Good Company

September 15, 2014: In which, Zachary and Billy have a moment.

Central Park, NYC

It's a huge park even at night!



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It's sort of late at Central Park so there isn't many people at the park and if they are here, they seem to be leaving. Earlier Zachary Zatara left Vorpal and Gar at iHOP and went back home to do some studying. But he got bored and is now here at the park! Mostly because it is one of the random places he teleports to in New York since the Tower is now down. At the moment he is sitting at the edge of a fountain waiting for someone…

The phone call that he got, asking him to meet up in the Park, actually surprised him. Billy had been visiting his parents at home since taking the Titans Tower down as he was too tired to teleport back to Metropolis. So, as luck would have it, he was actually in town when he got the call. Rather than flying or teleporting, he actually just took the subway. It may be smellier, but it uses a lot less of his energy.

Bundled up in a hoodie against the Autumn weather, he makes his way over to the indicated fountain.

"Hey," is offered with a bit of a smile, "Everything ok?" Because why else would he get a phone call?

Zachary looks up when he hears the familiar voice. "Hey Billy." He looks up at him with a slight smile. "Why do you assume something is wrong? There could be many reasons why I called you over here. I could've wanted a date…." He's teasing of course which shouldn't be hard to tell by the smirk on his face. He brushes hair from his eyes. "The Tower….It looks a bit different. You took it down?"

"You didn't mention a date when you called," Billy points out as he moves to sit on the fountain as well. "Yeah, I took it down. It was messing too many things up and I guess the energy just wasn't used right. Or something. I'm still trying to understand it." There's a sideways glance at the other, "But the more important thing is that Wonder Girl has joined the team." His tone is definitely sarcastic at that.

Zachary sighs and reaches over to put a hand on Billy's shoulder. "It's alright. We'll build a new HQ. Hopefully one that isn't such a huge target." His hand falls back to his side and he raises an eyebrow. He did notice the sarcasm. "You don't like Wonder Girl I take it? I can't see why you wouldn't. She seems like a friendly enough person."

Wiccan glances at the hand on his shoulder, but he doesn't move away. "I'm really not concerned about a new headquarters. I think it's premature, actually. We're barely a team…we barely know each other, most of us have barely worked together. We don't even know if we all have the same ideals or motivations. We're just a bunch of people gathered together to play at being a hero. I don't want to -play- at it. We need to become a real team before we need to worry about a place to stash our snacks." There's a sigh at the question regarding Wonder Girl. "I don't dislike her…I don't -like- her. I'm just miffed that after I did all that work, everyone drooled after blonde hair and boobs."

"We'll get all of that worked out at some point or another. It's not easy for all of us to be able to meet at the same time." Zachary shrugs and considers Wiccan for a moment. "Oh…I see what you mean. You took down the Tower and when Wonder Girl showed up no one paid any attention to you. You shouldn't care so much. You don't need a round of applause to know your worth."

"Which is yet another reason why we don't need a headquarters. If we can't all meet at the same time…why have a place where we all can fit?" Billy gives another sigh before he looks out at the park, "It's not quite that." And yet, it's exactly that.

"I suppose it's just an extra luxury Billy. It's not needed, but why not have one?" Zachary studies Billy for a moment. He's a bit confused at that last part. "Look I'm sure everyone is aware that you did something grand. Reality manipulation, of course, isn't an easy thing." Zachary shrugs. "She's a new member and they might have just wanted her to feel welcome."

"Because it's a waste of resources. I thought it was stupid to ask for in the first place when we saved the Swedish Crown Jewels. It was so selfish! We could have given that money to shelters or to help the homeless or orphaned children. Instead, we start building a silly clubhouse that gets bombed almost immediately." Billy shakes his head, "It was just a waste. Everything. It shouldn't have been built…I shouldn't have had to rebuild it and take it down. I screwed up and I tried to fix it…" and then he went home alone.
There's another sigh before he asks again, "So…why the phone call?"

Zachary winces a little at that part. "You did the best you could. Don't be so hard on yourself." At the last question, Zachary shrugs slightly and stares off at the park. "I just wanted someone to talk to and your number was just sitting near my bed. I hope it wasn't a bother?"

Wiccan shakes his head, "Not a bother at all." He falls quiet for a moment before he actually thinks to ask, "Is everything all right?" If he wanted to talk and he called Billy, well…to him, he must really need to talk! "

Zach sideway glances at Billy. "Everything is fine. Really." He runs a hand through his hair. "It's just this Titan business is difficult. And Phobos has quit the team after he killed sixty of Waller's men. It's just…" He shakes his head. "I'm fine. Anyway, besides the whole Tower thing, how are you?"

"Yeah," Billy agrees. "It's another reason why we need to work things out before we have a clubhouse, if you ask me. I heard about Phobos leaving…I don't know how he could have killed like that. Even if he –is some sort of god…he doesn't have the right to kill people." He sort of slumps over and rests his elbows on his knees, "I guess I'm all right."

"I don't know why he could do anything like that either." Zachary says. "I didn't know he even had that kind of power." Zach watches Billy when he slumps over and straightens a little. "You seem to be having a lot of second thoughts about the Titans."

"I think a lot of us -can- do it," Billy points out, "But most of us realize that we should -not- do it. It's a big difference." He seems that he might have that kind of power, which also scares shim. "I'm just terribly thrilled with how it's been working. I mean, almost anyone can join and we barely know anyone or what they can do. It just seems so haphazard."

Zachary nods. "We're still a new group. Everything won't work perfectly to start, but soon enough things will become more organized." Zachary falls silent for a moment just watching Billy.

Wiccan shrugs, "Maybe. I hope so. I guess…I'd just like to put a hold on new people until we get to know each other more. Then it'll be so much easier to bring one or two new people in…we're only learning them…not everyone all at once, you know?" He then turns from looking out at the park to meeting Zach's gaze.

Zachary's face reddens a little when Billy meets his gaze. He didn't realize he was staring for a second. "Yeah, that does make sense. I still hardly know Raven, Bunker, Oracle and Wonder Girl."

Wiccan nods, "I hardly know anyone! I probably know Keith and maybe you the best. Bunker a little…I barely even know Wally! And Changeling, I only know through being the fanboy stalker than I am…" he does grin at that though. "I haven't even met Raven or your cousin."

Zachary says, "Yeah, same here really. I've only spoken to Wally and Raven once. Same with Changeling. Never even met Bunker!" He sighs and rubs the back of his neck. "Luckily, I have a relative on the team even if Zee and I don't always get along."

"It's still much the same thing. I don't even know who we'd talk to about putting a moratorium on new members until we all meet and get to know the ones we have now. Because if we keep on getting bigger and bigger…then we won't know how to work with anyone, you know?" Billy tilts his head at the other before he sits up a little more. "I don't think anyone would listen to me anyhow."

Zachary nods. "Perhaps a temporary halt for now until we can figure out which direction we want to take." Zachary looks over at Billy and offers a warm smile. "Well, I'm listening to you, right now. And I don't do that for very many people you know."

"Maybe you should bring it up to them since I think they're tired of hearing me talk," the smile turns wry for a moment before it softens. "You are. Thank you. It's…really nice." Feeling that he's being listened to and that someone -wants- his company.

Zachary puts a hand on Billy's leg and smiles. "No problem. You're good company." Zachary sort of watches Billy for a moment before shaking his head. "I should get going. Vorpal wants me to ask Zee about 'portkeys' or something for this new camp he wants to have." He stands up from the fountain and looks down at Billy. With a mischievous smile he adds, "Do I get a goodnight kiss?"

Wiccan looks at the hand on his leg before he turns to look at Zachary. "Portkeys? This is a magic thing, huh?" Why wasn't he asked about it?? Granted, he doesn't have that much time to be upset because the question catches him by surprise. Brown eyes blink for a moment before he inclines his chin, "You have to ask me out on a proper date first for me to even consider it."

"I was joking Billy boy. Mostly." A smirk is still playing on his lips as he starts to walk away from the fountain. "But I might just take you up on that offer." Grinning he lifts a hand in the air. "Kacb emoh!" A whirlwind surrounds him and then he's gone.

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