A New Assignment

September 6, 2014: Carol Danvers gives Clark Kent a new assignment.

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Alien generals in the morning, paperwork in the afternoon. Now that the change in business is official and announced, Carol's settled into her office. There are even pictures and the like on the walls, along with a few medals. The absolutely ordinary kind that come from being an extraordinary soldier, rather than the sort of things that come from being a costumed hero. "Hey, send Kent in, please?" she says through the intercom system to the secretary outside, pushing up from her desk and stretching as she walks around the office.

Not long later, Clark Kent comes shuffling in through the office. He seems different somehow. The suit is a bit more modern, a dark blue/light blue ensemble with matching tie. It appears to fit, remarkably. And though his hair is still sort of long, it's parted. The glasses are still the glasses, but is he wearing aftershave?

"Hello, Miss Danvers," Clark says as he shuts the door behind him. "What can I do for you?"

Carol turns as the door opens, arching a brow when Clark comes in. "You can tell me what you did with my aww shucks kid reporter," she replies with a wry smile, moving to sit on the edge of the desk. "You look good, Kent. The suit's a nice touch." Crossing her arms loosely over her chest, she takes a moment to choose her words. "So, it turns out the higher ups really like your Bialya piece. Not only was it solid reporting, but it generated even more publicity, given the targets."

Clark stops on his way to the seat as Carol begins talking. He shrugs his shoulders a bit and smiles, "I just went shopping, to be honest. I was going to let you know today that I sold the rights to my book." He doesn't take a seat—it wasn't offered, but he raises his eyebrows at the comment, "Well I'm glad it was well received. I worked really hard on it. I hope it gets people thinking about what's important in the world."

"Well. I wouldn't think quite that big," Carol says ruefully, holding a hand near her mouth. "Given the edict from on high, I'm pretty sure it was the fallout that was more interesting to some people than the article. I've got an email from my bosses," she explains, leaning back to glance at her computer screen. "Saying they'd like to see more like it. Only focusing on some of the other high-profile, charisma-run companies. LexCorp, Wayne Industries, those sorts of places."

"Well, I'm a bit afraid I can't say much about Wayne Industries. I've investigated Bruce Wayneback a couple of years agoand I think he's pretty clean. To be honest I think it's great. Now, LexCorp…" Clark's voice trails. "I've had trouble finding anything that will stick. But I'm interested in going after it, for sure."

"They're looking for a series," Carol shrugs, straightening back again. "But if you want to start with LexCorp, then start with LexCorp. Keep building some momentum. Then you can shake things up a bit with the happier pieces on the folks who aren't raging assholes, sure, but we're looking at a whole series."

"Sort of a Clark Kent taking on Corporate America, sounds like," Clark responds. He shrugs his shoulders, "It sounds great, I'll start today."

"Excellent," Carol says with a flash of a smile. "Glad to hear it. Let me know if you need any back up from the research pool, yeah?" she adds, pushing off the desk. "And for what it's worth, I like the suit. A couple more and you'll start looking like you're a reporter here instead of an intern."

"Golly, thanks Miss Danvers," Clark says, his smile widening just a tad. "Of course, people are more interested in my words than in how I dress. But I'm glad you noticed." He does not mention that Alison Swanson, the newest intern, was wearing flip flops the other day. "How is your adaptation coming along?" Clark asks, trying to be conversational.

"Oh, honey." Carol smiles ruefully, shaking her head. "They should be more interested in your words, but they'll be looking at the rest of you, too. That's just the way it is. Use it." She paces through the office, leaning her shoulder against one of the windows as she looks out into the street. "It's all right. Lot of desk work, though. And a lot more paperwork and organizing than actual writing."

"I imagine you miss the writing. That's probably why you got into it in the first place, right?" Clark says. "Perry had this job for a lot of years before he moved up to the Editor in Chief. I know he seems gruff, but he's a really nice guy. I bet he'd really be willing to help you out. I know he helped me out a lot when I moved here."

Carol laughs softly, shaking her head. "I'm not real big on asking for help, Kent," she admits. "I've always been more of a fix it myself sort of person. I'll work it out here. Just need to make sure I'm in the game, you know?"

Clark nods, "I understand." He goes silent for a bit, sensing there's more going on here but not knowing quite what. He gets the feeling she's someone who puts on for company. It's probably none of his business. "Well, I'll get started right away. A group of us are headed to Ned's after work if you're interested. Not sure if you fraternize with the staff."

"Does Ned's serve drinks?" Carol asks with an arch of her brow, looking back from the window. "Because I could get behind that sort of thing."

"He does," Clark says, pushing his glasses up on his nose and shifting awkwardly. "In fact I think he serves quite a few varities, Miss Danvers."

"Then you can count me in," Carol nods, smile curving at his last address. "As long as you don't call me Miss Danvers. Jesus, you'd think I was a fifty year-old schoolteacher."

"Sorry, C…uh, Carol," Clark says with a stutter that shows he doesn't feel quite comfortable with the idea of using her first name. Perhaps it seems disrespectful to him. "5 pm? We'll meet everyone down out front. I'll talk to Steve, Lois, Jimmy and the others and try and get an idea for sure who will all be there."

"Sure, sounds like a plan," Carol replies, nodding with a salute that…Well, it's supposed to be mocking, but she can't quite get the real Air Force snap out of it. And that…might be a familiar gesture.

Clark doubletakes, unsure of what to say. He notices someth…nah. That's crazy. He pushes the thought from his mind, "Okay great. Is there anything else Miss, …Carol?"

"Nope, that'll do it. I look forward to seeing the first draft," Carol says with a swift smile. Granted, she's interested in the first draft on LexCorp for more than one reason, but she'll take it.

"Sounds great, Carol. Thanks." Clark turns to walk out the door, eager to get to work on his new mission.

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