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September 13,2014: Jim Reha, on behalf of The Corvinus, seeks out Alexander Aaron about an… issue.

Empire State University, New York City

An institution of higher learning with many different sciences and schools within it.



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The University during the weekend is a different creature. The population drops to about one fifth the normal, only a handful of classes are given, and the people living in the dorms seem to go crazy with the madness of no mom nor dad. So when one is upon campus during those times of the week, they get used to the out of the ordinary. Usually it's just the occasionally game of drunken ultimate frisbee, or clothing optional hackeysack.
For Alexander Aaron, he only comes there for the use of the gymnasium, perhaps the cafeteria food plan, and the occasional class or use of the library. Today is no different as he leaves the cafe, hands in the pockets of his hoodie and his gaze distanced in thought.

Jim Reha never went to college.

Sure, he took some courses when he was considering an Associates degree in electronics engineering, but after a disastrous semester where he almost got fired from work for failing to juggle the dual demands of school and work, he quit the classes and focused on work full-time. So any university campus is a strange, alien place to him. Between the youth (to him) isolated from the modern and cruel realities of the world to the local athleticism, it's akin to a norm going to a sci-fi convention. Out of place, awkward, and perhaps staring a bit too much at some things before realizing that it's rude to stare.

He's looking for someone today. Someone who allegedly has done some pretty horrific things. Someone that a certain Buddha Bird wants to pick the brain of — to find out *why* the guy is having such a malfunction.

Jim already tried to sway his partner from this course of action, indicating discretion, valor, all that good jazz… and Corvinus threatened to drink a pot of tea every night until he gave the issue more consideration.

Working two jobs, sleep is important, so here he is, based on the best guess of the ancient avianoid A.I…


It doesn't take long to track down Alexander Aaron, if one has a few facts that lead them in that direction. His home is on record, his academic career. And there's even a small page of him up on a wikia linked from reddit's /r/superheroes though the wiki is a bit bare bones. Yet he doesn't exactly hide, though at times he wears glasses or a hoodie. Tonight he is doing neither, his features are clear as he walks along the concrete sidewalk that wends its way through the quad.
He pauses near a benchseat, resting a hand on the back of it as he fishes his phone out of his pocket and casually activates it with the swipe of a thumb. He casually types out a small text message, then hits send.

The salt and pepper middle-aged fellow alters course, not to pass within ten feet of the young man, but to head over to a different bench. He flops himself down onto the other bench and pulls out a phone of his own and holds it to his ear, apparently holding some sort of animated conversation with someone on the other side about a party tonight.

Those who have keen hearing may pick up on the fact that there *isn't* someone talking back when he pauses…

Alex's text just takes like five keystrokes, then a tap of the send button. He smiles crookedly as he considers the sceen, but then he pockets it as he starts to walk down the sidewalk again. His backpack hangs casualy off of one shoulder, a long poster tube sticking out of the side of the open carry-all. He passes by Jim Reha, pausing only for a moment to lift a hand in casual greeting as he walks on by.
Of course as he strolls on there's a low /vvvt-vvvt/ as the phone in his pocket vibrates. He keeps walking as he pulls the phone out, considering the text's contents as he walks. He gets a smirk again and types out a response as he goes on.

"Hey, kid!"

That is sure to be the best way to greet someone. Has to be in the Top Ten, even.

"You seen any crazy stuff lately?"

Okay, that's just creepy.

"Y'know, what with that Mischief guy runing around, and someone that can eat the sun and all?"

Okay, WEIRD and creepy.

How *does* one greet a potential mass murderer without mentioning that directly?

The phone is just then sliding into his pocket as Alexander looks across the way at Jim. One blonde eyebrow cocks curiously, but there is no fear nor suspicion in him, a curious reaction for sure when someone might be approached while alone on a campus at night by an older fellow. He cocks his head to the side curiously, his eyes glowing faintly of crimson and giving the faint hint of the supernatural to this particular ESU student.
He doesn't say anything at first, just calmly contemplating this other individual. The space of several heartbeats pass and he eventually says, simply, "Hello."

As the student responds the guy sits up a bit straighter.

"Evenin'. Got someone that really wants to pick a bone or three with you, but this is really not the place for it and things need discussing. Know a place? Nothin' crazy, serious."

The portly fellow tenses a bit. This wasn't quite the best way to greet the guy, and he's had several arguments already about even this thing with the partner. Jim's more of a live and let live sort. The partner, on the other hand, is obsessed with saving lives for some obscure reason related to its past.

He cracks his neck. "Nothing hinky, man."

Those who can really get into the magic thing might notice a slight bit of 'null' around the guy.

The young man's head cocks the other way curiously, like some quizzical canine. He adjusts the hang of his backpack with the shift of his shoulder. He gives a small shake of his head, "Say what you're inclined, but my time isn't entirely my own." Alexander gives a small shrug as he starts off walking down the sidewalk, "Or feel free to wander with, perhaps a stroll will suit." And with that he sets words to deed.


The big guy gets up and wobbles a bit as he moves to catch up.

This is all a control thing. Tire out the old guy. Make him pant for breath so he can't get his point across. Effin' BS is what it is.

"You talked to a cat lately?"

A rather enigmatic question, to say the least.

"Perhaps a wall, even?"

For some reason that registers, though not exactly in a positive way. He glances askance at Jim and those glowing red eyes narrow. He slides his hands into his pockets and his footsteps become even, more steady and easily matched by the other man at his pace.
"On Olympus they have this thing called the Great Game, it's this sort of one-upsmanship thing where each deity tries to get an edge over the others in various ways. It can be terribly annoying, and the way you're trying to speak right now, tinged with subtlety to a degree… it reminds me of it." His nose crinkles faintly as he strolls, "Speak plainly, say what you wish to say, I'll answer you as I will and matters may progress."


"On behalf of the partner, did you perform summary justice upon individuals that may or may not have assaulted your person or your honor?"

Wow, straight-up, bold-faced no doubt about it plainly laying it out in the open, even. Ask… and ye shall receive, even.

The man's pace keeps up much better now that they're matched, too.

"And one would be minded to not mention certain places and certain things when certain folks may be using certain devices to listen to certain conversations, if one catches one's meaning?"

That's a bit of a fear there. It's not a fear of the student. No. It's the fear of *someone* or *something* else beyond the parties present being dialed into this conversation.

"Not yanking your chain, just straight up, yes or no?"

"Ah, I understand your concern," Alexander, perhaps, at times that others might fear what he does not. In any case he continues on the way. "There was an occasion, three of late actually, where individuals who have sought me ill have been dealt with." He lifts those glowing eyes upwards as they distance faintly in thought. Yet his stride remains even, "Of course these would not have been the first occasions."
Alex moves along frowning as his phone makes another /vvvvt-vvvt/ sound and he withdraws it from his pocket to read a small text that is he glances says something about 'watching crowds' or something along those lines. He starts to reply as he moves, "Who does your partner represent and from whence does he or she gain their authority." He taps a few keys, nothing elaborate, looking like he is saying, 'sounds even boringer.' He pockets the phone as he looks sidelong then at Jim, "And if such as my actions might stand under their judgement, perhaps my past should also been so examined."

"This is neither the place nor the time for that discussion. The partner has been around for… a significant time. It has seen many things, many errors made by pride, arrogance, selfishness, ignorance, stupidity, self-doubt, anger, hatred, fear… the list is long and we don't have time for it. Its concern is a Storm that is coming. It needs to preserve all that is here to ensure that this world is ready for that Storm when it arrives. To all things save Enlightenment, it is a primary concern that takes precedence over ancient Greek honor societies and toga parties."

The guy sighs.

"It could go on for HOURS like this. Seriously, what the fuck is your goddamn malfunction? Ever heard of 'don't shit where you eat'?"

Okay, that was a turn into left field, there.

"That's the thing then, isn't it?" Alexander keeps walking, his hands still in his pockets though his elbows open a bit as if gesturing absently. "Suppose I accept his authority…" He then eyes Jim sidelong and adds, "Your authority? In essence? Then what happens? Turn me in to the authorities? The authorities don't even admit anything happened. People trying to kill you tends to also be a decent sort of defense should somehow matters proceed to some sort of court."
It's clear Alexander has given this some thought, but he gives a small shrug, "And if it's some sort of authority that I don't accept… which is likely since I recognize rather few, then that leads to what?"
Shaking his head, "It becomes all the more complicated if this is a matter drawing attention, then what of past offenses?" Alexander opens a hand finally, gesturing to the side. "I've fought in wars, taken many lives, and participated in the pantomime various pantheons indulge in. It's a pity that some feel negatively about it. But it's a damned pity then that along with this aspect goes immense power."
Finally he stops and shakes his head. "Bottom line time I suppose. An excuse can be created for whichever outcome is desired for whichever party. The cat, the wall, whomever. They can go screw. What is important is what you wish to do."

There is a slight shift in the man's demeanor. It's… both zen and very, very, very ancient at the same time, counterbalanced with an almost youthful zeal. That slight null picks up a little bit more. Still barely noticeable, though.

"This one cares not for one's authority or lack of it. This one cares not for one's personal failings. This one has two primary missions, of nearly equal importance. Mission the First: Spread Enlightenment. Mission the Second: Prepare this world for the coming Storm. This one will offer one a chance to gain Enlightenment and assist in this task. If one does NOT wish to participate in this, then one may simply state thus and accept the consequences. Further action and/or information will be taken/given upon a decision from one to either assist or detract."


There's a tilt of Alexander's head to the side, he furrows his brow thoughtfully as he looks upon Jim and his 'partner', but then he answers easily enough. "I bow no knee, nor make promises to such I do not recognize. But if a storm comes that needs to be resisted, chances are I'll resist it as I enjoy seeking new challenges and situations."
There is a small shrug, "That is most likely the best you'll get from me. And, to be fair, you should be thankful I'm speaking so frankly with you."


Alexander gets a very, very brief glimpse of a darkened world as he stands alone against a great-winged darkness. Last of the Olympians, for all others have fallen. His wounds are great, inflicted by kin, his time short, as the darkness laughs at him.

Then that vision is gone in the wink of an eye and reality is 'back to normal'.

"This one seeks neither obeisance nor obedience. This one seeks Enlightenment. It is a good day when all gain Enlightenment. One can gain wisdom by realizing that there are ways to subdue one's opponents without resorting to lethal force. One can gain further wisdom by realizing that by being as one is, one is not only worshipped, but required to bring one's pantheon to the partner term 'modern era'. One can also grow by realizing that one is but one unit on a field of many, and the role of a leader is to lead, not slaughter those who need to learn how to be led well. One must stand with others, or one will fall, alone, forgotten, unremembered. This one has seen many who would stand alone fail. This one would wish it not to happen to one who is an exemplar of an older time. All will be needed in the coming Storm."

The vision takes Alexander and for a moment his eyes shift from a crimson glow to a sapphire blaze about the irises. His frown is strong, clearly defined upon those angelic features of his. But then when he returns to the here and now he scowls sharply at the thing that is speaking through Jim. He steps forward and lifts a finger, pointing at the man.
"Your naivete and presumption offends me." He slashes a hand to the side as if slicing the creature's words in twain. "First you pretend to consider that when I choose to take life I do so lightly, that when I draw blade it is out of boredom or some sort of drunken power trip. You are incorrect."
He waves the hand to the side, again dismissive in motion. "And your goal is to spread enlightenment to the human race. Good luck with that, me and mine, we represent humanity at its core. You would sooner convince my father to set down the sword, humanity is a war-like thing."
Then he lifts his head upwards and addresses the vindictive Clotho as he snaps, "And what you have shown me pleases me, for it means I will at least out live you." He looks back, "I do not fear my end."

"This one persuaded the God of Mischief to live up to his role and fix the world at the same time. This one is not naive. This one is asking, politely, that one refrain from the summary justice mode common to one's lineage and one's extended family. Even when it feels 'right'. Emotions are dangerous. Lack of them is equally so. This one would hope one is a proper warrior, and would not presume to adjudge one's motives."

He tilts his head, in a manner that's more… bird-like than human. Guy's probably going to have a neck-ache when this is all done…

"One's father would set down the sword if a few words would win a battle, yes?"

He lets that question hang for a moment.

"It is the prerogative of all students to discard the lessons they would not learn, to… partner term 'drop' their courses, skip the difficult lessons to learn the easy ones for short-term gain and long-term loss. This one would not stand in the way of a willful student embarking upon such a course. This one would, however, caution the student that all bills and debts must be paid, and when one pays in blood-soaked coin, the interest is steep. This one means no threat or intent by that statement."

There is no response from the heavens or the Fates.

Starting to walk again, Alexander waves over his shoulder as he sets foot to concrete again. He shakes his head as he moves and then says in parting, "You do not know my father well if you believe as much." That having been said, he adjusts his backpack with the sweep of one hand, then digs his hands into his pockets.

"This one has never met one's father, only knows of one's father by reputation and legendry. This one would believe the teachings of the sage Sun Tzu would be in line with one's father's beliefs on warfare. This one does caution one to be mindful in the future. The Storm is coming. It will not stop until a solution is found. This one wishes one an enlightening day, and hopes one learned something new today."

That… was kind of weird, almost liked canned response at the end there.

After a brief moment the stance and attitude of the man changes, quite a bit 'younger' in relative terms even as he mutters a bit and tries to crack his neck back some. "So effin' glad you two could effin' talk. Look. Just don't be a dick, okay? I know it's hard what with things going on and all, but… please. Just… cut it out, okay?"

If there's no witty reparte, the portly fellow turns to walk off, shaking his head, sighing.

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