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September 9 2014: Corvinus wants to clear the air with Aspect. Rain happens to be around.


Trendys Cafe, part internet cafe, part actual cafe. Foods not bad either



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The craigslist add had been enough to get Jericho's attention. Certainly, it had been cutely worded enough. Yeah, cute is about the right way to describe that. There'd been an e-mail attached to it, so the hacker had dropped a line inviting the man he vaguely remembers as Corvinus/Jim Reha to meet at Trendy's.

No really, that's what it's called.

Trendy's is a hot new cafe (can't really use the other word now can we) that serves as a eatery for those who need (or think they need) to be 'plugged in'. On the plus side, the coffee's decent and the food's not bad. Jericho's enjoying a bit of both at the 'bar' area near the kitchen proper. Not waiting for seating is a plus. Plus it makes him look like he's not waiting for anyone to show up which is also a plus when there's concern that someone might try to kill you if they make you. People waiting for other people stand out. Standing out is bad. Hopefully the craigslister will recognize him. If not… it probably wasn't that important.


Jim, and by extension, his very ancient partner have reached a bit of an irritation point with a certain world-hopping trouble-causing lost soul who does indeed 'bring the light show' with him. It doesn't help their state of mind that they're in this horribly trendy coffee shop. Heck, when Jim was working at his retail gig the cheap drinks would be almost an hour of take-home pay. This really isn't setting his mind at east as he takes up a seat with his back to a wall and line of sight blocked to the outside. With the amount of things that have been flying around lately, he's not going to make it easy for anyone to take a shot at him or the person he's going to meet.

It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you or someone you're meeting.

He's not waiting for anyone either, or so it would seem. Cheap crap-top and a cup of coffee as he looks up the Weather Channel and plays a game of Solitaire on the side.

Fortunately, due to having a much better job than he used to, he can somewhat afford the coffee, now.


Rain has her own problems. And she's really not been reading Craigslist much. So she's more here for something to eat and drink outside the house. Captain, sadly, can't come with her in here. They likely don't allow cats. So here she is, oblivious. And deciding to order herself some tea. She also has her messenger bag with her, likely with a tablet or laptop in it. So she enters the line, looking more than a little tired. And while she waits in line, she sort of - hey, is that Jim? Peeeer.


Jericho is watching the security cameras of course. One of the advantages of being him is that he can keep a pretty good eye on everything without making it obvious that he is. Once he's fairly sure he's got his man he fire's off a text, still sitting at the bar hunched over his coffee. Doesn't even have a phone out.

<Is that you, Ornithologist? I'm over at the bar. PS, that lady's giving you a look. Think she likes you.> There's a pause and then. <She is kind of cute for what it's worth>


Jim continues to work at his game while watching the cafe out of the corner of the eye. Who says old dogs can't learn new spycraft tricks? He's completely casual as he's going through the forecast every so often, then blinks a second as he notices Rain standing in line.

A few scenarios play through his two-tiered mind as he considers options, re-directing his attention to the screen. Clearly, if he makes it look like he didn't recognize the Mistress of Moontree Manor she will just keep on going and return the favor?

Yeah, right. When does *that* ever work?

It's barely perceptible to all but the most astute of on-lookers as a phone vibrates a bit next to Jim's laptop. It's a dinosaur, and in most normal circumstances would be considered a 'burn' phone. Definitely NOT the kind of hardware that one would expect an employee of Stark Industries and Drakos Recovery to have.

He opens up a window on his laptop and sends a response text to the number.

<Yeah. Humor. Love it. See you. See her. Shit.> There's another pause and then the second response. <Too old for that kind of thing. Good kid, though.>


Rain does have purple eyes and a kind of pale aesthetic going for her. And a vaguely nerdy aura. Unfortunately for Jim, she's actually pretty intelligent. For her part, she is politely ordering quickly. She seems unaware of the unfolding Ornithology drama (since when was there that…? An online slap fight over birds, maybe?). The internet is a mysterious place. She notices the phone, hms softly. Nevertheless, she is mercifully distracted for awhile waiting for her tea and pastry.

And then it happens. She watches him a moment. Is he pretending not to notice? Should she back off? Decisions. … carefully, a small wave. The sort you use when you're not sure if that's the person you know and you want to avoid awkward.


Jericho can't help but chuckle. <Oh for goodness sake…> He picks up his coffee and turns walking over to Rain's table. "Mind if I join you?" He asks sitting down. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay after that… whole, er, house thing." Yes, Jericho was there that first night. Felt bad for the girl. <Come on over. Be nice to the girl. You can lecture me about ornithology or whatever over at this table. I don't bite unless given a reason. As for Rain? Mmmmm, you'd have to ask.>


Jim really doesn't care either way about the Nerdy. He's had his fair share of it in his past, but for the most part it isn't a key component to his life. The partner, on the other hand, has been spending days on Tropes and other lovely Internet 'resources' so it can 'get up to speed' on 'human society'. That is, when it isn't off doing some crazy adventures involving crazy men who can wrest vault doors off their hinges or the like.

The portly fellow looks at the table that Rain's at, the window to the outside, the various insecure ways that it could totally be attacked and shudders a bit. Then the texts keep popping up.

He shoves the phone into his pocket absently, forgetting to turn the buzzer off as he picks up his laptop and coffee and brings them over to Rain's table.

"Oh, hey Rain, mind if I sit here, too? I mean, after the other night it's good to see you out and about, even?"


But Rain has girl cooties! Cooties! ahem. Rain has settled in and seems surprised as Jericho walks over and - asks to sit. "Not at all," She replies quietly. "Thank you for asking. How are you?" She seems polite enough. Just kind of tired. "I appreciate it. It's been - kinda rough in a lot of ways." Losing an aunt to a falling house, having to deal with all the looky loos and everything. For better or worse, she seems unaware of Jim's dual problems.

"Hi there. Not at all. Please sit down. I needed away from the house a little. I'm tired of thinking on it. It keeps coming back," She admits. "You aren't hurt, are you?" She peers over. Her malevolent relative did splash him with her wine. Friendly, just a bit worn out.


Jericho smiles. "Seems like that would have been rough yes." He'd heard the news about the attack the other day. He wasn't sure exactly what had happen but the police radio chatter was hard to miss. "Jim!" Jericho's grins sharpens slightly as the portly man comes over and sits down. "Fancy seeing you here. How's the boss?" He only knows about the one, but really Pepper is quite boss enough. Ordinarily he might feel bad about the mildly covert needling but then, this guy did put out a craigslist add for him for no evident reason.


Jim sits down and sips at his coffee. "You're not the only one that's coming back to, and… the partner got PISSED during that. I mean, like I've never seen that kind of emotion pissed. It was really kind of scary and as far as I know its all good by it? And I had to get out of the neighborhood, too. When some of your neighbors aren't there any more and the neighbors don't want to talk about it… it gets a bit awkward, y'know?"

He glances over to Jericho. "Pepper's doing great. Miss Purple is doing pretty well, too. Kid's really got her head on straight, if you ask me?"

Oh, good, he's playing along?

"Just felt a bit out of sorts after all of that. Kind of cold on the resolution side and all?"

He glances apologetically to Rain. "Anyone able to figure out what she was using… your aunt, I mean?"


Rain smiles back weakly. Having one's own relatives trying to murder you is tough. Worse when she drags a (more than a few) mortals along for the ride. She listens for a moment, quirking a half-grin as the two talk. "Are you feeling alright, then?" She looks to Jim. "That was pretty fierce," Angry Birds 3D. For serious. "It does. And I understand entirely. I sort of retreated to the house till the police started coming by in earnest." Not just Mystique-cops, either. But Rain likely had to do deal with that. "I'm not sure what'll happen now." Likely, the body was up and burned, area cleansed and so on.

She looks between the two. "Using? Do you mean her goblet slash wine glass?" She replies. Rain doesn't seem entirely thrilled about the line of questioning, but accepts it. She doesn't seem directly upset, after all. And she trusts the man and his bird buddy.


Jericho is content to listen. Jim and Rain don't know him that well, but he often is. Listening means you hear things. Like information. Sure, not all of it is immediately useful but you might be surprised what turns out to be relevant at the strangest of times. The hacker has no doubt that Jim will get to the point of this little meeting eventually. He does hope it's in time for him to go home and cook some dinner. On the plus side Rain is a nice, if slightly odd witch and it never hurts to make acquaintances allies.

Speaking of Rain she may note that Jericho's eyes are nearly entirely amber now (they were about half when last she saw him) and that, if she has the senses for it, he's both brimming with magic and marked by something decidedly demonic.


Jim realizes the dangers probably a bit too late of speaking too vaguely.

"I thought maybe she was on acid or something, y'know? Something to explain all the crazy and all."

His looks is almost pleading as he sips at his coffee for some sort of change of subject. Oh, hey, that would work.

"You seeing that guy in the green that showed up?" Okay, Loki is probably quite a bit too old for Rain, but hey, topic changer, right?

"He seemed like a nice enough guy, helped out a lot with all of that, even, right?"

Jim has been sort of Rain-blocked from the purpose of meeting Jericho, which is exceptionally frustrating but the partner is urging him to relax and just 'roll with it.'.


Rain would feel terrible if she knew she totally blocked poor Jim. She can pick up on magic and blinks owlishly at Jericho. Huh. An eyebrow lifts a little. Interesting. But she has purple eyes. She can't really talk much, can she?

Rain looks back to Jim. She grunts softly. "I see." Then she gives him a long stare. "… no. I believe he has a companion," She seems confused. "He's - just staying there." She looks baffled. "I - can discuss it with you sometime if you're - busy?" Something seems odd here. This got a bit weird. Then again, Rain's life seems to be an eternal chorus of 'well, that was weird', 'oh shit', 'hey, Gary Coleman riding a giraffe and fighting crime' hodgepodge of surreality.


"Oh this is a fine time to discuss things. I think Jim here actually wanted to talk to me about something but you can go first if you like. Well, assuming you're okay talking with me here. I can, like, hit the restroom if you need some space. I'm on my third cup of coffee." It's interesting, actually, that Jim hasn't broached whatever it is yet. Personal boundries issues. Possible that he doesn't want people to hear it? Or just Rain. Either way, probably important, Jericho notes.


If only Rain knew how many Gary Coleman crime-fighters were in Jim's world, especially at the rate things are going. And he's NOT a weirdness magnet. Pity the poor fools who are, then?

The stare gets a look back of 'what?' as Jim tries to parse the girl's words. "That might be a good thing. Perhaps over a good pot of tea or something?" In not so PUBLIC a place? Yeah, Jim thinks he caught that hint there.

Jericho's offer to go to the bathroom is met with a mix of horror and acceptance. Yep, discussion time is probably blown for now. And not in a good way.

"If ya gotta go, ya gotta go man, not like we're keeping ya here or anythin'?" And yes, very much important and the less ears hearing, the better. Odd that he picked a cafe for that sort of discussion, though.


Rain tends not to talk about magic so publically. That's all, really. And having people hear it was *her* relative that murdered (and ate) (and zombified) a good number of people (scores), well. It might not end well for her. Rain is a weirdness magnet. That's why she lives in a manor that fell from the sky with a highly unorthodox set of staff, Loki, her talking cat familiar, an imp with a penchant for Oreos and Golden Girls and - well. It goes on.

She nods. "Surely," She smiles at Jim. It might've been a bit harsh. She looks to Jericho, blinking. "Yeah, I was about to offer to switch tables if you two wished to chat," She seems uncertain. Is she the one who needs to back off? She seems like the sort who does most of her socializin' online. She sips her tea. "But whatever the case might be, it's a pleasure to see you both."


"Ah, well in that case I don't think I personally need you to move, unless Jim would rather discuss it in private." Jericho pickes public places for meets because he can watch them and because people are less likely to be violent if they think a SWAT team might roll up on them. He doesn't know or trust the man. Neither does he particularly know or trust Rain, but the two seem to be wary of one another and that balances out in his favor.

"So, what was it you needed Jim? Something about boundries?"


Jim glances around a bit before taking a sip of his coffee. He was going to offer some sort of thanks or apology to Rain, but it completely flew out of his mind. And this situation sucks. Totally not in the game plan. But what the hell can he do? Rain's pretty much the coolest part of his neighborhood, and Jericho is the biggest pain in the butt in his life right now — not literally.

He sighs a bit.

"There's been a couple of situations we've gotten mixed up in because of things you've got going on. Is there anyway to get on your 'Do Not Call' list? I mean, seriously, at this rate something horrible is going to happen?" He offers that to Jericho with a bit of a sigh.

Probably sooner rather than later.

Rain gets an apologetic look.


Rain tilts her head. She nods. "Fair enough," Rain is more tired and not wanting to talk about magic in public. Hi, my aunt murdered and used your relative's corpse as a weapon. PS- bits of them were all over the place. Oops. She blinks, at the sudden turn in conversation. Her eyebrows lift and she looks to Jim. She just sort of sips her tea and looks awkward for a moment. "Ah." Pastry eating time!


"Do you really think any of that was my idea?" Jericho seems rather amused that Jim does. "Come on, Jim. Honestly. I've got better much better things to do with my time than drag you and Pepper off to Arkham." He smiles over at Rain. "He's a little peeved with me. May have something to do with the gun I was holding when it all started. I'm not sure his partner approved. He gets like that, y'know?" Running commentary provided by Jericho's propensity to snark.


Jim sighs. "After the past few weeks I'm hardly sure what's up anymore, to be brutally honest. And…I—" He cuts himself off and sips at his coffee.

A small part of him LOVES the adventure, the excitement. The older, mature, and far wiser section has realized that no matter how this is going to shake out, nothing good will come of it. He continues briefly at Jericho.

"Y'know, man, you're almost as bad as John. Because I want to really be pissed at you even right now but I can't just bring myself to be."

He squeezes the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger, setting down an empty coffee cup as he folds up his laptop and stows it.

"Sorry to disrupt everyone's afternoon, really, and ah, thanks for responding so fast."

Rain gets another apologetic glance as he stands up.

"I should probably just go home and get some sleep."

After drinking all the coffee he has? Yeah, right.


Things are a bit tense. Rain looks between the two. "I see. I'm sorry," She offers to the two. There's a look to Jim. "You didn't disrupt anything. You're welcome to visit if you want a safe place to talk. Most people won't mess with the manor," She remarks quietly. "But you should rest if you're not feeling well. Let us know if you need someone to listen," Rain seems tired but sympathetic. "It's been a rough few weeks for many of us," She offers.


Jericho takes rather the opposite tack. "Sit down, Jim." He says not unkindly. "You're not sleeping anyway with four and a half cups of coffee in you. You went to the trouble of putting out a craigslist add to get my attention, clearly either you or the Bird has something on his chest. So, out with it."

It's possible that the hacker is a little tired of unproductive meetings. Besides something is bothering Jim. He's not sure it's him, but it's something. He glances over to Rain since she seems to know Jim a bit better.


Jim glances at the two. "I… think I'm going to need that sooner rather than later, Rain. Thank you for the offer."

He glances to Jericho. The man gets the 'Sorry for wasting your time' look, about to be followed by Customer Service Protocol Ten.

He sits back down.

"It's the Storm that it keeps prattling about."

What Storm? There's a Storm? Is Thor involved? A hurricane coming? What, indeed.


Really, one just has to consider it. The odd crazed relative aside, most shmos and assassins might not want to mess with a house full of MAGIC and god knows what. She looks to Jim and smiles a little. "Sure thing. Just let me know. I have a phone now," She replies. "And you're welcome." That's what peeps are for.

She looks to Jericho after a moment. "And huh, four and a half cups? Yeah, you'll be up for awhile." Pause. "Storm?" Thor? What? Hmmm.


Jericho checks the whether forecasts online briefly. Nope. Not talking about an actual storm. Must be metaphor then. Brilliant deductive reasonaing at work.

"Mmmhmmm. It being your buddy in there." He gesture to Jim's head with his coffee cup. "Okay, so something's going to go down. What's got it, and by extension you, so on edge?"


"It fucked something up. No two ways about it, ages ago. And apparently, it's going to be heading this way any time now. But it doesn't know beyond five to ten years and that if the fuck-up knows its here then it'll go down a lot faster. Something requiring potentially an entire world in defense. Big stuff. Bird-people rather than him. Bigger, badder, uncut."

Okay, Jim's prattling a bit now, even.

"It wants to recruit every single person it can for that defense. Because it doesn't know what's going to work and what isnt'. And well, I don't know about you but having a version of Ragnarok bouncing in my head…"


Rain listens for now, then. She sips her tea. "Yeah, you seem a bit out of it," She looks concerned. Her eyebrows furrow in thought. "That seems rough. I can make you some tea to help you sleep, if that would be of use." Hey, witch skills. They're handy sometimes. Rain just happened to get the more healy ones versus the usual offensive set. "… that sounds pretty intense." Hmm. She has to think.


Jericho sighs. "Okay, not to be the wet blanket here, but even if that worked - recruiting everyone - and it won't because there's too many competing agendas at work, there's still no way it'd hold together for five to ten years on a what if?" He folds his arms and leans back in his chair, eyeing Jim and then glancing over at Rain. "Can you be a little more specific? I may be able to do something for you but not with anything that vague."


The portly fellow waves down a barrista and orders another pot of coffee for the table, and a plate of pastries. He can at least afford that much.

"Apparently it was supposed to teach them or something but they didn't take to it right? Instead they all went to war and started fighting each other?

He glances around.

"Apparently, a race out there called Thanagarians… he calls them 'The Client People' for some reason… they have wings, apparently, and they're very very very violent. It doesn't want to provide the other details, it says the time is not right yet?"

He gives another apologetic look.


Rain listens now, looking between the two again. "Are you sure you should be having more coffee? I can cleanse it from you after, but … if this is as important as you say it is, it's probably best not to be sleep deprived," She points out. "And huh," Rain hms. "That's - something. I hadn't heard of them before," She admits. "I wish I could tell you more."


"Okay. So another race, I'm going to presume on another planet and it has reason to believe it may be followed here with hostile intent." Jericho quirks an eyebrow. "I've pissed off a lot of people in my time but never anyone enough to cross interstellar distances to come get me. Presuming that someone or something is in fact coming for it, what in the name of the various hells does it want us to do?" Because hopefully it has a plan that is not just 'everyone stop fighting and focus on this, no I don't know when they're coming.' Which is to say, hopefully it has a plan that has a chance of working.

Rain preemptively answers Jericho's next question for him. "Does this sound like it's in your wheelhouse Rain? Or more space invaders from the 9th dimension?"


"I think it's trying to start slow and gradually build up things, but it doesn't really know how to do that kind of thing short of teaching everyone to think. Unfortunately, I think by it teaching everyone to think it's actually working counter to the ultimate goal, and is chasing its tailfeathers? But hey, I don't have the epochs of knowledge that it apparently does? And… well, thanks for at least not laughing at it. It's a freaking kid sometimes."


Rain hms. "It could be both, to be entirely honest. There are other places besides Earth with mystic capabilities. From what I've heard his partner say, he speaks in a very technological way, if that makes sense." Rain pauses. She sips her tea and looks thoughtful. She's trying to follow the train of thought. "Not every goal has a straight path to it, and I would definitely put someone who is a raven into that category." Then she smiles to Jim. "It's alright. That's what friends are for, yeah?" Seriously. Jim has to deal with Rain's weirdness (just wait till he sees her newt someone).


Again, another shake of Jericho's head. "Epochs of knowledge aren't going to help it deal with humanity because it has less experience doing that than you do, Jim." The hacker says this knowing the partner can hear and will chew on it later. "So I don't know that in this case they count for a whole lot. To get this done it either has to remake global society or be able to work within the existing conventions. One of those is harder than the other. I'll let you guess which."

He pauses for a moment to sip his coffee. "Gathering against a threat isn't a bad idea but you know as well as I do that people are slow enough to gather against threats they can see and recognize. Against a nebulous maybe threat from off planet? I think the best you can hope for is to have a framework in place for getting the help you'll actually need when and if they arrive. Again, what the hell did it do to piss off someone enough to cross interstellar space?"

Rain gets a smile. What are friends for indeed? Considering he's probably going to be helping out a Demon Queen for the sake of (very close) friendship, he can't exactly throw stones here.


"The magick stuff really freaks it out, for some reason I haven't been able to figure out. The only thing I can guess at is there was something either in its past or in its creation that doesn't like it, and as a result it has a bit of a blind spot for it? That… and apparently he used to only 'merge' with entities that were 'close' to its mindset? It's part of the reason we're in conflict at times?"

He pauses a bit, nibbling at a pastry.

"I know that bureaucracies are slow and they require a lot of work to get into position. And I also know that they require a lot of resources to maintain structures like DHS and that. I think it figures it'll do its Enlightenment thing, things will just magic up, and poof, problem solved. It doesn't seem to realize that it's going to take more than that."

If only the folks seated at the table knew. If only.


Rain is quiet, nodding at Jericho. "Yeah, there's a - lot of issues that are mundane and being ignored." She remarks quietly. Rain smiles back to Jericho, and then hms. "On one hand, magic is pretty freaky. On the other…" She rubs her chin, thoughtfully. "It seems very hopeful and optimistic. That's good, at least. Maybe the experiences you two share will help it understand that and work around the obstacle?" She offers. "I think his plan is wisest at the moment," She murmurs. "And perhaps resting yourself up."


"Well good luck with it however you decide to go about it. Just remember if you set something up it's gonna have to be sustainable. I doubt a bunch of meta volunteers will cut it against this kind of thing. You really oughta speak to the Partisan about that. She knows how to set up organizations… though I doubt she'd take well to enlightenment, so perhaps not."

Rain and Jim both get a smile from Jericho at this point, perhaps a bit sharp. "See, that wasn't hard, and barely involved boundries."


Some folks don't have the sorts of connections that truly active folks do. This is one of those cases.

"I, at least, realize that. Just tossing a bunch of folks together ad hoc is a recipie for disaster in the making. And… how would I get in touch with the Partisan? Let me worry about the enlightenment thing, and Buddha Bird."

Jim glances to the both of them, then shrugs.

"It got you to the table so I'm not going to knock the technique?" His tone is a bit tired and resigned.


Rain is quiet, smiling back. "I hope I can help, then. Be well, and stay safe. Do you need a place to rest? I should probably go make sure the pamphleteers aren't plastering my gates again." She sighs softly. She doesn't say much about Partisan. Never met 'er.


"You don't know Partisan like I do. Best case scenario, she rudely and roughly gets rid of you. Worse case? I don't want to think about that. But I can make an introduction if you'd like. She's a good friend of mine." Just keep the philosophizing to a minimum, Jericho mentally appends. "Are you headed out Rain? Be safe."


"If you need help with that, let me know, I wouldn't mind helping clean up a little bit. Felt kind of dirty after the other night and taking off? And… I still have my studio over there, so that should work. It's not much but I'm managing rent on it?"

"Well, if you can get me in touch with her, just let me know how and when. We'll work something out." That seems promising, even if a bit vague.

He waves to Rain and gives her a wave, even as he gnoshes on the pastries.

"Feel free to take some with you."


Rain nods. "Thank you, you too. And yeah, better make sure. I really need to redo a lot of my aunt's alarm systems. I just had to turn them off so no one got turned into a newt, fireballed or anything," She remarks. She smiles as Jim noshes. "Sure thing. And it's fine. I can't honestly blame you. That sort of stuff is messy." She's being deliberately vague. "And if you're nearby, feel free to drop by and say hello. Or have something to eat and drink. Whatever works. I'll just take one." Yes. "Thank you. Be well." And off she goes. To do witch stuff.


Jericho takes a pastry himself and starts to nibble on it. "Take care Rain." He doesn't know if he'll see her around but… he wouldn't rule anything out at this point. At all.

After the nice witch leaves Jericho fixes Jim with a level, amber eyed stare. "So, now that she's gone, is there anything else?"


"The other thing I really didn't want to bring up, even though Rain is kind of magic. You know someone who's big into vodka and is also prone to hunting wayward spirits. I'm getting a bit freaked out waiting for the shoe to drop and I get that she's kinda busy and all, but, you think maybe you could remind her that some of us are getting older on a day by day basis and may just drink up all the vodka we bought special for her visit?"

Okay, that one was a bit out of left field.


Jericho rolls his eyes a bit. "Time flows differently in her dimension, but I can remind her. Worse comes to worse you can just come visit her. Wont be real hard since I'm quite familiar with where she lives on this side of things." He should be. Its where he lives.

"Shes a good friend, after all."


"Alright. Thank you very much for your time and patience during this discussion. Sometimes management gets it in their heads to seek out things that are not necessarily within one's purview, and don't understand that sometimes a good scare is healthy for a person to keep their 'edge' in a crisis scenario. This being said, I'm willing to reset the clock but I suspect that the partner is going to be grumbly and grousy about it for a while. You might want to avoid it if its out and about for the time being.. I don't think it'd do anything stupid, and it wants to save everyone it can, but…"


"I'll do what I can but the strangeness about me seems to like the magical and arcane. Since I can't control it I cant make any promises other than I certainly don't have any reason to seek you out otherwise. Also, you[re starting to talk like him. One and all. Is he coming out to play?" Jericho seems more curious than worried.


"We're bleeding over each other. It's a bit frightening at times, and it was part of the reason I was banging the sides of my head when we were in Arkham. If he's running the show and I'm up-top, as it were, I really get a screamer of a headache when he heads off. And he loves to troll me by…"

He looks at the pot of coffee and facepalms.



"By drinking lots of coffee and keeping you awake on a work night by chance?" Now Jericho just seems kind of amused. Okay more than kind of.


"Something like that. He also does it if I've been out drinking, but only when he's up top. Then *he* is awake all night and making sure… well, you probably can now understand why your reception was not a warm one when you appeared in my apartment? The weaponry rolling just made it worse?


"To be fair. i probably wouldn't Have reacted well to a teleporting minigun in my apartment either." Jericho leans back and grins. "Tell your bird friend that if he's going to be such a troll he needs to find a bridge."


"I've already mentioned it to it a couple of times, and its response was a mental raspberry and also the imagery of me being used as a bridge along with some really nasty remarks about my size. I want to be angry at it sometimes, but at the same time, we're kinda sharing the same living space and that isn't gonna change any time soon… so… it's almost like the Odd Couple?"


"Um… you sir, have worse luck than I do." Jericho makes a face. That's hard. Then again, he's gotten some good luck with the bad luck. Not many would call a demon queen good luck, but Jericho sure as hell would. Heh, no pun intended. "So when do you two end your run? Or are you in syndication?"


"That's a really good question and I've honestly been afraid to ask. If it's like any of the other memories and knowledge in here"

He points to his head.

"It could be a very, very long time. I get the feeling that it may view me as equal or greater pain in its Enlightenment because I *don't* fit well with whatever its got going on?"

He munches on an almost forgotten pastry.

"I just hope that I don't lose who I am along the way. Being in here sometimes is like… I guess… being at the Great Library of Alexandria as a child seeing all the wisdom of the ages, then multiplied by several orders of magnitude?"


The hacker sighs and shakes his head. "Yeah, that sounds unpleasant. Guess Illyana was right, everyone deals with their own things." Jericho has more enemies than he can count, Jim is dealing with possible self anihilation from his own ally.

"I wish you luck with that. You seem like a decent guy. The other guy… I guess he's okay too. Bit preachy." That delivered with a wink.


"I've been working in and out of jobs for over two decades, including a stint in the Service. It's why I was kind of glad to get the sidearm in Arkham, honestly. Far too often lately the response has been 'bring out the bird'. And I can't get into that trap. The more it happens, the easier it gets. The easier it gets, the faster I might lose whatever is 'me' out of the equation? And I can be a complete flipping ass at times, but I'd like t' think I was raised right. The whole 'heroing' gig… that's usually more it than me. And it's response just now was apparently unprintable even in Russian." Yeah. It seems to know a lot of languages, go figure.

"Its trying to work within its program, and while it was exceptionally open and loose, there are some limits it cannot defeat, nor does it want to. It is pretty certain that Humanity is not ready for a singularity event."


"I'm fairly sure humanity isn't ready for a singularity event." Jericho says with a quirk of an eyebrow. "But one is coming like it or not, ready or not. Humanity, at least, has this odd propensity for survival." He waves his hand and stands up. "But that's nothing I can do anything about, and I have more than enough things that I can affect to worry about. Which I should get back to. See you 'round, Jim. I'll try to get Illyana to drop by. If she doesn't, I'll arrange the meeting myself. Later."


Be safe out there, and good hunting. And thanks for not bringing it to Syria. Because I think Pepper would have killed me. Have a great night."

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