Mutant Town Mix-Up Follow-Up

September 05, 2014: Nightcrawler and Mystique finish their talk after a killer runs free.

Mutant Town

It's not the nicest of places in the Big Apple, but for many mutants it is home.



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The sun is now down, the streetlamps are blazing. Traffic lights blinking their reds, ambers and greens dot the landscape, deep in the caverns of the city.

It's up the rooftops where Kurt is, however, and it's where he's teleported. A place of security, away from prying eyes and ears. Of shadows.

"Don't walk away from me, Mother!" Kurt sounds angry and those yellow eyes echo his tones. "Because of you, I had to let him go." With anger, also comes guilt. "I aided a murderer because I could not allow another! It was not right!"

Kurt turns away and faces the direction from which they'd come, the smoke now rising on the roof of the building. Probably all the evidence. "I don't even know who he is, but I will not rest until he is in custody."


-What- did he just say to her..?

Mystique stops short and spins about on her heels, staring right back at Nightcrawler. Glowing eyes to glowing eyes. "Don't you tell me what to do!" she snaps back, shoulders bunched as she closes the gap between the two. "There was a -man- on the rooftop in Mutant Town with a precision rifle, his intentions could not have been any more clear! Because -you- refused to let me handle the situation he remains free to kill again. If you wish for him to live long enough to be judged then you had best get started in your search, I will not be -nearly- as forgiving when I next find him."

She's not done.

"And next time I won't waste my effort stopping the Mardees when they come stepping on your tail, if you're such a believer in fair justice then they're more than welcome to fetter you and throw you into a dismal little cell where you can be forgotten about forever, because -that's what they do to our kind.-"


The fuzzy blue elf stands his ground under the verbal onslaught that he knew was going to happen. As she stalks towards him, he looks a little uncertain, but he does hold fast, and if anything, leans forward. "I did not see him, Mother. Not at the time. But killing him would serve no purpose. Who was he? Who was he working for? Was he alone? Why was he doing this? None of that could be answered if you simply slaughtered him." And, in his heart, maybe catching the person could have meant convincing him of his wrongs, and fixing them? Kurt is nothing if not an eternal optimist.

"Then I will not tell you when I find him." Not 'if'. Not in his book.

Kurt is ready to turn his back and teleport away when Mystique hits him with the next barrage. His tail twitches at its mention and loosely winds itself around an ankle, the spade-tip twitching. "To them, it would be fair justice, mother. I could not blame them for that." Not that he's going to turn himself in anytime soon, mind! "They do that because we give them cause, Mother." Now, Kurt's got those featureless yellow eyes open, and his expression is in earnest. "Because we run festivals called 'Burning Human'. What would you say if they ran one called 'Burning Mutant'? Would you think that cause for war? Again? We, ourselves, are divided into classes. Those who look like mutants und those who are but can pass for normal humans. If we can't get ourselves together, und we lash out, how can we expect proper treatment?"


Checkmate. For as long as Mystique has lived, for as insightful as she's become over more than a century, it's such a stupid detail to have overlooked. Here stands her own flesh and blood, not thirty years old, and he has to be the one to remind her. It would seem that no amount of time and experience can fully compensate for plain old emotion. Someone shot down a mutant, ergo they must pay. An eye for an eye, etcetera. While she had a clear shot at the guy, she still doesn't know who he is.

Maybe she would have seen things a bit differently if the shot hadn't occurred immediately after she went to town on a bunch of SRD goons. The metamorph had been looking for a fight, and a fight she damn well found.

That Kurt is being so level-minded throughout their exchange is Not Helping, either. Get angry, dammit! Raise your voice, already! Talking some sense into her isn't going to make her not want to kill somebody!

"They are fools for so blatantly throwing their 'celebration' around, but they are still members of our species. The humans should fear us but there are much better ways to achieve such an end. Regardless, it is their freedom of speech to express."

And she would totally use it as an excuse to start killing people if they had a Burning Mutant of their own. It's situations like this which bring out the strong! Let them send their strong, it would just save her the trouble of hunting them down before she flayed them alive.


Kurt thrusts a three-fingered hand forward, "Danke, Mütter. It was foolish of them. Und now, we have to pay the price for their folly. Und we have to clean up und be even better than we were before or they will turn public opinion against us in the other cities that had welcomed us only weeks before."

Make no mistake, Kurt is positively singing with emotion; a lot of it. Anger. Guilt. Fear. If he'd had his druthers, he would have hurt the man, and badly for doing such a thing to such a lost soul. But he'd feel the same way if the target hadn't been a mutant.

As the harvest moon begins to rise, Kurt's deep blue shines, though it also gives him a cloak in the darkness. "They shouldn't fear us, Mother. Ever. We mean them no harm. I just want to be able to live side by side with them. For them to wave to me rather than have them pull their child from my path. If you want to know fear, walk with me down Broadway." Or, she could do it herself. "Hatred is simply fear."

An exhale comes from the younger Wagner and he cants his head. "If I ask you to come with me, will you promise me that you will -not- kill him, und we can bring him to justice for his crime?"


It's not every day that Mystique's son -thanks- her for something. Particularly not right after the two had a yelling match over a pretty important disagreement. Cleaning up, though? -Not- her job. Be even better, sure, at not letting any more of the human scum get away from her talons.

"How you continue to survive in this world with such a passive mindset remains one of the mysteries of the universe," she points out in a soft but cool tone. He may believe they shouldn't fear mutants and that they mean them no harm. Her own views remain a polar opposite. She most certainly means them harm. Every. Last. One.

"Do not speak to me about fear as though I do not understand, Kurt," she replies with a note of warning. It had been that same fear which resulted in her tossing his fuzzy blue butt off of a ravine and into a river, after all.

The real kicker is that he's offering to let her come with. Immediately there are so many things which she could say to him. Let -her- tag along? She's been doing this for decades, and he would allow -her- to follow -him??- With such a promise?

"Your sympathy for this worthless creature is demoralizing." As is his lack of confidence in her own abilities to find the guy responsible. "If you wish so strongly to 'save' him then so be it, I will not kill him."

She'll just break every bone in his four limbs. Then she'll get someone from the Brotherhood to finish the job.


"Compassion does not mean weakness, mother." It's something Kurt's repeated over and over, and he can hear himself say it in his sleep by now. "I am not passive, sitting idly by while they kill us, torture us, round us in small areas. I teach, und I do fight back. But I do not use their methods. I'm not like them. None of us -should- be."

"Und I learn."

Mystique's warning tone doesn't bring any contrition to her 'wayward' son. Rather, it hikes up his anger, and his pity, but it's a different sort of pity. More… understanding. He's not angry with her for tossing him off; he'd had a pretty good childhood, all told. "Then you do understand. I don't want that. It is never good for us."

Kurt takes a deep breath before he puts that three-fingered hand out, "You can come with me, mother, or you can go your way." He's ready to bamf out, regardless of if she comes with him or not. Hope springs eternal, however.


It's true, compassion doesn't equal weakness. Though for the woman whom firmly believes that she's one of the few strong enough to shoulder the responsibilities of what must be done, it's disheartening to see what one of her proper mutant children has fallen to. So much potential, never to be gained… He could have been something so much more. He could have been a mutant that did not choose to hide behind the Cross.

Kurt is not weak for being compassionate. He is compassionate because he is weak. Such soft hearts have no place on the battlefield.

If she doesn't agree to tag along then he's very likely going to get himself killed. Maybe he is a lost cause? She would still give -no- human the benefit of removing him from this world. Such an honor remains hers, alone.

"Of course I understand," she dismisses. She simply does not agree.

The offer of a three fingered hand is not ignored. She can keep him from becoming the next target. She can use him to find the man they now both seek. Oh, and it might give her an excuse to spend some quality time with one of her lost children, too. His hand is taken within her own, though not before she morphs five digits into three to copy his own.

Just to mess with him a little more.

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