Are You Being Served?

September 14, 2014: After Wally announced his need to depart from the Titans, Keith and Gar go out to try to cheer themselves up. Poor fools…

Titan Tower Ruins/Churrascaria

The ruins of the Titan Tower/A Brazilian steakhouse



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  • March Harriett
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Keith didn't exactly know for certain that Flash would be here. But he had a hunch- the Tower meant a lot to a lot of them. And Wally had looked tremendously forlorn during the takedown. Now there were only ruins.

"Hey… Flash?" Keith asks, approaching the scarlet speedster.

"Hey dude," Flash says, looking over his shoulder. "I'm glad you're here. We need to talk. I'm going away for a while."

"… say what?" The redhead frowns and stops in his tracks. "Going away? Man… why? Is it because of the tower?" He picks up the pace and walks over to Flash. "You can't leave, Wally. I'll miss you. Who's going to make fun of the rookie now?"

"I'm not sure man. I just gotta focus more on Keystone for a while. I'll be back someday. Besides, you guys will be fine out here on your own. You got a good base, and some good folks," the Flash says.

"… what about Gar?" Keith puts a hand on Wally's shoulder. "You're friends from way back, you know. You're the only link to the old team he's got outside of Raven… and she's been gone for days now… and I was hoping…" he shakes his head. "I was hoping you could tell me about the old days. You know… the stuff that happened to you guys.. and Gar."

"The old days are the old days man. These are the new ones. And I'm not dying, I'm just going away. I'm not changing my phone number," The Flash replies.

"I know. But still… I guess there's no use being subtle about it, with you leaving. Keith exhales. "We're getting sort of… close. Very close. And I know something in the past happened that hurt him a lot. But.. I don't pry. I try not to dig up things that he has to relive. But you are his friend and you were there… is there anything you can tell me? I don't want to violate his privacy, I just want to know how best I can help him."

"You can help him by asking him, Vorp. It's not really my place. If you ask him and he tells you, great. If not, well, then that's his choice. Either way, it's not really for me to say," The Flash says with a shrug.

"Riddles all around. I get it." Keith exhales. "Look… I'm not sure if I can be good at doing this hero stuff. I'm a rookie… but I'm going to try…"

Gar arrives at the … yeah, not a tower. But he's gotten an odd text and, well.

"Wally? Vorp? What's goin' on?" the bright green seagull asks as it lands and stops being a seagull. "You ok?"

"Yeah man," The Flash says to Gar. "I'm just headin' out for a while, brother. You guys are gonna have to hold for for me."

"Oh. OK, well, I'll miss having you around alla time," Gar says. "It's been … nothing's wrong?"

"He's going back to KC, Gar." Keith says, putting his phone back in his pocket. "I think I'll go and… um, see if i can find my missing… shoe box. Yeah. Must have fallen around here somewhere." The redhead goes over to the other side, to the shore. Because he knows Gar and Flash go way back.

"Oh, look, a seashell." He says to himself as he gets to the shore. Kate Bishop, he is not. But he tries.

Gar grabs Wally for a fast hug. "Take care man. I'll keep the team alive for you."

And… he's gone. Never could stand prolonged goodbyes.

Keith makes a point to count to ten. Because this is Wally, after all. Take everything and speed it up by ten. When he returns, he finds Gar standing alone.

"Hey… you ok?" he asks, approaching the green titan.

"Yeah. I guess I am. Wa — Kid Flash was the first one to leave our first team, things got too weird for him. Maybe this is the same thing over again," Gar says. Though really, it's probably not quite the same thing. He looks over at Vorpal.

"We need to go do something positive to offset all this coming-apart-ness."

Wa-HE HEARD NOTHING. Keith reaches out and runs his hand through Gar's hair. "Well… wanna go on a proper date? Dinner and a movie, and if you're still feeling maudlin' after that, we can always go to that place we checked out yesterday and camp out there, hunting for ghosts." He grins.

"Sure," Gar says. "That sounds great and I'm buying."

Gar checks his phone, and his car is close enough to be useful; they can discuss the haunted log cabin on the way.

"I don't know if I like the smell of that well … Maybe we can go for a different place?"

"Sure, there's other places to look at, after all. I like the idea of it being somehwere in the woods. It'd be nice if there were a lake. I'll take a lake if I can't get a pool." Keith grins and outs an arm around Gar. "… you buyin'. Okay. But when I get my first set of paychecks after I put down the deposit for an apartment, Gar, I'm buying. It won't be fancy, it won't be elegant, but at least it'll be my treat. Deal?" he grins.

"Deal." Gar isn't going to scrimp, but most of the super-fancy places are, well, make reservations a few weeks in advance, or bribe someone, and Gar doesn't really _like_ the bribe method that much. He does a quick search using a findit app, and grins.

"OK, Brazilian it is,"

They park near a Churrascaria … this'll be an amusing thing. "I'm kinda hungry," Gar admits.

"Me too, I haven't eaten all day, what with the running around and then checking out a potential place with Miguel." Something strikes Keith as funny, and goes up to Gar and says, "Look, I'm being evil and edgy," as he models the black leather jacket. Not Gar's, though- this one is vintage. Quite nice, but vintage. Knowing Keith's situation, it'd be easy to guess that he got it from a thrift shop.

"So what's this place like? I've never been to a Churr-" he looks at the sign. "Chrurro.. churra… Brazilian place." Blushing fiercely at being defeated by the barbarism, he unzips his jacket. He's wearing a black shirt with a stylized shape of a certain spaceship from a rather short-lived series that is now, essentially, a cult hit. "So what should I know before I embarrass you?" He grins.

"No idea. I've heard about 'em and wanted to try it," Gar says. "I guess it's kind of like, well, a dim-sum place but it's Brazilian and they have grilled and roasted meat cut to order at your table instead of all the little bits of pre-cooked steamed food."

Maybe they have salad. Possibly. Gar isn't sure.

"Oh man, marry me right now," Keith says, his mouth watering. "Just get me in there!" He chuckles and grabs Gar by the arm and all but zooms through the door. His stomach may or may not have resonated on the lower end of the Richter scale.

Gar isn't sure what the proper manners are, but it seems "pay them because it's prix fixe" and don't let Keef flinch too hard because it's unlimited amounts of (drool) meat and sausage and all that other amazing STUFF…

They get seats. They have the little disks with the red and green and it's red side up right now. They get drinks. "Cerveja, por favor," Gar orders.

"Wait, you also speak Portuguese?" Keith grins. He orders the same - in English because he is not sure he can do it right otherwise- and tilts an eyebrow at Gar. "You're making me want to enroll in a language course at a community college or something. Oh man, that's probably going to be horrible. My French teacher in high school once wept. I kid you not. She said nobody should do that to the Marseillaise."

"Only the important words," Gar says. "Please, thank you, beer, and where's the bathroom." Por favor, obrigado, cerveja, and onde fica o lavatorio.

He grins at the torture of La Marseillaise, La Gran Malaise, or whatever that thing is called. It's like all the national anthems are designed to be a pain to sing so that only true patriots would want to. Oh! Turn that pad over to GREEN now. Meat plz.

"The words every man needs to know, everywhere," Keith agrees. He leans back and scans the crowd, something he's learned to do now that he is involved in the heroics business. Before that? He'd usually just mind his business. "Wow, I'm actually out on a date with you. This is a little surreal, I've never been in one." He lifts a finger, "The mixer doesn't count, since it had turned into a mix-up by the time you arrive." He grins.

The woman walks into the Churrasqueria with the kind of presence that one can't simply ignore. Despite the fact that it is not a formal place, she is dressed in a rather lovely cashmere coat. White gloves peek out at the end of the sleeves, but what is interesting is the fact that the blonde is wearing an Alice band on her head… with two large, fuzzy rabbit ears poking out of it.

It's also interesting that she is walking into the restaurant with about thirteen men dressed in white and black, with numbers and card symbols emblazoned on their uniform.

"Um… Gar? Am I hallucinating from hunger here?"

"Nnnnooo, you're not … Can we please hope they're just the cast of Down the Rabbit Hole?" Gar winces when he realizes that the men in the "card suits" are all concealed-carrying. This… could become quite nasty.

His beer arrives, but is placed down by the suddenly distracted waitress off-kilter and it goes sideways and all over him. If she wasn't slightly terrified, he'd be annoyed.

"Have I mentioned that I also love your relentless optimism?" Keith says, and winces as Gar gets beered. "… I'm sorry. This sort of happens to me sometimes. It's the chaos thing." He looks at Gar apologetically and, just in case, he reaches for his mirror.

The mirror. That he left in the smrt cr when he took out his phone to make a call.

"Well, crap!"

The shot fired at the ceiling makes him jump a little. The woman hollers.

"ALRIGHT! You know the drill, you're being held up. Yada yada, don't try to get smart or you get holey. Just take your valuables off and your money and hand it to my lovely cards," she says, sounding not entirely as if she buys into the whole theme they've got going just yet. Or, perhaps, sounding a little as if her will were not her own. "March Harriet thanks you for your cooperation!"

Keith stares at Gar. "March… Harriet. Really."

GUN. Gar doesn't LIKE the gun. Not one bit. "Spoon," he advises, and bending down, is suddenly *gone* … the gnat that flies rapidly over to inspect this new villain cadre. They're remarkably well dressed, considering that they're wearing too-revealing spandex with stylish derbies. Seriously, with what it cost to make those outfits, why are they robbing a restaurant? Must be because of the prices maybe? They think people here will be rich or something?

He spots an LED. On a hatband. And on the girl's Alice Band. Something similar on all the hatbands. OK. Back to the table. He appears from under the table, looking as though he's been cleaning beer off himself with a cloth napkin, and stares dumbfoundedly at the girl.

"The hats and her headband. Computer chips on 'em. Can you frotz those?"

Keith tries to look at himself in the spoon… until he goes cross-eyed, because of the effect that comes from trying to stare at yourself in the eyes in a spoon. Go ahead, try it. It's not pretty. "Can't…" he mutters, frustrated. The goons are moving around the tables collecting the goods, with one standing by the door and one standing by Harriet, who is leaning by the maitre'd podium, her gun stylishly cocked in her hand.

Keith thinks better about it and grabs the knife, instead. Nice, meat-cutting knife. Big enough blade to fit two eyes, and no eye-straining. "Okay… I'll give it a try… but I won't be able to get all of them. The chaos wave goes out in a whole area, remember? If I try to get all of them, I'll also get all of the tables… chairs. Knives. And they might slip away from my control to just fly around…" he frowns. "Gar… can you get them over here, maybe? I can release a short burst, if they're all here…" He still hasn't transformed. His transformation creates a flash of light, so they have to time this very, very carefully.

Gar stands up, and says, "Oh, HI, I'm afraid I didn't hear you before, I just had a beer dumped on me and it's in my ears and everything, could you please repeat that?"

Acting? He certainly sounds completely and totally without guile. He gestures for them to come closer as he acts out tilting his head sideways and blotting the beer out of his ear with the linen napkin.

"Are you guys from Down the Rabbit Hole? I love that show. Hey, come over here and sit with us, I can buy you all dinner, OK??"

Keith stares. But it's working, a little. But then he quickly picks up the schtick when two of the thugs come in their direction and start to mouth off something about shutting up.

Keith cuts in "RIGHT! You've GOT to be! Are you Janet Dacal?" he half yells over at Harriet. Patrons are staring in horror, the 'They're going to get us all killed' kind of stare. "I've GOT to have your autograph, ohmygod, please sign my shirt- wait, it's black. I'll take off my shirt and you can sign me!"

The cards are not entirely sure what to do. Their chips are not as sophisticated as the one that Harriet has, and she probably instructed what to do to patrons who resisted, or who tried to fight. There were no instructions about what to do with patrons who wanted your autograph.

Harriet's eyes narrow in apparent anger, but as she walks towards them there is very little anger apparent in her voice. "Do I have to do everything around here? You," she says to Gar, holding a gun pointed at him. "What the hell are you doing?"

She is approaching, though, slowly. Keith looks at Gar. Just a little more, Gar…

"Oh, did they add the murder part back into the play? I thought that was a really forced piece," Gar says at the gun, and then, "What? I can't hear you, I've still got beer in my ears, could you talk louder or come over here?"

Gar puts his wallet on the table behind him as he blots beer off and makes that 'open mouth' face of someone trying to get their ears to pop. Definitely beer in the ear canals. Yep.

Harriet's eyes narrow, and she does come over. In fact, she comes over, passes Gar and grabs the blasted wallet, which she throws to one of her men. Then she raises the gun again almost as if in a reverie, aiming it at Gar's temple-


Okay, so he panicked. For all of Keith is still a rookie as Flash said, and the gun going for the green Titan's temple finally makes him lose his cool. His transformation is accompanied by the usual purple flash, but no sooner is he in his body that he taps the seal and releases the Chaos Wave in a quick, short burst.

He's never done it like this before, see. In the very instant that he is incarnating into the Cheshire Cat, Vorpal has no finesse in his powers. They're too close to their chaotic source. So the area of effect is, in fact, larger than he anticipated. The gun does go off- but thanks to the chaos wave pushing the gun away, it discharges safely into the wall. Things start flying- like the table they were sitting at, which is now tap dancing across the ceiling. Their chairs also fly out from under them to join in the fun- as do the tables and chairs within twenty feet from Vorpal. However, it also makes derbies and the Alice band take a life of their own, and they go off through the door, seeking a better life for themselves. Hopefully in advertising, or at least until the chaos magic runs out.

"What—" March Harriet says, staring straight ahead as if slowly waking up. Her henchmen, such as they are, are less lucky. Most of them were in the path of the flying tables. Currently, the aforementioned 'men are taking a nice nap on the floor.

"What the hell…" Harriet looks around, confused. And then she looks at her hand, at the gun, and then at the restaurant. ANd, of course, the appropriately theme-coordinated men. Her eyes narrow into slits. "…Tetch."

The snake coiled around her hand … what, you don't think Gar isn't well-practiced at avoiding guns, right? … the snake looks up and says, "Tetch? Wait, that name sounds familiar, Robin said something… Mad Hatter!!"

He uncoils from the arm into a full-sized person, and says, "Are you all right, Ma'am?"

He'll retrieve his wallet in a minute. And, yeah, the restaurant manager is not looking happy at all.

"Oh, I am." Harriet says. "And he is alright, too. But not for long." She looks down at Vorpal, and her expression is simply priceless. She stres for a good three, five seconds Vorpal, looking sheepish, gives her a little wave, and then she explodes "… #@$@ this Wonderland shit!"

And with that, she strides out of the restaurant with murder in her eyes… and nobody really having a heart to stop her. Because they want to keep their hearts in their rightful place.

The Cheshire cat, on his butt on the floor, looks up at his date and says, "Was it something I said?"

"Uh, let me tell you the story of a … just a sec." Gar retrieves his wallet from the heap of sleeping thuggery, and shrugs to the manager.

"They were being controlled by computer chips, sir. Mad Hatter. He usually keeps to Gotham City."

The manager gets on his phone, and Gar goes over to help Vorpal to his feet. Other diners are somewhat distressed and muttering, not sure what's going on, and a few are having to hold onto their chairs which are trying to dance under them.

"Y'know, I'm … not really hungry for fancy food now. Want to get a couple pizzas and pick up a DVD?" Garfield asks.

"Depends," Vorpal answers as he is helped to his feet, "How likely are we to find the Walrus and the Carpenter trying to break into your dorm's refrigerator?"

He looks mortified at the chaos he has caused, though, and calls out. "Everybody— sorry about the furniture. Just give it a few minutes and everything will come back to normal."

Behind him, a table stops moving actross the ceiling and does, indeed, return to normal. By collapsing onto the floor behind him, upside-down. "Try to give them a wide berth?" He says, his grin wilting a little. "Er… your valuables and thingamajigs are safe thanks to the Titans, no need to thank us, really!" the cheshire grabs Gar's arm and starts leading him towards the door. "Sorrysorrysorry," he mutters, "As for that DVD… I have only two requests."

Gar winces when the table falls to the floor, but … hey, he got beer dumped on him too. He's totally OK with not leaving a tip. Not going to ask for his money back though.

"What kinda request?" Gar asks, dancing a bit to avoid still-sleeping thugs. The Hatter must've kept them awake for days without letting them rest. He wasn't a particularly considerate puppet-master.

"One, that there be a considerable amount of making out. And two…" Vorpal's ears flatten as they reach the smrt cr. "… If I see you anywhere near the Alice and Wonderland DVDs, I swear to you I will dye you purple in your sleep!"

"Making out, check. Pizza, check. No Wonderland, double-check."

Gar grins and starts the engine. There's a Domino's near the dorms and a Red Box at the store next door where he plans to buy some beer. There's also a seldom-used TV lounge at the dorms. With luck nobody is watching reality tv.

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