We are root? Thank goodness, no.

September 15, 2015: Jim Reha accidentally discovers a glaring flaw in a prototype Starkpad. Jason mentions bowling. Bonding exercise: Planned

Pepper Potts Office, Stark Industries

The ever-powerful leadership spot for Stark Industries. No real monument to ego, this utilitarian office is stylish, modern, and nearly spartan in comparison to other such offices in other corporations. Really helps cut down on costs, and inspires the rank and file to work that much harder.



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It's like deja vu all over again. Jim Reha is having another good relaxing day. Even though the prototype Starkware tablet he has is giving him fits. He tried unlocking the 'admin' files ten different ways, and each time he'd been greeted with a 'User Data Allocation: Exceeded' message followed by a quick shutdown of the tablet. It rebooted each time after that perfectly fine, and this was the sort of documentation that he thought Pepper was looking for, but after a certain point, the only functions that he needed to poke at for user-end viability WERE the Admin files.

If he couldn't get into them, then what level of skill was the tablet really aimed for? Geniuses? Hackers? And when Corvinus was allowed to take a look at it, Corvinus didn't even *see* the Admin files. Even though they were *right stinking there*. Despite this, he's heading up to Pepper to give a preliminary analysis and is still rather upbeat about the thing. If it was designed by Tony Stark and he was able to at least get the user level rolling easily enough, that had to be a plus, right?


It's been an easy couple of days for ol' lucky, get a few drinks here, get Pepper out of the way of a bullet there, maybe round it off with redirecting an overzealous reporter or two. All in all Jason's feeling rather good about himself and the whole situation in general, the state of his personal car not withstanding. He's got himself all dressed up as usual in his rather nice looking suit with the tie, and the earpiece like they have in the CIA.


Pepper Potts is in her office, a little busier than usual as Cricket requested the day off (Mondays are the WORST days to be without her PA there), and she's pressed Lucky into some of the more in-person duties that Cricket can't handle while she's not here. The phone calls and emails and things the PA is managing to keep up with, thank goodness.

When Jim says he's got a question about the new tablet he was given, she has Lucky invite the R-QA tech up to her office while she finishes up a call to an affiliate in England. And, of course, because that's how things go, she's still on the phone when Jim arrives. She smiles and waves hello to him and then promptly returns her attention back to her phone.


Jim has kind of gotten used to the whole 'Pepper doing four things at a time'. He's used to the philosophy, actually. His former employer used to pretend to pay him for half of his job, and would give him ten tasks to do at the same time. So this is absolutely nothing new. And given the nature of the beast, he's not even surprised to be summoned to the office this time, though given the 'feel' of madness as he approaches, he pretty quickly comes to the conclusion that Cricket must be off today. It really isn't hard to pick up on.

When he arrives at the office, he gives Jason a nod, then Pepper a glance, then Jason a glance.

"Cricket's off today, isn't she?" Okay, he doesn't really say it, but his lips move and make those word-formations, because he's trying to be quiet. The way he was raised, if someone was on the phone you didn't talk over that, the phone call was always more important.

What a dinosaur.


"Yes," Jason responds rather gravely as is to be expected from the man, though something about him certainly seems a bit more happy then usual. He returns the nod, with one of his own, making sure to quietly close the door behind the QA guy. "Busy day," He adds on, looking over him for a few moments trying to think about something without making it too obvious.


Pepper Potts may not be able to say it right this moment, but she very much appreciates Jim's consideration while she's on the phone. She's (sadly) become accustomed to people just marching in and talking at her phone or not if Cricket doesn't head them off at the pass. She wraps up the phone call, then takes a deep breath before offering Jim another smile. "Okay, sorry about that. When Nigel gets to gabbing it's really difficult to get him to stop. What's going on with the tablet?"


Jim's having a good day (tablet issues notwithstanding) and heads over to the tea cabinet, holding up the pot to see if there is any left. If there is, he pours a cup for himself, offering to pour for Pepper and Jason. If there isn't, he'll start a new pot up. Definitely a far cry from the previous CEO and his methods, to say the least.

Well, at least as far as he knows by Mr. Stark's reputation, anyways. It does feel sort of weird though. If he was asked to put a finger on it, he'd be at a total loss. Just… something is off a little bit. Might be the tablet issue.

Jim is a good Stark tech employee and doesn't have a sidearm (firearms are dangerous with some of the high-energy applications in QA, anyways) because he's not licensed to carry one.

Then Pepper finishes up her call. Nigel does gab. Its one of the reasons that R-QA has a unofficial special protocol for handling him. It involves a person who needs to use the restroom taking a handset with them, and letting him rant.

"So I tried to get into the Admin functions on the tablet, y'know, to tweak the performance outside of the normal parameters, and the thing crashed. Tried the ten ways I know — bear in mind, I'm not a computer genius — and the partner even looked at it… and he couldn't even SEE the Admin functions. Beginning to think the thing has some serious brick issues. Wonderful within its little sandbox, but… it feels like I'm being blocked from two thirds of what the tablet COULD be? I know that sounds really weird?"


To be frank compared to almost anyone in this building Jason is a bit of a walking arsenal, but that's most of the whole point. Hide enough weapons on your person and no matter how thorough the search they're going to miss something. Make it obvious enough and they won't even bother looking in some of the more inconspicuous places.

There are a lot of words being thrown around by Jim, and to be honest Jason only understands a handful of them, and even then not in how they're being used. Things like 'tweak the performance outside of the normal parameters' , and 'serious brick issues' it all feels like sci-fi jargon at first, but he's a smart enough man to figure out what some of it means just by equating it with things he actually knows the first thing about. To be honest it was about two weeks before he figured out how to use his cellular phone.


Pepper Potts's eyebrows draw together in consternation at Jim's explanation. "JARVIS? Could you check on Jim's tablet, please?"

"Certainly, Miss Potts," The British voice replies, and then the tablet's screen shows that it its admin functions are being accessed and checked. "Mr. Reha, may I inquire as to which functions you were attempting to access?"

For her part, Pepper happily accepts a fresh cup of tea since Jim's pouring as she gets up and walks around her desk to see what's going on with the tablet.


Fortunately, Jim's more a Geek Interpeter than a true Geek himself, so he can much more easily bridge the gap between 'tech' and 'exec'. It's a job talent that he was exceptionally raw at when he started here over a month ago, but now has grown into. It's part of what he was hired for, after all, and even part-time he's doing a smash-up good job at it. And that's not counting the ever-special 'extracurricular' activities that he's been out on.

And to be brutally honest, it took him a week to figure out his cheap phone even with the Owner's Manual.

"JARVIS, I was attempting to access admin dot settings, admin dot procspeed, admin dot core. Those were the ones I was trying to get first, there's a whole bunch more underlying that I couldn't even see when I was poking at it. And the partner couldn't even see those settings."

He brings up the file area in question and points it out to Pepper, and attempts to get it going once more, to prove his point…


Jason blinks his eyes a few times at the display, he seems to be learning about more and more tech, before you know it they'll show him a flying car. Though really who could ever get one of those working? He looks towards it with a good bit of interest trying to hide it being the veil of just doing his job to look after pepper, peeking a glance from the reflections in the windows as he looks for snipers or something. He doesn't really know himself, he's just feeling curious.


Sadly, Lola is pretty much on permanent loan to Coulson, or the flying car thing could happen.

"Miss Potts, the functions that Mr. Reha is attempting to access are written to interface with my primary mainframe instead of this tablet's core systems. Do you wish to grant this access, or shall I correct the base command structure?"

Pepper seems far more unnerved by the Brit's calm words than would seem appropriate for the situation at hand. "Make changes, please, JARVIS, and implement them across the board."

"At once, Miss Potts." And almost before the voice is done speaking, both Jim's tablet and Pepper's cell phone on her desk chime to indicating they are rebooting themselves.


Jim is a bit better than a trained monkey at this. It really shouldn't be rocket science to get this thing… going?

When JARVIS mentions that the tablet is written to work with the primary mainframe his face pales a bit. Even if the AI is a bit of a troll, he has no desire to screw with the guy's core programming! It'd be like… well, it'd be like if someone tried to hack the Buddha Bird… or even him.

"Holy crap, JARVIS, I'm so, so, so oh my god sorry. I didn't know that's… agh… I feel kind of sick now."

He takes a sip of tea to try and calm his nerves some. Bad juju there.


Pepper Potts watches tha tablet boot back up again as JARVIS replies to Jim. "No apologies necessary, Mr. Reha. I was aware of your testing the tablet's software, and thus only cancelled the access commands as they arrived. Had those attempts come from an unfamiliar access point, I can assure that I would have responded appropriately." Was that a subtle warning to Corvinus?


"Thank goodness. I would have never forgiven myself if I'd messed something up. And the partner is mortified that somehow there was a potentially unsecured access to your root. Whatever that means, but it sounds really bad." Jim takes another sip of his tea. It's a good day. JARVIS caught it, it's all good. Yes.

"So, back to the research table, then?"


Jason lets a low sigh escape his lips before finally giving in, turning around and asking rather plainly. "Sorry, but what is Sam hill does any of that mean?" It's perhaps one of the more long winded things he's said around Jim, choosing to keep things simple and too the point when dealing with business, and to be honest it's a bit sudden for him to blurt it out. "Jarvis, next time we go bowling with Useless mind explaining it to me?"


Pepper Potts looks at Jim as if she's not entirely sure what he means by 'back to the research table'. "JARVIS?"

"The tablet should be ready for you to continue testing it as is now, Mr. Reha," the AI offers helpfully.

Pepper offers Jason an explanation. "It was kind of like Jim was trying to change the radio presets on a car, but the buttons were instead set to change the way the carburetor mixes fuel with air for the engine." She hesitates. "I think."


"Thank you very much, JARVIS. Again, oh god so sorry about that!"

For some people, apologizing to a computer is the heights of stupidity. But to the salt and pepper guy, JARVIS is practically a person, and even if he didn't believe that, his partner does.

Jim does a bit of a shrug to Jason as Pepper explains. "More like I was trying to change the fuel-air mix for the engine, but the engine was actually somewhere else and much bigger than what the car would need to go places? And the car being like, one of those fancy European jobs that requires perfect calibration so I would have totally hosed it up going in there all ham-fisted poking around."


"Oh,"Jason exhales, placing his hands back down to his sides, leaning a bit back. "Makes more sense, and Jarvis" Jason looking up to the ceiling again speaking to the AI as if he really were a flesh and blood person, because for him it might as well be. He'd read enough science fiction as a kid, and not really any since to have his own idea of what an AI would be like, essentially just a person. "Make sure you bring your A game Sunday," Whatever he's referring to it's probably got something to do with the a fore mentioned bowling, the younger looking gentleman choosing his words as he would for just speaking with one of the guys. "Wouldn't be the same without you." He's already broken his usual code of conduct why stop now?


Pepper Potts smiles at Jason. "Hey, am I invited to go along on this bowling excursion?" She is AWFUL at bowling, but if it encourages the normally dour man to loosen up a bit, she's all for it. "Maybe Jim can join us as well? And I'll ask Cricket tomorrow. We'll make a party out of it."


"Well, you're kind of busy, Pepper, and that's the only thing I really had, so huge thanks to all of you for helping out with that. And again, sorry, JARVIS!"

He smooths down his jacket and picks up the tablet. "I'm gonna head on back down to the labs. This should be a bit more productive. And Jason, I haven't been bowling in decades. Where'd you find an alley? Shoot me a text, I'll see what I can do about getting over for it?" Jim bowls? Really? "Haven't bowled since… well, hell, since I was in the Service. Exchange would always have these cheap alleys on base, something like five dollars for shoe rental and then two dollars for ten frames. Warning, though, I either rip fastballs down the center and split like a mo-fo, or drop gutter balls like no tomorrow."

This is comedy in the making. Or a train wreck. Hopefully, the only molesting will be of pins and not of personal time.


"Texted," Jason repeats rather confused, by yet more lingo. To be honest he should probably get with the times, but he still doesn't even own a computer. The last one he had used punch cards to get the job done. "I'd rather give you a call then use the mail, would be a bit faster" His voice sounding somewhat confident, as he's sure he's got the right meaning for this little bit of lingo thrown at him.

Man the kids these days come up with the oddest terms for things. "Besides we have one here in the tower, I go bowling with Jarvis and the rest of the crew every Sunday," To be honest he's about to give one of his old man speeches before remembering that he's not really supposed to be flaunting the whole immortality thing. "Tomorrow works for me, tomorrow work for you Gunner?" Jason asks to the sky directed right at Jarvis, a bit of fun poking at the AI with the nickname.


Pepper Potts chuckles at the two men, but is then distracted by her phone ringing. "Tomorrow it is, gentlemen. Jim, thank you for stopping by, and tell your beaky friend I'll save him some chamomile for next time." And then she's answering her phone.


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