Tiptoe Through The Tulips

September 12, 2014: Having heard that her bestie/girlfriend is out of the Arkham Spa and Resort for the Criminally Eccentric, Harley goes to look for her

Giordano Botanical Gardens

Acres of beautiful landscape prove that not everything in Gotham is dark and gloomy.



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In the better side of Gotham, at least Ivy thinks so, was the Giordano gardens. It was like a home away from home for her, which was previously invaded by the mucking humans that ran the place as if they knew better. The chemicals they used upon the plants made them grow, yes, but they were also miserable to the point where their lives weren't sustainable for longer than weeks at a time. It was something that would not do. So she cleared the place, screamed, fought, threatened workers and attempted murder, most got away, some were dragged by their fellow workers out of the place until she was left with her babies. Her lovely, lovely babies. She carefully made her a spot, gently suggesting those lovely little plants to move aside so that she could lay with them, talk with them, coo and tend to their little leaflets. This was going to be her sanctuary, no, not going.. it -is-.


It's late at night, and under the cover of darkness a form in red and black vaults over the fences that keep the gardens protected from people that are passing by. But those people aren't Harley. Once on the lawns of the gardens, she looks around, her lips pursing and moving from side to side as she thinks. "Now, if I was Red, and I just got outta Arkham, first place I'd go is my favourite patch of green. So now…. where in all these acres is Red?"

The clowngirl looks to a rosebush nearby. "Say?? Seen a really hot plant lady anywhere around?" she asks the flower. Okay, she's not daft enough to expect an answer, but it can't hurt either.


It could have been a breeze in the place, but the roses that Harley spoke to moved just enough to give a bit of a notice. One by one, they shifted ever so slightly, creating a slight wave to point the direction where Ivy had laid down. She wasn't asleep, she was quiet, listening to the woman question the green, making -damn- sure that Harley paid her respects to her beloveds. "Over here." She calls out, one arm extending to show pale with a shock of green silk to wrap around her flesh. It wasn't that she wasn't excited to see Harley, but it has been so long since she laid out in the open with her plants, so she didn't want to sacrifice one moment with them just to hug a girlfriend when that girlfriend could come to her for hugs. "Watch your step."


When the plantlife actually does tell her where to find her best friend, Harley beams a smile at the roses. "Yer the best! Thanks a bunch, buds." She then sees the hand and squees happily as she carefully makes her way among the plants. She knows better then to step on them. Heck, if she could stop herself from walking on the grass, she'd do that too.

"Red! I can't tell ya how good it is ta see ya. I was just startin' ta think of heading back *in* to Arkham, just for some girl time!"


Little known fact, the grass actually enjoys being stepped on. It's like a workout for them, carrying the weight of the world on it's surface and springing back to life the next. They are easily the Green's little show offs, by far.

"Harley!" She squees, yes, Ivy squees. She's been alone for so long and the only other person she'd go to bat for was.. out there, without her. It was enough to drive a girl insane in her own right. "Come down here." Her hands gesture quickly, inticing her to join her upon the fresh, cool grass, to soak up the scents and the 'sounds' that she could possibly not hear. "No more Arkham, not for us. My lady, we're going to stay free and we're going to play. But first, tell me something new, tell me what you've been doing while I've been away."

Cause a girl just -loves- to gossip.


Harley doesn't need a second invitation to cuddle with Red. She is soon laying on the grass with her, her head on Ivy's shoulder as they look up at the beauty that is the night sky. Harley smiles, sighing happily. This brings back memories. Happy, happy memories. "Well… I really need ta thank ya for those shots you gave me. You was right! Now that Mistah Jay can't hurt me no more, he doesn't even bother ta try an hit me! It's no fun if I hit back. We tried ta get the B-man to come play, but he ain't been around much. Which is good for us, I suppose."

Yes, time to gossip with her girlfriend. If it weren't for Joker, Harley could maybe settle down to love just Red, but as it is the Joker isn't going anywhere. "Kitty's in Blackgate. Can you believe that Batsy put her in there himself? And she says my relationship with Mistah Jay is screwy."


Her arm snakes around Harley's middle, a slight turn given so that she could play with the blonde hair atop of her head. She was happy as well! And if Ivy wasn't so hard up, she'd paint the town green with Kitty and Harls in a new york minute. But this wasn't New York, it was Gotham, and hearing that the Bats hasn't been around? It tickled her fancy. The girls were going to play.

"Good. I dislike him. I really wish you were not with that man at all." The arm around Harley grew tighter, but not tight enough to warrant pain, it was protective almost, the woman had to put Harley in the place as a little sister instead of a love. "And just know that if he does touch a hair on your head and I find out? He will rue the day he's ever done it. I'll split him and tear him inside out." She didn't have to explain, but.. the apprehension was still there.

Now hearing about Catwoman though? She had to laugh. It wasn't a happy laugh; it was filled with irony, anger, but not disbelief. "Batdick." She finally spits out, her eyes rolling, but then the realization hits. Who. The fuck. Was watering her plants? This does not bode well with Ivy. Not in the slightest.

She drew away from Harley, hands planting upon the ground to sit up and give her the most horrid of looks to cross once gentle features. "She will not be in Blackgate for long. No. No. No. No." A hand lifts and pounds against the ground, anger evident. "He will pay."


Harleen, she can be Harleen with Ivy. Not even Joker can give her that. Harleen cuddles up close and looks into Ivy's green eyes. She knows how much Ivy cares and it makes her feel warm right down to her toes. But, she's not him. And as much as Ivy may make some very good points of why Harley should, Harley will never be able to give up on her Puddin'. "He knows, Red. We had a long, long talk when I got back. Most of the talking was done with guns and baseball bats." She traces a finger up and down Ivy's arm, making lines around the edges of the leaves that curl up around the verdant beauty's curves.

When Ivy sits up, so does Harley, grinning when she says that Kitty won't be in the slammer for long. "Oh goody! Two jail breaks in one week? Officer Helen Quinze, at yer service." Harley salutes Ivy as she gives her GCPD disguise name.


There was a moment of pride in Harley that.. Harley herself couldn't see. But Ivy felt it, right there in her bones; her shoulders peeled back instantly and her back grew straighter at the thought. Harley finally, at long last, put the Joker in his place and quite possibly got a little something out of the deal that Ivy really couldn't give her. Damn, Harley grew up.

But back to the Bats and Cats, her jaw tenses as her eyes glaze over, she was going to say something that she probably would regret in the future. "Helen Quinze. Yes.. and.. even.. your.. Pudding." She had to pace herself when she said those words, but something troubled her, it was her own breakout that she still has yet to question. In fact, it was more or less like a walkout. If only she could make things easy, just like that. "Will you be seeing him soon?"


Girlishly, Harley claps her hands at the idea of she working together with the two people she loves most in the world. With an almost childlike niavete, she refuses to acknowledge just how much the two can't stand the other or the fact that she loves them both. "Oh yeah! I see him every night. And… well, we sorta owe Lina anyway. She helped Mistah Jay when he was in a hairy fix with some mercenaries. So I'm sure I can convince him ta help us."


Harley's happiness at the situation just made her eye twitch. Like when you've had too much caffiene or just too little, the left eye was going a mile a minute until her hand reached up to smack right upon the eye, and remain there to press down hard. But.. there was something else. There was always something else.

"Someone walked me out of the Asylum."

Quick, painless. "I do not know this man. He did not give me a name just yet, but I wanted to take time to myself before I meet him again. Do you know -anyone- in Gotham with that sort of power? Anyone at all?"


When Ivy goes and gives Harley a puzzle like that, the blonde grows thoughtful. It's a look Ivy is familiar with, Harley is using that big brain of hers that often gets forgotten. It takes a while for the dust and cobwebs to be brushed away, and while that's happening, Harley's head tilts from side to side, her big blue eyes looking skyward. "Only person I can think of with that sorta clout is Hugo Strange. But why would he go and do somethin' like that? Other then the fact that if he follows you, he would be able ta find me and if he finds me he finds Joker. His mercenaries and the bounty certainly haven't gotten the job done."


Ivy just shakes her head. She knows of Hugo, and he's ruthless. This man wasn't ruthless at all, in fact, he seemed a little scared of her once there were alone. "No. Not him. You and.. 'Pudding'.." UGH! "…are safe." She didn't divulge what the man had looked like just yet, the cane and the ugly Yellow Suit may be a dead give away, and it was something she wanted to keep in her pocket for a later date. But enough about her, Catwoman was in trouble, and someone was going to answer for her shit not being taken care of. Her shit being her flowers.. and Catwoman herself.

"I need to do a few things before this happens. Bring.. that guy.." The Joker. "…back here so we can do this the right way." The right way being, planned. The lives of people are officially forefiet if they interviene.

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