Battle of the Archers: The Lunar Arrow

September 7, 2014: Team Hawkeye catches up with Green Arrow in Seattle. But will the arrival of an Old Friend help even the score?

Auxiliary Arrow Cave, Seattle

One of Green Arrow's backup safehouses. Located in a garage in Seattle.



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Seattle. Alleged birthplace of horrible grunge music. Lousy with both greedy corporate entities and anti-corporate hippies. It's currently the location of one of Queen Consolidated's biggest office complexes, and the location of one of Green Arrow's safehouses.

Which is why Green Arrow is sitting alone in a garage. It's taken him nearly twenty four hours to make his way all the way across the country, doing his best to shake whatever tails he would inevitably pick up after pulling a stunt like his last mission. He is still dressed in his gear, albeit with one of his boots removed and his pant leg pulled up to the knee.

"D. Remind me to buy better anesthetics. I'm saving the world from itself, I deserve a bit of morphine when I've been shot through the leg." Whoever he's talking to, he isn't in the garage with him. "No. No. Stay where you are and lay low. I should be able to get this sucker pulled out myself, as long as I don't chicken out or pass out when I see my own blood." He jokes, but it's very unlikely he'll do either of those things, as his latex-gloved hands are already digging around in the bleeding hole left in his calf.

"What kind of asshole puts barbs like these on an arrowhead? That's just… medieval. I thought I was the one with the Robin Hood fixation."


Clint Barton, Field Agent of SHIELD doesn't need fancy, high-tech equipment to do his job, even if the boys in R&D are almost his drinking buddies. Almost. He's the one with the ideas as they come to him in the field, and after a requisition or three, they're set upon the ends of the shafting, ready to be used. This last one was a breakaway tracking device, and he's got a failsafe in that the signals are not only caught by his receiver, but they're also on a frequency scan at 'work', which means should he lose the track in the field, the boys in the telemetry room will have it with a couple of touches of a button.

Trick is to find a ride that'll let him track easily. That is remarkably easily remedied by a little Cessna. Not very impressive, to say the least, but anything larger will be a touch of overkill. So, after giving their quarry the early run, Barton's on the airstrip, and the aircraft is gassed and ready.

Jump the day, and the aircraft is happily parked, fueled, and a car is rented- under Kate's name, equipment in the backseat.


Given the choice, Kate would probably rent something a little more fun than the standard Camry the rental company provided, but if they're tracking someone, an unremarkable car probably makes more sense. Even if it's boring. "So, I should learn how to fly," she informs Barton as she drives. "You can fly. And if I could fly, then picking you up from the middle of the ocean would be way, way easier. That's reasonable, right?" Since they're actually out on a job, she's pulled out her own, dear uniform in dark purple and black leather, a little bit more at home than she has been lately.


While tracking down Oliver Queen was one thing, and easily enough to be done, there was one thing that nagged at Roy Harper, and that was that while the Wall had assigned him to 'get close' to Ollie, he had no -actual- evidence with his own eyes that the 'archer' that was taking on various corporation studios and doing his vigilante acts -was- the same Oliver Queen.

Now that he'd been paying closer attention, it was easier to tell what was the 'Arrow's activity and what was Shadowspire's, and tracking down the Arrow's largest cluster of activity to being around Oliver Queen's usual stomping grounds made it easier.

"Oh, Ollie, you'll never change," Roy mutters, as he approaches the safehouse. He'd known of it from years past, and while he had his Checkmate spandex uniform on, mostly as part of official business, he had to see this with his own eye. He'd thought Ollie had cooled things down for a while, but it seemed like he was back with a vengeance.

When the door keyed in rattles and unlock, the sound of the door opening might cue Ollie in on who was entering. Still, that the voice that calls out as the door closes is entirely too familiar, if not heard from in a few years…

"Hey, Ollie. You here, or do I have to check the next safehouse?" Roy calls out, trenchcoat swishing in the air as he moves in carefully and cautiously, uncertain of what reception he might get.


"Just… a little… more…. HA!" The arrowhead finally gets pulled free, audibly ripping through some sinew and skin as Oliver tugs it out of the hole that used to be full of leg meat. Now the hole is mostly full of blood, which is spraying quite freely around the room.

"Guess I'm getting another addition to my collection of sexy scars. If I don't end up bleeding to death first." He at least seems to be taking the entire thing with a certain amount of gallows humor, as he frantically tries to put pressure on the wound. It mostly just makes the blood spurt through his fingers. But just when he should be scrambling to get himself sewed up, the security of his safehouse is compromised.

"Speedy? Is that you over there? I'd ask what you were doing in Seattle, but I think the answer can wait until after you grab one of my Gel Arrows and stab me in the leg with it."

The puddle on the floor beneath him is growing steadily, Ollie really should have rethought the whole 'perform surgery on myself' idea.


"I wanted something quicker too, but they ran your license, and," Hawkeye shrugs lightly before he looks over to give her a smug, tight-lipped smile. Immediately after, Clint's looking forward again, keeping an eye both on traffic and the tracker.

While Kate is dressed in her dark purple leathers, Barton's got his black leather vest on, leather pants.. boots. Sadly, no sun so the sunglasses are stowed. In hand, he's got a portable tracker, and all it takes is a 'follow the bouncing beep'. Nothing like having the clearance for satellite feeds- mind, he's probably not asked for the authorization, but when has that stopped him?

"If you want flying lessons, I suppose we can get you an instructor. I'm not unless I want to take a test, and, well… we all know how well I do on those." Pencils are fussed with and more often than not, are stuck quite deeply into ceilings, sheetrock, and in some cases, the occasional bit of fruit.

Within a mile, Clint gestures with a wave. "Okay… here, we get out and walk." Nothing like being too obvious with bows and arrows, huh? Holding the small, cylindrical bit that is a retracted bow out to Kate, his expression is serious. "I'll take yours. I want the element of surprise. He's gonna expect me to be armed." He's got his hold-out pistol regardless, but there's no reason to believe he'll have to resort to it. "You've got your tips, right?"


"The whole variety case," Kate answers as she reaches for her quiver, giving the dispenser a bit of a spin. "My quiver's like a box of chocolates," she says in a bad Forrest Gump imitation. "You never know whatcher gonna get." The retracted bow, though, gets a quick grin and - maybe, it's stifled pretty fast - a girlish squee. "Nice!" she exclaims, for once willingly handing over her usual, already hand-me-down bow.

She drops a few coins in the parking meter before starting down the street in the direction of the last beep, stepping backwards to keep an eye on Barton. "You want the roof, or the window?"


"Oh, I'm trying to figure out a few things, Arrow," Roy replies in a low, grim voice as he approaches, pulling out his ID and flashing the Checkmate logo. "Guess you know why I'm here, maybe… see what you were doing and how you're connected, if at all, to what I've been working on."

Dark green eyes shifting to study Ollie's wounds, Roy's jaw sets, muscles twitching, as he contemplates whether he should just punch the older man or not, before he sighs. "Damn it, Ollie," he says, as he sets aside the bow and fishes out the gel arrow. "Fine, but we're going to talk after this." First aid. He'd been far too used to this, to tending the wounds, and to being tended to, when they'd run the streets together.

It was almost nostalgic, this first aid treatment. "That's not a bullet wound," Roy notes as he prepares. "What happened?"


"Everybody laughed when I wanted to put first aid goop in an arrow. Six years later, I've finally had to use it." The gel from the arrow's tip quickly fills up the wound and spills out the top, sealing off the area with a thick transparent membrane. That'll stop the bleeding for now, at least.

Green Arrow quickly begins cleaning up his leg with some alcohol wipes, and soon the only thing that's covered in blood is is the floor beneath him. "I'll tell you what happened. Some yahoos have finally started trying to steal my schtick. They were at some function trying to protect one of the worst scumbags I've ever met. I didn't know the Tea Party had an archery club…"

He stands up, and hobbles over to wear he left his boot. Putting it back on is a bit of a chore, but he manages. Of course, there's a hole in it that's covered in blood, but he can always get a new pair later. Right now, he's got more important things to worry about.

"I'll answer a few of your questions after we get out of here. My guess is that…." He picks up the arrowhead on the makeshift medical table. "… and it looks like my guess is right. Some sort of GPS tracker, looks like. I knew I got away too easy. Fortunately I planned for this, we've got to clear out what we can, hit the self-destruct on this place and bounce before SHIELD or the Tea Party Archery Club comes after me. I figure we've got about two minutes."

He puts the arrowhead in his pocket, which might seem incredibly counter-intuitive since he already knows it's a tracker. "Look at this thing though. It's bush league. There's no freeze function. It doesn't squirt acid. Hell, it doesn't even have a blinking light."


"I thought yours were labeled."

It's easy for Barton to take Kate's bow. It had been his for many, many years. Shooting it requires no sighting-in time. Once the car is locked up and the coins set into the meter, the pair start to head off, keeping away from the lights of the streetlamps. Coming up to dinner time, so there won't be too many looking out windows.

"Low and high," Barton agrees. "We'll toss a coin." He digs one from his pocket, and with a thumb-flip, he calls, "Heads, I go high. Tails, you go high." It's the best position, bar none. (Of course, probably not the best idea to let an ex-carney do the coin flipping.)

The coin flies into the air, and lands in his palm, and is set upon the back of his hand. "Ha!"

[Hawkeye rolls 2 on 1d2.]

The moment he pulls his hand away, the coin reveals itself. Tails. "Hey," Barton begins, "Two outta three…" But soon enough, they're homing in on the place, and he falls silent. Now, he resorts to hand gestures. High.. and low. He'll wait until she's in place, giving a hand-up for a good hold before he does so.


"And also numbered, according to degree of harm they deliver," Kate admits at Barton's comment. "But that's beside the point, it's a good quote."

She spins back to walk forward again, watching him with a sidelong look as he flips the coin and smirking when it comes up. "Like you weren't going to send me to the safer spot anyhow," she calls softly behind herself as she makes her way up to the roof. She's quick and graceful, entirely too used to traveling along rooftops for someone with nothing better to do than spend Daddy's money.

Halfway up, she thumbs a comm into her ear. "Hey, how'd the old guy come out? Are we bringing this guy in for assault, or murder?"


"SHIELD…? Not surprised, considering your activities overseas, if that was you…" Roy replies, as he finishes the rest. "And what is this about yahoos stealing your schtick…? Archery? Unless they start tricking up arrows," Roy replies, as he picks up his bow and stands up, turning towards Ollie.

The musky scent of the safehouse hits him, as he wrinkles his nose. "Hold on, wait…. -archers-? From SHIELD? The only one I know is Barton, and… oh, hell, no, Ollie, don't tell me, you -did- hit those places, did you? What else did you do…? Dammit, it'll be easier if you let me take you in and we can discuss -things-." Whatever qualms he had about Amanda Waller was, for the moment, to be put aside.


"That's the Speedy I remember, always telling jokes and not helping me clean up my highly-incriminating secret base that I'm about to set on fire in one and a half minutes." Roy might not be grabbing whatever he can, but Ollie certainly is. His quiver is quickly overstuffed, as are the pouches on his belt and bandolier. "Too bad I've got to leave most of this stuff behind. Lot of cool toys here. Must have cost me a hundred mil to get this place up an running."

He's already hobbling much better than he was a minute ago, but it'll probably be a while before he's pulling off any daring acrobatic maneuvers without wincing in pain. "You're gonna want to get a move on if you don't want to be stuck in a burning building when I flip this remote. I've left so much DNA here they could probably build a new Oliver Queen out of the leftovers. But it's all part of my plan to pull the wool over the government's prying eyes. The second part is these."

With the same remote that he's going to use to destroy the place in a bit, Green Arrow opens up a sliding door in one of the back corners. There, covered in plastic, are two souped-up motorcycles. One's green, the other's red. Two guesses which one is Ollie's.


"Of course I was. Better spot. You think I -like- being low? C'mon. When you're up there, I'll expect more out of you."

Now, Barton is on the move, scoping out a window, keeping himself flat and only shifting to peek in to get an idea. "Dunno. Is it important?" Barton can't help himself. He operates so far out on so many occasions that it becomes something of a 'Pick him up and we'll see what he's done wrong' rather than the other way around. More often than not, his gut is right and there are so many things to nail a person to the wall that there's simply no recourse. Sounds awfully familiar, doesn't it? It's called -leverage-.

The peek reveals the pair heading out towards the bike.. and Barton hisses, "They're bugging out!"

Next sound is a window shattering and Hawkeye rolling in, bow in hand, and an arrow loosed quickly, landing in the door just opened as the pair attempt to make their escape. The moment it impacts, a gas begins to emerge, slowly filling the area. "Hope you're not going anywhere."


"They're going to try to bug out," Kate corrects, punching a button on the collapsible bow and coming out with an arrow whose tip is a large, silver cylinder. "Up high, at your three, falling glass." She punches one heel through a skylight, then aims the arrow at the green bike first. Should it hit its mark, there will be a lovely display of sparks and lights as it overloads the electrical systems.

"Seriously, buddy, you're out-" Kate pauses, another arrow halfway to the string. "Roy?"


"You do know -I- work for Checkmate, don't you?" Roy says, as he eyes the cycle. "What the hell… you've had this hidden for a long time, have you…?"

Mixed feelings, Roy turns his attention back to Ollie. "And we're running away from SHIELD because…?"

That Kate calls his name draws a stare, followed by a "CLEAR OUT! THINGS ARE about to explode!"

Yeah, things weren't going to go all that well, and he was hopping on a motorcycle and following Ollie, because… well, hell, he needed to sort this stuff out. Things were going to be a -mess-, it sounded like.


With a swift, practiced motion, Green Arrow sticks an adhesive gas mask over his nose and mouth, then pulls his hood up and over his head with one hand while snatching his bow with the other. It takes him just a bit more than a second to protect his secret identity and nock an arrow. Whatever this one is, it's got a blinking light on the arrowhead.

"Careful, they've got some sort of fart arrow and MY BABY!" As his bike begins shorting out, Green Arrow looks crestfallen even through the gas mask and goggles that are covering pretty much his entire face. He releases the arrow, and rapidly nocks another as he runs toward Arsenal's bike. Apparently he'll have to ride double if he wants to get out of here.

"What he said, pigs! This place is blowing up in twenty seconds, I suggest you make like a banana and run away very fast." He hops on the back of the motorcycle, facing the wrong direction, with his bow pointed in the direction of the two intruders.

The arrow that he already fired whizzes past Kate and out of the window, but given that it's one of Green Arrow's toys it's very unlikely that he didn't fire it out of the window on purpose.


Barton shifts the moment position is called, and he's got Kate covered for those few seconds she's falling. When she lands, he advances, an arrow nocked and ready to fly at a second's notice.

Harper? Harper?

The shot that takes out the motorcycle is a good one, but there's one more that has to go, and the shot is taken. It's a skipped shot, banked off the floor, and the impact of the first causes a filament to emerge, and once in the air again, the arrow is meant to imbed itself into a tire with a grapple. One to arm and one to grab.

"Love those bank—"


Oh. Crap.

Barton looks towards Kate and makes a leap to grab her in order to protect her from the blast as he high-tails it out from where he came, ultimately landing in a roll and using himself to block the effects of the blast. In the back of his head, there's a touch of concern regarding that arrow, because… yeah. Guy doesn't seem stupid enough to deliberately miss unless there's a reason. Point is… what is that reason?

Who knows?


"Wow, really? You're going to ride bitch? What is it with you guys making us do the dri-" Whoa, hold on, arrow shooting past, Roy shouting about things exploding, and a cannonballing Barton trump witty banter. She has just enough time to glance over her shoulder at the arrow that flew past for a moment of speculation before the combination of Harper and Barton sink in enough for her to worry less about the arrow and more about the about to be exploding building.

She starts to run, though Barton's dive puts an end to that, and instead she rolls with the dive, skidding a bit along the pavement outside before coming back up. And this is why the leather is such a good investment.


"You son of a bitch!" That was a rather familiar refrain from Roy to Ollie post-breakup. That Kate Bishop was up there, and possibly Barton as well, meant that they, at the least, deserved warning.

Starting up the motorcycle, Roy grimaces. "You know, as soon as we're out of here, I'm going to strangle you for this, right?" he replies, as he cranks up the throttle to full and takes off. "And then we're going to talk about -why- the government is so interested in you!"


An incoming arrow banking off the ground? Green Arrow's totally got something for that. He lets his own arrow fly, deflecting the purple arrow and sending it flying off in another direction. Another arrow is nocked almost immediately.

"Look Spee-er… Arsenal, don't make me pull out the Paddle Arrow. Just get us out of here while I run interference. Stratagem MC-12."

Some of what Green Arrow says is no doubt drowned out by the noise of the engine as it revs up. Since he's facing the wrong way, it's all he can do to hang on with his thighs as the bike kicks up and heads toward the door.

GA watches to make sure that the SHIELDies have made it out of the building, and once Spee-er Arsenal's bike is clear he presses the button. Immediately, flames begin to engulf the inside of the building, burning way hotter than a normal house fire and destroying most of the evidence almost immediately.

"Dammit. I forgot to grab a few of my Umbrella Arrows."


Barton is a little scraped up, but otherwise unharmed; the leather really does help. Once he's back on his feet, the bow just a little more worse for wear, he looks back at the building. It's when the building explodes that he spins around and reaches out for Kate once again to keep any of the falling pieces from hitting her. The flames are hot against his back, and at least they're far enough away that it's just a little bit of a sunburn rather than first, second or third degree burns.

"God dammit!"

It's not a moment or three after that he's starting to reach to pick up what he can from the ground, the surprise and the adrenaline turning his mood to anger as he starts to stomp around in front of the blazing inferno. "What the -hell- was Harper doing there? And why the hell is he driving that son of a bitch?"


"Did I not mention Harper does the cape thing? I thought I mentioned Harper does the cape thing." Since Barton does the work of keeping her safe from burning buildings, Kate has a spare moment to focus on her shooting, setting a trio of arrows to the string and drawing back to fire after the other archers. One electrical disrupter, one net, and one…aww, hell, she didn't mean to grab the putty arrow, but there it is. It's a spray shot, aimed to cause difficulty whichever arrow makes it past the Green Arrow's defensive measures.


"I swear to god, Ollie, if the Hawkeyes are dead or something, I'm going to make sure -you're- following them…!" Roy grumbles, as he revs up the cycle. Let's see, what's the best way to disrupt an archer's shot? Be unpredictable about where you're going to be…! So evasive measures means… speeding up, slowing down, going left and right, and generally leaving it to Ollie to -deal- with whatever he wanted to do.


Evasive action makes it harder for someone to hit your speeding motorcycle. It also makes it way harder for your venerable mentor to hang on with his poor tired legs, much less accurately fire his defensive arrows. Fortunately, the one he selected doesn't require a whole lot of precise aiming. He lets the arrow fly and it impacts with the ground right behind the motorcycle. A pillar of ice shoots up from it and rapidly spreads. The wall of ice deflects the net arrow and the putty arrow, while the electrical disruptor arrow flies past. Cryonic Arrow, tell your friends.

However, the arrow that got past goes right through Green Arrow's shoulder and sticks into his quiver. His entire body locks up as the current goes through all of his arrows, shorting out their highly-advanced circuitry and rendering them pretty much fucked. "Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y!" is pretty much all that Ollie can get as his jaws involunatarily clench. Fortunately his entire body clenches, or he'd have fallen off. But the zap is temporary, and he appears to be fine, aside from the arrow sticking all the way through his friggin' shoulder.

"That tacky, poorly-dressed, uneven bangs-having, right-wing… elbow-dropper!" Green Arrow throws out the most horrible insults that he can think up while recovering from a particularly nasty tasering. "Now I don't feel so bad about giving them The Lunar Arrow."

At just this point, the arrow GA fired when Team Hawkeye first invaded his base returns, smacking into the ground right between Hawkeye Sr. and Hawkeye Jr. The arrow begins beeping, and then a whirring sound occurs as an old-school Polaroid rolls out of the arrow's shaft. The picture slowly develops, and there, square in the center of the Polaroid is the fully-rendered image of Green Arrow's Full Moon.


Barton spins around as the arrow returns and takes a couple of good steps back. When the beeping ends, he's ready to make a run for it. But then, the whirring sound hits… and the polaroid picture emerges.

"Oh for…" and he checks on Kate. "Okay… I guess it's back to the car." They've got a lead, and the next step is pouring over Harper's file. He'd done it before for the Helluland trip, but this… this is going high priority. Step Two… Harper will be coming into custody for a 'chat'.

"We can grab a room, download the info and figure out the next step. I mean, people like that have to brag, right?"


Kate starts to duck and cover as the arrow hits the ground, only to look up when it comes out with…a polaroid? Seriously? She steps over to take a look at it, turning it to get an angle. "Well, if he's got to be an ass, at least it's a nice ass?" she says, arching a brow back at Barton before offering it over. "Do you guys keep ass-prints on file? Are they unique like fingerprints?"

Kate is super helpful.

"He doesn't seem dumb enough to brag, Clint," she says as she jogs back toward the car, shaking her head. "I mean, that was a planned hit, and he had layers of escape plans here. That's not someone who isn't thinking ahead. Dude thought ahead to leave a picture of his ass. Talk about contingency plans."


As soon as pursuit is over, Roy pulls over, kicking the cycle stand down, and then spinning around on Ollie. "Okay, so now that I've got -trouble- on my heels, you're going to sit there while I make a phone call…"

Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Hey, Kate?" Roy says as the phone is answered. "What the fuck just happened? One minute I'm talking to Arrow, the next minute, SHIELD descends. Want to tell me what the hell is going on?!"


"This seems like a great time for a phone call. Don't mind me, you chat with your buddy while I sit here and fiddle with the arrow sticking through my friggin' shoulder." For dramatic effect, Green Arrow flicks the fletched end of the arrow. It's clear from the grimace and grunt that he immediately regrets that decision.

"We should actually split up anyway, now that the trap has been sprung. The best way that you can help me is to ride as far and as fast as you can while I beat feet to the airport." It's unlikely that he'll 'beat feet' anywhere, but it sounds good.

Green Arrow begins moving down the street at a semi-brisk jog, apparently unbeaten by the shock, the leg injury, or the arrow sticking out of his friggin' shoulder. As he heads down the road, he speaks into his costume's mic. "D. Bring a car around to the bus stop near the Starbucks on… how do you know which Starbucks I'm heading to? Fair enough. Fair enough."

Meanwhile, under the seat of Roy's motorcycle, a small arrow-head-shaped object has been wedged. Fortunately, it doesn't have a blinking light.


"I bet he took that years ago and has been waiting for a chance to use it. You know, like my RC arrow." Barton's been waiting for-ever to use it! Dammit! "Yeah, but that presentation back there? It screamed 'look at me' as much as it was screaming 'look at that-

"Hey.. and can you not judge asses for one minute? C'mon." Not that he's one to talk.

Hawk takes the jog; it's the fastest he's gone since his injury for the longest distance. He's a little winded when he makes the car, and gets in the passenger side just as the phone rings. Blue eyes look up in question; he can hear the yelling even if he can't discern the words. Brows rise, and a ghost of a smile plays, "Let me guess…" Someone's been looking at cellphones too!


"Hi, Roy, nice to see you too. No, no, it's cool, I mean, we didn't really get to the part where we talked about everyone's friends. Or how you provide getaway rides for…" Kate pauses, grimacing at the phone. "Freaking Robin Hood. Also, for the record, historical Robin Hood is way more charming, and you can tell your friend I said that while you drive him to the nearest SHIELD depot for questioning. Here." And she holds out the phone to Barton, glaring at the road. Somebody's in trooouuuuuble.


"What do you expect, I'm under a specific assignment, and I'm starting to wonder what the hell is going on and… HEY! GET BACK HERE…! You're leaving me holding the bag on this…?!"

Too late.

Shit. "… And I'm needing him for a Checkmate thing. I do know where to find him if I have to. Friggin' Arrowhead, he's doing his thing."


Barton grins as he watches Kate get in the car, and they're on their way. Flicking on the receiver for giggles, the light begins to blink (on their side), and the thing is now stationary.

"Hey, Harper, it's Barton. How're you doing, buddy?" Another grin is given to Kate as he holds the phone to his ear. He caught all that, and he begins to chuckle, the sound tinging his words.

"Yeah, well we have a bit of a problem then. Your 'assignment' and mine seem to be crossing paths. And in terms of that.. Arrowhead guy, good to know you know where to find him. Because I want to know where -you- are so you can lead us to -him-."


Kate is going to indulge in a nice blend of sulking and aggressive driving for a bit, glaring out the windshield. The closest thing she's had to a date in ages, and he turns out to be aiding and abetting some guy who roughs up fat cats for fun. Just her luck.

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