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September 06, 2014: Zachary invites Wiccan to the Shadowcrest. Continuation of Days of Our Lives

Library in Shadowcrest

The mysterious library of the Zataras



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Having invited the reluctant Wiccan to the Shadowcrest from the Titans Tower, Zachary Zatara slips an arm around Wiccan's waist before casting the spell to get to his ancestral home. "Hopefully this works. One time I ended up half way across the world trying to get into this mansion." He raises a hand conjuring up a wand. "Ot eht Tesrcwodahs!" He exclaims and swirling smoke twirls around them and when it clears they would be in the creepy library of Shadowcrest.

Zachary clothing has magical changed too into something more casual. Now he's wearing a white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and dark jeans. "Here we are!" He says watching the expression on Wiccan's face.

Wiccan glares daggers at Vorpal at the mention of kissing, but then Zachary has his arm around his waist and then they're gone! He's still wearing his Wiccan costume even as he looks about at where they ended up. "How…did you do that?" It didn't feel like -his- kind of magic…

Zachary grins and then just shrugs. "I just say stuff backwards and things happen." He then looks around the library. "Help yourself to any of the books." He looks around the library. They're couches and chairs around the place for people to sit if they wanted to and Zachary sort of just plops himself down on one of them still watching Billy. "Do you want a drink or something?"

"Backwards…" Wiccan repeats before he steps in and looks around. "Wow…it really -is- like in 'Beauty and the Beast'! These are magic books?" No wonder he can't find any! They're all right here! Moving over to one of the shelves, he reaches out a hand but doesn't touch anything yet, "I can look at any of these?" As the other plops down, he straightens. "Oh. Uhm, sure…if you can even drink in here…you -live- here?"

Zachary leans back slightly. "Not in -here- of course, but in the mansion, yes." Looking around the huge library, he nods. "You should be able to look at most of these. I think my uncle keeps all of the restricted books in his room. Be gentle with them though." Smirking he adds. 'Who knows how old they are…and most of the books are magic related." Zachary lives in the ancient home, but to say that he spends most of his time here is going too far. "Skinrd!" He says and a tray of tea appears on a table near him.

Wiccan is torn between looking at the books and watching as Zach works his magic. "How…do you know how to say things backwards? I can barely say the alphabet backwards without a lot of thought." Tea service appears and he shakes his head. "It's incredible." Back to the books, "Where would I even start in here? Do you have any sections for Chaos magic?"

"A lot of practice. I have to know how, when I use magic in my job." Zach smiles warmly at Wiccan. "Sometimes I mess up, but overall I could go a whole day with just saying things backwards." Zachary ponders on the next question. "Probably. Is that how your magic works. It's chaos magic?"

"Your job? The performance stuff?" Vorpal mentioned it…"It's what they tell me my magic does. It just…to me, it's just I say something and it happens if I -really- want it to happen." He shrugs then, "So I guess that's what it is." Moving from the bookshelf, he actually moves over to the other with a hand outstretched, this time for shaking, "I'm Billy. I mean, you brought me here to show me all this, so the least I can do is properly introduce myself."

"Oh, you two were talking about me?" Zachary smiles joking and shakes Billy's hand. "I see….So that is how you managed to fix the tower." Zach stands from the couch and looks around at the bookshelves. "There should be some book here about chaos magic. It's not the type of magic the Zataras use so there probably not a lot of them."

"Yeah, a little." At the mention of the Tower, he nods…"Yeah, I guess not many people are use it. Or, enough have that people seem to think it's really bad. I mean, I guess I screwed up when I tried bringing the Tower back…and now I have to get rid of it again to fix things. Which sort of makes what I did a huge mistake. Nevermind that I -did- it. I did it wrong."

"You should stop worrying so hard. You did an amazing thing." Tracing his finger on the spine of the books, Zachary looks over his shoulder to Billy. "Do you have an idea to fix the side effects? Or are you going to have to bring down the Tower?"

Wiccan moves to lean on a shelf nearby, "I think I'm going to have to bring down the Tower. Put the energy back where it belongs. I guess I took it from somewhere I shouldn't have and it's messed things up. It's why stuff is weird inside the Tower and around it. Like…different versions of things. Of us. Sort of. I guess."

"Perhaps that's why I couldn't get back here earlier." Zachary grins at Wiccan while still searching for the right book. "Well, you still look just as adorable as you did back at the Tower so I assume this whole thing isn't affecting you very much?"

"Maybe," Billy offers apologetically. "Sorry about that. It's why the Flash was fat and lazy at the Tower too…and why Vorpal said sometimes his magic works strangely." His eyebrows then rise at the compliment and dark eyes blink at the other, "I do? I…thanks…I…uhm." All right then. "I don't know if I was affected. Maybe? Probably. I guess not physically though."

Zachary watches Billy for a moment until he continues looking at the books. He sighs realizing he has to be searching at the wrong place. "I'll just magic it later." Zach mutters to himself and then steps closer to Wiccan placing a hand on his shoulder. "What about the stuff in the tower? Vorpal seems to have personal things in there?"

Wiccan glances at the hand on his shoulder but doesn't shrug it off just yet. "The stuff in the Tower will go away too. I -know- Vorpal has stuff in there…stuff he should be able to keep. I was trying to figure out a way to keep that stuff even when the Tower came down, but then he came in and said that Gar found some…Faerie box that apparently would let him keep things even when the Tower went back to rubble. But…I don't know that it will." And he's pissed that Gar apparently just went out and got things while he was trying to think of a solution. "A lot of people have stuff that was destroyed in the attack. I don't know that I can keep all that around."

Zachary sighs and takes a step back returning to his seat. He leans forward a little. "So, Gar has a box that can supposedly get through your chaos magic? That seems risky." The young magician ponders. "Have you tried making magical copies of the items in there?"

Wiccan also moves from the bookshelves over to the other chair to sit. After a moment, he gives a wave of his hand, murmurs, "Changeofclothes" and he's dressed in 'civvies' — jeans and a Mickey-Cthulhu T-shirt. No more costume. It's just more comfortable that way. "The way it's been explained to me, magic is energy. Makes sense." He sits on another chair and begins to gesture with his hands as if that will help his explanation. "So, when you use magic, you pull energy from…somewhere. But you have to also put it back. If I magic permanent copies, then what energy am I putting back to replace what I took?"

Zachary just blinks for a moment. He's never really thought of magic that way. "Is that really how it works?" He runs a hand through his black hair and leans back. "There would be something missing and the copies would go with the Tower. What ever happened to the old Tower? Did you send to the place where you took the new one."

Wiccan shrugs, "That's how it was explained to me. It makes sense, really," and it's been causing him to think. A lot. "The Tower was blown up. I tried to make it as if the attack never happened. But I guess that brought in a -different- Tower…one from another place, where things are just a ittle different. I don't know that it went anywhere…it was never destroyed now. But…I messed with reality."

"So you stole the Tower from a different dimension or whatever and now everything is weird. I would suggest swapping the Towers instead of taking one, but that would likely cause problems no doubt." Zachary just sits there thinking. The young magician doesn't really know what to make of all this. "I guess the Tower must come down then."

"Well, no…not really," Billy tries to explain, "I…made it so that the attack never happened to the Tower. But it -did-…so I guess maybe I brought it in from some other Reality, but I don't know. Or, in making the attack never happen, I changed -this- Reality…around the Tower. There wasn't any swapping."

"Okay…So since your magic doesn't go back in time instead it changed reality or something like that." Zachary says hoping he's gotten /something/ right. "Wow. I didn't know I'd be the one learning when I invited you here."

Wiccan winces a little, "I…-think- so? I'm still pretty new to all this. I mean, I would just say 'ThisWillHappen' and it did. I didn't know how or why, but if I wanted it to be, it was. I'm trying to learn more since apparently it's…tricky magic." That's sort of the best way he can put it. "I don't know if I'm doing a good job of explaining, but I need to put Reality back. Which means bringing the Tower down."

"Guess that's why they call it /chaos/ magic." The Zatara manages a small smile. "Regardless of your decision, I'm behind you on it. If the Tower goes down then so be it."

"Maybe," Billy shrugs again. "All I know is that some people think it's horrible and will lead only to destruction. But Chaos isn't necessarily -bad-, right? I'm -trying- to do good with it." The support actually gets him to smile, "Thanks. That's really nice of you to say."

Zachary sits up a little. "It isn't. Chaos is just a bit messy….and unpredictable. Some people just don't realize all the good that could done with your magic."

"Chaos is…chaos. It's only messy because someone decided that there is such thing as 'order'. It's like…some people have messy rooms and some don't. Neither are -bad-…unless the messy room is also very dirty." Billy sighs and leans back in the chair, "I guess I just need to learn more about it so I don't…screw everything up every time I try to use the magic."

Zachary smiles at Billy. "I promise I'll find you a book in here about chaos magic." Zachary glances around the vast library. "There's something else I wanted to talk to you about. Technically I am not part of the Titans and both Vorpal and Zatanna say I should join. But I don't want to, if you're not okay with it. I understand there are a lot of magic users already there and I don't want you to feel replaced." Zachary says watching Wiccan.

Wiccan looks over at the shelves upon shelves of books, "It you can't…well…it's just fitting, right? If Chaos magic is so chaotic…can people really ever study it?" At the mention of wanting to talk to him, he looks back at the other and blinks. A little breath is let out at the statement but he gives a wave of his hand, "It's not really my decision. I mean, I'm not really all that upset over it all right now. I mean…it is what it is. I'm in college…I'm trying to do lots of things and might not be available all the time. The fight earlier just pissed me off."

Zachary nods and smiles. "Thanks." He stands up and yawns a little. "Emit rof deb!" He exclaims causing his clothing to change. He's now in long pajama pants and left bare chested. "Well, I think I'm off to bed. When you're ready to leave just walk out the front door and you'll be back at the Tower. Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?"

Wiccan gives a start when Zachary stands up and suddenly changes into pajamas. In front of him. Sure, it's magic, but it's still unexpected. He also stands and glances to the door of the Library, "Which way is the Front Door? Thanks for sharing the library with me and chatting. It was really very generous of you." He looks about again, "I should probably get back to Campus too…" as for talking, "I'm good, but…uhh…" he digs into a pocket and pulls out a receipt and a pen. "Here's my cell if you want to chat…"

Zachary takes the offered piece of paper and smiles warmly. "Thank you as well." Walking out of the library, Zachary gestures for Billy to follow, leading him out of the estate and back to the Tower. "Sweet dreams, Billy."

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