Rooftop Romance: Dawn of Justice

September 13, 2014: During a routine patrol, Green Arrow and the Huntress take a well-deserved break.

Old Gotham Building and Loan

A rooftop in Old Gotham. It's grimy and dirty and smells like crime.



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"This is starting to make me" WHUMP! "nervous."

Trying to talk while running across rooftops is about as difficult as it sounds. As Green Arrow lands on the roof below and does his trademarked Action Roll, the air is momentarily forced out of his chest, interrupting him in mid-sentence. But he's quickly back up on his feet and running in the same direction. The Action Roll is good for that, after all.

"No sign of Clock King in over a week, and we still don't know why he wanted those drugs. I'm about to just start shooting random arrows at purse-snatchers until somebody gives me a clue."

He slows to a stop as he reaches the edge of the roof, placing his hands on the guard rail and peering down. He's about fifty stories high at the moment, but he doesn't seem to be particularly affected by the height. However, his breaths are coming with much more difficulty than they normally do, and he's sweating way too much. Even a normal rooftop patrol seems to be taking more out of him ever since his latest injury. But he's doing his best not to let it show.


"You know, Arrow," comes Huntress' voice from over the small earbud comms device, "it means you're getting old." The woman is sounding quite a lot less winded but is by no means totally free from the effects from the run. Her lungs do burn some, after all, and the muscles from waist down are going to be sore come tomorrow, but even then… she's sounding a lot better than the archer is.

Shaking her head after a moment, her voice sounds again, this time mingled with a lot of concern for him. "Where is your loca… oh, damnit. Tell me where you are and then stay put. I'll meet you." A sigh is given before things go silent on her end.


Still leaning over the railing, Green Arrow grabs one of the cylindrical canisters attached to his belt. How he knows which does which is anyone's guess, as they all appear to be the same. But after spinning the top off of the canister, he begins drinking from it without bothering to check it, so he must know what he's doing. He takes three long swigs before putting the canister down, but he looks like he could use a bit more of whatever's in there.

"Listen up, young lady, the day I can't outrun you will be the day…" he pauses as he puts the canister back away. A grunt escapes him as he has to move his arm a bit too much in order to get the thing back in its holster. It's only been a short while since his shoulder was perforated by an arrow. Perhaps it's to be expected that he isn't quite a hundred percent yet. "… I'm on top of the Old Gotham Building and Loan. But I'm fine, really. Just doing some aerial reconnaissance."


"Don't make me hurt you. Stay put."

While Oliver watches over the area from his vantage point Helena makes with the approach. Takes a bit as she's several blocks away and she has to get to her bike. Ten minutes pass before she's there, moving to approach him. "Going to tell me what's going on, now, or do I get to be pissed off at you?" She's fully expecting for the answer to fall somewhere along the latter.

Moving to the ledge, she reaches over to touch Arrow's arm lightly and briefly, her fingers skimming its length before she draws away. Best not to be too much of an interruption when he's in the mood he seems to be in, that being grouchy.


Ten minutes later, and he's still in the same spot? He must really be hurting. Or maybe…

By the time she gets to his location, Green Arrow has his binoculars out and is carefully watching a spot down the block from his rooftop vantage point. He's so engrossed by whatever he's watching that he barely registers Huntress' presence at first. "That's it. No, don't stop. Oh, you're a bad girl…."

He startles visibly when his arm is touched, nearly dropping his binoculars over the side of the building. "Oh! Hi Hel-Huntress." Leaving a hand on the guardrail to prop himself up, he puts the binocular-holding arm around the woman's shoulder. "Looks like you got here just in time. I could use the backup."


She hears that about the 'bad girl' and everything else, the tone in which that is said caught as well. At first Helena thinks it's her he's saying that to but then she realizes his binoculars are in hand and his line of sight is… "You suck." Wow, if there's one thing Oliver's good at, it's tearing down her self-esteem although that's undoubtedly unintentional on his part, she is pretty sure.

Glancing at him once his arm's draped around her, she raises a brow although the gesture's hidden thanks to how her mask is designed. "Do you now," she asks quietly, not quite incredulously but almost. "Back up with what? Ogling women as they undress?"


"Doing what to who while they're doing what?" Ollie looks legitimately confused, his tone much more incredulous than hers. But, then the incredulousness begins to fade away as a smile spreads across his face. He even starts to chuckle, until the effort makes his stab wound twinge with pain.

"Heh. You thought… and here I was… heh… you get jealous at the drop of a hat, don't you?" Fortunately, Green Arrow doesn't wear a hat, or he'd have the perfect opportunity to test the theory. Instead, he moves behind her, placing a hand on her hip while simultaneously putting the binoculars in front of her eyes and 'steering' her face in the direction of the target.

Through the binoculars, it's possible to see a middle-aged Asian woman flanked by several well-built Asian men in suits. They are just disappearing into the building down the block. The woman's aide is carrying a rather large suitcase. "That's China White. International drug supplier. But she's the leader of her cartel, so what is she doing in Gotham, making a delivery herself? I think we just found the break we were looking for."


Oh… did she jump to the conclusion? "Do I… oh, no, I'm not jealous," she lies, hoping Oliver doesn't catch on to how she is being less than truthful. "I just… you know. Uhm, well. Yes." Cough. Shaking her head, Huntress almost says something but then Oliver startles her when she is moved and made to peer through the binoculars like that, her hands moving so one can take up the device while the other settles on his hand.

When Oliver explains who the woman is she frowns. People like her are a danger to a city's citizens, especially the children who might fall victim to drug use. "She's up to no good, undoubtedly," Hel murmurs angrily. "We should keep an eye out for her and her people. See what they're doing and then move in… give it a couple of days." Which should give Oliver a bit more time to recover from his wounds, yes?


"Why Huntress, are you volunteering to spend the rest of the day on a rooftop with me? That's dedication to the cause, if ever I saw it." Green Arrow is standing close enough for the stubble on his chin to tickle the back of her neck, if her neck weren't protected by that whole crazy mane of hair that she's got. But he appears to be making an effort to remain professional while 'on the clock,' so he breaks off the embrace and moves away and off to the side, taking the binoculars with him. She's probably got her own, anyway.

"I'm switching to thermals, but at this range the image just looks like soup. I think I'm going to have to send the Eavesdrop Arrow down there to try and get a listen. Or maybe I could just call Batman's Robot…."


Helena really has been trying not to be as much of a stone cold witch since Oliver's returned and she's actually done something resembling a good job at that. Having thawed some, she was actually enjoying the affection from Oliver, inappropriate as it was during a time like this, and she actually finds herself groaning when he moves away. "There are worse ways I could be spending my time," is pointed out as she returns to their task at hand, her eyes narrowing when she thinks.

"Do you really want to owe Batman one," she asks while looking at him, Huntress' mouth held in a slight smile. "Use the arrow. Will be more… subtle, at any rate." Because, as much as Batman seems to try, subtle really isn't his thing, is it? "And I like to not owe anyone any favors if I can help it," she tacks on, muttering the last.


"You make a valid point. I don't want to give Batman's Robot the satisfaction of asking it for help. Thing's already too smug for my tastes…" Green Arrow folds up the binoculars and puts them in their pouch on his belt. Unlike some other superheroes, his belt is pretty minimalistic as all of the good toys are in his quiver.

He pulls out his bow, and with a flick of his wrist it pops into its unfolded position. He slowly runs his fingers along the fletchings of the various arrows in his quiver, ultimately selecting one and nocking it on his bow. "Now, unless I miss my guess they'll be meeting in the penthouse on the top floor." Slowly, he draws back the bow and begins aiming it at the penthouse. His left hand shakes a bit as he tries to hold the bow steady. Stupid Hawkeye Jr's injury will probably take a while to heal. But he's able to compensate for the shaking, and takes a deep breath. Slowly, he exhales, and when his lungs are fully deflated he lets the arrow go. The familiar sound of the arrow whistling as it cuts through the air can be heard, and then it disappears down the block.

"And, there we are. Patching it through to your headset. Now we play the waiting game."


Robot? What the hell is Arrow going on about? Ah well. This isn't time to figure out what he might mean. Helena will just try to ask him about that later.

When she sees the difficulty Oliver has when he draws back on the string she frowns and moves behind him, watching him. "What's going on? You haven't been on your game all damn day…" He gets poked between his shoulder blades once the shot's made and then settles in to listen.

"How long do you want to stay here," she asks. Thankfully she doesn't have to worry about work tomorrow but she's really hoping not to have to pull an all-nighter at the same time.


Green Arrow's entire back tenses up when he's poked, and he winces in obvious pain. Fortunately his back is towards the Huntress, so he's able to play it off somewhat. "I must have slept wrong last night." You know you're getting old when you complain about sleeping wrong… But of course, that isn't the reason that Ollie is really off of his game.

The noise that's now piped in over their earpieces is pretty banal. Doors opening. People walking around. Greetings being exchanged. Keyboards clacking. Phone calls being made, etc. etc.

"Huh. They must still be making their way up. Hope they aren't taking the stairs." With his bow put away in its place on his back, Green Arrow pulls out his shiny new qPhone and begins tapping away at the screen. "You're free to bounce whenever you feel like it, but I'm convinced this is our best lead. China White just happens to show up in Gotham when Clock King just happens to be in the market for a large quantity of drugs? It can't be a coincidence."


No, Helena doesn't believe it but she lets it go. What she does do is turn him towards her, if needed, and then she leans in to kiss him softly. "How about this. I'll stay and keep an ear out and you go home and rest." Her hand then cups his cheek as she adds quietly, "I know that there's something you're not telling me but that's alright… just go and sleep." Concern yet again seeps into her voice as well as her expression, her eyes holding to Oliver's as she speaks.

The worry's swiftly replaced with a wryly spoken, "And if you do go and I have to call you back, bring me a mocha, huh? I am totally craving coffee and chocolate."


"I've got a better idea. How about we make a date out of it?" Sharing the space under his hood has apparently fixed whatever ailed Ollie, at least temporarily. He's already thinking more like Casanova than Green Arrow. To those that know him well, this would probably be seen as a good sign. "You see, I already called in a care package…" So, that explains what he was doing with his qPhone a minute ago. But there's no indication of how or where it'll arrive.

"If you and I are ever going to get any time together, we can't keep doing this thing where we try to divide our professional lives, our personal lives and our… extracurricular activities." Ollie waves his hand up and down in front of Helena's Huntress outfit, as if to make exactly which 'extracurricular activities' he's talking about. "We're going to have to try to combine things a bit. So… how about we turn this stakeout into a picnic? You can't argue with the view."


"A picnic?"

Instinctively, Helena wants to dismiss the whole idea as silly and ill-timed but Oliver's right. If they don't take advantage of this and try to spend time together even if they are 'at work' then when will they be able to? Could easily be days or even maybe weeks before they get the free time to go out on a date so best seize the opportunity for a date, as unusual of a setting it may be.

Musing over it, she eventually nods. "Alright. But promise you'll rest while we enjoy ourselves." It isn't like they need to keep an eye out on the target of their spying, after all. All this part of the job needs is for them to listen to anything that might be said from the other building and even that won't require all of their attention.


"I'm really glad you agreed, because otherwise things would have gotten really awkward in… four, three, two, one…" From somewhere up above, a green box parachutes into view, it gently lands right behind Green Arrow as he finishes his countdown. The turnaround time is way too fast, which means he either predicted this outcome, or he always has a jet hovering over him with a boxes of picnic materials. Both are somewhat disturbing prospects, and give clear insight into why his overhead costs for operating as a superhero are so very very high.

"This is why it pays to have a support staff. I don't get how you solo acts manage to get by, honestly." He's already packing up the parachute to keep the box from blowing off the side of the building, and cutting through the packaging with a knife. "I don't really know what they packed, but coffee and chocolate are pretty much a given. Might have to leave the wine alone though, since this is a mission and all… Ooh. Blanket." He unfolds a large green padded blanket and spreads it on the roof. It's not quite the red and white checkered blanket that one traditionaly associates with a picnic, but it's got dark and light green arrows in a zigzag pattern. So… almost as good.


So this is what people in their field of 'work' call romantic, it seems. Helena watches as the box lands and then Oliver gets to work unpacking it, everything considered with a light laugh and a shake of her head. "You seem to think of everything, Arrow." This all gets him hugged before she sits down, reclining on one forearm as she begins to enjoy herself.

"Save the wine for later," she afterthoughts. "We can take it back to your place and enjoy ourselves once the work is done." As she speaks she looks around, insuring there is no chance of their being happened upon, before she removes her mask. Isn't often Oliver sees her without it while she's in costume but this is a special occasion so why not. "Now, come here and kiss me."


All appears to be relatively calm on the earpiece for now. And anything that the Eavesdrop Arrow is picking up is also being recorded back at Team Arrow's base, so Green Arrow's work is mostly done for now anyway.

He lies beside her, pulls the hood back off of his head, and leans in for a very 'Rated PG-13' kiss. But unlike her, he leaves his domino mask on. Not like it's doing all that much to hide his identity, but taking it off and then resealing the adhesive is kind of a pain.

As he breaks off the kiss, he simply lies there with his body turned toward hers for a moment. It almost looks like he's about to nod off, but then he suddenly lifts himself up and unpacks the rest of the box. "I'm actually starving. Let's see what they packed me. I bet it's smoked salmon. Or maybe that venison thing with that sauce stuff. That was good. Or maybe those gold cupcake things. A little tacky, but great. Ooh… maybe it's…" He opens the food box, and his nose visibly wrinkles. "… pizza? What the shit, Team Arrow?"


The kiss is perhaps a little bit on the chaste side for Helena's liking but it is alright. Any more should wait for later, in more appropiate settings. Just because they have privacy now doesn't mean someone might not happen upon them later. When it ends she sighs, happy. "That was nice. Thank you."

The pizza is looked at and she laughs, very amused by what was delivered to them for their late dinner. "Perhaps they heard you had a hot Italian woman with you and thought it would be fitting?" She shrugs and takes a slice, not at least bothered by the fact that tonight's entree is not exactly high brow fare. "Next time we'll have a nicer dinner, I am sure. But this? It's perfect. Truly."


"Italian? I thought Bertinelli was a Greek name?" Whether or not he's impressed with the care package his team sent him, Ollie doesn't have any qualms about digging in. He wasn't lying, he really does eat like he was about to starve. Another good sign, after all the trauma he's gone through in the last two weeks.

Less than a minute later, he's already halfway through his second slice. "It's not bad. Could maybe use some Sriracha sauce… but at least it's hot." Scarf scarf scarf. "Next time you come over, I'll have to make you my mother's chili recipe. Talk about cleaning out your sinuses…"


Helena's own appetite is harty and soon she too has a couple slices consumed and she looks like she's almost about to reach for a third but stops herself. "Chili, huh? And your mother's recipe, you say?" A corner of her mouth twitches as she tries to hold back a smile and she almost manages to do so, but then it gets the better of her and she beams. "That sounds very nice. You do the cooking and I'll provide the beer." And no worries. Even on a limited persona budget, Helena does not go cheap when it comes to the brews.

Scooting close, she leans her head against his and her eyes close. "This really is a lovely way to spend time together, even if unconventional. Thank you for this."


"Anything for one of my Main Squeezes." Ollie can't help but turn every potentially tender moment into an opportunity for teasing, it seems. Defense mechanisms come in an endless variety, and his seems to be deflection with humor.

He scoots back a bit, placing his back against one of the building's backup generators. As it's currently not running, it makes an ideal resting spot. An arm circles his date's waist, and he leans his head in as well. It would probably look all greeting card to the casual observer, but right now it just feels nice to relax. Even if it's on a rooftop in the dirtiest city on the East Coast.

"We'll have to… hmmm… I… zzz…" A quiet snore starts rumbling in The Emerald Archer's nose, and behind his mask his eyes shut tightly. He might not look very heroic right now, but it's unlikely that he cares very much.

"One of?" Not a good way to endear the woman to you, Ollie. And she might say something to that effect but Helena instead laughs. While Oliver's defense mechanisms are on fully her own have dropped greatly, what emotional shields she normally has about her lowered enough to make her seem warmer than normal. More personable. Friendly. Maybe this isn't really Helena but a pod person, instead.

All nice and comfortable and with a stomach full of food, Helena finds herself feeling a wee bit drowzy, it only being the fact that they should be listening keeping her awake. But soon Oliver's snoring in her ear and she shakes her head, amused. "Unbelievable," she whispers. Oh well. Snuggling in against him, Helena's eyes soon slip closed and her breathing becomes more even. Looks like this has become a nap for two.

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