The Wrath of Grapes

September 7, 2014: After the meeting at the Russian tea room with Kate and Roy, Keith wakes up with the mother of hangovers…

Gar's Dorm Room

It's tiny, and Gar probably overpaid for it.



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A slight headache, a sense of dryness- to the point that the tongue feels almost sandpapered to the hard palate. The impression that your body forgot how to secrete saliva.

Yup. Drank a little more than he should have, last night. Keith slowly opens his eyes and exhales. He's not accustomed to drinking. Much. Memories are hazy, but they include generous helpings of the wine Gar ordered to avoid blushing after Roy made those comments. Then came the 'hey, this isn't so bad, I am relaxed!' point… followed by the 'I'm sure a little more won't hurt.'

He didn't exactly embarrass himself as much as grow very very quiet, and very sleepy. He remembers something about Gar not being ok with him walking back to the tower in that state. He stubbornly told him he was fine, and then ended up bumping into something that got in his way..

Oh, yeah, the fire hydrant. He doesn't remember much after that, except the interor of the smrt cr.

He looks around, the dull pounding in his head is not too bad. Gar's dorm. But he's not on the bed—

Oh, right. Now he remembers. He told Gar to sleep on the bed and that he'd just sleep on the floor 'cause it was good for his ankle. Drunk logic. Gar probably found it too funny— and, Keith reflects, maybe acquiesced just in case Keith ended up yarking.

He was a smart green cookie, alright. Taking a deep breath, the redhead slowly sits up to look over the edge of the bed and see if Gar is still asleep. By the clock, it looks to be somewhere near 9 am.

There is a small green bat hanging from the upper corner of the ceiling. Apparently, Keith was on the bed for a while, because it's disheveled, and Keith's shirt is there. The bat is making very faint snoring noises, possibly inaudibly faint.

"Man." He shakes his head and runs his hand along his head to smooth down his hair, which has taken a life of its own. "… sorry, Gar," he says quietly, looking up at the bat and then at the bed. He grabs for his shirt and hastily puts it on, he must have been -very- out of it. He's usually too self-conscious to take his shirt off in front of anyone… that one time with Wiccan, he was too much in awe of the transformation magic to really think about it. He stands up a little unsteadily and reaches for the covers, trying to return them to some semblance of decency.

Gar wakes up and flitters down to land, not in the hair (that's too much like an old wives' tale) but rather on Keef's left shoulder just as he's straightening the shirt. He reaches over and licks at the earlobe, turning into a cat immediately after that. In this case a sand-cat because they're small and tiny and have excellent balance so he won't have to hold on with sharpness.

Keith is a little startled, but he's still too groggy to react jerkily. When he realizes he's Gar, he sits down on the bed and tilts his head a little against the sand-cat. "Hey… I'm sorry I ran you out of bed… I didn't embarrass you last night, did I?" He looks around. His brace is laying in a corner. Why is it in a corner? What the hell did he do when he undressed last night, do the conga?

Dancing may have been involved. The sand-cat licks the ear again, RASP, and jumps to the floor, landing as Gar in his boxer-briefs. The uniform he normally wears is hanging in the closet and the fancy garb from yesterday was apparently put away, or something, because it isn't in evidence. Gar bends over to reach under the second desk in his dorm room, opening the small refrigerator, and pulls out a bottle of spring water, in glass, for Keith. The top is a twist-off, because it's water dammit, not beer or something.

He says, still grinning, "No, but how would anyone notice if I was? I'm green, so I don't really turn red."

This is a fib. Gar does blush. He didn't last night because it was too much fun.

Keith takes the water and smiles, twisting the cap off and taking a sip. His body cries with joy after the drought. "Oh, that feels good…" he says, twisting the cap on after a cautious gulp. Not a good idea to down the whole thing at once.

He's in his briefs- dark scarlet ones, those spandex-cotton mixtures. He walks over to Gar and gives him a slow hug, letting his hands rest on his back as he stifles a yawn.

"So… what did I do last night? I didn't try to dance on windowsills or anything like that, did I? My mom got drunk as a teen once, thought she was Judy Garland and that she had to go onstage, which was the balcony. Fun times."

Gar returns the hug, and says, "You were funny once or twice, but mostly you were quiet because of the situation. It's just as well you weren't the cat, because I think you would've gotten into a fight with a store mannequin."

That was after the party broke up so that Hawkeye could go meet up with Hawkeye and do whatever spyishness they were going to do, and Roy had to go home because of babysitter.

Keith laughs and turns somewhat crimson. "I'm glad I didn't." He rests his head on Gar's shoulder for a moment, closing his eyes. "Ow… laughter hurts. Who would've thought?" He smirks. "… I'm not that used to drinking. Much. I'm a bit of a lightweight."

"You did fine as far as I'm concerned. You didn't even lose your ability to walk," Gar chides. He rubs Keith's back a bit, feeling for the sore spots from sleeping floorishly, and giving them extra kneading. At least he managed to get him to sleep on the persian rug. Another hug and Gar suggests, "We should go get something. Light breakfast. Maybe some juice."

"That would be a good idea," Keith agrees, arching his back at the rubs. The aches there definitely needed the kneading. ".. I can make us some light stuff… are you adverse to cuddling a little first, though?" Keith asks, sitting back down at the edge of the bed and rubbing his forehead. "I think the room needs to stop wiggling a little before I'm ready to really walk out."

"Oh, the dorm cafeteria is the place to go, they have hangover food," Gar says, as if he's needed it. Well, perhaps he did go there one Sunday a week or two back and check out the place in case he happened to be needing it… Like the Beast Boy Scouts say, be prepared!

"You should finish your water." He lies along the bed, letting Keith lean against him, staying human for the moment.

Keith lies down against Gar, reaching for his water and sitting up to drink a good portion of it, leaving the rest for a bit later, and lies back down. He slips an arm around his green teammate's waist and exhales, relaxing. "That food was delicious. Better than anything I've had, really, thank you." He smirks. "Even if I did almost choke to death on it."

"And that was just on the appetizer," Gar says. "I blame Roy, he's always had the gift for saying the thing you never expected."

He yawns a bit and blows a hair off his nose.

"Hhm. I need a haircut again."

"I d'no, longer hair looks good on you. If I get mine any longer I'll look like a troll doll." This was nice. A quiet moment, Gar nearby. Okay, the headache wasn't nice, but it wasn't as if it was a killer. "So… you and Roy go back all the way to when you were kids. Last night you seemed to just pick up. I wouldn't have been able to tell that it had been years since you last saw each other." He reaches over to stroke Gar's hair back. His own hair was kind of getting too long for its own good again, at that stage where it was ready to defy gravity and getting wavy.

"Short hair got me more work," Gar says. "Also, people don't think I'm 16 when I have shorter hair. I'll show you sometime. I can leave it too long sometimes if I turn into something really hairy."

He thinks about demonstrating. Ahh, sure, why not. LION! With lion mane.

Keith laughs. "… do I need to start singing awimoweh now?" Okay, there's a lion on the bed, which means Keith's almost at the edge. No matter, he's can balance on edges! "…okay, okay, bad joke. Don't eat me."

Gar leans over and licks Keith on the arm (eww, lion drool) and then reverts to human, but with much shaggier hair in something closer to the lion's non-style.

"See, this is what it looks like."

Yeah. Definitely could pass for sixteen.

Keith scoots back closer and raises an eyebrow. "Okay… yeah, definitely.. that might be a little too long. But you're a shoe-in if they ever do a Jesus Christ Superstar production on campus." He looks at his arm, ew, lion drool. He notices that Gar avoided talking about Roy's past with him… he remembers the Flash saying something about tough times at some point. He wonders what happened. But best to focus on the present. "So… what's life like on a university campus? Have you made any friends?"

"I've got some classmates, some candidates for my degree committee, my advisor, and there's two or three people here in the dorm. They're friends, but not good friends, y'know? More like the people you worked with, you know them and remember them but you don't want to spend lots of time with most of 'em. My first year, I tried to make more lasting friends and it didn't really work, and it distracted me from studying."

He lies on his back and looks up.

"I suppose I was hoping for the easy friendship from childhood, by going back to the Titans. But the feeling isn't really the same. We've got new people, and some of them are awesome," Gar pulls Keith in close with one arm around his waist, "and some of them are real dicks, and I don't mean like the thing from last night. So, maybe it won't be the same. But it'll still be good."

Keith rests a hand and his head on Gar's chest as he is pulled close, listening to him. "Nothing is ever like childhood… we've both kind of had a less than ideal deal there. But… I don't know, even though things have sucked, I like how things are looking right now. We do have a mixture… but it's nice not to feel alone anymore. Even if there's someone I don't like, there's others I do who are around." Keith smiles and strokes Gar's chest absentmindedly. "You're pretty awesome, Mister Logan."

"You're only saying that because it's true," Gar says. "Drink your water, Mr. O'Neil. You are still hung over."

Gar thinks about what he has to do today… Hm. Not much. Might want to talk to Red-Gar again, but … last time, it was like they just hung out in the dream and didn't talk or anything, like they were waiting for something to happen. Like maybe for the tower to fall again.

"Yes, I am." Keith admits and sits up to sip his water, downing the last of the bottle before laying back down. "So… I was thinking, and I realized I made an oversight…"

"Hmmm? What would that be?" Gar says, shaking his now-too-long hair out of his eyes again.

"Well… after the mixer, when I kissed you… I was a cat. Now, it dawns on me that wasn't a proper kiss. Cats have no lips." He smirks, bopping him lightly on the nose with the empty bottle. "I request a do-over."

Gar snickers. "Request granted," he says. He looks at the empty bottle. "But lose the bottle, we don't need any assistance devices."

Keith looks puzzled for a second, looking at the bottle… and then it dawns on him. "Garfield Logan!" he laughs, tossing the bottle over the edge of the bed and covering his face with one hand, laughing. "You're just plain awful… no… you're fancy awful, you're fancy with raisins!"

Gar laughs at that, as well, and waits for Keith to stop laughing before he says, "So this 'kiss' thing you were talking about?"

"Yes… the kiss thing…" Now the young man looks a little nervous.

~Relax. It's Gar. You've kissed him before~

~Yea, but I was swept up in the moment..~

~Well, then, SWOOP!!~

Keith exhales and smiles, his fingers stroking Gar's chest. He looks at him in the eyes and lets his hand move from his chest to Gar's cheek, and slowly moves in for the kiss, closing his eyes.

His heart starts going a lot faster— which technically does cause his headache to get worse… but at this moment, who cares?

Folk wisdom says that certain activities, like laughter, hugging, and kissing, are beneficial and good for you.

Gar is not stuck in a surprise "what is this, eep!" at the moment, he's not thinking about kissing his father nor his mother, he's just experiencing it for what it is. And yeah, noses get in the way a little, and his hair is in his eyes again (your own fault Logan) but it's otherwise pretty much a kiss, and very pleasant, in its unique way, and better than many he's had before. Gar lets it go on as long as Keith wants, because it's nice. Humans are practically the only animal that does this, y'know.

Now that it's not a spur of the moment thing but fully intentional, Keith does take his time… a little. At one moment, the 'other' voice inside him invites him to make the kiss a little more personal… but then his rational side asserts itself: No. Too fast. Enjoy this, this is amazing.

And it is. As he breaks the kiss slowly, he grins, touching foreheads with Gar and wrapping his arms around his waist. "Here…" he says with an impish look on his face, and blows Gar's hair out of his eyes for him, winking. He enjoys the warmth of Gar's body against him, and the feeling after the kiss. His heart still has a bit of a ways to go before returning to its normal pace.

Gar is purring. Yep. Purring. Unlike some previous "close friends" and even the Scary Girl, Keef is the only one who hasn't complained when Gar would occasionally show a bit of his animal side like this.

Probably because Keith himself spends a good deal of his time in his animal side, so to speak, he does not find Gar's demonstrations a reason to complain. If he could purr at this moment, he would as well. The hand on Gar's cheek strokes his jawline with the tips of his fingers, green eyes fixed on Garfield's. Words feel unnecessary at this moment, so he simply moves as close as he can to Gar and kisses him again, this time a perfectly normal, not overly long kiss, and his hand strokes his neck to feel the vibrations from the purr.

The strageness of the situation is not lost on Keith. Gar is, by all definitions, an unusual man at first glance. And many glances afterwards. His unusual color, his unusual power, his mannerisms- he has a wildness about him, but he also knows when to be otherwise. And sometimes there's crossover. To Keith… he's irresistible. He behaves kindly, and he knows there's a past there, something buried that he only touches tangentially every now and again. Everybody has his demons.

When he breaks the kiss, he puts his other arm around Gar, slipping it under him, and he hugs him tightly.

Gar returns the hug, entirely in the moment. He whispers, "Thank you," almost too faint to be heard.

Keith strokes Gar's hair and back, holding him. At Gar's whisper, he returns the same words, his fingers lost in the luxurious mane. The comfort of an embrace, far more than simply a sexual pleasure, is an eloquent silence. It would be so easy to turn it into something else entirely- and probably a few had, or had tried. But he meant what he said to Simon. No matter how attractive he found Gar, there was something more important. He holds Gar in the safety of that silence until he decides to speak again.

It would have been a good long time, because Gar is enjoying the embrace a lot. But his stomach, beastly thing that it is, makes known the fact that it's WELL past the point where it should have beeen fed. GRUGRRRRRRROWL. Hmm. Yes, Gar can blush, even though it doesn't show that much.

Keith laughs, burying his face into Gar's mane, and then he looks at him, loosening the embrace a little. "I think someone needs to be fed." Not to mention that all that blood pumping through Keith's body at a higher rate than usual is giving him a headache. "… let's go eat something. Afterwards we can go wherever you want."

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