Westchester Blues: Front Door

September 12 2014: Half an hour after the riot in M-Town, a Hydra strike force makes a play for the Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning. Unfortunately for them, this is no easy target.

In front of Xavier's Institute

An ordinarily quiet country road and wide, manicured lawn, turned into a battleground.



  • Hydra Assault Team

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The scenes are all over the news. Trouble in M-Town, big trouble. Even though Magneto shorted out most of the cameras at ground level, the ones in the sky could hardly miss his announcement that the protest was under attack by Hydra terrorists. That's why when an SRD convoy was spotted rolling out of the city headed north not long after, it was pretty darn suspicious. And it didn't take much to confirm that no, indeed, there were no SRD or Police resources assigned to be doing anything anywhere near Westchester County. This could, really, only mean one thing.

It's also probably not a surprise when the secure E-mail Beast has used to contact Aspect in the past pings up with a warning. 'Inbound attack'. As if they didn't already know. Followed, interestingly, by. 'ETA 3 min.'

A mile from the Institute, an armored convoy, a dozen vehicles easy, rolls toward an unassuming looking plot of land that supposedly houses a private school. The drivers and passengers have standard issue police and SRD gear, but not a one of them took any oath to protect or defend.

This… may get ugly.


The Red Alert was given as soon as Beast got the email. He's not thrilled about the fact that somehow, they found the Institute. A simple private school for gifted children. Under attack. This day would eventually come, but he wasn't planning on now.

After quickly suiting up, he darts out to the front to insure that no one makes it past the front door.


It's easy when one teleports to 'get into position', as it were. In the trees miles out, following the passage of the trucks with a bamf! until he is back to the gates of Xavier's itself. Thankfully, the school is miles away, and from all reports, secure. The children are safe. It's this enclave of mutants that now are on the front line.

Perched on the roof of the entryway, Kurt has a tricorne hat, a couple of swords, and four bamfs that are in different spots behind him- one on a shoulder, one peeking from one side, one from another, and one on the top of his hat.


Warren Worthington is polishing his red corvette and preparing for his date as Beast bursts out of the front door. He frowns a bit as he glances at his cellphone, "A red alert? On a Saturday night?" he wonders. He looks up the road, down over the hills, and squints at the gates, "I have no idea what is going on," he notes.


That's the thing about a proper attack, no one's supposed to know that it's coming. In this situation the faux SRD have already failed, though for one of these soldiers it happens to be a good thing.
In one of these vehicles, seated amongst the armed convoy, is someone which does not belong. It's taken time and careful planning to make it this far but the timing had proven to be ideal, having discovered the planned attack shortly before it had been scheduled to take place.

The only thing left to do had been to take a seat inside one of their trucks and wait. It's handy when someone else does all of the work.


The school year is about to begin, and Scott Summers is meeting with one of the new students when the alert comes in. He rises, walking toward the window, and looks out behind ruby lenses, gaze falling upon the front lawn.

"Jamal," he says to the boy, quietly and calmly. "There is a shelter in the basement. Go there, and stay there."

Moments later, Scott is headed toward a secret place in the Institute, a place he'd never thought they would need. Uniforms are stored there, along with his tactical visor and gloves, safely concealed inside a locker. As he goes, a small communicator is in hand. "This is Cyclops. Code zero. I repeat, code zero. Blue Team, Gold Team, anyone. We need you."
Moments later, Cyclops steps out into the front lawn. It's here where he will make his last stand, if such a thing becomes necessary. In the meanwhile, he changes the visor to begin scanning for incoming heat signatures, so that he might attempt to relay information to his teammates.


Finding the place on lockdown isn't exactly what the convoy had expected. Sure, they'd figured on some resistance once they got inside. Intel on that part was really sketchy actually. Estimates ranged from 'nothing but a bunch of kids' to 'hardwired automated defenses kill systems' and everywhere in between primarily because although Hydra had managed to ID the school as a mutant facility, no one but no one knew what was actually inside. Hence the supposed overkill of a dozen vehicle armored convoy plus support.

The machinegun turret off the lead vehicle tracks toward the entryway. A blue… furry… elf? "What the eff?" Goes out over the Hydra radio moments before the a small helicopter flies over and a blue glowing figure that looks remarkably like a werewolf drops onto the second vehicle back. There's a screech of metal as the turret on that one is torn off and hurled into the one behind.

And then every gun in the convoy opens up on it as soldiers begin spilling out of every door.


"Then get to the mansion and protect the kids," Beast growls at Warren as he passes. "Sorry the timing doesn't fit with your social schedule." And with that, he bounds off to join Kurt at the gates. There is a blink at the tricorn hat and the swords before he just gives a sigh. There is nothing that he can really say in this situation so he chooses to say nothing. For now.

His comm unit already on, Beast answers, "Nightcrawler and Beast from Gold Team reporting in. We're at the entry gate." There's a pause before, "They're here."

Since the helicopter seems to be on their side, Beast lets that go for now before leaps into the soldiers spilling out of the first vehicle's door, clawing, kicking, punching, and maybe even biting his way through them.


It's that machine gun turret that moves that catches Kurt's attention. Now, his friends refer to the mutant as 'elf'… though his actual appearance looks a touch more ominous that that, perhaps. Glowing, featureless (no iris, no pupils) yellow eyes, pointed teeth, pointed ear, and a spade tipped tail could be quite concerning to those who may not quite know the 'real' man behind the fuzz. Perhaps it's the tricorne that mitigates the 'scary', but the swords, perhaps, might up the ante once again.

"We are here, Cyclops. Beast is in, und.."


Kurt teleports into the small area that is the turret as it makes its way around to get a bead on the front, his tail wrapping around a hand to keep it from any trigger as he 'boards', and it twists the wrist until he can hear the crunch of broken bone. "…I'm in the turret. You can see for miles up here!"


Warren Worthington puts his hands on his hips as Beast chews him out, "Hey…" he mutters. He just stands there offended as Beast trapses off to the gate, then turns back to the mansion. One kid is waiting for someone at the door, and he looks at Warren expectedly, "Hey, didn't Scott tell you where to go?" Warren says, blaming Scott for the student being at the front door, "Beast said I'm in charge, so go where you need to go," he tells the kid helpfully, "Okay listen, don't worry. Let's go find everyone else together," he adds, trying to smooth over his annoying attitude, since he's not trying to really be a jerk.


'What the eff' could describe a great many things. One of the HYDRA/SRD folk, some guy that's more or less known as 'Jennings,' comms back "Could you be a little more vague?"

Not that there's any time for a follow-up response nor description as one of the vehicles suddenly becomes compromised by something big and nasty. Just like that the convoy is coming to a halt and everyone's bailing out.
Amateurs. If the goal had been the building then they should have made a mad rush for the gates. If that creature can tear apart a vehicle like it's a toy then what do they think is going to happen to them out here?
Jennings follows, because that's what a good soldier does. Into the slaughter, right-ho. Let's go see who's causing all of the fuss, then!


"Copy," answers Cyclops. There is a trust that extends between himself and the others, even Warren, as such that he finds himself not dishing out orders, as a younger Scott may have done. Instead, he tracks what he can see on the heat scanners, judging the approach that the incoming vehicles will take. "Gonna make some barricades," he reports.
When Warren makes it to the front door, Cyclops smirks just so. "Warren, get those kids into the safe room," he barks, before taking aim. There are trees lining the approach, between Beast and Nightcrawler's position at the front lines, and Cyclops' position at the mansion's front door. Well, it's time for those trees to come down.

Carefully targeted optic blasts zoom out, striking the trunks at their base. One by one. the largest of the trees begin to fall, forming a barricade across the roadway.


Kurt now has pretty well complete control of that turret and the associated gun… and the frankly terrified soldier he's sharing the space with. And the wrist he just broke. He's kind of in control, there.

Beast… well, the man lives up to his name, give him that. He's got about a dozen fake SRD on him but he's too close, too fast and too strong for them to draw a bead. One, two, six, eight go flying in various directions. It looks like he's got this APC handled all by his lonesome.

Warren's student stares with wide eyes at the action, and then ducks his head back in quickly and goes to obey the very sensible orders of his elder, leaving Warren free to act.

Beast and Kurt are both in a position to notice that a lot of the bullets bouncing off the blue werewolf-thing aren't in fact bullets at all. They're tranq darts. Who wants to bet they're full of virus/cyanide solution. It's a good thing Beast has been inoculating people. Double good as the group 'Jenning's' is with abandons their vehicle as Scott blocks the road and makes right for the front door, laying down first smoke grenades, and then "suppressive" fire on the one eyed man.


It's not often that Beast gets to really let loose. In fact, most times he has to try very hard not to let any aggressive tendencies show. It might be a reason why he's rather vicious now. There's a lot that's pent up in that intellectual head of his and right now, he's able to totally give in to instinct. He doesn't stop fighting until the last one is down…and then he's more than ready to move onto the next truck-full of fake SRDs.

With the control of the turret and gun, and the soldier, Kurt begins to systematically destroy the workings of the weapon in question, while keeping a nice hold of that wrist with a wrapped, spade-tipped tail. As he does so, the bamfs are teleporting around, making grabs where they can. Biting an arm here, getting flung there.. which more serves as an annoyance than any real harm.

It, however, allows Kurt to make notice that those bullets that fly are more needle-like in shape than bullet. His tones turn from the more 'casual' to the warning, "We have to take down the guns. Those are darts. I don't know what is in them, but I might have a guess, und I don't want to test Beast's vaccinations."
In that next moment, Kurt bamfs out of the turret, dragging the soldier with him, landing in a tree just outside the perimeter set by Cyke.

"Turret is down. Danke for the walls, Cyclops!" Nothing like a good physical barrier!

It's the sound of Beast, however… and the men that tumble out of the APV that concerns him. "Beast! Beast, can you hear me?"


After the kid blurts out his question, Warren Worthington pats him on the shoulder obliviously, "Don't worry," he tells him as Scott interrupts this expert parental scene, "Relax Scott, I've got it all handled no problem," he says, "We were going that way," he adds, as the student scurries off for the saferoom, "I'll even do a headcount. But I'll be back up to help you," he promises.


Ol' Jennings doesn't know about those inoculations. What he does know is that tranq guns with viral payloads are not standard SRD hardware, and now the darts are flying far and wide. The good news is that with everyone else scurrying about trying to get the upper hand, or to simply not get torn apart, they're not likely going to notice if one of the fake SRD'ers starts doing something unusual.

Like, say, fighting their own.

Jennings reaches up over the head of one of the riflemen and hooks fingertips into the front of his helmet, yanking the guy backward while driving a knee up into his back. With the rifle loosed from the other man's hold Jennings moves like no one in heavy combat armor should and flips back onto one hand, striking the airborne rifle with a heel to send it flying toward another soldier.

The third one gets a couple of darts fired his way. Mutant he is not but the darts will still hurt, and they're still packing cyanide. The darts aren't the only troublesome hazard out in the field, either. Jennings knows Hank McCoy when he sees 'im, and right now he's seeing a side of the Doctor's that's ..really freaking neat to watch. Oh, and there's a familiar fuzzball teleporter on the scene, too. This should be fun!


A simple nod is given to warren, before Cyclops turns back to the barriers. "Damn," comes a rarely witnessed curse, as the soldiers begin forging their way around the fallen trees. He immediately moves to take cover behind one of the vehicles parked on the culdesac, which just so happens to be Warren's red corvette. The wrist-comm is raised. "Front lawn is breached!" he reports. Then, he removes the safety on his new, sophisticated glove-mounted triggers. They enable him to fire the visor with a simple tap of finger against palm, rather than relying on the manual trigger mounted to the left of his visor.

Cyclops waits, patiently, until a break in the suppressive fire. Then, his head peeks up from behind the hood of Warren's car. A rapping of fingers against palm, done in a percussive manner, sends a barrage of rapid-fire optic blasts into the incoming soldiers. The percussive force won't kill; but it packs one hell of a punch, and Scott's been practicing for years. His aim is solid.

As soon as the smoke grenades begin to explode, he switches again to heat vision. He bursts from behind Warren's car (which, by now, has probably gotten shredded), and makes for the nearest piece of cover he can find. It so happens to be a larger-than-life plaque bearing the Xavier Institute's insignia. Which, really, is very sad, but objects can be replaced. Lives cannot. He skids to a halt behind the monolith, taking a few precious seconds to breathe and let the enemy return fire. It will help him to determine their strategy, their deployment, and perhaps, what they intend to do. After all, a great deal of information can be obtained simply by the way a fighting force moves, the shots they take, and how hard they press.

In the meanwhile, Kurt's call for Beast has him worried. He raises the wrist comm. Does he have the time to spare it? "Report?" he asks.


The blue wolf thing, Scott will recognize it from Gaza, jumps down on the opposite side of Beast and tears into one of the armored vehicles, opening it like a tin can with impossibly sharp claws. The next truckload of Hydra mooks awaits the angry blue one. Four of them fire from the hip, trying to put some anti-mutant darts into him before he puts them down (they've been promised this'll work. Right? Well, you know how these things go).
The suppressive fire on Scott suddenly gets a lot less intense. One of their soldiers is… attacking his own? And doing it really well… and really atheltically. Do they all get trained like that?

Warren's headcount, when he gets it, will reveal that, whew, the kids actually listened and all went to their designated emergency zones. I guess those fire drills are good for something.

Toward the back one of the few functional vehicles revs and goes to ram the tree barricade. It remains to be seen if that'll actually do anything, but the driver seems really determined.


"A bit busy," is growled through the comm unit even as Beast lifts up one soldier and throws him at a couple more. If they shoot each other with the darts, oh well. He's a bit focused on keeping as many of the soldiers from even getting to the barricade as much as possible to notice too many others. Battle rage/berserking can do that to one.


The -moment- Cyke announces that the 'Front lawn is breached', Kurt looks up from his spot and blinks, the tail letting go of the soldier that he's got dangling. With an thoomp, the HYDRA soldier lands heavily, and is out of the fight for the time being.

The smoke cloud going off on the lawn is most definitely concerning, and he looks for those who may have made it past.

A skill that he has honed into almost perfection is his 'combat bamf'. Teleporting in rapid succession, Kurt grabs one, flips a soldier up into the air, having him land on yet another, bringing the pair down as dominos. The elf isn't one to remain still, however, and once again, the pair are lifted in succession and are teleported out such that he can lay their unconscious bodies far enough away so as not to be an issue again.

"As long as you are … yourself, mein freund."


Once he's done with the headcount, Warren Worthington expertly calms the kids and then heads back to where he left Cyclops, heading outside through the front door, "I guess you'll be needing some help—whoa!" he lets out, not realizing that the military attackers were so close already. He dives off the porch and into the flowerbed, but there's not much cover over there. Some bullets splatter the dirt nearby, "Holy crap!" he says as he flattens into the ground depressingly. Grinding his teeth, he looks up as a very organized group of soldiers dart around a tree barricade to get a better shot at him.


Now they're pushing the front line. Jennings had been wondering if they would ever make it that far. They're not doing terribly well, but what they seem to lack in quality they attempt to compensate for in quantity. He follows, clocking another soldier upside the head with the stock of a rifle before ducking and sprinting to catch up with the pack.

One of them gets shoulder-checked right into an optic blast as Jennings comes side to side with the other soldier. He loses more fighters that way…

The full extent of the skirmish is quickly determined once on the move proper. Some of the mutants are recognized. Most are not. Oh hey, that looks like it was a really nice car about thirty seconds ago! It's instantly ruled out as a possible escape option. The next soldier he catches up to gets grabbed by the shoulders and flung back the way they had come from, kinda toward Beast over there. It seems like the most logical place to discard unwanted battlefield trash at the moment.


A few more moments of pause are given, for the suppressive enemy fire is changing. This, of course, is entirely unexpected, and it draws a frown of confusion upon Cyclops' face. He peers out from behind the monolith, observing what can be seen through all of the smoke, watching how the infra-red visuals (changed by his visor to the color blue, so that it can be seen by the mutant's own red-washed vision) move. After a few short seconds, he begins to realize what's happening, which simply doesn't add up.

Still, there's a job to be done. "Blue Wolf is a friendly," he reports over the comm, just in case his teammates come to make the same mistake he made in Gaza. He's about to burst out from behind the monolith, when he sees Warren go diving for cover. "Warren!" he calls out, then bursts out the other way, firing bursts of optic blasts at the attackers. He's intentional not to strike the one who seems to be attacking his own people, but he also fully intends to draw fire away from Warren.


The situation, as fights often get, is very chaotic. Beast is a hell of a distraction and between him and the blue wolf, no one from about the forth car on back has gotten through. Not that they're worried about this. Mostly they're worried about the rampaging Blue (to them) Monster that hasn't yet gone down. Of course, no one's managed to shoot him yet. They think. To fix that, somone climbs into the turret on the eighth vehicle back and swings the machine gun in Hanks direction. On the plus side? There are a lot fewer of them now.

Between Jennings, Cyclops and Kurt there are a lot fewer up front too! Domino effect Nightcrawler just put paid to a full half dozen of them though some idiot has gotten it in his head that fencing the blue elf is a good idea. He has a knife. Two of them, even.

They're not quite done yet. Warren and scott get singled out for more machinegun fire in an effort to clear the way for the last few that might be able to break through. And in the back? Well in the back someone is setting up one of the virus bombs. If they can't bomb the school, maybe doing it close will suffice…


No one attacks his school! His home! Beast practically catches the soldier tossed over to him and swings him around at some of the other soldiers near him. The guy on the turret might just find said soldier flying towards him as well as he's tossed aside. He -might- survive the landing since, of course, the X-Men don't kill. If he, and the blue wolf, are the only ones left attacking the convoy, so be it…until someone calls for help closer to the mansion, he's going to continue ripping through the trucks.


Kurt turns about quickly, and with the bullets flying and the like, it'd probably be smarter if he simply landed in a tree and pushed back. But, there before him is something he simply can't resist. A pointed-toothed smile rises, and the elf in the tricorne teleports in a single bamf! to land just above the soldier with a dagger, and falling heavily into a crouch, begins a parry, ripost- running now to the soldier's dart in and feint, though he dodges.

Someone's trained with a dagger!

In all the fury too, the bamfs, those little blue imps that seem to have minds of their own (they do!) seek to lay more confusion on the 'battlefield'. Two teleport into a truck, one on either side of the steering-wheel and proceed to yank the wheel first in one direction, then again, all the while yelling at the driver, 'Bamf!.. bamfbamfbamf..' in what might be a stern, lecturing tone.


Exploding up off the ground, Warren Worthington lifts off like a rocket, billowing smoke cascading around him as he flies. He drops down into the group of soldiers coming for him, and Scott thankfully provides some firepower, otherwise he might not be fast enough to avoid machine-gun fire. Warren plants his expensive dress shoe on the chin of a soldier as he descends and he lands in the middle of the five soldier group. They all surprisingly turn at once, leveling their guns at him, smirking with arrogant pleasure. Warren stands, his wings propelling out, bopping the soldiers in their noggins and dropping them to the ground. One of them jumps back up and onto Warren's back, then another rushes at him, but Warren grabs his gun and struggles with him all dramatic like.


There's another hazard along the front lines. -Bamfs.- Fortunately, Jennings knows how to deal with those types of teleporters. When one comes leaping in his direction he turns just so and grabs the little critter by the tail (what the hell IS this little thing, even?) and spins to fling it off into the distance. This guy's got more important things to worry about than irritating teleporters. Things like the viral bomb that had been brought along in the convoy. It's up with the front line, right? They're trying to reach their original target. -Right-..?

He's not seeing a bomb up here. Not anywhere.

Hissing a curse, Jennings dives for cover behind one of the fallen trees and quickly searches the battlefield. It should be easy to spot, it takes time to set up. Look for the one person that doesn't move like any of the others…
There. Way across the battlefield. Great! He won't make it in time, though why should he have to? There's faster mutants here. One of them he's also quite familiar with. Which..means..that he doesn't have more important things to deal with than irritating teleporters, after all. All he has to do now is flag the guy down.

Up comes the dart rifle, Jennings rattling off a quick string of fin-stabilized needles aimed so close to Nightcrawler that one or two are likely to strike the honed steel of one of his swords. They aren't meant to hit the guy..probably, but they're very, very close.

Wait for it.

The -instant- the furry blue demon bamfs in after Jennings to grab and throw him, he reaches out to grab Nightcrawler first. "Bomb, back of the pack, -go.-"

The art of delegation, always useful.


Suddenly things seem to be getting much hotter! Cyclops grimaces as Xavier's car starts getting pummeled, shrapnel flying all over the place. Hopefully backup gets here soon, but there's no way Scott could have known what was going on at the rear of the incoming motorcade.

What he does know is what he can see, and the SRD are good little soldiers, arrayed in a rough line according to basic military doctrine. That means it's time to turn it up to eleven.

Scott emerges from cover, and dials the visor to it's maximum setting. Disgorging so much power has him reeling, mouth ajar in a cry that can't be heard over the fury raging forth from his visor. The beam cuts a line in front of the soldiers, bending and arcing as it goes. Dirt, grass, rock and cement, it's all ripped free and thrown into the air, the angle of that beam sending it right into the faces of those soldiers, en masse.

Damn right, Beast. No one attacks this school.


It's not at all clear what the result of Cyclops last ditch (ahem) attack was. There's too much dirt in the air, but it's safe to assume that it simply cannot have been good. On the other end of the dirt cloud, a group of fake SRD begins to stagger back, somewhat fewer than they were at start.

Do you know what's hard? Shooting a machine gun with one of your buddies on the turret, is hard. That has to have hurt.

Beast may notice now that while he still has fire incoming, it's from terrorists who are moving away, rather than toward him. The blue werewolf mounts the armored car next to him and rips the machine gun out of the turret, turning it on the other vehicles and 'encouraging' the remaining gunners to join their compatriots in what might be politely termed a tactical withdrawal. Oh crap. From up here he can see the virus bomb. He can't make it in time.

Which means its all on a blue fuzzy demon elf, and the hydra soldier that just grabbed him.

On the plus side? No one's shooting at Warren now. Well, not directly anyway.


With the other blue, furry guy working on the turrets and the other soldiers retreating, golden eyes glance about to gauge what his tactic should be. The adrenaline rush of the attack beginning to fade, he merely takes a step forward and roars at those soldiers left. No words are said, just a flat out, bestial roar.

Then, as if nothing has happened, he asks calmly over the comms, "Everyone all right?"


How can one -not- notice the *whrrrr* of bullets as they pass perilously close to his head and swords? Kurt's attention is thus split, and as he turns 'round to face that barrage, his tail makes the swipe in order to disarm his opponent (no one -ever- expects the tail!).

'Jennings' must know exactly what his next move would be because he falls directly into that path. bamf takes him from the area and right to the 'HYDRA operative'. Landing, he's ready to take on 'Jennings', but the message that comes is far more important. Empty amber eyes widen, and a soft, 'Zum Teufel' escapes the mutant before he teleports away with a leap into the air, only to come 'round to the vicinity of the bomb, and all he has to go on is 'bomb in the back of the pack'. Where?!


Next, and here Kurt has to psyche himself up… it's going to mean a stop mid-bamf and let the virus-bomb go in that particular level of Hell where his father plays. Not a warming thought.
That bamf that is sent flying finds a moment to screech something that sounds very much like 'wheeeeee' as he's whipped through the air by his tail. It looks as if the little blue imp is traveling away from the action, but a sound very much like 'Bamf Prime's teleport sounds, and Curley disappears only to reappear right in front of the soldier who was so handlily disarmed. Physics still works and as such, the little guy still has that velocity worked up and thoomp!, he sticks onto the soldier's face, splayed, three-fingered hands over the top of the soldier's head, feet almost upon the shoulders.. and tail sticking straight out. A bamf face-hugger!

"Bamf!" comes in a seeming reply to Beast's inquiry.


At the dirt explosion blast thing, some soldiers lose their balance, and Warren Worthington is able to gain an advantage in his dramatic struggle. He swipes the rifle out of the soldier's hand and baps him in the head with it, then flips the one on his back onto the ground. He whaps him in the same way. Waving his hand in the air, Warren coughs and smirks at Scott's dirt ingenuity, "That's a lot of dirt."


One way or another this is going to be over with soon. Now, from what Mystique/Jennings knows these mutants are trained to not kill, which may well be a good thing for him. This particular rule does not apply to him, however.

With several of the phony SRD's now conveniently blinded Jennings dives out of cover and rushes the nearest one, flat-out tackling the other uniformed guy then ducking low while pinning him to the grass. He's been waiting too long for this moment, playing by their rules and following their command… These people need to pay. If it happens to start with this one? Jennings will take what he can get.
All the other soldier can make out is that someone in the same tactical gear is holding him flat, and bringing the point of a short but mean looking dagger up against his throat. "The hell?!"

"You didn't think you'd get out of this alive…" Jennings taunts with a narrowing of the eyes.

Brown eyes.

Which slowly turn into featureless golden orbs.

Orbs which might happen to grow -just- a hair wider again when Beast's roar sounds out across the battlefield.


Scott shuts the visor off and makes for the massive ditch he's just drawn before the line of SRD. Boots clomp across the ground in a swift approach, and he scans back and forth with his visor to determine if any still intend to be a threat. it's gotten much quieter up front, so he raises the wrist comm and reports, "Attackers might be contained. Checking the hot zone. Stand by."

To Warren, he quips, "Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap."


One moment the virus bomb is there and arming and counting down. And theeeeeeeen -BAMF!- it's gone. It's the worlds best magic trick. Only he's not gonna make it come back.

Those Hydra fakes are definitely in full flight now. Scott finds a number of rather injured or unconscious terrorists near a brand new ditch in the lawn. Jericho, since that's who it is, drops the now empty machine gun and finally lets the power field fade. "SRD and PD response in ten. They were a bit busy handling the M-Town situation. I'll let you make the police reports, but I'm guessing they've got some questions to answer." Perhaps to the X-men themselves if they decide to disappear a few of those terrorists. The hacker wouldn't blame them. The helicopter he came out of returns, pilotless. "I should get going so my presence doesn't taint anything." And with that he hops in and makes his exit, leaving the Xers to their hard fought, well earned victory.


"And stay out!" Beast shouts to the retreating soldiers. He picks up a discarded gun with, he hopes, a couple of darts in it so that he can research the poison. Just in case. He punches at one of the trucks if they're left there before he makes his way back towards the mansion. He deftly scales the barricade and hops over, "Everyone all right? Anyone hurt?" He then looks at the soldier who just attacked another, "You!" Although he isn't too sure what that's about…so he merely approaches on two feet rather than bounding over on four.


"Get it off of me!!!" The soldier is more than trained for most things, but to have a small, fuzzy blue -thing- pasted to his face is just not one of them. At all.

The bamf, nose to nose with the guy, just grins, but he's no Cheshire Cat. He doesn't disappear into nothing but a smile. Instead, that grin is filled with pointed teeth, and it whispers, "Bamf," to the guy. Now, the soldier's had just about enough, and one step is taken, two.. and he turns to run, even with the passenger. Curley, for his part, doesn't remain. Instead, he teleports off in rapid bamfs as if he's searching for someone.
It's that 'someone' that returns, and Kurt lands in a tree, holding on with hand, foot and tail. Mid-bamfs take a little more out of him than the full journey, go figure, and he has to relax a moment. That's not to be, however, when he hears a shouted, 'You!' in the direction of the outer courtyard of the school. (The front yard.)



Warren Worthington tosses the machine-gun rifle onto the ground and puts his hands on his hips, not looking very satisfied with all the carnage. He glances around and looks where Cyclops went, then heads back to the mansion.


(Me… Oh wait..-me!-)

The eyes of Mystique slip away in an instant, back to Jennings through and through as he sits back away from the other soldier and turns toward Beast. Sneering. "Did I miss the grand finale?"

The grounded soldier manages to collect his thoughts enough to start yelling "He's not a-!" before finding a hand clamped across his mouth for his trouble.

"Wait your turn, flatscan," Jennings seethes.

Back to Hank, the oddball soldier sounds way too casual when he says "I was in the area and thought you kids could use a hand. Looks like I wasn't wrong," he observes while digging the tip of the dagger a little more intently against the other soldier.


Meeting Jericho again on the battlefield, only this one was so much closer to home. "I'll speak with the police," he offers. Of course, he's going to change clothes first. The police don't need to know that Cyclops is in any way associated with the Xavier Institute.

"Worthington, check on the wounded, make sure they get what ever help we can give them." Not so fast, Angel!

He scans the area for a moment. The destruction makes him sad, and the students will be frightened.

This will be a tough school year, it seems.


The Police arrive, directly. Scott and whomever else is willing will have to deal with the giving statements and other drudgery of the aftermath of a battle won. The imposters will be arrested and while there may be some questions about how they were beaten off, they won't be too pointed. Someone impersonated the SRD after all and that's plenty serious business all by itself even laying aside the horrible WMD they were transporting. The most important thing, though, maybe the unmarred front door that most of the conversation takes place near. It stands, mute testament to the fact that even bearded in their own den, the X-Men are an indomitable force to be reckoned with.

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