcwodahs!" He exclaims and poof, they're gone.


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