Poison Pigeons in the Park

September 6, 2014: A most unlikely information source meets the Last Son of Krypton regarding an interplanetary criminal (visionary)

Oaktown Community Park, Bakerline

Bakerline is a primarily a middle-class housing community consisting of three
districts known as Lafayette, Oaktown, and Hamstead.

Spread across these three districts are homes that show what Metropolis was
before it became the large bustling and shining city. Small businesses do not
exceed more then three to four stories in height, most ground levels turned
into 'mom and pop' storefronts while they lease the areas above out to
tenants or reside there themselves. Like any older neighborhoods the middle
class can vary to that of lower, the old housing nearly appearing derelict if
not abandoned completely, but despite that appearance there is still the
bustling of life as block parties are hosted by the communities within
communities, residing closely and not just by the separation of walls - most
of these people have grown up together for generations and enjoyed the peace
they have from the bustling borough of New Troy.



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After a recent encounter with an exceptionally powered being, a certain avianoid was unnerved enough to utilize extremely subtle and backdoor means to contact the Last Son of Krypton. Of course, the distinction was lost on Corvinus, and the very brief exchange went more along the lines of "Think someone's stealing your gig, Superman" versus "Oh dear god, it's Zod!"

The symbols… are similar and rather distinctive.

The bird-thing also noted that there was a nice park over in Bakerline, that his partner had a day off, and that they were going to be going on a 'picnic'.

A picture of a casually dressed Jim Reha was used in a file attachment in the communication arranging the meet.

It's a decent enough day in Bakerline, on the weekend, and the indicated fellow is indeed sitting at a picnic table with a basket nearby.


Superman descends from the clouds, appearing in a long shadow before he begins to descend into a landing. His red boots pad softly onto the grass as he looks to Jim and gives him a serious nod. "I got your message," Superman says soberly. "What's this about?"


The man reaches into the picnic basket and pulls out a notepad with a rather well-sketched symbol that looks more like a 'Z' of the Kryptonian language, rather than some stylized 'S', along with a couple of bottles of water.

The portly fellow holds up the notepad so the paragon of two worlds can see it.

"A few nights back, my partner was out joy-flying and you know how he can get, what with jet intakes and all. He heard an alarm going off over on Gotham's East Side. Building was a shell, inside was some sort of high-tech lab, had guards in it, and scientists. He took the stealthy way in through the roof, rather than through the door that somebody had left finger-grip marks on, found a guy wearing this symbol in the secure area demanding obedience from a bunch of scientists."


Superman takes the sketch and frowns almost immediately. Gone is the soft and cheery persona seen in news reports and after stories of found kittens. Instead his features go dark. "I recognize this insignia. Thank you for bringing it to me. Do you happen to know who the scientists were?"


When Superman's look gets serious, babies start crying, the skies rain with blood, and things get bad. That's more of a figurative expression than a literal one, but it's enough to leave the heavyset fellow a bit shaken for a moment.

"That… I don't. When he left he… kissed the partner and… well, destroyed any sort of obvious evidence of what their affiliation was? It was kind of weird, and the partner has a slight memory gap that it is trying to rebuild. It isn't happy about this, but given your expression, sir, I'm willin' t' bet that that's a shared feeling?"


"It is."

"A kiss?" The thought seems to catch Superman after the fact. "Wait, are you saying that General Zod /kissed/ your partner?" Superman's eyebrow raises at the weirdness of the apparent transaction.


"I'm not sayin' any names, never know who or what might be listening, if you know what I mean?"

The guy starts nodding VERY vigorously to affirm the name-drop.

"I know, right? I guess the partner has been working on some upgrades lately so it didn't fully do whatever it was supposed to do? I don't think the guy was trying to make any sort of move on the partner.. it was more mechanical than that, more… like some sort of process or procedure? It'd almost be like someone… Yeah. It'd be like saluting a flag or something like that. Military precision. No emotion, no context behind it."


"I've heard the man was a psychopath. Seems like he's a pretty odd duck as well. In any event I'm not sure how he's gotten out, gotten here." Superman purses his lips thinking. "Where was the warehouse where your partner found Zod?"


"East End, over in Gotham. Over by Alleytown. Building had a huge vault door in it, we're talking like a cross between the NORAD door and a bank vault. I mean, it's Gotham, sure, but the inside was state of the art and kinda shiny. Tons of guards in there, all knocked out. Partner was in a bit of a tight spot, but was trying to help out. Tried to persuade this guy to let the scientists go home to their families since he was so powerful and all. I… think this guy actually took the scientists to their families because he was kind of fast?"

The portly fellow squirms a bit as he tries to put other information together. It was a good presentation before the darkening of Superman, honest.

"He also said something about the scientists being held against their will, but that one was hard to figure out, and honestly, the partner was trying not to get smushed."


"I understand. Thank you for this information. You're right in looking for some outside help—it's extremely serious. I'll begin working on it right away. Zod is not someone who should be taken lightly." Superman gives an exhale, figuring out what's before him. "Is there anything else you can think of that might be important?"


"This guy, he wants to build a new noble element, he's about six and a half feet tall, grey haired, definite general type, wanted folks to kiss his ring, and was at least willing to consider 'pay' and 'lodging'. He gave the impression that it was going to be a long sort of journey, perhaps off-planet somehow though that's just a guess?"

Jim is a bit more nervous now.

"If I can think of anything else, is there a better way to contact you without all the cloak 'n' dagger? This stuff ain't doing wonders for my health, if you know what I mean?"


"A new noble element?" Superman ponders for a moment. "Either he wants to create new coloring for lights, or maybe he wants to create a harmful gas to hurt humans. He's a criminal of the highest concern. I recommend you tell your partner to be wary should he run into him again."


The man shakes his head and writes down the word 'Krypton' on a blank page of the notebook, holding it up. And he thought he was bad at this sort of thing.

"Somehow the partner managed to earn this guy's light respect with word-fu. I don't understand half of what it was saying, it's all beyond me, and I'd really honest-to-GOD rather not have the partner run into him again. Because that was downright terrifying."


Superman nods, "To contact me again, you only need to call the SRD. They will be aware of our conversation and they will be able to patch you through to me. As for now, I must get started on this right away."


"Thank you very much for your time, sir, on behalf of both Jet-Engine Intake Boy and myself."

The fellow stands up and offers a proper salute.

"Hope you catch this guy. I totally believe you on the criminal of the highest concern part."


Superman nods and shakes Jim's hand if offered. He kneels down to the ground and in a sharp movement upward he vaults himself up into the sky, waiting until he clears the skyline to 'hit the afterburners' so to speak.


Jim totally shakes that hand, then the partner takes notes for potentially increasing its flight capability in the future. He watches the blur fade off out of sight before sitting back down and eating his lunch. After all, he IS on a picnic, right?

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