Our House In The Middle Of The Island

September 13, 2014: All good things must end and the Tower must come down. New allies arrive.

The Titans Tower

The Titans Tower, as it will someday be called, is very clearly under
construction. While some rooms are finished in an all white hue, with
comfortable lounge chairs, or massive computer banks, other rooms are plain
drywall or need to be floored properly.

Some of the areas are off limits to outsiders such as the meeting room,
medbay, or the sleeping areas-these were the first to be done. The common
areas, however, are often home to the sounds of tile saws, hammer thwaps, and
the like.

It is very much a work in progress.



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Our House

All things considered, the Titans Tower has gone through a lot of things, and the people inside it have had a chance to get to know each other and talk, fight together, and even watch bad chick flicks. Granted, there is a creature with more legs and eyes that lives behind the refrigerator, but it is harmless. Mostly. And there are wrinkles in time and space that let other realities leak through on occasion… but, hey, for a while, it's been Home Sweet (Bizarre) Home.

"Feels like we should give a speech or something, doesn't it?" Keith asks, looking up at the tower and, for sentiment's sake, snapping a picture with his camera of the tower against the setting sun.

"I dunno," says the Flash. "Does kind of feel that way. You guys see that building that came down with fireworks? I mean, granted, that was a super old building with tons of history and this one never even got built. Kind of a metaphor."

"If it makes you feel any better," Wiccan offers, his ragged cloak billowing in the chilly breeze, "It's still standing in another reality. Maybe multiple realities. But I guess it just can't stay here." He also looks up at the Tower, feeling the weight of his mistake heavily on his slender shoulders. "Maybe it's for the best. This'll lead to something bigger and better…"

"We pulled everything out that we took in, right?" Gar asks. He's partly concerned because there was a lot of snack food purchased for Flash, and he'd hate to lose his own lunch because someone got too munchy.

A last glance at his red-tinged skin, "take care, twin from another world," and Gar's pretty much happy to see the reality-bend disassembled. Not everyone had an awesome alternate like he did, after all.

"It's out, don't worry. I put it in boxes." Keith says, reaching out to put an arm around Gar and another one around Wiccan. "Bigger and better. Hopefully with a pool. Maybe." He smirks at Flash. "And just because the Tower's gone, doesn't mean we're gone. We'll just have to find another place. Hopefully with a pool."

Or maybe a hot tub. A cat could dream.

"And models. A pool and models," The Flash responds sadly. He gives a final sigh, head tilted, as his dream is about to come down. "It was fun while it lasted."

"I'm sure Gar can model for you. He's done it before" Keith says, knowing there's a smack headed his way.

Gar says "It's OK, Flash. We'll rebuild it again some day. Better," and a noogie rather than a smack for Vorpal.

"Meanwhile, how about we relocate to somewhere with a little more forest and trees. I'm kinda over talking to seagulls. All they talk about is fish fish fish," Gar says. He's actually been checking on real estate … using someone else's computers, so it's harder to track. Because when you have to re-blow-up your house, the best thing to do is go camping, right? Campfire songs, s'mores, trees and flowers and babbling brooks and … Ah, wilderness!! where nothing bad can ever happen!! Right? Well, if he can find a good location, anyway.

"You're not going to want a pool in a month or so…or in the winter," Wiccan points before he also takes one last look at the Tower. Flash gets another glance before he lifts up his arms and stretches them to the Tower. "BackFromWhenceYouCame!" is chanted, his hands beginning to glow with a ghostly sort of blue light.

After a few chants, the Tower also begins to glow blue before it just…starts to fade. The magical energy of the Alternate Reality starts to return to the correct existence, the Here and Now of the current and proper reality returning. Any effects from the shift also begin to fade as if it never really happened.

It's not the easiest thing to do as Wiccan tries to guide the magical energy back where it should go. The problem is, he's not entirely sure where it came from in the first place. But he's trying to do it RIGHT this time. The focus is so great that he doesn't notice Gar's suggestion about the proposed new location. If he did, it probably would have broken his concentration.

Flash sighs as the Tower begins to fade away. He turns away sullenly and even kicks a rock. It hits with superspeed and sends the pebble off into the water off the island.

"I like that idea…" Keith says, not for the same reasons Gar is thinking. Out in the forest, maybe with more alone time. It could be peaceful… maybe even romantic?

~Stop dreaming, O'Neil~

Kerith shakes his head and lifts up the StarkPad that Gar finally got him to accept from Roberto. It wasn't easy. Not by a longshot, and the green guy should be given a medal for it. He presses 'record' as soon as Wiccan strats chanting. If they were sending away the home, then he at least wanted a memory of that. The fireworks might even attract some attention in the area, he doesn't know. But he is surprised to find himself sniffling a little. Just a little.

Any recordings or photos might not stick…after all, reality is being returned. Hard to keep hold of what never happened. Wiccan continues to chant until the Tower is gone, the rubble from before remaining in its place, and all of the magical energy seems to be back to where it was. At least, he -thinks- it is. Again, it's hard to say, but it feels a bit like a puzzle piece that was crammed in there before, not quite fitting, has been replaced with the one that fits. There might be a little loose places here and there, but it does fit much better.

Inside the Smrt Cr parked a few blocks away, behind the cooler that barely fits in the back cargo bin, something with eyes on its joints trembles a little, but manages not to go back to the shadows.

Gar … is green again. The scars on his lip and his left ear are gone. He sighs. "Yeah, don't feel him any more. Was nice having a brother for a while. Good job, Wiccan."

"Is this a bad time to mention that we have a new Titan? Name's The Oracle. Disembodied voice, rolls on the electronic wave, if you catch my meaing. It's a pretty cool cat, but it likes it's privacy," The Flash feels like changing the subject. Feels like it badly.

"Oracle? Ooh, I like that. Mysterious and all…" Keith jumps right in. Conversation change, yes, please. He rubs at his eyes, and then pats Wiccan's shoulder and ruffles his hair. The empty space is definitely saddening. "… we should totally go for, like, pancakes. And waffles. And lots of fattening sweet breakfasty foods right now."

Wiccan staggers at the clap on the shoulder, nearly falling to his knees in exhaustion. He may have a lot of power, but he doesn't quite know how to use it efficiently. "Just…give me a few minutes…"

Zip! Whoosh! Bam! That last sound-effect is not associated with flying, but that is because it was a landing. A blonde teenage girl in a 'costume' that amounts to a t-shirt and jeans, with the addition of some neat, Greek-looking shoes and wrist-forearm-hand thingies, lands with a significant impact on the island a short distance away. Then she looks at the group of heroes, looks at the crumbling ruins, and then back to the other heroes.

"Holy crap, guys! I just got here and the band is already breaking up!?" Cassie props her hands on her hips and looks at the all-boy group with a mix of frustration, poutyness, and disappointment. She wasn't paying attention when all the fanciness was going on, busy listening to music on her MP3 player.

By the time she realized she was approaching her destination, everything was blown up. Well, better to get answers first before leaping to conclusions. Thus, she asks a very important question. "Am I going to be the only girl on this team?" Not that she has anything against playing super hero with the boys, being a tomboy herself, but it's good to know what to expect.

"Woah. Uh, no, we're not breaking up. We just, uh, had to put the tower back where it came from because it was making things… strange… Are you Themiscyran?" Gar asks. Because she's got that whole 'amazon' look with the sandals and the wrist thingies.

"No, you're not the only girl," he adds, completely derailed from whatever he was thinking before.


"Pinch me man, I think I'm dreaming."

In his ears songs begin playing and behind the white lenses of his eyes the Flash gets a little weak in the knees. He just sort of stands there with difficulty.

The banter distracts Keith from the sense of loss. Even if he did get the most important things into that chest Gar got… it was still a loss. There was stuff in there that couldn't be put into the special box, after all. He looks up at the arriving woman and— he thinks he recognizes the ensemble. And then Flash starts being Flash… but what gets to him is the 'whoah' from Gar, at which the redhead experiences a flash of heat at his cheeks.

What the hell happened? He'd normally be more than happy to greet any new hero around, but this time he lets the others talk while he busies himself, checking the footage on his Starkpad.

"There never was a Tower. Well, there was…for about a week…and then it got destroyed. The other one that was here…wasn't really here," Wiccan starts before he just sighs. He's mustered up some energy for a bit and just rolls his eyes at the two others drooling over the new, flying blonde girl. "Sorry it didn't work. I'll be more careful in the future," is offered before he starts to head back out and away from the others. Maybe to get those pancakes Vorpal mentioned.

"Oh, good. The name's Wonder Girl. And I try to model myself after the Amazons of Themiscyra in some aspects of my life!" Like the 'punching things' aspects. "I was hoping you peeps were still accepting new members, and heard you had a…" She wrinkles her nose a bit at the rubble. "…Base or something here." Then she smiles brightly as she looks over the others. At Wiccan's explanation, she says, "Ah, cool. Magic. Always sweet." She knows almost nothing about magic except apparently these things she's wearing might be magical. Or divine. What's the difference? They both let her do awesome stuff, right? So the thing about the tower sort of goes over her head. She's still not sure how the tower was destroyed, except for what she heard on the news and had assumed to be mistaken because the tower was still there last she saw, but no reason to get stuck on the small stuff. "Well, I'm sure it'll be rebuilt soon. In the meantime I guess camping out is a thing. Maybe get some tents and sleeping bags."

Despite following the super hero news, she isn't sure if she can identify EVERYONE here… But she thinks she recognizes two at least. "Hey, aren't you Beast Boy and Kid Flash?" A pause and then, she gives a double thumbs-up to them both. "With big-name heroes like you two, I know I'm in the right place! Where do I sign?" She giveth with one hand and taketh with the other. Even if both hands are technically giving thumbsups right now.

Gar shakes his head. He remembers his Red Twin, even if it was only in dreams, because of their connection to something primal. Reality isn't going to unwrite itself completely, that would be too boring.

"Hey, it was here for a while, right?" He puts an arm on Keith's shoulder and peers over the other one at the StarkPad, because he seems to be looking up the Probable-Amazon. And then she says those two words.

"I go by Changeling now, cause of being over 21," Gar grins. "I'm pretty sure Flash will let you call him Kid Flash, though."

Somewhere, a record stops.

Wally frowns. "That's Flash, miss."

"Hey…" Vorpal says to Wiccan, "Take it easy first, you don't want to overexert—"

He feels Gar's arm around his shoulder and feels a little embarrassed for that reaction. For good measure, though, he leans his head back slightly against Gar's shoulder and speaks, "And I'm Vorpal…" she's not likely to have heard of him, as the only thing of note he has been listed for lately was that fire rescue with the indestructible nurse.

"Well," Wiccan offers a bit flatly, "I see that you don't need a fifth wheel here." He doesn't seem terribly impressed by the 'Cool. Magic' comment and he just rolls his eyes again. "I guess I'll see you guys around. You know how to reach me if you need me." He then lifts into the air as he's rather tired from using Magic. He might just need to get home a different way. Looks like he'll be crashing at his parents' for the weekend.

"Fifth wheel? Dude. At least get some rest, ok?"

Gar looks up at Wonder Girl. "That's Wiccan. Our strongest mage. We also have Raven, and the Zatara cousins are members too. But we currently don't have a meeting place. Want to go to iHop with us?"

Because pancakes sounds really, really good right now.

At the corrections Wonder Girl nods her head approvingly. "That's even better. Okay, Changeling then! And yeah, I know you're the Flash now, I was just kidding. How many times have you saved the day now?" That was probably supposed to be an apology for any offense caused, even if she didn't technically say sorry. But she at least acknowledged that Flash is a capable hero and deserving of the mantle! Or something. "I'll be the first to admit I'm kind of new to this. Only been heroing for… Ohh… A bit less than a year, and nothing really major. I mean, compared to all the stuff Wonder Woman faces. Or you guys! So, I'm ready and able to learn from those who've been doing this a lot longer."

She gives a little finger-tips wave to Vorpal when he introduces himself. "Awesome! Vorpal! Like the blade that goes snicker-snack. I'm going to guess your power issss…" Pause. "…swords." As tower construction/demolition guy floats up into the air, Cassie peers up at him and waves a hand. "Nice meeting you… Dude." Well, he DOES look like he needs some rest. Thankfully, Changeling mentions what his name is, which will make talking to Wiccan easier in the future. She COULD just call him, 'hey, you' or even just 'you', but that seems kind of impersonal for someone she's hoping to be on a team with.

Speaking of, she still hasn't heard what she needs to do to join, and she decides subtlety isn't really her thing anyway, so she might as well be more clear. "Great, and while we're there, maybe I can be told what's required for me to join the Titans. Like, do I need to complete an obstacle course? A written test? A trial period? Is eating pancakes with you the initiation? I am totally down for that last one." Because who DOESN'T like pancakes.

The Flash considers Wonder Girl's question. "Well, the first is the sacrifice of the fatted calf. After that I think we can move to the tithings. Before long, you'll get the classic Titans brand, right over the keister like the rest of us. From there, all you need is the secret password. Which is plums."

"Just kiddin, chica. You want in, you'll be in. Yadda yadda yadda, yer a D.U."

Wiccan just sort of 'hrmphs' from his perch in the air, "Yeah, whatever." Maybe he just gets grumpy when he's…exhausted himself for his teammates. Maybe he just doesn't like when a pretty, blonde cheerleader of a girl steals his thunder. Could be a combination of the two. Could be something else. Either way, he lifts a little higher before flying back towards Manhattan. No pancakes for him!

"Actually…" Keith says. "Oh, hell, why not?" He puts away his starkpad and takes out the hand mirror. He looks into his reflection's eyes.

"We're All Mad Here!"

A purple flash later, there is now a purple Cheshire cat standing where the red-headed young man used to be, wearing what is essentially a sleeveless red and gold band jacket and green tights. He gives her a cheshire grin. "My power is a little bit more than just swords. But I can do those, too." He holds up a hand and a glowing purple sword appears on it. It has cheshire grins laden into the pommel as motif because, why not?

After he dismisses the construct, he reasserts his previous position, putting an arm around gar with one of his famous grins at Wondy. It is friendly, but there's something in his stance that says 'Mine!'

In this form, 'self doubt' is a thing that happens to other people. "Welcome to the team, Wonder Girrrl. Now, about those pancakes…"

Cassie again smiles brightly at Wiccan. Tiredness does stuff to people. She can be grumpy even when she's well-rested. She knows how it is, and she definitely does NOT know how it is to wield magic. She doesn't know if she has the fortitude for sorcery. So, the fact that the team has several wizards and Wiccan is the strongest definitely means he has respect for that much. So, she waves towards him as he departs, and resolves to make an effort to get to know him, along with the others, and not let first impressions get the better of her. She knows she has made lots of bad impressions herself just going to schools. Stand up to/beat up a few bullies, and you get a reputation as a violent troublemaker instead of a protector of the innocent.

"Wow, that was easy. Well, I'm not much for bureaucracy anyway," the blonde says with a nod towards The Flash. Less red-tape the better. When Vorpal transforms, she blinks a couple times and drops her hands from her hips. "Oh, like the Cheshire Cat. You'll have to show me if you can stand on your head later." She grins, and starts flying up into the air herself. "Anyone need a ride to the IHOP?" Good thing about wearing jeans as her costume: She has pockets to keep her wallet in.

"I can't fit us all in my miniature cr," Gar says, demonstrating that it's too small to have all the vowels. "But I can get me and one other person there, if they're not too small."

Not that Gar expects Flash to wait on anything that slow. He'll probably be at the restaurant and eating before Gar gets to his vehicle.

The Flash shrugs his shoulders, "I'd like to come guys, but I promised my ma I'd be home for riblets. I don't know if any of you have had midwestern riblets, but there's nothing like em. I'll catch up with you foos later. Dubya? Nice to have ya aboard. Take care of these boys, eh?" After giving a small wave, the Flash zips away

"Bye, Flash! Do—" but Flash is gone by then. The Cheshire chuckles and shakes his head. "Hmmm… think we can fit a Wonder Girl in the car?" he asks Gar.

Of course, she can fly. But it'd be fun.

The Flash takes off super-fast, Wiccan is gone, and now it's just Wonder Girl, Changeling, and Vorpal. She's still kind of weirded out by their base just kind of being… Blown up, but she's sure there's a back-up plan or something. Right? In the meantime… Pancakes! "We're on an island, aren't we? Is there a bridge I don't know about for you to drive a car across, or is this, like, an invisible… Flying car?"

"There's a land bridge on the other side, they kind of made it into an artificial peninsula," Gar says. "Over here."

He turns into a horse and gives Vorpal a "what are you waiting for?" look. Hee-yaw, ride 'em catboy.

Vorpal smirks. "You are too much sometimes, Garfield… but, oh well." Purple boots (sans spurs) and a gallon hat, because that's required. He hops on board. "It is best just to humor him, I have found out." He gives Wondy a wink. "Hayoo, Silv—- wait, what metal is green? Um… Hayoooo Old Copper!"

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