There Might Be Giants

September 13, 2014: Ms. Marvel and Superman take care of a pair of monsters.

Sinre Ville
Senre Ville serves as Metropolis's resort area. This neighborhood offers a
wide range of recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, and sailing.
This area also has beachfront resort hotels that offer legalized gambling,
and expansive as well as diverse amusement parks.

Another thing Senre is renown for is the artists alley, where galleries line
the streets in storefronts while the artists themselves live behind in
comfortable "alley shacks", spanning outward to more expensive homes that
were rebuilt after the hurricane, leaving this area a newer vision of what
Tealboro refuses to fully conform to.



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Mood Music: Amateur magicians shouldn't be messing around. But folks gotta learn you know? Some young buck wizard whose name doesn't much matter is on vacay here in the Senre and dabbling with his magic. He already convinced the bartender that he was 21 one with a slight of hand and an obfuscation of his ID. But when he tries to make his daiquiri a giant one for he and a lil lady to share, things go haywire.

Deep within the Earth, under the dirt and roots and rock, there's a horrible shifting as Two Bodies rise up slowly and angrily. By the time they finally emerge, in a park across from the beach, people are already screaming.

They look downright horrific. Gigantic, the size of small sky scrapers, with patchy blonde and brown hair on top. One has three eyes, the other has one. The first heads north with a terrible scream along the river, heading for the dam that provides hydro electric power to many of the Metropolis residents, and also what keeps this part of the city from being underwater.

The other begins playing with cars as if he were a two year old. The problem is that cars in real life don't work that way. They scrunch and break as he rolls them forward and backward. There's also that problem about innocents.

Carol may be going a little bit stir-crazy. Metropolis has its crime, but it's not quite as prevalent as Gotham is, which means she's spending a lot of time actually…being an editor. For an adrenaline junkie like Carol, deadlines can only offer so much excitement. So when she hears the first reports of giant things attacking the city, it's directly up to the roof, quick molecular outfit change, and she's off, flying high above to get an idea of where everything is.

While Carol is in transit, the first Giant gets to the dam and delivers a large handful of whacks into the cement with massive blows. The facade begins to splinter and water from the reservoir behind begins to spew out!

Meanwhile the other giant throws one of the cars off into the distance, complete with a screaming man inside!

Just as it's about to crash upon the ground, the vehicle is caught by a man with a billowing red cape. Superman sets the vehicle down and gives a weary nod to the driver. Time to get to work.

Oh good. Superman has the innocents. That leaves Carol to her favorite part - the punching. She adjusts her course toward the creature at the dam, putting on a burst of speed just in time to zip between it and the stone. "Hey!" she calls up at it. "Not helping!" Her hands glow as she draws in energy, firing off a blast at the giant and then shooting off to one side, away from the dam, in an attempt to draw it away.

Superman glowers as he begins to float towards the giant. "I'm not sure where you two came from, but this needs to stop and it stops now."

In response the giant roars and beats his chest angrily. On suspicion, the Man of Steel uses his X-ray vision and is unsurprised by the findings: The Giant's brain is very small. It's likely he's working on pure impulse, similar to a bug. He's not able to speak.

With that, the giant dives at Superman, who immediately dodges. The bad news is that the behemoth tears up a big piece of road and knocks several cars, a van, and a bus out of the way. Superman knows he needs to act quickly if he's going to save these people.

He reaches towards the giant's hand and lifts him up into the air.

Meanwhile, the other giant is hit with a blast right in the kisser. He staggers and slides down the dam until his feet catch upon the ground. He takes a few steps away from the dam and holds his hand against his face.

Punching, success. Distraction, less success. Carol circles back around toward the Giant at the dam, shooting off a few blasts into the sky. Look! Bright lights! "Over here, Mongo!" she calls toward the Giant, zipping around and generally making a show of herself. In the meantime, she tries to figure out exactly where she's planning on taking this thing once she has its attention…

"Fe. Fi. Fo. Fum," the giant says in response as he begins to follow Carol's bright shiny things and stomp his way away from the damn. He walks aimlessly, still smarting at the blow to his head, but seemingly transfixed.

Meanwhile, Superman drops the giant out into the ocean, creating an extraordinary splash. Having gathered that he's stalled the beast, he goes to look for the other one and finds Ms. Marvel already on the scene. Perfect.

"Hey," Superman says as he arrives right next to her. "Haven't seen this one before."

"Nope, definitely a new one on me," Carol agrees with Superman, still zipping around a bit as she tries to lead her own giant toward the water. She could try the lifting trick, but really, this seems to be working with less struggling and few chances of dropping him. She fires off a few more blasts, pretty sparkles for the thing to follow. "You know, there was a guy I ran into not too long ago who said that magic was doing some weird things out in New York."

Superman nods, "My cousin actually said something similar. I wonder if it's connected." Superman's attention turns towards the dam. "I'll take care of that water before it comes too bad." Indeed, the splintering and spiderwebbing is getting worse. He soars up to the site of the fist pounding and begins to solder the pieces back together with his heat vision.

Meanwhile, the busy streets begin to part as a giant monster makes his way out towards the beach. Sand sprays everywhere with every step as the beast makes his way into the water.

From a seaside bar, a young man goes wide eyed as he sees a giant walking into the water and one coming up out of the water after being dropped in. Immediately he realizes his mistake and begins to chant quietly, hoping to avoid detection.

"Thanks!" Ms. Marvel calls after Superman, quickly darting past the second giant as it starts to come out of the water. And at that point? It's time to engage in some trick flying. She zips between the two of them quick as a mosquito in the middle of the night, shooting off energy blasts whenever one of them seems to lose its attention. "Over here! Nope, over here now! Missed me, going left! No, your other left!"

It's entirely possible the pilot is enjoying herself way too much here.

Superman arrives back at the scene of the giants, having put the dam back together, just as things get funny. Carol's zigging and zagging gets the two giants to begin thwapping around in a flailing motion, trying to get rid of 'the bug' that is in their midst. Unfortunately for them, one has his arm clear over Carol and punch the other one right in the face. The second gets that feeling when you backpedal, but water has too much force holding you back and his legs are taken out from under him. A mighty splash sprays onlookers, and even gets Superman from his spot!

"Okay, I kind of wish I'd done that on purpose," Ms. Marvel chuckles to herself as one of the giants goes down, hovering just out of the other's reach. Sure, she's a little bit wet, but she's still in the air, watching things. "Any thoughts on where these guys should go permanently, Supes?" she calls back to the other cape in residence.

Superman's also wet from the splash and gives his hair a shake. It stands sort of shaggy for a moment before he pushes it back up over his head. "Gosh, I wish I did. All of the cells that STAR Labs have are nowhere near big enough—" And just as Superman is going to give an idea about the upper parts of Canada, both monsters poof in a blue flash of light.

Superman looks at Carol with a raised eyebrow, "Alright. That was weird."

"Maybe they shrink down when you knock them out-" Ms. Marvel blinks at the giants simply disappear, looking up before she looks anywhere else. Weird things always seem to come from above in her experience. "That was definitely weird," she agrees, shooting downward to double check the water for anything that might explain it. Or be shrunken down giants. "I guess that magic guess wasn't too far off?"

"They don't shrink," Superman remarks idly as he stares down into the water—his eyes a milky white. He looks back at her, nonplussed. "They're completely gone. I think you're right. It's got to be magic, doesn't it?"

"Either that, or someone has teleporting technology," Ms. Marvel says reluctantly, flying back up toward Superman. She pauses a moment at the mussed hair, but doesn't focus too much on it. "I can't really complain, though, right? I mean. We didn't have anywhere better to take them. As long as they didn't end up dropped somewhere even more dangerous."

"To be honest, I was thinking somewhere remote. Alaska maybe. But I really have no clue if that would have worked or only prlonged the inevitable when they got hungry," Superman shrugs. "Hopefully that's the weirdest thing we'll see all day."

"I don't think I could've carried that thing all the way to Alaska on less than a day trip," Ms. Marvel admits with a shake of her head. She's good, she's fast, she's strong, but she's still got some limits. "So you can color me a little bit grateful for the disappearing act."

"Yeah," Superman says with a chuckle. "I guess I'm thankful too. I hope they're okay. They didn't mean to harm anyone. Their brains were exceedingly small. They likely had no idea what they were doing." Superman shrugs, "Well, I'm glad you were here, Ms. Marvel."

"Dinosaurs have tiny brains, too, but if I run into a T-Rex in the street, I'm going to put it down with some prejudice," Carol says with a faint smirk toward Superman, reaching up to shake a hand through her hair and wrinkling her nose when she finds it full of seawater. "Ugh," she sighs. "Never really good for the hair."

Superman nods, "Agreed. I think I'd better go and hit the showers before my next happening. Great to see you as always, Ms. Marvel."

"Any time, Supes," Ms. Marvel says with another of those odd salutes, grin flashing. "Catch you next time." And with that, she's off back toward the city, enjoying a bit of a flight.

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