We're Not All Created Equal

September 8th, 2014: Baroness, The Wall, and Phobos meet to talk.

Montauk Point - New York City

Located in Suffolk County New York, on Long Island (not part of NYC) Montauk
Point is the site of the first lighthouse in the state of New York. It is the
4th oldest active lighthouse in the US and the first public works projects in
the US. The village of Montauk is nearby, itself a popular seaside getaway.



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Orders from on high were given to those who worked at the light tower. Clear out by high noon. If not, face arrest and put under the cell by orders of the United States Government. Surely it was just a call to spoke people out, to have them questioning, but yet, those workers knew that once the order was given there was no need to put up a fuss or deny the fact that their light tower would be used for official business. Schematics were gathered from public record, room outfitted carefully with objects and trinkets that could be easily removed if need by, insurance deposits set aside which would possibly be given to the town of Suffolk anyways to help with restoration and possible renovations of the Light house, just for it's use.

555-000-000: Montauk Point. 1200. Come alone.

Waller was there at 1130. Suited and booted, vest on her person, no outwards appearance of guns what so ever, but that didn't mean that she wasn't heavily armed. She didn't pace the floor, she stood outside to lean upon the railing to take on the view and occasionally watch the fisherman across the channel. This was a good spot, she thought to herself. Some place where she could see herself unwinding after a long day of pushing papers and getting folks… jobs.

Upon receiving the cryptic message, Alexander had considered it for a time. It was delivered well with exquisite timing. He checked his watch, time enough to maybe contact one person before he could depart if he was going to make it there on time, even speeding. It was a curious window of opportunity. He could send word to the Titans, but chances are as soon as he mentioned it they'd storm there and try to overwhelm the situation and Waller would have plans to handle that contingency. He needed to give word to someone that would most likely spread word to those who would act with wisdom. A quick call placed, a message left, and then he rushes to his vehicle to make the long drive.
It was a good long drive, and he made decent time. It wasn't much longer until the tall lighthouse loomed large before him as the Charger rolled up the gravel drive. He opened the car door, slid out of the driver's side and casually slung his long blade over his shoulder. Hands sliding into the pockets of his jeans, he started to walk up to the lighthouse. A few more moments and he sets hand on the door, then opens.

Hands grip the railing as the sound of a car far off in the distance hit the gravel. She wasn't sure which of her esteemed guests would arrive first, but as long as someone was there on time, the inner nutjob was pleased. The turn of the knob and door caused her body to shift, bracing herself for whatever attack would happen upon her and.. the arrival of whomever, once again, came first. A slow turn of her gaze puts chin upon her shoulder, risen up to give mild comfort as she gazes through the welcomed visitor through curls which…

She absolutely hates. Whoever told her to grow out her goddamned hair was getting fired. A public census was held; they preferred Waller with weave than the short pixie cut that was a wash, spray and done. No fuss no muss. Off the topic.

The gaze was met with a slow turn, and a lean against the railing with arms folded about her chest. Stance was tense, yes. But always relaxed. Somehow, she made it work. Suit jacket pried open to show off that nice, silk white shirt, boot-cut pant nearly hiding the black, thick heels she wore which was only seen by the way she crosses one leg over the other.

"I was starting to think you wouldn't show, Alexander Julius."

Arms drop down, hands lift akimbo. "Air your grievances now, and be done. We have business to discuss." And company, of course.

Stepping into the room, Alexander looks over his surroundings with the calm clinical manner of a surgeon gauging the exact angle at which to extract a malignant growth. One faintly glowing eye narrows subtly as he looks around, then his gaze focuses fully upon her. A small glance is given to the side, but then he advances towards her, stopping some ten feet away so as to not grant her trepidation.
"Ms. Waller," He says calmly, a momentary pause then he goes on. "Those that I stand with have grievances in the form of the tower's loss, the loss of some personal posessions of particular nostalgia. My own grievance is the insult done by presumption and striking out at those that I consider my own. Though I do recognize their o'er hasty antagonism of your operatives."
He stops and cocks his head curiously to the side. "I am unsure if some sort of good will can come from the incident. For my part the losses matter little to me. The insult I would not have stand for honor's sake. Reparation, however, need not be dire."
Long distance to Baroness: Amanda Waller is gonna wait, cause I'm damn sure you got an awesome line for this XD

The door behind Alexander closes, and behind him like a hologram is being disturbed, the terrain ripples and lifts, shifting and rolling like waves, as if it is the ocean breathing fitting life here, afterall.

Guerrilla warfare, it is what her trained troops are good at, blending, camoflaging and moving in to slit the throat when least expected. The brush shifts and painted faces are revealed solely by dark circles around opening eyes, armored suits fitted for tactical advances maneuvered in easily as suddenly Alexander's car is surrounded, as is the lighthouse in displaced brush and rubble.

Like a resounding echo, the waves crashed and the automatic weapons are lifted of their safeties, clips put into place as down the road a small caravan of two SUV's and a truck roll up - above them, dropping into visibility is a stealth chopper, slicing through the air in silence but closing in on the lighthouse with only the intentional shamble it should; becauise it is commanded so.

The serpent in the garden now comes from the other side of the lighthouse. No stairs, no doorway, no disembarking, only the cast of a long sinuous shadow across the 'crete lobby surrounded by the climactic whipping of air. Behind her mechanical whirring silently begins, a tech slithering to herald those heeled footfalls that came without a motherborne kiss of stilletto on stone. Armored from toe to mid thigh, gaiuntledted joints work smoothly with every trained movement, beneath that second skin body suit gleans nothing to the imagination - one of only ravenous desires coveted in more of that armor. Breastplate corsets around her waist, black split by the effigy of red hooded serpent, maw spread in a venomous glee, much like the vitae huen lips of the woman whose sub arctic gaze settles on the due, the mechanical beast moving up behind her and slowly whipping its serrated tail from side to side.

"And to whom would demand dire reparation? If her offense is so great why does this place with her upon it remain standing?" Baroness ceases her approach and rests her hand upon the mechanical beasts head as it 'lovingly' leans in. "And do not feed me drivel about innocent casualties. If you serve /that/ regard… Stop wasting my time." Pausing, Baroness looked at the sky.

Oops, she was early. Oh fucking well.

"Waller." The com sings out. "Got movement on the infrared."

She doesn't answer to them however, she knew that there would be a second guest for this meeting, and even though she had nothing to do with the Teen Titan's overall, the 'causes' that Amanda showed concern for could directly affect COBRA as well. That, and Waller wanted the pleasure of this woman's company. Who. Could. Resist.

Alexander's concerns with those he call his own was met with a raise of the brow, a hand drawn up not to defend herself but to idly stroke her chin in thought. Is he serious right now? Disrespect to him aside but..

"Are you serious?"

Amanda looked, not so shocked, but there was disbelief there.

"Those who you call your own are upset over a nighty-night blanket that they're supposedly oh so dead mother gave them who's possibly dead or murdered by some evil crook who spurned them on the path of being a doo-gooder to begin with?"


"You ally yourself with children, donchaknow."

Baroness makes her appearance as expected, and the irritation shows upon her face. In fact, she was so irritated, that she moved off the balcony with swift marches towards Alexander only to close the door behind herself and.. breathe. We shall not curse the fresh air that was given to us this day.

"The lady does have a point, Mr. Aaron. If they demand retribution over their blankies and binkies, why do you come alone? Surely not because -I- said so." Cause, Amanda surely wouldn't.
As she is revealed before them along with her metal serpentine pets, Alexander's attention is drawn in her direction. For such an entrance most would be bowled over, the unknown sights and sounds serving to set one on edge. Yet there she is, this female fury, a creature cultivated to project an image and doing so masterfully. Yet those eyes of that young man remain unperturbed. His is always the gaze of one who has left his sins behind him without thought, only now for once he sees one destined for the future.
Those glowing red eyes remain leveled on her, a whisper of the malevolent clear in those gleaming irises. There's something about the soft subtle shadowy wisps around his pale form, the wend and curl of inky darkness around those angelic features that begin to offer faint whispers to the primal side of the brain that has hidden deep in the psyche of mankind ever since they huddled about their campfires fearful of predators… predators much like the creatures she has at her heel.
"I would prefer it to not be so terribly dire," His voice is strong, resonant as he addresses first Baroness. "Vendetta is tedious. Yet the insult remains, though I admit I do not feel the fire of rage."
His eyes turn back towards Amanda and he tells her levelly, "Be that as it may, children or otherwise, they do have a right to such grievances. I agree that their perspective may be skewed." A small wave of his hand is made, gesturing to the side as if brushing past her words. "If you would entertain such…" He pauses then goes on, "I would advocate some small gesture, or sacrifice of some moderate asset. Something that would allow a hollow proclamation of victory, then for the past to become the past."
For a time in the shadows of that now darkened entry room, Alexander's gaze shifts from one to the other and he adds, "Yet perhaps I am not aware of all sides of this situation." A small shrug, "As for my coming alone. Perhaps I am hopeful in a peaceful resolution." Then his lip curls, "Or perhaps I simply enjoy seeking out new experiences and indulging in them."

She only has one beast at her side, the mechanical dire lupine construct is adoringly named Ravage, if not for the overall weaponized appeal of the reinforced and 'created' being, it is for that maw of razored constructs that show behind the rippling rise of its upper lip, a guttural growl ushered forth, heralding a oily purr like gasoline over gravel before that match is lit - one this woman holds with ease in her hand, the chain that would 'heel' this creature dragging behind it. Unchained.

Framed gaze of frozen apathy shifts between Waller and Alexander, lips only bearing the worth of a Mona Lisa smile do not part for words, sometimes silence is worth a thousand and observations make it worth every heartbeat.

The clear view above is obscured now, blotted out by the large stealth chopper though through the sides of opened doors the upgraded M134's do not show to be taking direct aim, though are manned.

Baroness' gaze follows Amanda, still as placid as before despite the woman's show of annoyance. Not a care given, in fact as the diatribe goes on her fingers drum out softly, nails pattering a rhythm all her own atop the massive expanse of Ravage's head. His reaction as lacking as her own as they stand sentinel.

The dusty road is finally settling, the SUV's and truck not disembarked yet, in fact they look as abandoned as the rest of the terrain, but simply awaiting orders- orders that do not come, though they get the relay of this conversation fed through her own personal comm device on hidden and stolen airwaves. Here and gone. Ghost.

A small push of air can almost be passed off as a half-laugh comes from her finally, nails screeching their descent from the beasts head as she watches Alex, her own pace taken to cut a crescent around him, but just as eclipsing as the helicopter while she seeks to invade Amanda's space as well. Two for one, the woman likes it simple in all appearances as she leaves the hulking machine behind to heel in solitary.

"Sacrifice? You speak of something we all give to gain. Why would anyone fight hard to give it to another without benefit. Come now…" Baroness says as her hand slips to her side, resting just over the tac belt upon the thrust of hip. "Sally forth and tell them to do what everyone else does. /Work/ for it. -Earn- it. Make mommy ~proud~." Saying the last there is a hiss on those chords and no smile upon her lips, derision shown on the shark like slits her eyes have narrowed into.

"Last but never least. What they may desire, might already be /Mine/."

Ears remained attuned to the point distraction was almost had. Chatter of a small invasion COBRA style while The Program kept the city far away quiet. Two organizations working in tandem for a common goal; a lucrative partnership or frenemies who would seek to do battle and meet for tea afterwards. Waller had to admit, there was much power in this room; from the 'God of Fear' to the mechanical beast, the woman who circled in close that made Waller tighten up her stance by default in case either one of them breaks out into fisticuffs of the latex and suit-pant variety.

The nearness was a trade off, it was her turn to be silent, taking on the poise as business woman, one arm wrapped and the other with elbow planted in fore arm to lightly tap at the side of her nose.


She was always tapping. That's because she was being watched.

She was -always- being watched.

Take comfort in that.

Or not.

"And there you have it." Amanda finally speaks up after Ana gives her spiel. "Any and all rights that they may presume to have, grievances, retribution and the likes have been lain and taken away just by your appearance and her declaration." Did she just set them up? Possibly. However, there was more to be had from this meeting, Teen Titans be damned. If this was going to be a three way organizational battle, all over stuffed teddy bears and snuggies and hurt feelings? So be it. The Wall couldn't care less. There were more important things on the horizon.

"Anastasia. We've been out in the open too long."

"Waller." A voice from the com speaks. "Location is compromised."

A hand drops up to her ear as she lets out a sigh, her gaze planted upon Alexander, cool and even. "I know." She wasn't terribly upset really, though it 'looks' as if she was. "Baby Ares used a burner phone to send a message of his location. Not to mention, he gave warning to state that if he did not return at a certain point to storm the 'castle' as it were. Pivot, turn, and she was moving right back towards her spot, her back towards the god of fear, shoulder to shoulder with Anastasia, fingers dipping into her top to retrieve the portable mask that she kept on her person. She came, as usual, well prepared.

With is pressed against her mouth, her free hand reaches to press against her ear. "Lock us in. I'm clear." If Ana was smart…which she is…

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with one such as Alexander is that damned confidence. He stands there with his hands folded over that slim dancer's physique, arms crossed and his head turned just so to follow Baroness' progress. There are no worries at the moment as to personal space or the dire gaze of a metallic creature. Instead the child of Olympus lets her pass to the side and behind him as he lifts his voice, words casually offered and perhaps meant for both of them.
"The alternative is to have a gang of super powered individuals rushing around complaining to their circle of super powered friends who then proceed to crash around like a stampede. Perhaps they do damage to you, perhaps not. Mollification costs little, and to pay for what it may cost your pride…" The embodiment of fear turns his head back the other way, now catching Amanda from the corner of his eye, "I offer the same coin. I will waive what claim at insult I may have."
Slowly he turns, faint granules of sand beneath his foot scrape across the wooden floor. "We may then begin anew, on equal footing."
Even as they step back and away he gives a small shrug and unfolds his arms. For a moment he looks between the two, the subtle malevolence of those eyes flickers, but he does naught more to stay them nor hurry them on their way.

Baroness does not have to move, the wind shifts, tearing apart strand by strand her hair becomes thinner and thinner lashes of whips, from a subtle stir those black tendrils of her own mock Alexander's in their display, the only meaning coming when they come up to tease just beside cold blue gaze framed in those glasses, her smile dripping that poison without words. Like a snow globe on rotation her hair snaps from side to side, the wind picking up only when the chopper spins around and lowers behind her, hair picked up in a tornadoes fury to lash tentacles up and around her crown, the mechanized force of conflicting air kicking that sand to slide out moreso beneath their feet.

Both of Baroness' arms extend out to her sides, a composer of an artform many shun, ones that Alexander comes to speak on behalf of. "Give me your heroes, your super-powered infants, yearning to have back what was /ravaged/ from them.." The name alone sets the beast in motion to curl behind armor clad legs, peering outward after offering Waller a warning growl low, but settling in to stare at Alexander. "Send them to me. I have a /burning/ lamp just for them." Her chin lifts then as one of those tendrils lashes across the bared spanse of her throat. The god of fear, meet the fearless, only because that laughter of insanity mocked behind the burning blue gaze. There comes a point…

"How many more civilizations will fall before the weak learn they will never inherit…" The light flickering over the lns of Baroness' glasses ripples, an iridescent sheen that shows it is not just her glasses, a hidden serpent skin formed over her nose and mouth, one that curls to reveal curved fangs in a Cheshire smile.

"Equal is -settling-." Those final words dripped of boredom.


It was like the final words of Baroness set the scene in motion. They were going to be locked in a room with a ravenous beast, and it would not be the metal construct that growled at her.

From all sides the green porous fumes slowly filled the room, pumping toxin after toxin out into the air space that Waller and Ana were immune from. To add further immunity? She reaches into her pocket to retrieve a gun, but this was not like any other gun, it was a gun to inoculate before the poison took hold, poison meant to put down enough animals to fill the Ark; strong enough to put down a God of men. This was offered towards Ana as a fail safe, her own shot already taken. Paranoid much?

"For your amusement, Lady Baroness, the children are yours. With all due respect, I have better things to do with my time."

This was casually spoken as the gas filled the room, nearly obscuring both the women from view. Naturally, the beast would be able to see that Amanda was reaching for her concealed pistol, which hung at her side in case Alexander broke bad.

"But this one, this one could be of some use to us both, after a battery of rigorous tests of course. And if you are anything like me, woman, which I know that you are not, we women like the best of the best and if anything shall fall short." There was a pregnant pause. "They die."

A click of her teeth was given, she speaks of his future even though it was not set in stone by her hands, fates be told.

"And to think, he almost appealed to my better nature, to let the kids have their way so they don't disturb mommy's nap. Let it be known to you now, baby Ares, before you fall into stupor. There will be no equal footing, not in our house."

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