Nesting Instinct

September 6, 2014: Mike, Nancy and the Nesters show up to help Roberto clear the wreckage out of his home.

Da Costa Penthouse

A grand penthouse with a largely open floor plan and minimalist architecture, this home is designed to rely as much as possible on natural light. Tall plate-glass windows dominate every exterior wall. The furnishings are modern and chic, and pale hardwoods and white dominate the color scheme. The decor is less refined, with framed movie posters and Brasilian futebol memorabilia giving a sense of the occupant's interests. There's a high-end entertainment center, a sprawling kitchen, a wide patio with a hot tub, and every other imaginable amenity.



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Roberto spent Friday working. There was a lot to get done; debriefs with SHIELD, apology gifts to send to the Titans, contractors to hire — not to mention the day-to-day operations of both Da Costa North and X-men: Red. He spent Friday night in one of the apartments off the Red Team's headquarters. So it isn't until Saturday that he really has to confront what happened to his home. Looking dazed, the Brazilian wanders past piles of fallen construction that provide the only decor in the empty space: almost everything else was vaporized. Half a dozen windows are shattered, and a couple of very large holes have been blasted in the walls. There are also ten-foot scorch marks scattered around the area, from Siena Blaze's teleporting frenzy. The contractors have the weekend off, of course, so for the moment, he's alone with the rubble.


Not alone for long though. There is a call from the lobby, claiming that Nancy O'Neal is here with a crew of volunteers. Something about a Nest? The doorman sounds very confused. Overheard on the phone is Nancy yelling at someone named Jason. "I swear, I will gag you if you try that again, Jason!"


The damage to the hq downstairs from the repeated EMP-induced power flashes was enough that Mike was here all day Friday. The computers were properly caged and isolated so they took nearly no damage. However, they did shut down, and that meant bringing them back online separately from the building computers. The building itself has been a bit unhappy, since it's one of those high-tech self-adjusting kinds of building with the adjustment for wind and vibration, necessary for nearly anything as tall as this one is.

"Computers and HQ are back online and fully operational," Mike says, walking up the side of the building from the downstairs parking to the upstairs parking/patio.


"Great work, Mike! Matter of fact, I just got an intercom call," Roberto says, amused, as his reverie is interrupted. He strides across the room to the little speaker — this takes even less time than usual, with the space so empty — and tells security to let the group upstairs.

After a second's thought, he also calls downstairs to his chef. "Mariana, do you think you could put together some sandwiches? Nothing fancy, but I think some friends are coming over to help clean up the penthouse. Obrigado."

He glances over at Mike and asks, "So, we'll be up and running for real next week? Good to hear. Remind me to throw my next party on a Friday, just in case we go down for a while again from the inevitable supervillain attack."


The crowd that comes out of the elevator is… well, it's the Nesters. Not all of them, but a hefty amount. The twins walk hand in hand over to the computers and smile at Mike, talking to him at a level that sort of goes over everyone else's head, while Nancy comes over to give Roberto a hug. "Okay, so, I was scolded for not bringing them along with me to the awesome party, so I brought them for the clean up party."

A bunch of them just get straight to work, sweeping or lifting large rubble over to the bins they brought. The one known as Jason saunters over to Roberto and grins. "Hey! Good to see you again. So, when are you going to hire me to be your number one sales guy, cause I can totally make that happen for ya."

Nancy lolls her head to one side, canting a hip. "You do know that doesn't work when I'm standing right here, right?"

Jason shrugs with a smirk. "Can't blame a guy for trying."


"The HQ is up and running right now. Most of the damage was to electronics, which I've fixed. Your place here … will take a bit longer," Mike says to Sunspot, looking around them at the tragic, terrible wreckage. There really SHOULD be a group that could come and super-fast fix up the damage from super-fights.

He looks at Jason. "Yeah, we can, though. Still interested in that sonic jammer?"

Meanwhile, Mike starts a conversation with the twins, and it does quickly get into the realms of particle physics.


Roberto embraces Nancy for a long moment. He's not going to launch into some sort of emotional episode, lord knows, but he's also not going to pretend that he couldn't really use a hug right now. After releasing her, he actually smiles over at Jason. "Eh, sales? That'd be too easy for you, and too much of a shortcut for me." He holds up a single finger and continues, "Talking that publicity whore DJ Crimson Typhoon into not telling the papers that he triple-handedly fought off the Upstarts by himself? Now we're talking."

He turns and smiles over at Mike, about to thank him again for his efforts, but realizes that he doesn't even the technical expertise to identify a convenient moment to break in on the conversation. Instead, he turns back to Nancy and says, "Too bad we don't have our merchandising-funded superbattle reconstruction fund going yet."


Nancy keeps Roberto close, so he can have all the hugs he needs. Jason laughs when told what he can do for Roberto and smiles from ear to ear. He does love excuses to abuse his power. "Now, that I can do. If Nan here will let me have a talk with the man, I'll have him telling instead how wonderful you all were for saving his life." Nancy grins and waves a hand. "Go on, be useful. Keep your phone on you, take Becky with you, and get back before we leave." Jason cheers, grabs Becky's hand and doesn't need to be told twice.

"We're starting to give the Nesters that want it some more freedom. Four will be starting schooling in the next semester. I couldn't get the paperwork done to fit them in this one." The rest of the nesters are joking and laughing as they clean up, while Ella and Emma are going from particle physics to the Pauli Exclusion Principle.


Mike seems to be holding out against the idea that psionics operate through any known bosons or fermions, and possibly don't even fit the standard model, suggesting a completely different kind of mechanism. The discussion is abstract because Mike is using what little data he's gotten off his own studies while attempting to detect psi fields.


"Nice," Roberto tells Nancy with a grin. "Both that they're recovering that quickly, and that they still get to have a semester off. And you know that if any of them have work experience in the right fields, I'll be happy to look into getting them jobs at DCI. It's mostly blue collar, but there's a good bit of IT and admin stuff as well."

He squints over at Mike and the twins, then leans toward Nancy. "Suddenly I wish Doug were here. Do they do that often?"


The twins grin simultaneously as the talk turns to psionics and the possible ways that it can be explained scientifically. When the two of them talk, it is almost as if they are one person, sometimes talking in tandem and other times just finishing each others sentences. It can be a little disconcerting. They come with all sorts of suggestions for further testing.

"I was hoping you would say that, Bobby. A part of the Nest is all about re-integration into society. Letting them leave the nest, as it were. So, I would love to get them work with you if and when their skill sets seem to fit."

Nancy looks over at Mike and the twins, shaking her head with awe and amazement. "Notice how they are holding hands? They are only this smart when they are touching. Otherwise… they sorta… heavy autism. No talking, no interaction. They just stare into space. Needless to say, they don't like not touching now that they've discovered this."


The discussion is apparently important to the twins because it has something to do with their desire to be able to be alone sometimes. Mike's trick of simultaneously 'being in' multiple focal points (even though it's tiny bits of him) is interesting for them as a way to be able to stay in touch without being joined at the wrists.

Mike is now explaining what happens when he perceives metal, and how it feels different to him when he is embedding in it than when he is simply talking to it.


"Sort of like the Nazi twins from the other night?" Roberto asks, raising an eyebrow and glancing at Emma and Ella's clasped hands. "I mean, obviously minus the racism and the property destruction and the creepy incestuous overtones." He winces upward, then gives Nan a sheepish smile. "Actually, forget I made that comparison. Maybe I was hit on the head harder than I thought."

Quick to turn to a different topic, he says, "Send over the résumés of anyone who is looking for a job and I'll see if I can match them with any openings. It shouldn't be tough to get our recruiters to prioritize your people. And if they don't have work experience, just give me a description of their skills. We've got plenty of entry-level positions that beat the hell out of the service industry."


The twins are incredibly animated now as they talk to Mike. Yes, this research is indeed interesting and Mike has their complete attention as they talk about the physics of it all. Nancy watches and just shakes her head. "Yeah, I think if we wanted to understand any of that, we'd need a Doug. Or maybe a Cold Bobby. I don't understand half the stuff he talks to me about either."

Nancy picks up a chunk of… well, it might have been a table. At one time. And starts helping out the others as she continues to talk to Roberto. "I know what you meant. They are twins and their power is connected, just like the pair from the other night. But that's where the similarities stop. I got it. Not offended." She gets out a pair of workgloves from her back pocket. "I'll do that. We'll discuss it over dinner tonight. Some might just want some part time as they wait for school."


Mike has put together a little device and he and the twins are now doing mad science in the rubble of 'Berto's penthouse apartment. That might've been a telephone he's just turned into a test device for his theory. It will take a while to calibrate to the twins though.


"It's kinda nice, having a science team I can just throw at that sort of thing," Berto says with a smirk. "Any time someone comes at me with too many syllables, I just ring up someone from the science squad and have them deal with it." He helps Nancy move rubble, but forgoes the gloves: sheathing himself in his shadowy form gives him decent enough protection. It does make him look a little less friendly, however, so he drops it whenever he's not lifting anything heavy. "How about you? Plans for this coming semester?"


The twins smile at Mike in tandem as the three work on the device. While they have the mental acumen for the invention they are coming up with, the actual physical skills to make those thoughts are a reality are lacking. It doesn't help that they only have one set of hands between them. So, Mike is doing most of the assembly work while the girls find things among the rubble that would be useful. Luckily, that coffeepot wasn't going to be salvageable anyway.

"Yeah, having Bobby around comes in handy for the stuff that goes over my head, which is a lot of stuff, so it's good he's around so often." More of the rubble is discarded into the bins. Kent showing off by throwing his rubble from unreasonable angles and watching it bounce in Rube Goldberg style to always land in the bin. "Me? Well, I have my last year at Juilliard. Then I have my degree in music. Then it's back to school for social care. I've decided I'm going to be a social worker. Make things like the Nest my life's work. I'll still have my music, but my music was always … I couldn't care less if other people hear me play or not, so long as *I* can play. But this? The Nest? Helping people to help themselves? It feels good. It feels right. I never thought I would be in this situation, but I really kinda like it."


'Berto drops out of Sunspot form as he drops a chunk of masonry into the bin, and flashes Nancy a broad grin. "Funny how life surprises you like that. I'm glad you've found something that you care that much about." He gives her a light shrug of his shoulders underneath his snug t-shirt. "Still, I'd like to hear you play sometime, if it's not too much to ask." Then he glances downward for a second before looking up again, looking like he's chiding himself. "Then again, I think it's me who owes you one. Or one dozen. Thanks for bringing everybody around to help. It's a hell of a lot better than picking through the wreckage all on my own. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? You can't be feeling great after that smoky creep grabbed you."


"Don't get me wrong. When I'm playing my cello… " Se closes her eyes and a look of utter bliss crosses her face. "I feel… it's like… I .. I can't explain. But I don't actually need a degree to do that. I just need me and my cello. And I'm never giving that up. I mean, the fact that someone was willing to pay me to do something that made me feel that good, sorta felt like I was doing something wrong. Yanno?"

She laughs as she works on cleaning up the large shards of glass, since she has the gloves. "I would love to play for you sometime. Bobby and I are doing music night once a week at the Nest. We all play whatever instruments we have, sing and just have fun. You can join us any time. It's on Mondays." She waves a gloved hand in dismissal. "You don't owe me anything. This is what the Nest is about, right? Helping each other. Putting your blood, sweat and tears into making the world a little nicer for all of us. I might not be an X-Man, but I still believe in Xavier's dream."

The subject of the smoky creep is not mentioned.


Roberto smiles as Nancy describes playing her cello. There's something undeniably charming about someone discussing something they're truly passionate about. If he were in a particularly honest mood, he would admit that that's why he makes cracks about the scientific discussions that so often fly over his head; he would like to be able to share in their enthusiasm.

Alas, he'll just have to listen to Nancy talk about music instead. Woe is he. The Brazilian reaches out to squeeze her shoulder affectionately.

"Well, if you're ever looking for a social work position, you let me know," he says with a supportive smile. "I mean, between the Nest and your studies, I guess you won't need any more hobbies for quite some time. But you're welcome in the outreach wing of Red Team if you ever need a new job."


Nancy leans against Roberto as he gets close. For someone that used to claim she hated people, she has certainly done a total 180. Illyana was right, it was all just a defense mechanism. "Well, I have a job with the Nest for at least the next five years. Longer if the Maria Stark Foundation likes my work and gives me another grant. But, I do like the idea of us working together to get the Nesters out into the work force."

Nancy stops to look over the mess. With a dozen people here, the work has gone remarkably fast and there is already noticeable improvement. "So, other then throwing great parties that turn into a fighting frenzy, what else have you been up to, sunshine?"


Roberto snorts. "Like I need more to occupy my time?" he asks, flashing her a teasing grin. "You don't have a monopoly on overextending yourself, moça. But I suppose our next big project is to deal with this Shift problem — get a task force together, trace the stuff to its roots, just like the others are doing with the HYDRA virus."

It's a sobering line of thought, but as he glances around, he can't help finding himself pleased at the Nesters' progress. In another few minutes, it will just be a matter of getting the contractors in to fix the walls and windows and then going on a furniture shopping spree. Speaking of which…

"Do you like shopping?" he asks. "I'm okay with gadgets and clothes sometimes, but furniture is a little beyond me. I might need a little help."


Nancy arches a brow. "Mocha? You're calling me coffee now? Not that I don't think mochas are awesome, but I'm more of a steamed milk sorta color. You're more mocha then I am," she teases. She grows serious and nods. "That Smooth stuff is bad news. It's getting worse out there. I have warned the Nesters away from M-Town right now. They don't need the temptation. Or the risk."

Nancy has to laugh. "Okay, a super rich hottie is offering to take me shopping. And I'm pretty sure I can con him into buying me a couple new pairs of shoes as thanks. Oh yeah! I'm there!'


"I'm not calling you 'milk,'" Roberto says with a laugh. "I'll feel ridiculous. I may have some goofy Portuguese nicknames for my friends, but that would take the cake. Moça just means 'girl,' basically, but without calling you a child." He shrugs and smiles. "I guess I can just call you 'Nan,' but where's the creativity in that?"

He laughs at her description of the shopping trip. "Shoes, huh? Sure thing. You'll probably wear out the ones you bring trying to find enough stuff to fill my apartment anyway," he answers with a wink. "But we'll get you some that will make all of the other cellists jealous. You pick, I'll pay."


Nancy smiles and starts to take off her gloves. The work is just about done. Many hands make light work and all that. "So, pizza party? I could call and get about a dozen or so delivered? And I like the name Moca. It's better then being called Nyan Cat."

She slips her arm around Berto as she makes the call. "You know, if I was single, I would so be all over you. I could use me a hot sugar daddy."


"No need," Roberto tells Nancy as the elevator pings. "Well, not for pizza, anyway." A matronly woman with black hair in a loose bun and skin just a few shades lighter than Roberto's steps off the lift, carrying a tray piled with sandwiches. "I called for lunch when I heard you guys were coming up. It's really the least I could do. Mariana, this is Nancy, Ella, Emma…" He goes around the group, introducing people. As usual, he's got an unerring instinct for pairing names with faces.

The chef sets the sandwiches down and grabs one for herself. "The house looks much better," Mariana tells Roberto. "Your friends are hard workers." She gives them an approving smile.

"If you were single, I suspect there would be a line to take you out," Roberto tells Nancy once they have food and have split off from the group a little. "But I would have no objections to punting anyone ahead of me into the next zip code. Cold twin is lucky I like him." He flashes a roguish smile.


Billie comes over and thanks Mariana for the group, speaking in perfect (if beginner) Portuguese. "Billie, when did you pick that up?" asks Nancy. Billie laughs and shrugs her shoulders. "I've been studying Portuguese on DuoLingo for the last couple of weeks. Good timing, huh?"

The Nesters all follow suit with their thanks as they grab food.

As Nancy sits away from the others to have a quiet conversation, she smirks. "Please, when I was stuck in the X-Mansion, Cold twin was the only one who showed any interest. Mind you, I had a serious crush on Hank. Maybe that was scaring off potential hotties." She leans against Roberto. "I'm glad you like him. You guys make a great team. You're doing amazing things together."

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